How to join the traditional cosmetics store online sales June 29, 2017

In fact, the

21 century has become an era of the Internet, and this requires a lot of people need to have a good Internet thinking, in the whole course of the operation of traditional stores, have an Internet products thinking is very important.

First, the establishment of

management system

Second, improve online and offline sales model

Third, perfect customer service service system

now the cosmetics store franchise, if it is to do good factors of above aspects, it is also very easy to get very good effect. But if you really want to do this three aspects, but also need to work hard, all businesses really bother to study, to understand the true essence of.

is not only in the whole process of the cosmetics business which, in some of the other product management process, the need to integrate some new elements, the traditional shop model and advanced Internet sales combined, the rich will be much faster.


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Cloud song tribute tea health drinks have the prospect of whole June 29, 2017

serious pollution of the living environment, so that people pay more attention to their own health problems, and now no matter what the industry, health is the first choice of consumer elements. Food and beverage industry is no exception. Health tea has become an important link in health people. For example, Green Tea, cold, heat, so the heat, Shengjinzhike, Xiaoshi phlegm, and accelerate healing of mild gastric function, and can reduce blood fat, prevent arteriosclerosis. Not only is every kind of Green Tea, tea has its specific health functions, so in the winter, people should choose a tea for yourself.

in the fierce competition in the field of tribute tea, tea for cloud song tribute tea to become people’s health, the biggest reason is that the characteristics of natural health tea. It is understood that the cloud song tribute tea selected by Taiwan native tea planting, the original ecological selection of good tea. In addition to authentic tea, cloud song tribute tea with spring brewed tea, high-quality natural, fresh water quality is to let the maximum cloud tea song tribute tea play. In addition, cloud song tribute tea by the ancient tea tea brewing method, the classical techniques into a cup of tea, let cloud song tribute tea presented the tribute tea original flavor, make tea long around the lips.

cloud song tribute tea is not only a representative of good health tea, its rich product line for the further expansion of the brand to provide the conditions, more choice of space to make consumers more devoted to the cloud song tribute tea. Cloud song tribute tea have joined the cloud cover milk exclusive song tribute tea series of milk tea shop, alcohol classic fun fruit tea series, fresh fruit drinks, tea series, home of the classic taste series, each series of tribute tea is unique, taste mellow, let consumers stop. In addition, tea is a lot of benefits to the human body.

according to authoritative data show that tea has obvious effect in approaching fat content. Therefore, tea in helping people to digest and absorb weight loss is indeed an ideal modern life of natural drinks. This is why tea has become a new fashion for people, and the cloud song tribute tea shops will be in the tribute tea market, play their own piece of heaven and earth.

Shanglin skills training services of migrant workers June 29, 2017

rural area has now become the main battlefield, the whole business at the same time, there are a lot of farmers hope that through the entrepreneurial way to change their living conditions, are held in many areas, some farmers employment skills training.

"to participate in skills training is to learn a technology, looking for business opportunities." Migrant workers Lan Shangxi said he began to participate in the county in July 22nd skills training, learning two hours a night cooking.

In fact,


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If you want to start a successful business can look at the history of entrepreneurship June 29, 2017

do you want to start a business? We may want to become a tyrant, especially the United States tyrant. If you want to start a successful business, then you can look at the 30 year history of the Chinese immigrant entrepreneurship. The successful experience of others can give us a lot of help, you can let us detours, you can make our business success!

I in the middle of the 80s, with his parents left Chinese, came to the United States, then nobody cares about China. Even in the Chinese community here in Seattle, we are also seen as third citizens, ranked in the ABC or even behind the taiwanese. We don’t have any technical background, property, or connections, and the only thing we can do is live.

so comments there are people who complain about working overtime can afford to pay the rent, I fully understand your situation. But I will not have any sympathy for you, because this time I said to myself every day, this is only temporary, as long as I work hard, I will leave this bad situation.

Wuhu City, the first female entrepreneurship contest contest ended June 29, 2017

with double activity gradually, female exclusive business platform and business competition have been released. Recently, Wuhu’s first female entrepreneurship contest preliminary results announced, witnessed the female Huishang international hit off strength.


during the contest, 2749 people from Wuhu County, a total of 25 colleges and universities participated in the training sessions, a total of 1049 people registered to participate in the electricity supplier and the micro business, online sales of a total of 63 people, the total sales of 323241.4 yuan, the total sales of 5065, another Jinghu district sales hit off a Chery eQ new energy vehicles, because of not within the prescribed deadline will be Car Buying models into account but not included in the competition results, and there is a car payment. According to the total sales and total sales volume calculation, preliminary champion from Wuhu County Liu Lang Zhen Yang Xintao hit off, her sales performance is: 1586 sales, sales of 154509.1 yuan.

