Wang Guosheng stressed that the inspection agencies in the investigation of the provincial Commissio

11 10, 2009, the provincial Party Secretary Wang Guosheng to the provincial Commission for discipline inspection organs, provincial inspection agencies to carry out the spirit of the party’s the sixth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee survey. He stressed the need to thoroughly study and implement the party spirit of the the sixth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, with the problem of re learn, research, thinking enlightenment, grasping the responsibility positioning and objectives and tasks in the comprehensive strictly, to implement the spirit of the party in the sixth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee. read more

Supervision must not be floating on the surface

The afternoon of April 18th, vice secretary of the municipal Party committee Su Rong chaired the city’s educational practice supervision training, the first provincial steering group leader Liu Xiao, deputy head of you Wei Li attended the meeting. Su Rong stressed that the supervision work should not be floating on the surface, the steering group must understand the spirit of the document, we must implement the strict supervision from the real requirements, a check, a problem to find a problem, ensure the various problems found rectification, to ensure that the city’s education practice the first part of the work the smooth and orderly completion. read more

Xining will introduce the opinions on the development of small and micro enterprises to support the

financing difficulties, the loan is still a lot of small and micro enterprises in Xining is widespread and urgent problems to be solved. To this end, Xining city set up "on the innovation to support small and micro enterprise financing the implementation of opinion" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions"), and actively guide and promote small and micro enterprises in Xining city in the number of expansion focus more on quality, promotion of small and micro enterprises in Xining city and improve the scale and quality, innovation, transformation and development. Focus on supporting the advantages of start-up, growth enterprise read more

A good reporter tells a good story

8 month 19 days, by the provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, the Provincial Association of journalists and Press Association organized the "good news to tell a good story" speech contest kicked off, 32 journalists from the news front to participate in the race.

this contest aims to organize the news media workers, the interview process, experience the story about that feeling, to further strengthen the Marx doctrine view of journalism education, enhance political awareness, overall awareness, awareness, awareness of the core line, and strive to improve our ability to tell a good story, constantly improve the news public opinion, promote the "five in one" the overall layout and the "four comprehensive" strategic layout for coordination, to achieve the "two one hundred year" goal and the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation China dream provide strong public support. Players participate in the tournament, is the leader of journalists in our province the cities of the province, the Propaganda Department of the Party committee and the provincial capital news unit carefully recommended the selection of in some areas, and also through the organization of news units carried out a careful selection of preliminaries. In these speakers, some comrades in the long line or grassroots agricultural and pastoral areas of news work silently, some comrades of broadcast editing skilled business, the creation of news works has been widely praised, some comrades still Qinghai news prize. The game is not only the focus of our province to carry out the activities of the media to carry out three learning activities, but also the province of the majority of journalists to show the good spirit of the full show. After fierce competition, won the first prize of the three winners will represent Qinghai to participate in the national press front speech contest. read more

Boost urban management of the northern city of Xining to establish a fine long-term mechanism

environmental sanitation management space, urban alleyways, villages, bazaars and suburban areas of environmental sanitation cleaning is not timely, zangluancha phenomenon is obvious; the old building of hospital management is not in place, Luandaluanjian, cluttered, occupies the green belt problems common; some engineering construction, road damage the sidewalks and green belt construction, recovery is not timely, quality standards, the influence of traffic; lagging infrastructure, rural river, drains into the garbage dump, the pollution of the environment; and fine, turn style, implement uneven strength…… read more

2012 Qinghai, China will be the closing ceremony of the third Masters

"charming flower in June opening, the beautiful girl came to the elder brother side, shy smile like clouds, hand in hand in this enchanting place, flowers flying in the hope of a better, flowers and youth to hometown to sing……" The evening of July 24th, in the beautiful melody description Datong in June six the flowers will be grand song "flowers sing" in 2012 Chinese · Qinghai third classic mountain flowers will be closed in the county cultural square. At the same time, in the ruins of the Ming the Great Wall Park, a bunch of fireworks fireworks passion for the third session of the master hill flowers will be color. read more

DOPA Metro planning speed city deputy center will bring what kind of surprise

Study on the

in 2013 the city will deepen to DOPA deputy city center positioning and development planning, and actively promote the construction of Metro – dopa in this NPC session, mayor Wang Yubo pointed out that in the government work report. So why do we want to plan the construction of the city? This Xining City Vice center will bring us what kind of surprise?

