Web site must have value, talk about my site experience July 31, 2017

From the

to the station at the beginning I knew is the establishment of a point of no return (not frustrated road). No chunhuaqiuyue concept, new technologies and new applications to all Internet Oriented; to the topic, gossip, thriller, pictures, visual aesthetic tattle and prate mainstream video based on search engine rules; rules. Adhere to update every day, keep copying, paste, copy paste…

from the initial excitement to admit to confusion, fast growing and near instant success and lead to consequences, is found in other unknown own website and Internet website is no different. I do not know how many webmaster is to build a website for pure love, and how much is the ultimate goal of entrepreneurship. In those days of suffering, I have come to understand that to be a good website, there must be the value of existence (also known as the market economy that conforms to the Internet). Maybe you’re a money maker, and you’re happy with SEO, spam, plug ins, virus promotion, crazy buying online ads, and so on. This is understandable, but this article wants to communicate with the webmaster who wants to do better.

study on the "starting point Chinese network", "station", "the word" this class to encourage and support the personal original characteristics of the site, I decided in the mainstream content (news, communication, etc.) will be the site of the direction of medicine and law two class quiz development, because there is a question some data with the accumulation of professional friends in website quiz, quiz website function began. At first, the content of the question communication is limited to the topic of the forum and the user of the website itself. After I have done a few "special quiz time", "doubts earned points" activities, and gradually began to have more health, legal disputes.

however, this process is very long, every day in the company as long as the work is not so busy, immediately soak in the web site. Often go to Baidu know, Search ask, ask them to answer questions and their website posted in the past, once the site of a new question or answer questions, I was delighted to see them again and again, just look at their own children, did not mean to stop. Long soak in the station (Chianz) also found a lot of useful tools for free, once saw a data exchange and share software (iCenter), originally wanted to ask this one to have more questions, just this software is a iAsk! Q & A share function, is to be used in the question. Gradually, I see the inside of the door, and other web sites ask, in my website can answer, and vice versa. Needless to say, questions and answers are certainly more up. Sometimes a question, a lot of different answers, quite a hundred schools of thought. Thus, the mutual help between users makes me worry much, and do not have to drag the old friends on the website, waiting to answer the questions of users.

I chatted with some of the webmaster using this software, and I felt that if you use iAsk, Q & a interactive function to develop "regular online question and answer", Ken >

Hulu talking about the potential and development of info domain name July 29, 2017

talk about why cucumis.org register a domain name info? Not that com is the best? This sentence is true, but com is expensive, the price at between 45-100, com meters is really good, but the relative ratio of info no price advantage, why the development of the info domain and.Net domain name.Com? Due to gradual depletion of resources, taking.Biz and.Info as the representative of the new company name is on the rise,.Info domain name is also becoming some of the Internet information services company preferred. Specify the name and code of the Internet company (ICANN) in September 2001 19 to enable the.Info domain name, initial info domain name domain name registration company only accept pre registration order, a friend will ask that the price advantage of CN meters with ah, yes, 1 dollars of the CN domain name is the price advantage, but the last time after the price of CN meters between 20-100, and now the country can allow individuals to register the CN meters, so CN also exclude

high performance domain ranks

said that right now, the info domain name price, (of course, first of all that is registered in the domestic and foreign websites, then to 120 a year, no cost at all) is now registered in the godaddy.com is 0.89$, 1.07$is plus tax, converted into RMB is $7.33 [Note: $behind the currency symbol is the dollar is RMB $], it is more convenient to godaddy.com now supports Alipay to pay, I think many of my friends are Alipay, the original words to payapl payment, to not get over the registered PayPal account of friends, to study pondering a day to time, so that the domain name is from a info after a hot money CN domain name domain name, now some domestic grassroots webmaster, should use the info domain name, cucumis.org software recently swept the three digital info domain, has all the note Copies of three letters, I didn’t try, no estimate is 4 letter, but there are many, so the cucumis.org registered a 4 digital, have appreciation potential, but also for our own good, originally cucumis.org registered 2 4 digital domain, there is a www.0205.info, the understanding of the English, registered in the analysis when not careful the delete button, this godaddy.com is not humane, the new network, which has the option to delete a domain network ah, godaddy.com was really mad, now can not recover, use Baidu Search can not find recovery method, using Google translate them the mail, they do not give help recovery, so webmaster in analytical when don’t delete the options.

this article doll original blog www.0233.info, reprinted please indicate

Class leader e-commerce B2C mall to buy electricity experience July 29, 2017


today, a friend asked me where to buy appliances more suitable, so I have to write this article ideas, he is to do network marketing, just in this year’s eleven national day to Beijing in the new home purchase new appliances, also had some experiences from my professional point of view to give you an analysis of several major features of B2C type electronic commerce website at present, and how to choose their own shop.

first of all, to see what to buy products, to buy books can buy Dangdang, or Amazon can, this time I’m buying large appliances, so mainly to talk about where should we buy electricity.

By comparing the

I have reached a conclusion that we can choose to buy electric B2C website basically include Jingdong, suning.com mall, Amazon, Gome’s official website, c800.com and other small B2C lack of mentioning.

in the user experience of the website, I think the best is the Jingdong because of the Jingdong store, the entire layout of the commercial layout is reasonable, many functional modules have a guiding role for customers to buy goods, such as user evaluation, customer satisfaction etc.. And to the left of the page is the rate at which someone else buys the product. It can serve as a reference for the user to buy the product. The site is also open very quickly. The activities of the products are better, they are relatively clear, and the pictures taken are also very good. The pages are simple and practical. Jingdong and store goods for cash on delivery service is very convenient, you can directly brush POS machine, and the invoice can be directly into the company’s office supplies, the benefits I wanted to start a company people should understand. The disadvantage is that the Jingdong merchandise inventory shortage, there will always be out of stock phenomenon, and not every product has a price advantage, especially to Labor Day or when such a October sales season, will be more intense, and the delivery time will be stretched, this point will affect the entire customer experience satisfaction of Jingdong.