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In response to the elderly supplies shop off-season weapon June 24, 2017

a lot of shops are selling in the short season, every day after the hot profit of a few shops. In the hot summer, the elderly supplies store sales slump, began to enter the off-season, a lot of worry about the franchisee. How to deal with the off-season in the elderly supplies? Here the content can join the fulcrum for business.

summer old shop found the reason of decline in performance. As in the older age groups, in the body of the function is relatively active, but suffering from hypertension, diabetes and other elderly outdoor activities, higher temperatures may lead to their relapse, there is high temperature and hot environment resulting in elderly people do not want to go out. In summer, the air is dry, the middle and old people’s diet is based on the high water content of the fruits, and the conventional health food in the middle and old age is mainly based on the grains, so the consumption of the health food is decreased.

according to the elderly population living habits to find countermeasures. In summer daytime high temperatures, low temperature sooner or later, most of the elderly to choose the morning and evening out, according to the characteristics, in the elderly supplies store business time adjustments should be targeted, as far as possible will shop time to adjust to the elderly to buy food or go out morning exercises this time.

high in the daytime temperatures, is not how to get customers into the store customers, has become the key, first store environment to be suitable for the customer to buy goods, increase the green plants in the store to store environment is more relaxed, the curtain in the shop door on the air temperature, the temperature of the human body to appropriate, so you can put the customer in the store.

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High temperature allowance is not just on paper June 24, 2017

short cool after the autumn tiger angry again, high temperature season, a lot of people in outdoor work pain, fortunately there are high temperature allowance as comfort. However, many companies now for the high temperature allowance is only on paper, wait until the implementation of the real life, but let employees unhappy.

is already the beginning of autumn, high temperature heat is intolerable, recently, all users who are in the high temperature drying their welfare, there is a company in Wuhan, with 15 per pack of mung bean instead of high temperature allowance, attracted Tucao employees. There are companies issued coke, hair soap, watermelon, is not issued according to the provisions of high temperature.

"sunstroke prevention measures of management measures" clearly stipulates that enterprises can not use mung bean soup, drink tea, sugar and the like instead of high subsidies, these enterprises for illegal behavior, workers can reflect the labor department to apply for labor arbitration.

is early, but many local policy landing is not ideal, but many employees of this right is muddleheaded, not to advocate for more, not because of failing to get high subsidies and dare to challenge the boss.

recently, a song called "the feeling of being hollowed out," the chorus of the song burst red network, the reason is that it is a network of red collar endless overtime helpless. Fast paced, high pressure, often become the norm of many white-collar workers, but also become a social pain points. For employers, how to work for employees to bring a sense of respect, a sense of achievement, sense of happiness, so as to stimulate the people’s initiative, innovation, development than the deduction of them a little high fees and squeezing them a little free time is more conducive to the cause of.

even in accordance with national standards, the issuance of high temperature allowance is not a big expense, because after all, limited time. However, many companies are now considered cheap and lost the hearts of employees, so for the long-term development of the enterprise will be very detrimental.

What are the operating franchise restaurant June 24, 2017

food stores have attracted much attention in the market, many businesses in the shop after all don’t know how to manage, in fact, there are a lot of management skills, today Xiaobian to introduce some "borrow" skills, I hope useful to you.

1, relying on business center

shopping mall business ecology is showing a trend: department stores to make way for food. Some large shopping malls, food and beverage is no longer as a form of supplement or scrap, but the proportion of food and beverage in the mall to enhance the layout of the restaurant’s geographical location.

industry insiders have said that in the past, the commercial real estate planning, the ratio of food and beverage rarely exceeded 20% of the time. Over the past two years, the proportion of the catering industry began to rise, gradually reaching about 30% or 40%.". The power of the district’s economy is increasingly apparent, can rely on district economy drainage, to enhance brand awareness impressed.

however, the shopping center is also the touchstone of the brand, if the body is still no improvement in performance, one is to consider the strength of the business district, two is to reflect on their own choice and operational means.

