Four stages of successful marketing April 30, 2017

a lot of people want to do sales, the first is to pave the way for their own business, followed by the benefits of future life communication. So how to do marketing? What kind of marketing process and stage? The following is a specific introduction, look at it!

from the start of silence

" everything is difficult at the beginning of " this sentence for each industry, everyone is applicable. New entrants are generally faced with a very difficult problem: how to start marketing? Judging from experience, this issue is that " "’s Chinese; silence;, the answer is self-evident: from the silence began marketing course!

for newcomers, are not familiar with their industry and products, there is no marketing experience, afraid to say the wrong thing, can not answer customer problems, so he chose silence and try to avoid making mistakes, is understandable. The so-called " do more mistakes, less to do less wrong, do not do a good job of " choose silence, it fundamentally avoids the possibility of making mistakes. The new silent, can be said to be a normal.

successful sales breakthrough in silence

been shut out of psychology opening

in the sales industry, there is a class of people is admirable. They do the work of preaching to the old and new marketing staff to explain marketing knowledge and business skills. These people are " trainer ". Talking with them, you can feel their strong sense of talkative, it seems that as long as they have a presence, love never fails, from products to industry, from work to the cause, from life to society…… Endless topics are made by them.


> for many marketers believe

Changchun city to build their own jobs demobilized cadres venture project library April 28, 2017

national entrepreneurship, public innovation activities to give the majority of entrepreneurs fair entrepreneurial opportunities for veterans, but also has a new choice to get rich. In order to establish their own jobs demobilized cadres venture project library, Changchun city spent a lot of time and energy.

22, Changchun city to promote the development of military and civilian integration work of the forum will be held on the military venture, director of human resources and Social Security Bureau Zhang Baoqi told reporters, in July last year, Changchun took the lead in the first set up self employment of demobilized cadres business incubators, successfully created their own jobs demobilized cadres collective entrepreneurship "Changchun brand".

Since the creation of

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The curtain of franchise business strategy analysis – Business April 28, 2017

fashion charm curtains can bring charm to the whole decoration of the family, let the market continue to grow, life becomes more natural to enjoy, so it attracts more and more investors choose the project shop. In the opening of a window shop, when investors want to do business in order to get a good income, then how to do better to promote profitability?

in addition to the basic knowledge of curtain industry knowledge, can also learn some knowledge of psychology, communication skills, very helpful for obtaining customer identity. Here is the address, the investor must work harder in the window of the store’s address, and now there is any market competition in the market, the location is good to grasp more natural source.

Stores according to their comprehensive ability to open a curtain

want in the shortest time to guarantee their mastery of profit situation in the curtain in the market, need to be prepared, entrepreneurship is not a simple process, the more complex and arduous, and many of the curtains franchise investors may be most worried about is yourself and the curtain never engaged in related industries, he is also engaged in other stores will not be affected.

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4000 yuan a year entrepreneurial income of 300 thousand April 28, 2017

maybe you very difficult to imagine, thousands of entrepreneurship can also gain amazing wealth. Yes, today, the protagonist of this article, Mr. Wang Wei, is such a thousand yuan entrepreneurial success. Business opportunities in inadvertently appeared.

2010 in the second half of the year, a calligraphy exhibition in the school sponsored, he stumbled, everyone from the University City local shops to buy a pen and paper, one hundred pieces of paper at the price of 500 yuan, and in the vicinity of the auditorium in the District of Yuzhong calligraphy shops, the same paper price is only 200 yuan.

after demand generally feel out of paper in various colleges and universities, Wang Wei decided to 1000 yuan venture — selling calligraphy learning will be used for ink and paper. Venture capital is 4000 yuan from the cost of living.

is really incredible, but Wang Yuan Weiqian really successful entrepreneurship. Talking about the future, he said, I hope to earn enough money in five years, to open a training institution, you can teach calligraphy, that is his favorite thing to do.