Su Ning’s Tesco development is relatively late, but standing on Su Ning’s strong line of resources on the basis of suning.com’s price advantage in all power is very obvious. Especially during the holiday season, the price can be said to be cheaper than the Jingdong on a lot, I like this one in October when buying a LG washing machine, the Jingdong’s price is 2499 yuan, while suning.com was more than 1800, so I can’t believe my eyes. But when the goods get really is because I each parameter as like as two peas, is on the. A TV is also a difference of more than 700 yuan, the only price on the same is the refrigerator, basically the same. Suning.com and the supply of adequate, after all, Suning sales you started, inventory is not to say, and Suning in October this season, the delivery is very timely, the first day of the goods, second days will be delivered to the Jingdong, unlike mall in October this holiday will be.

How do talent websites make money July 29, 2017

small talent network

generally small talent net is a technical background, built a small website, or from sales, to spend money to find someone to build a talent website, and then collected positions in the talent website, enterprise information more and more keywords, search engines are included, flow come, not included, dead.


websites such as talent network keyword is very special, general XX company, XX company, the key enterprises in addition to the site originally to, few other places of this kind of words, so the keyword optimization is relatively simple, the most simple way is to try to collect more information and position information of enterprise recruitment. Flow, advertising revenue to.

simple description, that is, in exchange for revenue, by the union advertising to make money.

medium-sized talent network

is generally composed of personnel from large sites out of the elite sales team with technical elite. They engaged in this industry, a pupil scene on the industry prospects, but the industry is not so easy to pack four,.

this kind of website is the main mode of operation on the surface is similar with recruiters, engage in talent website, but is actually a cheap service company, because he is sandwiched between talent network with headhunting company, not only to provide customers with the same talent network service, but also to do more than talent network, to take the initiative to provide candidates the service for enterprise customers, but also cheaper than the large charge. Otherwise the enterprise will go to a large talent site, because the medium-sized talent network and not always known large, resume data, advertising effect is relatively poor.

summed up one sentence: "to service for income,.


large talent website


of their development in China, has a certain scale, the main sales way for telephone marketing, customer management system of enterprise internal operation process customization, a process of customer development and management standard. The company has a clear division of labor and each functional department: marketing department, sales department, administrative department, technical department, etc..

marketing department is responsible for marketing, publicity,

sales department is responsible for target customer sales, customer development,

administration department is responsible for internal management, including recruitment, training, compensation and benefits management,

Technology Department is responsible for the maintenance of talent website, development of new functions, daily management, etc..

basically large talent network profit mode are similar, are a team of very large sales team to sea tactics to businesses pull single, because of the particularity of service, basically pulled many single, how much profit, sales commission is very high, but the salary is very low, like insurance the same. In this mode, stimulate the power of the salesperson, desperate to pick up a single. As long as the accumulated or by too much fame, market promotion effects to attract customers.

Five strokes teach you to write the best soft Wen July 29, 2017

in the network, more and more soft occupation, because of the high quality of soft Wen can not only increase the site of the connection, also can let the site to get good rankings, my website is currently included in Baidu and GOOGL increased significantly and many keywords have good rankings, I think this is mostly due to the soft effect. So, how can you write high quality soft Wen? What kind of soft text is easy to reprint? Today, I in the webmaster online share with you I write soft Wen experience,.

one. Title

title in the soft like eyes, a conspicuous title can attract more visitors, so as to increase your exposure of soft in the network, such as "SEO", "novice must cheats ten Baidu ranking," skills "how to quickly improve your rankings" etc. These are reference the value of soft Wen title.

two. Content

in the website, we often improve the site’s content is king, so soft, too, with a title of the party, however, the soft content to your visitors without any value or let visitors see the look seems confused, do not understand what to say, waste our time this text will have people? Not to mention was reproduced, so we write soft article, try to use plain language concise expression we mean to the browsing experience. We temporarily so soft paper have value, can more easily be reproduced.

three. URL

What is

we write the purpose of soft? I think we all know, just beginning to write text, I always add —-" in the soft back; the source (www.suzhiwang.com), please retain the copyright " reproduced; however, can be kept less than 10%, it is a the number of poor, later, I put the website address of the appropriate inclusion in the soft inside, and the links are retained in the middle, so that it can reach 50% are retained, respect the fruits of their labor, it should, however, in the interests of the soft drive, in order to achieve not present.

four. Original

we all know that Baidu is the most original thing in love, write text, some Adsense is directly to the people of the soft copy, modify the inside of the title and URL directly released to the network. The soft is the creator to spend a lot of effort to write out, we don’t talk about copyright and respect for labor, direct copy soft is very difficult by the editors, followed by even passed the audit, it is difficult to love Baidu search, not to mention to your weight, more terrible is possible to put you inside the website when inclusion in the garbage to deal with original text is more easily reproduced by.

five. Innovation

a good soft Wen, not only title is bright, content is fine, and the proposal is also new, some are considered to be >

Establish the brand image of B2C mall through details July 29, 2017

The development process of

in the B2C mall, for those who have passed the preliminary test of survival, on a basis of the revenue side of the website, to further expand the development of the key is to establish the brand image of the mall. The brand image of the customers to browse and buy a lot of useful information in the process of transfer, for example: this store is very professional, this mall price special discount, this mall product quality is very good…… Wait。 The author of the actual experience to talk about how to establish the brand image of B2C mall through details.

establish image details, identify the location of the mall,

in view of the existence of a large number of competitors, the mall in order to be able to stand out, we must have an accurate positioning, has its own core competitiveness. When the webmaster is positioning his own store, he can think carefully about where he or she is superior to other competitors, and our aim is to maximize these advantages.

