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question 1. What is ASP:

Microsoft Active Server Pages (ASP) is a server-side scripting environment that enables you to create and run dynamic and interactive Web server applications. Using ASP, you can combine HTML pages, scripting commands, and ActiveX components to create interactive Web pages and powerful Web based applications. ASP applications are easy to develop and modify.


HTML writers

, if you’re a HTML writer, you’ll find that the ASP script provides a simple way to create interactive pages. If you wanted to collect data from the HTML table, with the customer’s personal name or HTML file, or according to different characteristics of different browsers, you will find that ASP provides an excellent solution. Previously, in order to collect data from a HTML table, you had to learn a programming language to create a CGI application. Now, as long as you embed some simple instructions into your HTML file, you can collect and analyze the data from the table. You don’t have to learn a complete programming language or a separate compiler to create interactive pages.

as you keep mastering the skills of using ASP and scripting languages, you can create more complex scripts. For ASP, you can easily use ActiveX components to perform complex tasks, such as connecting databases to store and retrieve information.

experienced scripting writer,

if you already have a scripting language, such as VBScript, JavaScript, or PERL, and you already know how to use ASP. You can use any of the scripting languages on the ASP page as long as you install the appropriate scripting engine that meets the ActiveX scripting standards. ASP has a scripting engine with Microsoft, Visual, Basic, Scripting, Edition (VBScript) and Microsoft, JScript, so you can start editing scripts right away. The ActiveX scripting engine for PERL, REXX, and Python can be obtained from third party developers.

Web developer

if you have mastered a programming language, such as Visual Basic, you will find that ASP is a very flexible way to quickly create Web applications. By adding scripting commands to the HTML, you can create the HTML interface of your application. By creating your own Activ>

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