4000 yuan a year entrepreneurial income of 300 thousand April 28, 2017

maybe you very difficult to imagine, thousands of entrepreneurship can also gain amazing wealth. Yes, today, the protagonist of this article, Mr. Wang Wei, is such a thousand yuan entrepreneurial success. Business opportunities in inadvertently appeared.

2010 in the second half of the year, a calligraphy exhibition in the school sponsored, he stumbled, everyone from the University City local shops to buy a pen and paper, one hundred pieces of paper at the price of 500 yuan, and in the vicinity of the auditorium in the District of Yuzhong calligraphy shops, the same paper price is only 200 yuan.

after demand generally feel out of paper in various colleges and universities, Wang Wei decided to 1000 yuan venture — selling calligraphy learning will be used for ink and paper. Venture capital is 4000 yuan from the cost of living.

is really incredible, but Wang Yuan Weiqian really successful entrepreneurship. Talking about the future, he said, I hope to earn enough money in five years, to open a training institution, you can teach calligraphy, that is his favorite thing to do.


Crabs ten brands list – the whole April 28, 2017

hairy crabs, is not a mention of such a delicious food, a lot of people will swallow it? Indeed, the current favorite hairy crabs are very many people, the following, let Xiaobian to introduce the ten major brands of crabs list, so that we can have a better understanding of the crab market brand.

NO.1 list of ten brands of crabs, Yangcheng Lake: agricultural leading enterprises in Jiangsu Province, Suzhou crabs Industry Association unit, Suzhou Yangcheng Lake Modern Agriculture Industrial Park special aquaculture Co. ltd..

crabs ten brands list NO.2, Xian Xian: Jiangsu famous brand, Jiangsu famous brand products, vice president of the China Fisheries Association units? Kunshan agricultural products leading enterprises, Kunshan Xian Xian Xian Investment Co., ltd..

ten crabs brand ranking NO.3, Xinyang, Jiangsu province famous trademark, green food, brand-name products in Jiangsu, renowned for its products in the market and customers, Suzhou Yangcheng Xin Yang agricultural science and Technology Co. ltd..

ten crabs brand ranking NO.4, gate: Suzhou municipal agricultural industrialization leading enterprises, Suzhou Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs Industry Association recommended brand, Kunshan Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs Co., plo.

ten crabs brand ranking NO.5, blue: brand-name products in Jiangsu, Yangcheng Lake is the earliest to industrialization production and operation of Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs enterprises, Suzhou City, Xiangcheng District Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs Sanhu Co. ltd..

NO.6 list of ten brands of crabs, water Wang: prestigious Yangcheng Lake crab industry brand, Chinese green food, the products of the industry with high visibility, Suzhou Yangcheng Lake water aquaculture Co. Ltd. wang.

crabs ten brands list NO.7, Lotus Island: aquatic products leading enterprises, Suzhou famous brand products, Suzhou hairy crabs Industry Association executive director of the unit, Suzhou Yangcheng Lake, a lotus products Co., ltd..

ten crabs brand ranking NO.8, Star Lake Island: Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs Industry Association executive director units, Suzhou brand-name products, crabs ten brands, Suzhou Yangcheng Lake Xinghu Island aquaculture Co. ltd..

crabs ten brands list NO.9, crab king: Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs Industry Association, one of the first to participate in the unit, vice president of the Suzhou Association of hairy crabs industry units, Suzhou Yangcheng Lake crab king aquatic products Co., ltd..

ten major brands of crabs NO.10, Yang Cheng oasis: Suzhou famous brand products, Suzhou aquaculture health promotion association

Home Furnishing store decoration attention to these factors you will succeed April 21, 2017

with the continuous improvement of our living standards today, entrepreneurs choose to join the market to enter the household goods, has become a very common thing. Moreover, we all know that the store is also a very important choice decoration. So, as long as there are a few points, we are successful entrepreneurs!

home decoration

1, head of

is head of the shop signs, from the perspective of brand promotion, in the downtown area a good start is not only the sign shop located, but also play a role in outdoor advertising.