, for example, because you can get first-hand supply, so the product price is the core competitiveness of the mall. Then, in the website design, customer service training, soft Wen release, it is necessary to focus fire propaganda this point, so that all customers are able to obtain information in this regard.

build image details two: unified mall logo

we want to design a beautiful, concise and professional logo for our shopping mall, and then apply these signs to any link that relates to the customer experience. Generally speaking, these aspects include the following aspects:

1: website interface design

website interface design to use a lot of signs to the mall, so that customers in the process of browsing the web, constantly under the unified logo hidden behind the "brand image" of the subconscious influence.

2: interface design for mail, QQ and any other communication tools with customers

mail, the signature column is best to use a unified company logo; QQ and other online customer service system, it is best to replace the head into a unified company logo. In addition, users like the company’s blog, micro-blog and other customers may browse the interface should use a unified image logo.

3: products, invoices, express orders, and any other form of printed matter, promotional items, etc.,

should print the company’s uniform logo on the list of stores shipped, the express order, and any other forms of printed matter and publicity materials.

through past experience shows that a large number of these links using a unified logo, can give customers a subconscious positive impact: professional, formal, large enterprises, increase customer trust, improve order turnover rate.

establish image details three: professional training for the staff of the mall

mall’s brand image is a big part of it

How to find a weighted domain name, what skills July 28, 2017

everyone in the domain name registration, must want to pick some good weight domain name. According to the author’s understanding, want to choose a good domain name, weight domain name, that is a very difficult thing. I used to spend a lot of time to go over, then basically failed. So, we really can not find the weight of the domain name? In fact, if you look carefully, you can find a good domain name. The author according to their own experience, share how I find the weight of domain name.

1. Which are weighted domain names?

1. although now Baidu for the chain is not very important, but we must believe, the chain in Baidu play the role is still very big. So, you in some domain name registered at the same time, must the chain domain name you want to register for the next, if the chain is large enough, you can be registered immediately, because the chain domain number case, on behalf of the domain name is a certain weight. Of course, some domain names have been dropped right, and in this respect, I suggest you can find some and included, and then site:www. web site.Com to see if this domain name is home in the first place.

2. in the chain has not included in the amount of cases, you can find some longer time domain name. For example, there are 2-3 years, 4-5 years of domain names. Generally speaking these words like old domain name, the chain does not have the weight, they may forget to renew. Do not look for those who have a lot of the chain, not included in the amount of the old domain name, usually drop the right, others do not.

two, how to find the domain name that has weight?

I generally find

1. weighted domain names are some forums to see, such as people posting, I will click on the past look, can not open the site, if not open, I quickly query their domain names have been registered, there is no chain, if you meet the weight of the domain name mentioned above is required, I quickly registered.

2. to the domain name business to find the general domain name, will retain some customers domain name in hand, some are weighted, and some are no weight. You can ask your domain name business, look at their domain name outside the chain more than, if in line with the above mentioned domain name weight requirements, you can buy one.

3. to the latest domain name, delete the query there, many webmaster every day in the latest domain name deletion time, find good domain name, have weight domain name. As we all know the deletion of these domain names are generally those owners forget renewals is deleted, so it can find a good domain name in the inside.

4. to some webmaster forum domain name sale plate for these domain names for sale people from the hands of the site may also be opened, this time you have to check their website domain name, which is a good feeling on the purchase, the general people want to sell it.

How does the Internet Update users view the site’s code ads July 28, 2017



content tutorial

what will you learn from this article,


domestic and international verification code advertising introduction

The importance of

authentication code advertising user experience

authentication code, advertising user experience data,

on-line 5 months, how the performance of the verification code advertising?

authentication code in various forms


12 years in July, verification code advertising as Baidu Union’s new advertising products, gorgeous on-line. What is a verification code advertisement? As the name suggests, insert ads into the input verification code. How do you insert? Like this, extend the authentication area, embed an advertisement, extract the content of the ad, and make it into the authentication information that needs to be entered by the user.

, this is the traditional verification code:


, this is the verification code ad:


in fact, before Baidu, the code ads as a new display of advertising in foreign countries received praise, such as the most famous 2, Double, Recall and Solve Media. Double Recall is the earliest, 2010 launched in Europe this pattern, and the verification code advertising profitability and advertising effect, to prove that the data said: advertising CPM (cost per thousand show) to reach $120, is about 10 times of the traditional display advertising, the advertisers to enhance the visibility point of view, banner is superior to traditional advertising 11 times. Solve Media in its white paper also affirmed the verification code advertising in the brand effect of outstanding achievements. China also has such as Yu, founder of Zhao Junli recently earned angel investment, said the verification code ads for "idle resources in the Internet of gold", estimates the market size of 39 billion (according to Zhao Junli estimates: verification code input per year Chinese site because of registration, login, posting and download applications that are about 130 billion times, he gave the advertiser’s offer is 300 yuan / thousand times).

verification code advertising advantages are obvious: for the webmaster, increase the realizable flow; for advertisers, get high quality attention. How to explain the quality of attention, because the Internet information surplus actually shows most of the ads is not displayed in front of the audience, the show is invalid; and because a certain degree of advertising avoidance effect, this advertisement even if effective show, now the smart experienced audience also know which area is advertising, which can quickly focus on key area when browsing the web page, the advertisement is ignored. Well, the code ads are somewhat similar to the traditional Cantonese

Are social e-commerce sites social or social July 28, 2017

since 2011, the domestic social e-commerce has finally become popular. In March 1st, shell network also Nirvana rebirth. The same day a lot of product managers, operators, entrepreneurs rush into testing the rebirth after five years of products. Different opinions, perhaps because the angle of the station is different, so the view is also different. But shell nets also have their own characteristics, that is, let you do a DNA test.