2, to explore the community economy

in the north of Guangzhou first-tier cities, densely populated city, the scale is too large this kind of urban diseases, let the community economy has become a new trend of economic development is difficult to avoid the "urban diseases" are to the catering industry growth brings new opportunities.

One of the important components of community economy is the format of

community dining room, which has the characteristics of catering service. Renowned real estate business Vanke Group has been keenly aware of the economic advantages of the community, has been in Hangzhou and other places to pilot the community canteen brands, such as the fifth canteen, four seasons canteen, etc..

individual catering entrepreneurs can also look at the community economy, with the new concept of operation and maintenance to improve community culture, benefit from the community economy.

3, the use of O2O concept

O2O for the food and beverage industry, will no longer be parallel to a traditional food and beverage category, but a variety of food and beverage in the form of a tool. In the "Internet plus" era, the early catering business to O2O concept deeply rooted in the operation management, open online and offline channels, mutual drainage.

this get through is not simply playing the concept of speculation brand, but can contribute to the real estate business entrepreneurs to enhance brand coverage, expand customer base, increase store.

4, seize the campus economy


How to join express company June 24, 2017

The rapid development of

business brings the express industry prosperity, many entrepreneurs see the enormous opportunities, but suffer from no entry door, today Xiaobian inventory of major courier companies to join the policy to help you quickly succeed.

A, STO jiamengfei: 20-50 million

two, the daily express fee: 50-100 million

three, Yuantong Express franchise fee: 1-10 million

tact enterprise identity management culture

four, through courier fee: 10-20 million

five, the cost of joining: 10-20 million


: 1>

The mystery of the world the mystery of the Bermuda June 24, 2017

There are a lot of

, the mystery of the world, the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle is of concern, but recently seems to have made new progress, scientists have found new, Bermuda mystery or to hear such information is not very exciting? Let’s look at it!

the Bermuda Triangle Mystery or unlock. Bermuda Triangle since ancient times, the spread of a number of missing ships, mysterious phenomenon has not been answered. Now scientists have found a huge hole in the bottom waters of Bermuda, they think it can for the region’s ships mysterious disappearance make feasible explanation of the details will be in next month’s European Geosciences Union announced the annual meeting.

the Bermuda Triangle, is located in the Bermuda in the the Atlantic, Puerto Rico and Florida three points formed a triangle area. There are some supernatural phenomena.

1918, the United States Navy ship "Cook Ropes" together with 306 people aboard the ship disappeared, which is the U.S. Navy’s largest single event in the event of non wartime personnel.

1945, 6 U.S. bombers missing in the Bermuda Triangle, the search and rescue team also disappeared. Before missing, a pilot has reported that "everything has become so strange, even the sea is also".

Ocean found more of the giant pit   methane accumulation or explosion caused by

for all kinds of mysterious phenomenon, researchers at the University of Tromso in Norway to give a new explanation. Recently, the Barents Sea in the Bermuda Triangle near the researchers found a giant pit, the giant pit width of over 800 meters, a depth of about 46 meters.

undersea reef, hurricane seas, combustible ice vaporization…… The mystery of this sea Public opinions are divergent. why paranormal phenomena are difficult to explain? Explain all kinds of, including geomagnetic anomaly, ocean ocean eddies, empty, combustible ice and so on, but these are only the hypothesis. The American National Geographic has produced a documentary, "the Bermuda Triangle", trying to explain the scientific truth behind the unthinkable.

In order to explain the

Bermuda three recommended

Kitchen industry prospects unlimited money did not discuss June 24, 2017

with the development of society, the kitchen has become the hottest hot industry, caused widespread concern in the community. Therefore, for investors, investment in the kitchen industry, is a good prospect of a good project, not to discuss money, will certainly allow you to earn pours.



Network transmission Alibaba or the full acquisition of sina June 24, 2017

recently said that Alibaba Group intends to acquire Sina, Sina has begun to integrate internal aspects and to stop some of the recruitment. If the merger is successful, Alibaba or will build China’s largest Internet giant.

