Orchard trying to forest chicken breeding success to win wealth May 31, 2017

now, scientific breeding in order to maximize the harvest of wealth, to win a bright tomorrow. Recently, business consultancy found that seen in the industrial district of Jiading Li Jiang orchard, a plump chicken walk leisurely pecking worms in the fruit below, chicken occasionally cooed, a pleasant pastoral scenery.  

2006, listed 150 tons, 190 tons of peach pear, the annual output value of 2 million 40 thousand yuan; 80 thousand chicken feather, pigeon feather 50 thousand, grass egg 40 thousand kilograms, the annual output value of 3 million 240 thousand yuan. In this way, the orchard area of 255 acres of orchard Lek River 2006 total output value of up to $5 million 280 thousand, the average output value of $20700 acres. At the same time, the economic benefit is good, and the orchard has got good ecological benefit. Some insects, fruit and leaf and fruit

Hinder the four major obstacles to migrant workers May 30, 2017

a lot of migrant workers tired of wandering life, want to return to their hometown, start to get rich, but we can learn from the objective analysis, migrant workers want to return home to start a certain obstacle.

A is the government paid insufficient attention, lack of entrepreneurship policy support. In the middle part of the mountainous area, it is very important to introduce foreign investment and give policy support. But for returning entrepreneurs, the policy is still not perfect, and even some places have not encouraged migrant workers to return home to start the preferential policies, enjoy the same treatment with the introduction of foreign capital. Even if some places have introduced preferential policies, but many policies are not specific, practical and effective, the lack of policy attractiveness.

the government to support migrant workers entrepreneurship, has actively introduced measures, hope to start keeping migrant workers friends.

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What are the 6 factors that affect the profit of the restaurant industry May 30, 2017

catering industry there is an immeasurable space for development, we know that many aspects of catering business, need to do a lot of details, let us know the following. What are the 6 factors that affect the profit of the restaurant industry?

1, restaurant location

2, environment

The contents and materials of

menu should be clear, the best cover design menu gives people a sense of novelty.

tableware to speak art. Tableware and utensils is one of the characteristics of Chinese cuisine, exquisite tableware design will increase the taste and artistic taste of food.

The coordination of

Southern China’s first car theme complex start investment May 30, 2017

in recent years, the development of our domestic auto industry speed and some people are of the size should be obvious to people, at the same time, the automobile industry is also booming, recently, in Shunde there are some industrial park in car related investment activities.

in addition, will also be supporting a super 30 thousand square meters of automotive professional venue. According to the person in charge of Industrial Park, this is the first Foshan area of over 30 thousand square meters of the automotive professional test field, including new depth test area, professional test lanes, the whole road cross-country experience area and activity center etc..

It is reported that the project

, as one of the key projects of Ronggui street in 2015, Ronggui city is a key project update. Ronggui will rely on the leading role of the industrial park to create an opportunity to build the road to the island of Guangxi automobile industry belt, further boost industrial restructuring and upgrading of the city.

The retail business households note what May 30, 2017

every year are shop sales soared in time, however, it is also rampant criminals of the time, therefore, as the owner, natural and more attention need to put more attention. Nearly a year, our retail business households is in a busy state, while ignoring many of its prevention. In order to prevent emergency situations such as emergencies, we should do a good job in advance to deal with the potential crisis. There are problems we should pay attention to our retail households, the following to see how these retail households, they are how to do a good job of security precautions.

Shandong Huimin Hu set retail Cao Linlin

keep the store can not be of two minds

90 after Cao Linlin, when keeping the store space, and many of his peers, there is a bad hobby, like pulling out the phone brush WeChat, playing QQ, etc.. Mobile phone as a small size, high value, hands fast carry objects, has been the preferred target of thieves.

she said, during the last year, a new mobile phone she purchased just because of his own negligence, and thieves pilfering". At that time, the store after another to a few customers to buy cigarettes, I just put the mobile phone at the checkout counter, busy move customer. During that time, two customers were back and forth for a long time at the counter. To a few boxes of cigarettes, said the company with smoke, billing. I had to give them a good start in accordance with the requirements of small ticket, waiting for me after all this, then find the mobile phone, mobile phone but never come back. After my careful recollection, the thief when I deal with them at the same time, while I do not pay attention to steal the phone.


lost a cell phone, but also to bring a series of problems, many customers and dealers lost contact. Even for a new phone, there are a series of adaptation.

through this incident, let her have a further understanding of the operation. As long as the operating period, try not to cling to mobile phones and other information tools. For business not to wholeheartedly into the business of two minds, in the full spirit, enthusiastic service to consumers, not busy in error, let the thief loopholes.