I patiently finished every step of the test, access to their personal pages, see all of their products have been checked in, and give me a comprehensive report:

my DNA style is: leisure, literature and art. DNA ingredients: 13.5% leisure, 7.5% art, 7.5% street, 6.8% sports, 5.3% Mashup, 4.5% LOHAS, 3.8% modern, 3.8% hacker, 3% Pandora, 3% small fresh,…

Although the

report has some convergence, it is still in line with my own positioning and taste. But this kind of test is not supported by a large amount of data, and may only represent the user’s preferences, not the status quo. In any case, this is also a progress in the domestic social e-commerce. Although in foreign countries, such cases and products have been a lot of, stylehive and other sites early on the introduction of the test to recommend, and then go around the guide, but did not see any good development of the site. Instead, some rely on the SNS relationship shopping guide website, it is slowly hot up.

shell network also has its own good friend relationship. When the day came in, suddenly found are colleagues, suddenly embarrassed, after all, not necessarily peer enthusiasts, users want to see in the shopping community is the taste of guidance, advice, assistance and shopping style. Beautiful said to rely on choking small pepper, mogujie.com rely on small, greasy, and every guest has his own "stars" as a guide. And shell this relationship has not yet been issued, allowing users to find the value of reference…… Of course, this and micro-blog and other SNS authorized landing also has relations, good operation should be to guide a batch of seed users, and then began to establish a relationship network. Without seed users, each user’s relationship is multifarious, and after coming in, it is difficult to form interaction.

well, a user said "why" UGC on your website, in fact, is the most important basis to have a relationship network. And the relationship network in the end is the website operators re organization, or direct cooperation with the SNS, effective guidance,



we can see that most of the shopping guide sites have chosen to use micro-blog, Taobao, QQ landing. Will also retain its own registration system (the domestic OpenID war has just begun). In the absence of specific data reference, it is not good to judge what platforms bring more users, but at least let us be sure that once authorized to enter >

I lit a cigarette that I didn’t want to order July 28, 2017

ear alarm clock ticking like a copy of the Manchurian catalpa sound echoed in my ear……..

I picked up a point is not to smoke, because this day to normal people live today because I get up early, also in the afternoon to go out, is really a rare weekend lifestyle, want to continue a normal life habit, sleep a little earlier, but when the time slowly flowing to 12 o’clock, the impact force between intangible a habit of telling me, this is my show time, now is not suitable for sleep. Suddenly I was very conscious of the sit to begin drafting this article you are looking at in front of the computer.

has been under pressure from forums, business models and new directions, popularity, etc. of course, I’ve come up with a perfect plan to convince myself. Take some time to share here.

solves several problems first.

1., the so many PHP Forum on the market, on the scale of the popular, we are far handsome, in a few large forums later, what we will survive in the future? And, what, can, we to attract our new comer,


2., how, to solves the content of retaining PHPer?

How does

3. get a place in our PHP field,


4., where, is, the, earnings point,


through my period of time on the market, 99% of the well-known PHP existing forums for analysis, PHP knowledge, PHP members ask questions, PHP related tutorials, we are in a far behind position. The pressure is not the root position, why? You just ask a few of their homes in the active PHP professionals understand that you have?. Don’t say to me that just take charge as chief of the wrong idea, yiluanjidan seduce me. (BS you. ) we often see people say that the Internet was developed a class of its own 2% words and so on, then we carefully analyze what the contents of the 98% existing PHP forum is not available? A pat on the head, found on blog, many websites provide their own blog space to write PHP document. The so tutorial, many tutorial overwhelming in our PHPer front on promotion, is headed by PHPChina PHP has been put into the promotion, site of PHP alliance, each stationmaster said he is the boss, why am I free to serve you? At first glance, the head by the atomic bomb as no way out a road, dead. What do you think? Is that right,


I suggest you look away at this time. Like this, yes. Look at the new road I dug up.

1. in many parts of the country, PHP sites begin to lead their teams into

Behind the big event, independent talent station webmaster’s own thinking July 28, 2017

with hundred primary failure, plus before chinahr.com lonely and future decline in performance, the traditional online recruitment as misfiring like, not to the entire market bring good capital information. Although this is only one of the examples, after all, Zhaopin and other enterprises still do wind and water, but this example will give us serious thinking. Why is the traditional recruitment industry, why in the network developed today, but frequently suffered users discarded, the weakness behind it?.

actually, do any of the online recruitment industry friends want to know the answer to this question, because we know that perennial of the operation of the site, behind the glossy user data, is our information mining business model test and difficult exploration. And I am one of these forces, and I have some understanding of what has happened recently.