2, window

window is an effective form of advertising, whether it is a passing person or drive through the people, good window display can always attract the attention of customers, people stop to appreciate, wait and see. Window display has two functions: first, the brand image and style of the show, and the two is to show the role of products. Good window display should have the following points:

1) window display should be attractive.

2 window display to display goods, customer service principles. To consider the height of the window display and the information it can bring to the customer (


3, furnishings and store style, and with the seasons change. Spring, summer, autumn, winter all kinds of symbolic plants, in the store can put a few pots of green plants, give customers a natural and fresh feeling.

4, music and shop style match, should play Shu Shou music, such as piano, elegant music, don’t put some street songs, offbeat music.

good to join the project, a good starting point for the decoration, is a stepping stone for the success of our business. So, what are you hesitating about? Hurry up,


Linsen fashion shoes to join the green healthy option April 21, 2017

environmental health, fashion shoes, fashion shoes to choose M.L.S.? The quality of the project, for business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join the fashion shoes Linsen project, no doubt, is a very powerful choice!

fashion shoes to join what is our fee?

founded in 1998, Linsen fashion shoes brand, began production of casual shoes, is the first batch of domestic goods do fashion leisure shoes enterprises, is also currently maintained Chinese fashion leisure footwear brand leadership position: the tide line of 33 regional agent distribution covers more than 3 thousand stores and counters, let the fashion Master are successful have chosen it.

fashion leisure shoes brand M.L.S. based on the present, innovation, innovation and new thinking to the traditional combination, abandon the traditional cloth shoes brand aging status, designed to meet the current consumer definition of fashion, in line with the tastes of the public, in addition to retro, and punk, England, sweet, cool, fresh, simple Goods are available in all varieties.. A different style, let the popular white shoe cover.

high quality fashion shoes Linsen join the project choice for business with a small capital entrepreneur, undoubtedly, is a very powerful choice. High quality projects to join, what do you hesitate? Hurry up!

Cosmetic shop decoration tips to highlight the brand is the key April 20, 2017

we know that a cosmetic can attract consumers, a large part of the reasons for decoration. Cosmetic shop decoration has become a lot of people in front of cosmetic shops are very headache problem. So, cosmetic shop decoration tips? Today we come to share in the cosmetics decoration should pay attention to the methods and techniques, we want to help.

in the shop space design, how to use the most gorgeous or most novel decorative effect, in order to achieve the expected business results? How to make the design elements and business factors more effectively reflect the operator’s products and services? How to grasp the relationship between the display and the product, no matter how rich a store line, occupy 80% of the share is always a few best-selling brand. So in the course of design, the designer should consider not only the appearance of the display of products, but also to consider the benefits of square store operators, to avoid local heat and cold, causing the most common overall products unsalable situation.

in the decoration of the shop design, when designers make clear the market positioning business, positioning theme design is to find the direction. The next key problems in actual design work, is to grasp the relationship between the display space and decoration products, the first network to remind from the LOGO position to the display of products, product structure and mutual collocation set practical and effective, can not be ignored. The unique style and unique characteristics of product display, not only make the brand image become distinct personality, but also enrich the external image of the product, rendering the brand appeal, affecting the development and extension of the brand.

the cosmetics industry in the continuous development of cosmetics shop decoration must keep pace with the times, follow the trend of fashion, so as to attract more customers. In the face of the severe competitive environment, it is necessary to use some cosmetic store decoration techniques.


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Energy saving products become the first choice for women entrepreneurs April 20, 2017

is now more and more women began to go on the road of entrepreneurship independently, at the same time according to their own situation, choose a real suitable investment project, which is consistent with the development trend of energy-saving products due to age very well, and become the first choice for business people.

coupled with rising prices, prompted people to enhance awareness of saving money, provided the conditions for the popularization of domestic energy-saving products. Can invest in energy-saving products supermarket, the main selling life related products. At present, such supermarkets in Beijing, Shanghai and other cities are very popular.