attend the National People’s Congress of the director of urban and Rural Planning Bureau He Can said that in 2010 the city development ideas for the construction of DOPA metro, launched in 2011, the master plan of Huangzhong city (including County town planning, has now been adopted by DOPA) technical review of the provincial departments, the current location of DOPA sub center of the city planning and development in further research deepening. According to the plan, will undertake the transfer of radiation and DOPA Metro from the main city, and the main city functions to further improve and upgrade, it will form an integrated development and the center of the city, and work together to build the future development pattern of Xining. In the city function, DOPA Metro will become the modern service industry base, the Qinghai Tibet Plateau world-class plateau sports industry service base, Qinghai transportation logistics center, has the characteristics of the plateau ecological community and Huangzhong new administrative center. The city will be along the Huangshui River DOPA town development axis, construction administration, commercial retail, residential and other functions of the administrative center, and Cultural District, plateau area, sports area, residential area, urban agricultural comprehensive service area and logistics area. Planning also highlights the characteristics of the plateau plateau of DOPA City, will be built into the modern plateau of DOPA ecological culture metro. read more

10 Chinese players gathered in Xunhua crossing the Yellow River

In June 6th, sponsored by the State Sports General Administration of Sports Management Center swimming, China Swimming Association, Qinghai Province Sports Bureau, Haidong Municipal People’s government, Xunhua Salar Autonomous County People’s Government hosted the tenth Qinghai cashmere industry Sanjiang Cup "Qinghai international China · crossing the the Yellow River extreme challenge press conference held in the city, meeting Han Daquan County deputy director of the Provincial Sports Bureau Zhang Ning, Xunhua County on the tenth Chinese · Qinghai international crossing the Yellow River ultimate challenge are described, and various aspects of the events of a fine deployment. It is understood that the tenth session of the Qinghai cashmere industry Sanjiang Cup "Qinghai international China · crossing the the Yellow River extreme challenge will be held in Qinghai Province, Xunhua Salar Autonomous County Beach waves from June 14th to 15, from the UK, USA, Czechoslovakia, Iceland, Denmark, Germany, Russia, Italy, France, 10 countries Chinese a total of 248 athletes will participate in the competition. There are China winter swimming, open water swimming association, member of the Commission, the adult swimming association, swimming team and fans of Hongkong Macao and Taiwan and 31 international elite athletes in the open waters. From 2004 the first crossing the the Yellow River ultimate challenge in Qinghai province successfully held to 2005 was approved by the State Sports General Administration, escalate into open waters of major international events, events with "I love the Yellow River, challenge the limit" the plateau sports spirit, carry out the national fitness swimming activities using unique water resources, promote the care of "Sanjiang", take care of the mother river, protect the ecological awareness of environmental protection. Let more people understand the Qinghai know Qinghai. It is reported that, at present, there are two international open water Grand Prix, marathon race, open water race and marathon, according to the provisions of the shortest distance of about 5 km, about 5 hours to about 6 hours. International crossing the Yellow River ultimate challenge with the characteristics of high altitude, low temperature, rapid flow, oxygen diluted to fill the gaps in the international open water race, become a unique charm of the open water swimming project.   read more

Create share, build happy Xining

Civilization to make the city more harmonious, create a better life! To create a city as the engine, Xining in the Chinese city stage shows a different style!

establish and improve the leadership mechanism, formulate work to create "Xining to create a national civilized city," Xining assessment methods "to create a national civilized city work accountability Interim Measures", "Xining city civilization unit dynamic management measures";
read more

North District of Xining active coordination loans for small and micro enterprises

in order to further accelerate the development of small and micro enterprises to "specialized, refined, unique, new" direction of the pace, North District of Xining City, 72 million 100 thousand yuan of loans to the area of 11 small and micro enterprises through the coordination of the bank, and effectively solve the problem of financing Small and micro businesses.

in recent years, rapid development of the north area of small and micro enterprises, in the face of the current Small and micro businesses encountered financing problems, Chengbei district actively build information service platform, to strengthen the government, enterprises and bank docking, the establishment of long-term mechanism to support the development of small and micro enterprises healthy and rapid. (author: Su Jianping) read more

French experts to visit our city exchange project

In May 22nd, at the provincial, Municipal Bureau of foreign experts under the support of Xining City Council (Xining International Chamber of Commerce) invited the French Association of expert consultation (ECTI) Chinese District Project Manager Bellange Anik, Ms. Shuo leather enterprises in Xining and the French Association of expert consultation and exchange projects in the Forum

5 month 22 days, in the province, Municipal Bureau of foreign experts under the support of Xining City Council (Xining International Chamber of Commerce) invited the French Association of expert consultation (ECTI) Chinese project manager of Omnitest · Jie; skin · Ms. Anik Shuo; Xining enterprises and French expert consulting association exchange project held a forum. read more

Dragon Boat Festival holiday three days high speed is not free

Tomb Sweeping Day, may day, Dragon Boat Festival, the first half of this year, it seems that every month there are 3 days a small holiday. From May 31st to June 2nd this year, will usher in the Dragon Boat Festival holiday. However, the reporter learned from the transport sector, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the state on the free passage of small passenger cars, Dragon Boat Festival holidays are not free of charge within the scope of. Therefore, during this year’s Dragon Boat Festival owners still need to pay the normal toll. read more