100, the failure of the development of universal search is not declared weapon, before many friends think do think that point to obtain traffic from Baidu, according to them, as long as you can put a key on every day, independent IP can be stabilized at 500, then the equivalent of doing free advertising. But, hundred jobs backed by Baidu, the flow giant did not still do it?. This means that traffic is not all of the site’s development, at least in the recruitment industry. Because of the particularity of our industry, the webmaster to operation good website, you must put the resources in their hands to grasp, provide a useful source of information for the user, because the site personnel often involve a professional degree and the problem of trust, so rely on traffic to make the world is not established.

since the traffic can not give the site enough help, then you need the webmaster to the website on the line of reasonable local words custom. Speaking of which, I suddenly thought of chinahr.com, as an early entry into the industry website, it does not have long-term development, it is because the localization of lost momentum, and this means for users to develop more suitable service than to provide much more effective and practical position. Just like myself in a tourism oriented two level city, all work attributes tend to be concentrated in this area, so when I will provide resources to focus more on it, and because tourism will also have more internships and part-time opportunities, so this work is distributed to college students and other groups. The site can be said to fame and fortune.

, in fact, the collapse of the web of excellence and its original mass largely came from simple copying of its own patterns. Perhaps the duplication of talent network, but also the original situation, then the failure of 100 Bo really tell us, do talent network and other industry websites really different, need a unique existence value. Like the traditional blog industry have dizzy spells has emerged Lu Songsong, a power and tiger sniffing network features such as blog, an industry still does not mean that the industry is not the driving force of development, as long as the opportunity and opportunity, with reasonable resources, success can be obtained. The analogy comes, since you want to do it

Enterprise station, clear station, pay attention to the content and purpose July 25, 2017

Fuzhou as a professional website construction company, mutual Di network found a very interesting thing, many mutual Di network station to do business friends, have a requirement, that is, to be beautiful page or a station is good, can according to its style to make the pursuit of beauty? But no ground for blame, too the pursuit of enterprises and ignore the fundamental purpose, this is a little maiduhuanzhu feeling, have the order reversed. Below, the other Di on the basic purpose of website construction to do a summary, hope to need the enterprise site friends play a certain role.

The purpose of

enterprise construction is:

1, enhance corporate image, promote corporate culture,

in the network today, most companies have their own enterprise web site. Whether it’s independent or dependent on other platforms, the focus is on promoting its own company and pushing its corporate culture to potential customers on the internet. One of the basic functions of enterprise web site is to provide a comprehensive and detailed description of enterprise and enterprise products. In fact, companies can put whatever information they want people to know into the web site. Such as enterprise profiles, enterprise personnel, plant, production facilities, research institutions, product appearance, functions and methods of use, etc. can be displayed online. Let customers understand their own company characteristics and advantages, the role of the enterprise website is more similar to the enterprise in newspapers and television on the publicity of the enterprise itself and brand advertising.

The difference between

is that the capacity of the enterprise website is greater, and the enterprise can put any content that they want the customer and the public to know into the website. Moreover, relatively little investment in corporate websites is made in comparison with other advertising methods. Of course, website and advertisement are two different forms of propaganda, each have different effect between them is more complement each other, rather than exclusive enterprises such as have their own web site, the network (INTERNET) in the recommendation of the web site, and put the specific content into the site.

2, contact potential customers, establish business relationships,

in the United States, when people want to know what an enterprise products, services or new products, services, or even just want to know what the news business, they will be used to enter the enterprise. Because most companies have published all the products and services information online, and regularly publish information about the enterprise on the internet. As the Internet has not entered China for a long time, the Chinese enterprises and customers are not accustomed to this kind of contact. But as more and more enterprises to deepen understanding of the Internet, the status of information products and the great change will take place on the Internet, with its own network capacity now there are more and more Chinese enterprises, and gradually accustomed to using the network communication with customers.

this is one of the most important functions of enterprise web site, and why so many foreign enterprises attach great importance to the root cause of website construction. Dealers around the world are now major

Jingdong’s survival rules for small and medium sellers July 25, 2017

operation is a basket, do not know the strategy is not good operation.

often asks, which category does Jingdong do well? How to do shop decoration? How to improve the search ranking of goods? Have to say these things should be done, but don’t just start doing these technical things, without a good analysis to locate their next blindly to the pursuit of skills, this is definitely less effective.


today’s environment for small and medium sellers, the development is really not easy, the competition is fierce, many people are bleak exit. It can be said that small and medium sellers are updated the fastest batch of people, think about 70% of sellers can only compete for about 30% of all traffic, is it difficult? Hard! But now the deterioration of electricity environment leads to low cost and high income business model become a thing of the past, a lot of people earn money in a year than earn, the final batch of original passion of the hard hit force electricity supplier of the stage, leaving the Jingdong.

In fact, in the early stage of

we do analysis of the market size and trends for each industry, combined with our own advantages, determine the choice which industry, which is not to say that the market capacity is large, we went into the market which. To do a comprehensive analysis and evaluation, the results of the data analysis is to help you make decisions.

traffic is limited, the allocation depends on the potential of

we should know, previously in the Jingdong is easy to obtain traffic, will do rankings, will play fast, and then get a little bit of category operations activities, basically in the Jingdong market alive and interesting. But the Jingdong from the overall market environment, the Jingdong’s traffic has reached a bottleneck, and the natural flow accounted for less, because some of the important channel to the booth, so I want to rely on search ranking flow projection is more realistic.

newly settled Jingdong stores more and more, if a product successfully built as explosive products, during this period to develop as much as possible, then, first of all, what kind of new products are more potential?

remember the three indicators, click rate, conversion rate, collection, purchase, share. These three indicators determine the life and death of the product, especially the proportion of the collection and purchase. Because for Jingdong, small and medium sellers are potential stocks, these indicators are proof of your potential data! These data can also reflect the details of your product is qualified.