College students start a few matters of attention guidance April 20, 2017

students have now become very common in today’s society, at the same time, the competition is so fierce, the students in the business often need to pay attention to many aspects, what are the specific?



, pragmatic

four, the accumulation of

five, hard


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Honey fragrance brands of cosmetics franchise make money April 20, 2017

generally speaking, entrepreneurial choice to join the cosmetics market, is a very good choice. How sweet fragrance brands of cosmetics? High quality projects, the strength of the brand to join the project selection. Join aromatherapy honey brands of cosmetics, what are you waiting for?

as the cosmetic skin industry is not only a hot economic industry under the financial environment of the outside, it also is an art. Therefore, consumers in the market for a product can lead a kind of cosmetic trends and fashion style is quite valued. This sweet aromatherapy brands of cosmetics franchise headquarters Ting run aromatherapy supplies brand (Beijing) Limited in considering this aspect at the same time, a new kind of skin healthy skin from the inside of the experience to the domestic consumer’s sight.

star endorsement eighteen series of hundreds of varieties of flexible operation!

by the famous actor Yu Na endorsement, once listed by thousands of women’s favorite! From the product category, the sweet aromatherapy brands of cosmetics to join the project product series covers from the face and eyes, head to foot skin, aromatherapy skin care products, but also its business extended to the home, aromatherapy essential oils a total of eighteen series of hundreds of varieties. Therefore, the operation of such a first-line brand cosmetics stores profit is more flexible. In addition to aromatherapy honey in the market quite popular with consumers, but also by many beauty institutions in the procurement of a large number of. To this end, this can also provide a new business model for the operator.

"fragrance sweet words" brands of cosmetics to high


as first-line cosmetics brand to join the project, "fragrance sweet words" in the investors shop take account of the above policy input and output of the medium and small investors. Therefore, opened up a path for the medium and small investors, the minimum entry standards is you only need a 10-15 flat shop can open a shop standard honey fragrance. And the headquarters will provide you with the 5 value-added services: 1, distribution of cosmetics cabinets and aromatherapy products. 2, provide aromatherapy nail equipment and technology. 3, the distribution of fragrant painting equipment tools raw materials. 4, provide aromatherapy products and technology. 5, the distribution of professional skin tester and hair tester. In addition to the first line of cosmetics brands to join investors can also be based on individual circumstances, the choice of investment standards, all the items can be independently transferred into aromatherapy products.

Across the six threshold can carry out chain operations April 20, 2017

want to venture into the field, but can not find the right project, the chain of concern, there is no industry restrictions, operating more easily. So what industry suitable for chain operation? With the following six conditions can carry out chain management.

A, management can be engineered.

as Western-style food, Western-style food science and nutrition, so it can be engineered. The weight and standard of various raw materials, the type and number of spices are strictly in accordance with the standards. Just like McDonald’s, Kentucky Fried Chicken, their French fries oil temperature, the length of time is a strict control standards, these quantitative standards and procedures can be engineered. So the chain also has a congenital condition.

and Chinese is not so simple, can not be standardized and engineering, is the Chinese exquisite cooking art, are very fuzzy control standards, for cooking process such as salt, vinegar and a little……

management content can not be standardized, engineering is one of the first to become the chain operation conditions.

two, core endowment.



A major feature of

Jie hundred’s cleaning appliances joined a small investment in high return April 18, 2017

home appliance cleaning industry, has been a very hot industry. For business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join the 100’s cleaning appliances cleaning project, is very has the advantage of choice. How to clean the household appliances? Quality projects, it is worth joining!

Jie Bai household appliances cleaning small investment high return investment projects. With the development of economy and the progress of society, people’s living standard has been improved. People’s requirements for the quality of life is also getting higher and higher, the laundry and dry cleaning, home cleaning every day, etc., and now more and more people began to pay attention to the cleaning of household appliances.