3355 highlights the new characteristics of Huangyuan mass line education

Huangyuan County in the party’s mass line education activities, combined with the actual situation and the ideology and style of Party members and cadres, to the construction of the province’s agricultural modern animal husbandry demonstration county, the county cultural tourism and ecological construction of Huangshui River upstream county "as the goal, to carry forward the" small spirit of Gaoling, strengthen the implementation of capacity building, build service type the organization "is always the starting point, to determine the" 3355 "carrier, it shows the characteristics of Huangyuan educational practice. read more

Conscientiously study the spirit of the law and the spirit of building a clean government conference

In April 19th, human resources and Social Security Bureau organized all cadres and workers to seriously study the law and the construction of the spirit of the meeting, combined with the actual work, to promote administration according to law and building a clean government, to enhance the level of requirements in accordance with the law

4 19, human resources and Social Security Bureau organized all cadres and workers to seriously study the law and the construction of the spirit of the meeting, combined with the actual work, to promote administration according to law and building a clean government, to enhance the level of requirements in accordance with the law. read more

False Enron pyramid pyramid selling illegal personnel will be punished by laws and regulations

  December 4th, Xining City Industrial and commercial bureau received a report from the masses, someone in the provincial capital of a building under the guise of Enron in the name of pyramid schemes. On the same day, the person in charge of the safety of the Northwest Branch of Xining immediately rushed to the city and the trade and Industry Bureau to investigate and deal with the illegal pyramid scheme.

According to

, Enron nano is a company engaged in the development of nano technology, production, sales of large companies, their products are sold throughout the country, and by consumers. However, a small number of sales staff in the sales process to obtain more profits, illegal business, in order to subscribe for a disguised payment of goods and other means to induce consumers, resulting in the occurrence of these events. City Trade and Industry Bureau staff said, after receiving a report from the masses, the city Bureau of industry and Commerce directly contact the manufacturer, the joint sales of illegal sales of a small number of salespeople to combat. City Administration of industry and Commerce will be punished according to the relevant laws and regulations on illegal personnel. read more

Micro friends lively party secretary Wang Xiao speech

It turned out that the provincial Party committee, party secretary Wang Xiao at the thirteen plenary session of the Municipal Committee of the twelve plenary session, has aroused great interest and concern of the majority of cadres and the masses. Many cadres and the masses, said Wang Xiao, Secretary of the speech, we are full of vision for the future of Xining, Xining has more sense of identity, sense of pride, sense of belonging.

is to achieve a "lead" to promote the "two upgrade", the construction of "three bases", to create "a city window", become "five vanguard", open the "happy Xining" construction of a new journey.

"a first", which is the first in the province to the comprehensive construction of a well-off society;

"two upgrade", namely to promote industry and city transformation and upgrading;

"three bases", namely the construction of development of circular economy in the province’s first district ecological civilization, the first area and create national unity and progress advanced area demonstration base;

"a city window", namely to create a display of Qinghai highland spirit connotation of city window;

"five vanguard", is striving to promote green development, promote innovation, deepen reform and opening up and improve public services, strengthen the vanguard of the construction of rule of law.

"planning proposal" is Xining in-depth study and implement the spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech series, mastery, practical results. "Planning proposal" is permeated with the development of the concept of innovation and coordination of green open sharing, full implementation of the Secretary Luo Huining put forward "development to make contribution, the reform to go in front, the stability of support" essential requirements. Put forward the overall implementation of the provincial "131" overall requirements, to achieve the overall goal of 12315.

the cadres and the masses, and pay special attention to loud applause chorus is: "planning proposal" to strengthen the sharing of ideas, efforts to improve the living standards of the people in front of the front, fully implement the people-centered thought, reflects the improvement for the development of guiding value pursuit to the people’s livelihood. Building a happy Xining is a concentrated expression of the party’s governing for the people, is the city’s 2 million 290 thousand people of all ethnic groups eager to look forward to, is to enhance the image of the city, the city needs to shape the brand. Is to carry forward the spirit of a nail, do not get off the ground in my generation after generation, a hammer;
read more