Shandong Huimin Jinqiao retail Li Hongchang

keep pace with the times, keep up with the network information age

Li Hongchang’s shop is a typical husband and wife shop, the owner of the main, the female owner. He is responsible for the purchase of goods, his wife in the store operations. Due to the couple a clear division of labor, store in peacetime operations also in the off-season. But during the holidays, his wife is busy, often busy in error.

a few years ago

Scooby brand security wealth May 30, 2017

Scooby children’s wear brand chain has been gradually falling in the national market, to provide quality services for consumers, if you want to do a security investment business, the selection of children’s clothing items to be sure. Join headquarters to provide support policies in place, I hope to help you.

Since the launch of

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Want to know the reason for your failure May 30, 2017

a lot of people want to start a business, many people have embarked on the road of entrepreneurship, there are a lot of people are suffering from the results of entrepreneurial failure. Business for many years, has done several different projects, but are not really successful, often reflect on their own, why so hard, also have some success, why is not successful? A profound summary down, there is no successful factors of nothing more than that:

1) there is no clear goals.

2) no extraordinary ambition.

3) lack of self-discipline.

4). This is one of the most common causes of failure,.

5) lack of perseverance. No matter what you do, most people are confident at the beginning, but it can not win.

6) negative personality. There is no hope of success for those who reject others for their negative personality. Cheng

8) lack of decisive decision-making power. Successful people make decisions and then slowly improve if necessary.

9) excessive caution. People who do not take the initiative to seize the opportunity can only pick up the opportunity to pick up others, excessive caution and not careful enough, life is full of accidental ingredients.

10) superstition and prejudice. Superstition is a form of fear, but also the performance of ignorance, the success of a broad mind, fearless.

11) target is designed. "Know-it-all, everything is loose", will try to focus on one of the main objectives.

12) lack of enthusiasm. Without enthusiasm, a person will not be convincing, and enthusiasm has a kind of appeal, a person with enthusiasm, and appropriate control of enthusiasm, often welcomed by the people.

13). It is difficult to make any progress with a narrow mind, which means that a person does not actively acquire knowledge.

14) deliberately infidelity. Honesty is an irreplaceable quality, driven by an uncontrollable environment, a person may not be loyal, it will not cause permanent damage. However, if a person deliberately infidelity, incurable. Sooner or later he will be found, he may be the price of loss of credibility, or even lose their freedom.

15) selfishness and vanity. These quality problems, such as a red light, people dare not close, is a fatal factor in the success of obstruction.

16) speculation without thinking. Most people tend to be careless or lazy, unwilling to bother with the fact that they are used for accurate thinking. They like to guess or

Online travel into a hot investment ways to break through the cattle May 30, 2017

is now online tourism bursting with popularity, many business giants have started to invest in online travel, as a "generation" of the way cattle in the end how to the fierce talent shows itself in this struggle?

8, OTA announced second quarter earnings, eLong net loss of 356 million yuan, where a net loss of 815 million yuan, the way cattle net loss of 246 million yuan.

side is like the ocean market share, one side is like water to burn war. In such a time of conflict, OTA often gets tired of it, and is full of expectations for the future.

in the bottom line of money in the game, the way cattle

how to break through?

90 days to complete the details of cooperation with Jingdong

2006 in October, duright founded tuniu network. That year he was 25 years old, after 8 years in the u.s..

in May this year, the Jingdong to tuniu.com dished out an olive branch. To $350 million strategic investment in the way cattle, the depth of strategic cooperation. Jingdong provides the way cattle big data, financial services, traffic and other operating resources.

According to Jingdong

with recommended travel

In Hefei to open a hot shop to pay attention to three points May 29, 2017

As a veteran

Malatang catering project in the catering market has been occupying an important proportion, now for investors Malatang catering to join the project in the industry which is a very good investment, now, more and more friends of entrepreneurship, chose to open a mala shop is good? In the operation of the time should pay attention to what? Next, please follow the small series together to look at the following business notes!

1, have a good recipe for

2, can endure hardship.

3, to be careful.

What is the cost of investment animation shop May 29, 2017

machine cat, Inuyasha, detective Conan… A lot of classic animation with our generation after generation, the animation store market is vast, containing unprecedented business opportunities. So, what are the costs of investment animation shop costs? May wish to take a look at!