What is the most important weight of

? Transformation!

now more and more difficult to obtain traffic, it may be you have done a half day optimization, traffic has not been the slightest increase, at this time to improve the transformation is the most important!

product style

guarantee that the premise of conversion is a good product, a good product is not only their own transformation high, but also drive the whole shop transformation, through this product related sales and tie-in concessions, you can bring higher

Local websites and search engines are friends, not enemies July 25, 2017


website has been the webmaster blog topic, I also have a lot about Yulin local site topic, see the article on the website of local articles in the Admin5 Adsense nets yesterday which wrote: "the local station should forget the search engine, when his enemies." The head of the view, I beg to differ, I used in an article also wrote a Yulin local website should pay attention to search engine. I have three years of local website operation experience, when the operation of the forum, many foreign villagers are relying on search engines to find the forum, to become members.

, for example, as you do in Yulin news network. Yulin has 10 thousand netizens, how do you publicize your website? By the big BBS publicity, send QQ group, paste it, know and other places, it is estimated that 10% of Internet users can not be covered. If users search in Baidu Yulin news, if you occupy the first position in Baidu, users will naturally come to browse, if he thinks that your website is good, very likely to remember or add to favorites. Even if you can’t remember, next time he’s watching the local news, you have to go to Baidu to search Yulin news, and then come to your website.

someone asked: "how do you know someone search Yulin news?" ha ha, this can be from your Baidu search "Yulin" when the emergence of relevant search to analyze, those are relatively large search. In fact, the news network in Yulin is now strong traffic, money also crashed straight. Do not underestimate the local netizens search ability, a few days ago after Sanlu milk powder incident appeared, my blog has always been a lot of Google search "Yulin milk powder" netizens come in. (my article about milk powder is fourth.)

, if you don’t take advantage of Baidu search, then you’ll have a good ranking of your competitors, and the traffic you lose can be imagined. For example, Yulin now has four sites in the talent competition, the majority of Internet users may not need to remember URL, while Baidu, I think if the site yl-cr.com in Baidu search "Yulin talent", "Yulin Recruitment", "Yulin job", "work in Yulin" the first row of key words, his absolute flow now ten times more than.

don’t think users will really silly to memorize a website, 80% of Internet users are the favorites and Baidu access to the site. Unless your site is gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory site really is incredible. I now visit many sites in Yulin are relying on Baidu search, and some domain names are really into trouble, not as good as direct Baidu search.

do not underestimate search engine optimization, in the initial stage of local website construction, if there is not a lot of publicity, traffic is very limited. Most of them have to search from Baidu, and you know, it’s all free. Therefore, the search engine optimization work must be done in place. SEO has its own reason. In fact, whether it’s a portal, an industry station, an online shop, a forum, or a company, search engine optimization is going to happen sooner rather than later

China Top 10 webmaster forum list July 25, 2017

      "stationmaster" magazine the selected domestic webmaster in dozens of certain well-known webmaster forum, after hundreds of webmaster mail and telephone survey, comprehensive score plus "stationmaster" editorial department, selected domestic webmaster forum list 10. It should be noted that this list represents only the "webmaster" magazine view.

BBS the name of active community comprehensive index of brand growth laggards webmaster forum 6.12 96.21 135.7 77.81 0.64 76.54 127.07 69.64 Chinese webmaster forum webmaster forum 5.8 45.56 77.6 51.46 transactions I want 3.7 67.56 74.5 49.79 webmaster webmaster forum forum 2.3 50.13 57.6 43.04 0.8 49.71 55.5 35.92 China website forum website webmaster forum 1.41 34.972 32.67171 shop 0.93 18.56 39.4 17.44 Shanghai forum webmaster webmaster forum 1.33 17.05 31.05 12.07 2.57 7.65 34.57 10.64 grassroots webmaster forum

laggards, webmaster forums, www.im286.com,

2001, founder and founder of "refused to swim fish."". Station seven years, after several attacks, perseverance is not down, currently 400 thousand registered members, day posting more than 20 thousand, gathered at all levels of the webmaster. For many webmasters, it’s an honor to be "behind the times". As the first Habitat for Chinese stationmaster, its future development trend is worth looking forward to.

China webmaster forum bbs.chinaz.com

2002 station, founder of punk. Through its "rank query, statistical services, source download" three trump cards, CHinaz in the webmaster community is a household name. Because of their punk low degree of concern, and the commercial atmosphere is too thick, the Chinaz forum has been the lack of excellent performance and visibility.

Adsense Trading Forum bbs.admin5.com

By the end of

2006, founder wang. As the figure Wang in the grassroots webmaster circle of influence, coupled with a series of effective soft Wen promotion, just a year, BBS registered members reached 50 thousand, daily average posting thousands. At present, the site flagship Adsense intermediary intermediary guarantee, has certain characteristics.

I want the webmaster forum bbs.51.la

2005 years of construction, the founder of a river. The statistics brand of Jiang Jiang is long, and the 51.la forum has relied on the statistics of Tianjin River to ensure the high popularity. After the "Purple field" incident in 2007, the brand was affected, and the popularity of the forum declined.


Ali series gave me the impression money transfer storm July 25, 2017

at night when the webmaster nets, see someone sent about Ali mother, see the heart is cold.