‘s 100 clean cleaning appliances and domestic cleaning company to adapt to the market development trend, in response to the national public innovation, public business call, heavily built Denver project ten years next; social responsibility and business expectations, along with the state of city urbanization, increase in the number of households, in the face of the family service in the rapid rise, Jie’s 100 offers great opportunities for entrepreneurship is of blue collar, dreams of success entrepreneurs to create a huge platform.

all over the country to join the business as Jie hundred’s partners, the company carey provides technical training and training for customers, the ability to teach customers to implement services; carey designed marketing training, teach customers to find business means; professional gold service process training and professional services for customers to create their own name card.

cleaning appliance cleaning hundred good? Business with a small capital entrepreneurs the best choice, if you are very exciting. Why hesitate? Hurry up!

The seven woman to join the bright scene – Chuanchuan Xiang April 18, 2017

as everyone knows, featuring delicacy rich opportunities, now the seven great Chuanchuan Xiang loved by the people, as a popular delicacy project, many entrepreneurs are aimed at the seven great string of fragrant prospects, delicious seven Po Chuanchuan Xiang is fresh and healthy, pay attention to the quality of products of the seven great Chuanchuan Xiang headquarter adhere to the exclusive secret seven, build very attractive woman Chuanchuan Xiang, entrepreneurs choose to shop if you want to make a good project, may wish to give priority to the seven great string of incense to join.

seven Po Chuanchuan Xiang project is a unique brand after years of market research after the launch, each a delicacy is well fit the needs of consumers, huge consumer groups to the franchisee to create more business opportunities, catering business seven Po Chuanchuan Xiang, more wealth to you.

seven string of string of sweet fragrance brought together a variety of different flavors of food, the chain of seven Po Xiang? Each one is unique, better fit the tastes of different consumers. Exclusive secret recipe and marinade pot, with other brands unparalleled competitive advantage, to join the seven string of fragrant incense more popular business.

spicy string of incense is a lot of consumers are very fond of the type of food, the development of a long history of the huge market consumer groups. Seven Po string incense, a more powerful popularity of the string of incense brand, welcomed by many consumers. The seven great Chuanchuan Xiang stores, authentic Sichuan bring great enjoyment.

seven string string sweet brand in the domestic food and beverage market has many years of development history, the chain of the seven women to join? According to the needs of different consumer research and development products, the introduction of each product can better adapt to the domestic food and beverage market, the rapid development in the country, becoming the current domestic popular brands.

today’s society, the competition of all walks of life are very intense, the seven string of fragrant incense high popularity, is a modern entrepreneur small investment good choice, is a lot of people get rich quick choice.

Tempered Kung Fu chicken joined the profitable project – the whole April 17, 2017

entrepreneurial choice to engage in food industry, is a very good choice. Tempered Kung Fu chicken? We choose to join the project and food items. If you choose to join the venture, tempered Kung Fu chicken project, delicacy opportunities earned stop!

Kung Fu chicken snacks can make money? Tempered very profitable investment options, so brand headquarters will provide a series of snack products for you, which you can do business easily make money fast. Kung Fu chicken in hot temper to the explosion of the brand was good to the explosion of popularity, such character and temperament is your chance to a burst of fine varieties of Kung Fu chicken! Temper selection low-fat fresh chicken, the bulk orders, raw material supply mode is sent to kill, to ensure a greater degree of fresh meat no backlog, low-fat nutritious, so that we can taste the classic chicken delicious, but also can absorb nutrients from the rich.

tempered Kung Fu chicken joined the money?

temper Kung Fu chicken unique taste, high nutritional value, is worth a good taste of food consumers. Kung Fu chicken snacks can not earn money? Small investment returns, investment of this brand, certainly can make people start easier. Kung Fu chicken with tempered Oriental and Western food culture, management experience, together to create a good business opportunities for investors to get rich.

has excellent tempered Kung Fu chicken joined the project selection, the best choice for business with a small capital of entrepreneurs. Tempered Kung Fu chicken joined, what are you waiting for? Come and leave a message! Come and join us!