: transfer fee transfer fee refers to the rental, not the most direct landlord leased to you when you pay money, now rent shop, have transfer fee, the money is relatively higher, is generally measured in million! Of course, if you do not do this, or want to change places, the money can be returned. There is also no transfer of the multi cost of the pavement, this depends on the specific circumstances of our entrepreneurs to find the shop to set!

publicity costs: promotional costs can the entrepreneurs themselves to accounts, according to the different city can be controlled in several hundreds to thousands!


How to promote the sale of smoke Hotel will increase sales May 29, 2017

although the shop will be taken to promote such a way, however, the promotion of the use of different methods, the effect will naturally be different. Not regularly through a reasonable marketing plan to promote the smoke hotel can stabilize popularity, to bring a steady stream of smoke Hotel business. Today Xiaobian will bring a few smoke Hotel promotional programs, to help raise the hotel sales of friends who want to improve the sales bottleneck.

bring their own drinks, the main point of purchase, consumer groups are more concentrated around the store, the group is an important channel to take goods and other features, so that the characteristics of the sale of smoke Hotel is different from the traditional channels. So, the traditional marketing way completely to the hotel name cigarettes were the body is not applicable. So, in the activities of cigarette and liquor vendor’s promotion, according to the cigarette and liquor vendor’s own characteristics, to develop more suitable for cigarette and liquor vendor marketing strategy, how to use the powerful promotion way of making cigarette and liquor vendor sales showing a "hot" momentum?

Tang Jianghua: the name of the hotel name cigarettes

selection may have a promotional benefit

in the cigarette and liquor vendor promotions, to achieve a good result, or to choose those who can produce promotional benefits Mingyan wine shop. For example, some cigarette and liquor vendor near our hotel has been entering the benchmark, we only require the price system of the cigarette and liquor vendor keep stable on the line, not to carry out promotional activities in the cigarette and liquor vendor so as not to post, hotel enterprises felt different for the hotel and the hotel name cigarettes were supported.

for those enterprises temporarily haven’t entering the hotel, we will focus on doing promotional activities in the hotel next to the hotel name cigarettes were. Through effective marketing activities in the consumption of cigarette and liquor vendor next to the hotel guests, take the initiative to go to the hotel to buy drinks cigarettes were approaching consumption, make promotional activities can play a stimulating effect sales.

in the promotional activities of these smoke hotels, mainly for consumers to promote. For example, the points against the wine (consumer each to the consumer to purchase the hotel hotel name cigarettes for a bottle of wine, each 5 points, filled with 20 points, next to the hotel name cigarettes can receive a free bottle of similar products), back cover (courtesy of consumers in the purchase of wine to the hotel name cigarettes were the hotel consumption, came out with cover torn free furongwang cigarettes a bag or Wang Laoji 4 cans gift) etc.. There is the hotel name cigarettes were the staff, we also launched the product cover awarding incentives, the staff also secretly for us.

at the same time, we also choose some with a high degree of stability, sales of hotel name cigarettes were, as long as the purchase of any two of our products, to ensure the display surface, and can reach a certain amount of monthly purchase, can become a member of the company’s stores. And then signed the relevant agreement, to ensure that the company in the enjoyment of the normal activities of the premise of the policy, to enjoy more preferential purchase and the end of the cumulative sales of cash incentives to stabilize a large number of heavy

To ensure food safety Tianchang of pesticide residues in vegetables on the tongue full coverage May 29, 2017

although the economy has improved in our lives, the number of people eating out is also increasing, but serious food safety concerns. San San – December 7th news, first said 1 grams of vegetable samples in the vessel, and then add a special extract of 5 ml of liquid in the vessel, gently shaking after standing for 15-20 minutes, so that the pesticide in the extract fully dissolved." The morning of December 7th, in Anhui Province, Tianchang pesticide residues in vegetables and Chajian town food inspection room inspection point, while the staff do pesticide testing to reporters while commentary. It is understood that at present, Tianchang has achieved full coverage of the detection of pesticide residues in vegetables.

it is understood that in recent years, Tianchang has invested 2 million 400 thousand yuan, according to the requirements of location, construction sites and facilities equipment procurement, fast inspection staff selection of "six high standards" in Tongcheng, Chajian, Qin LAN 3 grassroots food and drug supervision and construction of 3 food inspection room, in the room for rapid detection of Yongfu agricultural and sideline products wholesale market, and Albert Wan Jiafu, Chiaki music, Nancheng River 7 farmers market construction of 8 food safety.