Remember when

began to stand, I apply the Google alliance, Baidu Union, Ali alliance, through the website, but also put in, slowly, the daily income of all have a little, my heart is also quite happy. A few days later, mom also just opened, at that time, Ali mother have taken the initiative to contact the customer service delivery Ali alliance webmaster, they actively encourage us to account to Ali mother here, also shows Ali mother advantage, I was in Ali alliance account there are just more than 90 pieces (though less money. But I don’t steal from their own standing by doing earned), I thought, all more than 90 100 can be paid immediately, or 100 after the payment to it, then put the idea with Ali mother’s customer service said, but she was sure, said that after Ali alliance account money certainly can go to Ali mother here, Ali alliance could not pit Adsense so little money but lost credibility, I was thinking, well, people, why for so little money and lose credibility, so refreshing Yes, and immediately carried out the conversion, thinking, this advertising model is still relatively new, there should be prospects…

didn’t expect our happy words to change our uneasiness,


is probably about 2~3 months, one day I suddenly think of my account money Ali alliance did not turn around, and then let me contact the conversion account customer service, told him my own ideas, also expressed their dissatisfaction to the conversion so late, I said to myself every month from the site of some casheesh certainly hope not to receive this month, I will do power station foot! When the customer did not give a reply, she or QQ online status… Because my account is so more than 90, see she didn’t reply, I also simplested continue to ask, if I want to, you are so little money ah, then womanishly fussy? They feel uncomfortable ah. I am still a student, every month more than dozens, hundreds of pieces, I can spend more moisture?… (prices weren’t that high.)


since that time, the more I feel wrong, I always pay attention to the service of QQ, the number of on-line how less? So heart unhappy, and gave her a message, urging them to help turn the money in the account. In this way, I sent a few times, and later I feel bored, and later has also rarely seen that customer service QQ (913565504) on-line (when I was online).

tonight, when the webmaster nets see someone in the Ali Mama, heart suddenly have a feeling to vent, then, first before Ali alliance account, see, the money inside still, but there is no one seems to like, not to get look at their labor income, so white hanging heart uncomfortable, suddenly very impulsive, directly open the QQ customer’s brush scolded her.

The effect of mass information gathering in forum July 24, 2017

recently doing this negative information deletion example is a client’s Web site, due to the special factors of the target site, can not be successfully removed. So the wolf is determined using the SEO method to suppress, to suppress the negative information. As it relates to the name of the client company, it is not announced.

When the wolf

is expected to be 7 days time can be suppressed, the real down time is today, January 25, 2010. And the real beginning was January 17, 2010. After 9 days, and my estimate is still a little deviation, but for the first time this type is expected to be only two days off, but also very pleased. Well, nonsense not say, the main purpose of this paper is to have a response group of friends, everyone wants to know the mass information forum can get what kind of effect, including the advantages and disadvantages, after he personally experienced the process, but also to share about operation and some effect. The results include the reflection of Baidu and GG, and the attitudes of the major forum platforms towards this article.

to talk about some work for the wolf do before operation. I was able to maximize the effect of the information released, but also prepared a lot of articles, about 10~15 articles. And to the article made some simple optimization, such as bold, keyword density adjustment, Title Optimization, and so on. After doing this, probably look the target keyword search results pages, in addition to the information to be suppressed, other threats are not large, so do these simple article optimization should also be enough. Then use a forum mass tool, tools name will not be announced, so as not to have suspected advertising. When you’re ready, start releasing information.

the contents of the text, and no link, if it is to take the link, does not recommend sending coyotes.

information release is probably around 50~100 per day. The page was almost second nights away, leaving the first page, second pages in fifth days, while the last page took 4 days, until the time of the article. Baidu and the GG keyword search results page before page three, almost all his masterpiece. And Baidu and GG seems to be because the group is too short time, did not make a more obvious response.

has had a bigger impact since it was released. About 60% of the content on the search results page is clicked without content. Basically, it was deleted by the moderators of the forum, but some of them are normal. This depends on the choice of your forum, if you choose not to be deleted, and can still be included, or can still be included after ranking. I believe that the effect of such a mass forum will be more than doubled.

QQ group exchange: 65710850

Author: Wolf, please.

Talking about the role of soft text marketing in website publicity July 24, 2017

network fire marketing methods: such as mail marketing, forum marketing, blog marketing and so on, the effect has been greater than before, so now the popular search engine marketing and marketing. The two marketing network marketing method is more useful, today will focus on marketing, but also because marketing is conducive to search engine marketing, so today is a combination of these two marketing means to share my personal views.

search engine marketing, estimated that we all know, is the keyword ranking or bidding, in the search engines, they search for relevant keywords, such as: Pearl, your site in the search engine home page. Some are natural rankings, and some are made for the actual price. Anyway, the result is on the front page. In this way, you will be more likely to be found, and more opportunities to be traded.

soft Wen marketing, estimate most people understand, but may also someone is not clear, today I simply talk about what is soft, marketing and soft marketing what are the benefits?.

sure is soft, as the name suggests, the article, by writing an article directly or indirectly to advertise your product or web site, as for how to write it? That is the question skills, anyway, whether it is from the front or side, the final purpose is to promote you. For example, my website: http://www.bhzhenzhufen.cn, I sell pearls, I would like to write soft words, must be around the theme of the Pearl to write. Whether from the buyer’s point of view or my point of view, soft Wen, must let a person feel he is advertising, let a person see, really good, helpful. For example, I wrote an article about how to distinguish between pearls and true pearls. Then the appropriate mention of my site, so want to know about the knowledge in this area very helpful, he read your article, just know how to distinguish pearls, but also to understand the true pearl, there must be a plan to buy Pearls, or he not to know, so if the articles are well written and properly guide the visitors to your website to the consumer. I believe you spend a lot of money to do advertising, really, because now people can say that advertising has rebellious psychology, a look is advertising, not to click. Of course, if you have more money, the necessary advertising is to do, but we talk today is the theme of soft marketing.

anyway, the purpose of soft Wen is to advertise yourself. As for what method to write, what kind of article, each according to their own circumstances. At present, the more successful, such as:

360 security guard

believes that people who regularly surf the web are already familiar with it. The Trojan horse as the main function, relying on soft text speculation as the main way of marketing software, now among the largest security software in China ranks. However, this is only a prelude. Some time ago, 360 again launched free antivirus software, but also to more aggressive soft Wen offensive, overwhelming newspaper, network soft text release.