How to take the first step of the whole – business success April 17, 2017

road of business development, leading many people to start their own businesses, for people to be successful, is every entrepreneur’s desire, how to take the first step to success, is very important for entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial success can be the first time after the entrepreneurial path clear psychological barrier. Make their own business in the future more comfortable. On the contrary, if the first venture failed, will give yourselves on the failure of shadow, is the so-called: Once bitten, twice shy of ten years. Since the choice of entrepreneurship, it is necessary to make their business almost perfect road.

, however, a lot of people who want to start their own businesses are very confused, very depressed. Would like to venture and dare not venture, swing around. To start a business, I have enough money on hand. My entrepreneurial projects can be recognized by the market, my business can not be successful, entrepreneurial failure how to do? My employees are loyal to me, and so a series of problems plaguing themselves. So slow to enter the entrepreneurial road. So how can we eliminate the confusion of their own business? Make yourself successful into the road to success?

1. when you have some money to make you have the idea of starting a business, you should immediately go to business. Don’t be afraid that the money is not enough. As long as you believe in the process of entrepreneurial firm, seriously to do things, to develop their own, I believe they will succeed on the line. Money is not a problem when you have a certain scale. At this time, you may also be able to stop the entrepreneurial people will help you gather some money to help you better development. Mainly because they see that you are now profitable, so they will come up with some money to help. Remember that no one is willing to put the money in an unknown place until you have an accident. Including the current venture capital is to see your project will be willing to invest for you. Entrepreneurs should understand that the cause is not afraid of no money.

2. got a good idea. As long as you think it is necessary for people to dress, eat, live, and work, they should act to produce and manufacture. Do not worry about the production out of the market, no market. As long as it is necessary in people’s lives must have a market, the market. Why do you say so, because everyone has to eat, dress, walk, sleep. So we have to use some things to meet their own clothing, food, housing, the completion of the action in the line. So as long as you produce something that is needed in people’s lives and the quality of your products and services to do is the best, not afraid of things do not sell, not sell. As the saying goes: only those who do not earn money, there is no money.

3. when your company has a certain scale, but also have a sound management system, generous benefits and a sincere heart of the staff. You don’t have to worry about infidelity. As long as you treat him well, he will be good to you. Everybody knows that

To treat customers like a friend April 17, 2017

treat customers, we should uphold what kind of idea? Different operators will have different understanding, and there will be a different approach. Guigang City, Guangxi Metro Fuji cigarette merchant Tan Weifen attaches great importance to service attitude, she treated with a friend like a sincere heart, interpretation of the meaning of the service. The neighborhood and the old regulars who affectionately called her sister fen.

shop to do business with customers inevitably unpleasant Fen sister is good at the total disputes nipped in the bud, her coup is standing in the customer’s position to consider the issue, "let God" feel the moment businesses put their interests in the first place, but also actively seek to solve the contradiction between the methods, resolve conflicts. A smile is a magic weapon for winning Fen sister, she often smiles with rational rhetoric in two words or three can let the customer anger, "disappear".

Fen is the biggest advantage is carey and learn to watch, she said, some customers buy cigarettes not love others love their own judgment, it may wish to leave more space for customers to choose; some customers say that although unknown but hope to get the promotion, then introduce more active.

and some customers think the cigarette price is too high, will the other requirements from the cigarette price each other look judgment for promotion; some customers have no idea, can consult each other need to buy cigarettes for promotion purposes…… Many old customers are feeling, Fen sister is indeed a good friend of the customer, the customer often do not have to talk to the sister can guess their needs, so the service attitude of customers is easy to accept.

in fact, if we treat our customers as friends, I believe that we can be a good relationship with every customer, so that the business development of the store will certainly have a very big role in promoting. In short, if you are a retailer, treat customers may wish to stand in the perspective of a friend to try, may be helpful to your customer business oh.