and in the street, Yongfeng 5 towns (street) 5 sets of cropping system, pesticide residues rapid detection in 10 towns (street), JP Yang Cun completed 10 sets of livestock clenbuterol fast inspection system, in Zhang Puren and set the 5 towns to complete the 5 sets of drug residues in aquatic products inspection system construction tasks.

how to ensure food safety on the tongue, the detection of pesticide residues in Tianchang to plan, can effectively ensure the safety of food in a certain extent. At present, the city has formed a from the city to the town (street), agricultural products quality and safety inspection system from production to circulation radiating, vegetable quality and safety inspection system has been formed in the quality and safety of vegetable products and government monitoring of enterprise self-discipline inspection, focus on strengthening the scattered farmers, migrant farmers and farmers plots, homegrown based farmers market testing of vegetables, to achieve a rapid detection range of full coverage, effectively ensuring the quality and safety of agricultural products and agricultural products consumers buy at.

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Hot pot franchise stores to attract customers is very important May 29, 2017

now during the winter is a good season to eat Hot pot, this time at the same time of year, there will be many who choose to Hot pot chowhound restaurant, there are a lot of entrepreneurs want to open Hot pot shop, when you choose to open self-service stores in the project Hot pot shop before, how to do a good job shop shop to need to want? Self Hot pot stores customers coming and going to the shop or the main decoration, decoration and novel to attract talent is the key to profitability.

self-service stores – plenty of room decoration Hot pot

first self-service stores internal decoration of the Hot pot to the broad vision, because the number of meals more, great mobility, customer needs while holding food can keep an eye on their dining table near the situation, can also be a good friend and table with the eyes or actions to communicate. Therefore, to ensure that the self-service hot pot stores in the field of vision is relatively wide, at a glance.

self-service stores Hot pot decoration spacious aisle

self-service stores – the appropriate partition decoration Hot pot

If a self-service stores Hot pot large internal spaces, then it will put more of the table. Too many tables if you do not make a simple distinction, then in the middle part of the people to go back to eat vegetables, but also need to observe a moment to know where he was sitting. With a brief partition can be divided into a region, but also allow customers to have a certain dining space.

self-service Hot pot franchise store decoration is mainly to solve the congestion problem as a large flow of people, then the region made a brief distinction, not to let the whole space is monotone.

self-service stores Hot pot decoration to ensure the spacious and open field of vision, while also taking into account the space between customers and private dining table and the table. We can design a variety of forms to solve the problem of the three elements, but only after solving these three elements in order to get twice the result with half the effort.

In fact, the


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Starbucks CEO will bring what kind of change May 29, 2017

has such a news, as the food and beverage sector for surely you will be interested in, according to the latest news released by Starbucks, said CEO Howard · Schultz will retire in April 3rd next year, his successor as president and chief operating officer Kevin · Johnson.

Starbucks said Howard · Schultz will continue to serve as chairman of the board, and served as CEO of Howard ·, the future design and development; innovation, Schultz will focus to select Starbucks coffee roasting workshop project, promote the expansion of social influence model and the company’s retail activities. Although Howard · Schultz did not completely leave Starbucks, but after the release of the news, Starbucks shares after the decline was as high as 11%.

new and old CEO Starbucks aimed at the Internet and high-end market

in fact, this is Howard · second outgoing Starbucks CEO. Public information shows that in 2000, Howard · Schultz had retired CEO, after retiring, Starbucks has been due to high speed shop and other reasons, profit fell into trouble. 2008 Howard · Schultz return to Starbucks, Starbucks stores expanded coffee, food and beverage type, and Starbucks’s marketing plan made substantial adjustments to Starbucks stores more products and function, let Starbucks back on track and to continue its pace of expansion door shop.

and the upcoming Starbucks CEO Kevin ·, who had previously held positions in IBM, Microsoft and other technology companies, although not related to the food and beverage industry, but with the origin of Starbucks quite deep. Kevin · Johnson joined Starbucks in 2015, but according to reports, Kevin · Johnson is still Microsoft and Starbucks have a overlap, and joined the Starbucks board of directors in 2009, proposed directive on Starbucks, Starbucks and promoting the combination of science and technology. In 2015, Kevin · officially joined Starbucks as chief operating officer. In the meantime, he actively promote Starbucks’s mobile payment and takeaway business, and Starbucks’s App and incentive programs to china.

addition, Howard · Schultz has publicly said that Starbucks " the next few decades, the growth is still dependent on the expansion of the Chinese market. Data show that this year, the fastest growing sales of the two regions are China and the Asia Pacific region, an increase of 23%. On this basis, Starbucks has announced plans for the next 5 years in China to achieve store doubling plan, Starbucks can see the importance of the Chinese market.