According to the

of course, in fact, Ali buy Sohu more cost-effective, less than $2 billion worth, and the Sohu also holds a stake in Sogou, swim. However, Sohu and Sina are very different, but is still in control of the founder Zhang Zhaoyang, he did not want to sell it all in vain."

but from other sources that sina is still in the recruitment department, a full cessation of the recruitment of this statement is not appropriate. At the same time, business integration and optimization is carried out at any time, and whether the prostitute Ali might have no direct contact.

up to now Sina did not respond. However, it is worth noting that in recent years the investment Ali also strengthen the media layout, from the beginning of 2013, Sina shares of micro-blog, Alibaba have invested in technology media, 36 krypton tiger sniffing the first financial and financial media etc..

Online newspapers earn more than twenty thousand June 24, 2017

a lot of people may see this title, it is difficult to imagine, and indeed the information is so developed, what kind of news, consumers have to buy a newspaper to see the. The following small series for you to bring online newspaper man Li Baoqing entrepreneurial story.

network spread to today, has covered all aspects of people’s lives. The online shopping has been characterized by its fast, cheap and occupy the sales market, half". With the shop’s fiery, distinctive network shopkeeper also surfaced. Li Baoqing of Beijing, relying on the old newspapers on the Internet after the resignation, now his daily sales reached 20 thousand yuan.

a year, Li Baoqing collected from various channels of nearly 100 of the old newspaper, the people’s daily. And his hobby changed because of a piece of news. After the success of China’s Olympic bid in 1929, He Zhenliang, who heard of China’s Olympic bid, received a birthday gift from the International Olympic Committee, the British newspaper "TIMES" on the day he was born in 2001."

once received a ton of old newspaper

Li Baoqing will initially open shop on eBay, and later moved to Taobao. No one came to my shop at first." After knowing the disadvantages of their own shop, Li Baoqing went to the antique market and the old book market, contact and collect old newspapers everywhere.

he recalled that a best of luck, I had received a ton of old newspapers. "I’m very excited," said Li Baoqing, who hired a van to take away a whole ton of old newspapers. After he went home by the years, months, dates to check the newspaper layout is complete, the product is intact, can not be a little broken, otherwise it is a waste paper." Li Baoqing said, then he will pass all the qualified newspaper information into the computer, so that he can consult the customer when consulting information. It took Li Baoqing half a month to sort out the old newspaper.

The daily turnover of over twenty thousand

What are the current hot breeding projects June 23, 2017

with more and more farmers to join the ranks of entrepreneurs, farmers get rich and become more and more people. Farmer entrepreneurship, aquaculture is the friends of farmers get rid of poverty and become better off the first project, with excellent infrastructure of rural aquaculture development, if all farmers want to get rich friends, may wish to engage in some industry, what are the popular culture? May wish to take a look at!


To understand the special psychological business customers buy more prosperous June 23, 2017

a lot of friends have the intention to open a clothing store, but always not at the end, that the customer needs is not very understanding, afraid of their own bad. Open clothing store, to understand the special psychology of customers to buy, so as to be able to understand what customers really want, business will be more prosperous. What are the special psychology of customers? Let’s take a look.

1, panic psychology

2, purchased psychological

in the retail terminal goods often discounted, promotional sale today, when our new listing price of the sale, the customer will only watch and wait, not to buy, customers will ask what time discount? Customers wait for promotions. Shopping guide language how to explain to the customer immediately buy confidence, or create a new positive price of the atmosphere.

3, conformity psychology

4, antagonistic psychology

5, preferred psychological

6, irritable psychology

7, curious psychology

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How can a woman who has only been in primary school earn 1 billion 300 million in the past 6 years June 23, 2017

can be said that behind every successful woman, there are little-known stories. Tao Huabi mentioned, many people may wonder, but the mention of her "old godmother spicy sauce", it is almost known to every family, known to all. Tao Huabi is the workers who will eat almost every day, "the old lady spicy sauce," the founder of the production of this kind of food enterprises chairman.

the illiterate 4 rural "old godmother", even the file cannot read, she is how to set up and manage more than 1300 employees of large enterprises?

"trick": in the spirit of


it touches on the great Tao Huabi. Astute she looked at the potential of spicy sauce, and then concentrate on research…… After several years of trial and error, she made spicy sauce flavor is more unique.

"trick": two to


1997 in August, Nanming Guiyang old man flavor Food limited liability company officially listed, workers suddenly increased to more than and 200 people. At this point, for Tao Huabi, the biggest problem is not production, but from the pressure of management.