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How to join the cake chocolate shop – the whole April 17, 2017

around us there are a lot of well-known bakery, the brand is not big to see how the consumer reputation? The better reputation of the bakery brand over Hong Kong, Zen, chocolate, today we talk about the chocolate brand project.

The rapid growth of the

chocolate cannot do without each one of our lucky partner efforts, employees are the most valuable wealth of chocolate. Chocolate company is an open private joint-stock company, the company can provide a good prospect for the occupation development platform for employees. Chocolate companies hope that through joint efforts of every employee, provide fashion, health, delicious baked food for consumers. You to join, and jointly promote the growth and development of chocolate ".

Wuhan chocolate food Co. Ltd. is a private joint-stock company, the legal representative of Mr. Lu Wei. Is a company specializing in the production and sale of bakery food chain. By the end of 2012, the company has opened nearly two hundred stores in Wuhan, Changsha, Zhengzhou, Hefei and other capital cities in the past four.

company is a trademark, registered in the State Trademark office. Graphic trademark looks is like a tree of golden fruit trees, a symbol of chocolate in all partners to work together, fruitful, with luxuriant foliage, upward development intention. Graphic trademark triangle, square, round three character, on behalf of chocolate you can let the public to experience the quality grade, enjoy chocolate "meaning, chocolate is engaged in" quality, quality and taste "business, is committed to provide the public with delicious quality service.

how to join the chocolate cake shop? Chocolate cake shop franchise flow:

1, the intention of customers to the company’s products, brands, such as all-round investigation;

2, the intention to submit the application form;

3, China Merchants Department for qualification examination;

4, confirm the application cooperation, signed the contract;

5, China Merchants Department for site approval;

6, the design department to provide renovation programs and guidance;

8, marketing distribution and the opening of the preparatory work before the guidance of


9, product and business training for investors and employees;

10, trial operation of formal operations;

now, we must have the cake chocolate join process have a certain understanding. Cake chocolate is not only a cake shop, also has a variety of desserts and drinks, to meet the needs of different consumers.

Accurate positioning let shop also can be bigger – the whole April 16, 2017

whether it is to create a new brand, or shop to do business, in fact, we need to do a good job related positioning. After all, only a clear understanding of the positioning, so that it will get more consumer recognition, even if the store, it is possible to step by step bigger. So, accurate positioning can also make big shop.


is idle, I love watching "wisdom" and "thinking" and other stories wealth of short articles, learn the essence, learning management, on this day, I saw a report in a Book: "Japan UNIQLO casual clothing brand" is the largest of each piece of clothes except a "price tag", could not find the brand trademark.

is because of the hidden branding, "UNIQLO" can be realized and any clothes, any people "all-match" to get rich and poor love. Brand founder Liu Jing, always put their product positioning for spare clothing, and put it all in the vicinity of the top luxury brand. UNIQLO clothing prices in the tens of dollars to two hundred or three hundred dollars, but by top fashion and even professional fashion models welcome.

this report gives us a good inspiration for retailers: in order to retain customers, to avoid the waste of consumer resources, product positioning is also very important. Such as cigarette sales, such as consumer groups are wage earners, the management center should be located at 10 yuan of cigarettes; such as consumer groups to youth oriented, the management center should be located in some fine branches, high technology content, high quality tobacco cigarettes; such as the consumer group is that some older smokers, because this kind of smokers for a cigarette or a brand depend psychologically, the sale of cigarettes to choose real estate brand.

of course, how can we locate accurately, not their own can be called, but also from the market point of view. In short, in the daily operation, as long as we frequently observe, diligence analysis, carey grasp their own business spending power consumption group in the region, the accurate positioning of the business of goods, and timely according to the market demand changes to adjust the purchase type and quantity, coupled with sincere service and hot genuine goods at a fair price, so, even in a row upon row of in the environment, small shops can also win consumer loyalty, create a good performance.

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