Beauty salon franchise need to pay attention to what the whole May 29, 2017

beauty salon is the direction of many entrepreneurs, they want to open their own beauty salon. Investors want to seek better development in the beauty salon market, we should carey investigate the prospects for the development of the brand, so as to better revenue. So, beauty salons need to pay attention to what? Xiao Bian made a detailed introduction.

many investors are easily attracted by the attractive conditions of advertising, the project did not investigate on the investment, beauty salons to join in to pay attention to what? This must be a great risk. Fancy a beauty salon to join the project or an investment direction, collect first-hand information on the scene, and the person in charge of the brand is very necessary. Regular brands will be required to join a certain financial strength, and after a rigorous investigation in order to be able to join the project.

beauty salons to join the market in a competitive brand due to the development of a better future, joined the requirements are also high. Beauty salon to pay attention to what? Join the more stringent conditions of the brand naturally have a comprehensive shop security, the more reputable enterprises choose to join the more stringent checks.

moreover, whether you are paying close attention to the beauty salon industry trends, to determine whether the project is not to join the market mainstream, it is not an easy thing, beauty salons to join in to pay attention to what? But it’s the most important thing for us to choose. Can rely on the views of professionals, look at the style of several products, there is a comparison in order to choose the best.

is the beauty salon to join some of the matters needing attention, I hope that we should pay more attention to this, only a detailed understanding of the brand, so as to better shop business. If you want to join the shop, then come to understand the bar!

Cangzhou trustworthy entrepreneurs two loans can enjoy full discount May 29, 2017

venture can enjoy the loan, which is a very normal thing, however, the general said that the loan is a loan, even if the loan can be two times, you can enjoy preferential policies very little. However, the current Cangzhou has developed such a favorable policy, entrepreneurs will be able to enjoy the full credit two loan discount.

days ago, Cangzhou city to boost the public venture, the highly innovative new policy: through small loans to support the implementation of a successful business, and information recording, good loan repay, the benefits of using loans, further expand the scale of the project, and promote the development of more than 3 jobs of a body to operate the project, can give two times the amount of discount loans to support entrepreneurs "go further".

last year, the people of Cangzhou Wang Lei held by the Municipal Social Security Bureau to provide 100 thousand yuan of small secured loans, a small restaurant in downtown. Under Wang Lei’s careful management, the restaurant business is booming, then paid off the loan. In the meantime, Wang Lei also attracted a number of laid-off workers. Not long ago, Wang Lei would like to expand the scale of the restaurant, but there is no excess money on hand, his entrepreneurial dream once again face bottlenecks.

"many entrepreneurs achieve success in business in the first small loans to support, but according to the relevant provisions of the loan must be within two years, some want to expand the scale of entrepreneurs, undoubtedly by financial constraints." Municipal Bureau of human resources and Social Security Center for small loans Zhang said.

therefore, this year, the city issued a new policy on the basis of investigation, through small subsidized loans to support the implementation of a successful business, and good credit records, loan repayment, the benefits of using loans, further expand the scale of the project, and promote the development of more than 3 people in the individual business projects, can give two times loan.

maximum amount of personal loans of not more than 100 thousand yuan, no more than $100 thousand in partnership with the organization of employment, the total amount of not more than 400 thousand yuan, the loan period of not more than two years. Zhang Ganglian introduction, all qualified entrepreneurs, can carry the relevant materials, to the City Council for review. After the audit can enjoy two full discount loans.

to ensure that the loans in "edge", Cangzhou City, through the organization of professional training, so that the grass-roots staff in the business loans financial discount policy and related loan process, improve the efficiency of loan entrepreneurs. At the same time, the establishment of county, township, village three mortgage guarantee loan financial discount service network, the level of responsibility, layers of implementation, to guide the city’s various groups determined to start a business, to join the venture, Yong chong.