100 in the eyes of Hamlett, the billionaire

How great is the opportunity to purify the air June 23, 2017

with the gradual development of economy, the increasing popularity of private cars, as well as the further development of modernization construction, air pollution, vehicle air pollution has become increasingly serious, has become the third major environmental problems following the air pollution, water pollution plagued people in modern cities. Specializing in the R & D, manufacturing, sales and import and export trade of air purification products, providing the most reliable and the most economical and efficient air purification solutions in the world. Solar car air purifier, household air purifiers and other air purification products gradually sell well.


1 Solar Technology: direct sunlight into electrical energy, cleaner, environmental protection and energy saving; two sets of power supply system more convenient.

3 green technology: HEPA high efficiency air filters you enjoy clean air for medical, health and environmental protection.

4 negative oxygen ion technology: 10 million oxygen ions vitamin, promote The new supersedes the old. improve human immunity.

: Classic dust filter, dust and harmful substances in the air adsorption;

sterilization: kill all kinds of respiratory infection, prevent infection;

add oxygen: brain refreshing, respiratory;

release negative ions: reduce fatigue, enhance the immune

The overall market size of China

See what type of business you fit June 22, 2017

with the continuous progress of the society, the entrepreneurial team is growing, if you are also a member of the venture, below, and a small series together to see if you are the kind of entrepreneurial type.

in the birthday that day, what do you want most? (please select the following options)

5, none of the above


1, you are optimistic, positive, romantic, energetic, sour not make you start on the road Tuitang, although no confidence can motivate partners forward, not suitable for independent entrepreneurship.

2, you are more avant-garde, distinctive, assertive, is the main core business on the road. Through efforts to work out a road to success, but excessive self-awareness often cause common entrepreneurs discontent, it is recommended to do poineering work alone.

3, you are an ambitious person, can not start on the road hard, little drops of work their career, cope with success and is excellent in cohesion, can take temporary setbacks, so that employees can start a business, and pull together in times of trouble.

4, your steady, bold and crafty, you can venture in the concrete analysis of concrete problems, in the face of risk you will think twice, will achieve safe investment, learn to accept new things you can not grasp the best time.

5, you develop a strong, is a good practice to start a career, inventive, seize market opportunities, but easy to start on the road full of thorns. Advice: don’t lose heart when you are in the face of setbacks, stick to it and you will succeed!

boutique recommended items: treasure a hall of onychomycosis treatment joined the way do not accept initial fee to join the investment good choice

Internet plus recycling can bring great market value June 22, 2017

waste recycling in the eyes of people is part of the environmental protection, in fact, in the Internet era, a waste recycling APP containing the market money is not to be ignored, the market value of 200 billion, you have to believe!

if the city waste collection including migrant workers, employment China domestic waste recycling industry for nearly 10 million. Across the country, and in a number of key areas to form a different scale of the industry. Renewable resources China Recyclable each year nearly 1 tons, the value of about 200000000000 yuan, of which about 40000000 tons of scrap iron and steel, about 30000000 tons of waste paper, scrap non-ferrous metals about 5000000 tons, 6 million tons of waste plastics, waste tire about 50000000, about 10000000 tons of other waste materials." (Li Leiguang – "China’s renewable resources recycling market research and development prospects analysis report")

according to another industry report, currently engaged in renewable resources industry in China and all kinds of enterprises have more than one hundred thousand years of operation, the amount of 600 billion to 700 billion yuan, employing up to 18 million people.

two comprehensive data, it is not difficult to see that recycling is a seemingly insignificant, but a huge market space for the industry, known as the "vein industry society".


recycling + Internet

in our real life contact is the largest consumer goods waste materials recycling, including scrap metal, discarded electronic products, waste paper raw materials (books, waste paper, waste paper, waste) light chemical raw materials (plastic bottles) etc.. For ordinary home users, these waste items have lost all or most of the value of the use of abandoned consumer goods, the home also occupy space, people call it "garbage"".

relative user, maximum demand recovery is "who", on the production and processing enterprises is recommended

The West will become a new highland of private investment June 22, 2017

has always been a strong support for China’s western development projects, and now the West will become the new heights of investment, the hope of getting rich will rise in the west.

2007 of the global financial crisis in 2008, China government to act quickly, in November 5, 2008, the central government took the total revitalization plan for two years of economic adjustment of 4 trillion, which is equivalent to 1/6 of GDP in 2007 Chinese, the whole society investment in fixed assets 1/3, total fiscal revenue of 4/5.