Let farmers get rich in the process of Urbanization

Recently, the mayor Wang Yubo, vice mayor of the city of and the relevant departments responsible comrades, in-depth Huangyuan County Township, Chengguan Town, the steering of the new rural community, the construction of the beautiful countryside and the relocation of poverty alleviation work. Wang Yubo stressed that the construction of new rural communities, to build the beautiful countryside, is the provincial government to promote the new town in the country under the great background of major initiatives, the urban and rural development, affluent urban and rural people, the core is to let the rural beauty industry, make up, let the rich farmers to. Huangyuan county government must take the "core of urbanization" as the co-ordination to promote the work, high standards and strict requirements, do a dry one, a beautiful, rich one party, let the masses satisfactory. The new type of rural community is a new type of rural community construction of the provincial government to determine the 20. Wang Yubo pointed out that the new rural community is the basis of urbanization system in a ring, in the industry, enriching the people, there is a strong demonstration of the people, driven, guided. Huangyuan county Party committee and government must be in accordance with the standards of building a new class of rural communities in the province, in strict accordance with the planning organization and implementation, high quality and high standards to promote construction. Make full use of topography, mountain water features, to create a simple natural cultural tourism leisure town. To integrate the good financial resources, tap the advantages of good features, planning a good cultural tourism and other follow-up industries, and strive to explore the success of the construction of new rural communities. Kesuer village is a beautiful scenery on highway 109. Wang Yubo and any party secretary of nearly 40 years of iron Jianguo cordial conversation, thanks to his efforts to lead the villagers to get rich, the construction of the beautiful countryside to pay hard work. He pointed out that the Huangyuan county government to sort out and summarize the experience of typical innovation should not only inherit historical memory, create beautiful and neat new rural landscape, to broaden the way of sustainable development of farmers, rural industry, and continuously improve the village environment, let the farmers living standards rising, the construction of a number of pastoral beauty, beauty, beauty of life in the village of beautiful countryside. Chung Hing area is easy to focus on the relocation of the county of Huangyuan in 2014 relocation area, involving 20 villages in Huangyuan county. Wang Yubo stressed that the relocation of land to help poor farmers to solve the problem of safety and comfort of the new home, but also to solve the problem of employment of migrant workers. Huangyuan county Party committee and government to promote the quality and quantity to resettle work, there are plans to organize off-site relocation of poverty farmers to participate in the occupation skill training, make both the sense of employment, the employment skills of farmers also have channels of employment, employment platform, security, quality improvement of living conditions.   read more

2015 the setting of the new Silk Road stars concert Hi turn over Xining

The shock of the stage lighting, best sound effects, heatwave like screams, the night of October 24th, 2015 "the new Silk Road sail" stars concert let Qinghai Sea Lake Sports Center bursting with enthusiasm, Wang Feng, Shira, Wowkie Zhang and so on many different age strength star singers, the audience presented a co Taiwan star bright visual feast.

the most "Hi" the audience is the finale singer Wang Feng. Wang Feng started with a "natural" in full bloom of life, love to the depths, leading the audience chorus, "spring", "Beijing, Beijing" and other classic songs is the whole concert to a climax, singing, applause, cheers merged into one, "Hi" burst the concert draw a perfect full stop.   read more

Huangzhong county held the largest basketball game

January 21st, the second Huangzhong County Basketball Association Cup Basketball Game grand opening, this is the county in recent years held the largest and highest level, most of the teams in a basketball match, opened the prelude of Spring Festival cultural activities in the county.

it is understood that the county has a very solid foundation for the masses basketball, especially in recent years the county, relying on the rich resources of the folk culture and the deep foundation of the mass sports activities, strengthen the cultural construction and cultural life of the masses more rich and colorful, Quan Minjian and sports flourished. At present, the county has built 1 national sports centers, youth clubs, sports clubs, sports school, sports school, the other 1, fitness Plaza, 12, the village fitness site of the 2 65. Equipped with all kinds of fitness equipment 692 sets, building fitness path of 15. Last year to carry out all kinds of mass sports and cultural activities more than 7000 screenings, participants up to about 1000000 passengers. Has been named as the "national sports advanced county", "national athletic village", "national mass sports advanced units" honorary title, at the same time in the city just after the basketball team won the first place in the county. The basketball is from the county town, schools, agencies and other industries 20 teams, 240 athletes, the basketball to become a grand display of the county’s economic and social development, the construction of spiritual civilization. (author: Ge Wenrong)
  read more

Municipal Public Security Bureau held a grand ceremony to celebrate the 90 anniversary of the foundi

In June 23rd, the city’s public security organs to celebrate the ninetieth anniversary of the CPC founding of "71" and "recognition of famous songs, songs, song loyal soul cast police" will be held in the sunning Plaza

6 23 July, the city’s public security organs to celebrate the ninetieth anniversary of the CPC founding of "71" and "recognition of famous songs, songs, song loyal soul cast police" will be held in the sunning plaza. Municipal Committee, Secretary of politics and Law Committee, Public Security Bureau Lv Benqian, Municipal Committee and Deputy Secretary Liu Jianqi, deputy director of bureau deputy party secretary, Shen Sen, deputy director of the PUC Party committee, Huang Shujiang, Zhang Haining, Gao Keyu, bureau Party committee, discipline committee Zhao Weimin attended the meeting. PUC retired veteran cadres and nearly a hundred people were invited to participate in the general assembly. read more