in recent years, Cangzhou continue to expand the scope of entrepreneurship support, the amount of the application from the initial 50 thousand yuan to expand to $100 thousand, the loan support objects from laid-off workers to expand to college graduates recommended

And rice hall Octopus make money – the whole to join May 29, 2017

2017, what kind of good projects should be selected? And how about the octopus? Quality projects, it is worth joining. Join and rice hall Octopus burning project, open a home and their own church Octopus octopus shop. Easy money, easy to earn!

open a restaurant to make money? And rice hall Octopus burning advantage:

simple operation easy profit

and rice hall Octopus burning shop is very simple, short investment cycle, a few months will be able to see the effectiveness of investment. And rice hall Octopus burning, just 20 thousand yuan starting, a small shop of 5 square meters, simple operation, fast food. Diversified business, not only has 5 major themes of the series, at the same time, there are 5 complementary series, a total of more than 50 kinds of single product, with the operation, more profitable, open a shop equal to several stores, making money is easy.

unique gourmet four seasons earnings

and the hall of Octopus burning, there is a place where there is food, shop hot, diversified business, combined sales, so that the store’s business continued. Investment in the opening of the shop, let you enjoy the four seasons wealth. Open a restaurant to make money? So hot products can not bring you huge profits.

products rich multiple profit

5 main stars, 4 core technology, 3 beautiful stores, 2 kinds of profit model, 1 wealth story. And rice hall Octopus burning, swept the Taiwan 40 years, gathering wealth does not blink. Bakugan burn, Beijing national, everybody’s love makes you Kuangzhuan keep good business.

entrepreneurs choose to join the church and meters Octopus burning project, the opportunity to become rich good. The best choice for business with a small capital entrepreneurs, and rice hall Octopus join? Easy business, easy to get rich and not wait!

Gansu to encourage college students to go along the Silk Road National Entrepreneurship May 29, 2017

With the development of

Belt and Road Initiative "strategy, the countries along the Silk Road and the city will usher in a new development opportunity. Chinese college students should see this opportunity to find their own path of development.

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Expert interpretation the three phase of female workers can lift labor relations May 29, 2017

      social insurance law "on July 1, 2011 formally implemented, the law for the first time in the form of law to confirm the national co ordinating pension, the insured (pension insurance payment is less than fifteen years) can remote settlement of medical expenses, reimbursement of expenses, injury to expand the scope of the social insurance fund management more transparent. Although many of the supporting details of the new law is still not perfect, but its policy orientation has been very clear, that is to protect the legitimate interests of workers and enterprises, increase the cost of illegal labor. This 800hr.com’s network of excellence in July 13th hosted entitled "social insurance law" interpretation and its influence on enterprises "theme salon, invited the Shanghai River Delta Law Firm lawyer Yan Fuke to solve some common problems encountered in the actual operation process of HR.

Dandong introduced a number of policies to help innovation and Entrepreneurship May 29, 2017

China belongs to the northeast old industrial base area, in order to be in the new era of entrepreneurship and innovation to seize the opportunities for development, Dandong city began to "the majority of people interested in participating in the entrepreneurial stage, 000 bridging" help entrepreneurs realize their dreams.

1 15, located in the Yalu River in Dandong, Liaoning Shengjielu Automotive Services Limited business. A few months ago, Qin Yu and his buddies with "Internet plus" upgrade the automotive service industry project award for excellence in Dandong youth entrepreneurship competition, they will dream into reality. From the Dandong Municipal Employment Bureau, since 2012, has more than 10000 Dan: to start a new life of their business.

"last year the city issued business loans 44 million 200 thousand yuan, 1798 new venture. This year, the venture capital loans adjusted to 100 thousand yuan. College students in the field of high-tech entrepreneurship, given 200 thousand yuan of venture capital loans. Study on the implementation of scientific research personnel undergo post entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship policy, encourage rural labor entrepreneurship, promote entrepreneurship employment strategy." Dandong City Bureau of entrepreneurship employment chief Zhu Shengliang said that in recent years, Dandong city government at all levels and relevant departments issued a series of preferential policies, "set up a bridge" for entrepreneurs "escort", the emergence of a large number of entrepreneurs like Qin Yu.


Chinese is not a lack of development opportunities, especially under the management of the upsurge of invasion, a passenger is facing industrial transformation and upgrade brings infinite blue ocean market. As long as we can grasp the opportunity for transformation, the old industrial base can also create brilliant in the new era.

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