< >

Portals have now fallen to the point of selling meat Show lower limit, no bottom line to lure net fr July 24, 2017

days ago, the national Internet Information Office (Network Information Office) the person in charge of the business bureau and the Beijing Internet Information Office, recently received a large number of Internet users to report violations of the law, the prominent Sina company responsible for the joint interviews. Net letter office official pointed out that since 2015, the Internet Illegal and bad information reporting center received reports involving Sina 6038, April only 8 days ago amounted to 1227, ranking first in major websites. The report focused on spreading rumors, the fear of violence, pornography, fraud, and other illegal cult information and distort the facts, contrary to social morality, speculation vulgar vulgar information etc..


reported that, in the first quarter of this year, due to Internet users focus on reporting, Sina has been listed on the list, repeatedly asked to delete pornographic links, according to law to deal with pornography, vulgar information, network rumors instant messaging account.

, in addition to Sina, NetEase, Sohu, Baidu, and news, online and other websites responsible person, but also by the national and local network letter office focus on "attention", and interviews.

it is worth noting that these sites is clearly not a "". Just a few days ago, the national anti vice Office informed the "net net 2015" case of the latest progress, including NetEase cloud reading due to yellow problems, fined 850 thousand yuan. In addition, Baidu mobile client novels column is also suspected of disseminating pornographic information.

let people be struck dumb reality is that open Sina, NetEase and other portals, everywhere with a "monster", "worm" and "flesh" and "naked" words and pictures, eyes, disgusting. What is more, blatantly pornographic content as a web site to attract users magic weapon. Worryingly, Sina, NetEase as the largest and most well-known portal website, the blatant dissemination of pornographic information, causing adverse effects not only in the ordinary users, causing more serious damage to the general physical and mental health of minors. It is also because of this, the community especially parents and teachers are deeply dissatisfied with the relevant departments to again and again shot remediation.

once upon a time, Sina, NetEase almost synonymous with China’s Internet innovation, but now reduced to selling "meat" to make money, it is really sad. And behind it, portal survival is increasingly difficult.

with the popularity of mobile terminals, the emergence of new media such as social networking sites and WeChat, the Internet’s early information portal has encountered great challenges. The channels for users to acquire information are becoming increasingly diverse. Not only that, the way of information publishing is becoming more and more abundant. Every ordinary person is the communicator of information, and the new platform, such as WeChat, is the birthplace of the most timely information. By contrast, the traditional portal gradually loses its advantage in the timeliness of information, which brings a large number of user groups. The so-called "house leakage", even night rain, manufacturers advertising has gradually tilted to the new media, leading to a sharp decline in traditional portal revenue. >

Write down the junior high school graduate to the top of the floor to the webmaster (last episode) July 24, 2017

money young

in the summer of 2005, I walked out of the gate of the ivory tower, and my father and mother were strongly opposed. There will be aware of these young unable to dissuade. So I stepped into the society that I shouldn’t have entered so early!


Society – I always feel perfect when I don’t really get into touch with him. As long as you work hard you will have salary, free love, spend their own money, earn money you can find a few friends business, then faster than before the friends have a rich life! See here, those who experienced large waves of friends may not be so simple social can laugh. Now I think of my Utopian thoughts when I was young, and I would feel that I was so cute at the time. Well, not on the point.

just got out of school and had no idea, just thinking that he didn’t study hard and was sorry about his parents. I would do anything if they would not let me go on with my studies. After listening to my father’s arrangement, I was sent to a small workshop for processing clothes. I did it for 4 years,


the hours there are 14-18 hours a day, and at the beginning, they don’t get used to it. But think about it. If you don’t stick to it, you’ll probably be laughed at by your parents and decided to stick to it. The two months, I also gradually and the workshop into the family together, although there are some people who can only work hard all day, but we have our happiness and sorrow, we will get together, eat together, Dadanaonao together, go out to play together, chat together their dreams together listen to the radio. Share the radio side story, music, news and life experience. The joy and some new things together made me forget the fatigue of my work. That’s right! I fell in love with the clothes.

since then, I have made myself a volunteer, and I must be the owner of a garment factory in the future. Use your own mind to fight for yourself, work hard for those who struggle in the forefront, and make their lives better. Because I like the feeling of a big family. Ideals are beautiful. It’s easy to say it. But it seems like " " is not satisfactory; (where is not satisfactory, it is too difficult)

my first step is to learn the skills well and try to help the boss make his career bigger. I believe that as long as bigger, our treatment will certainly be good. Those good friends will be together forever.

real growth,

in the spring of 07 years, I came to Changshu again (small workshop in Changshu), or that workshop, there are more people, but a few friends last year to go a few. When I first came to BOOS (small boss) patted me on the shoulder and said: you are a talent ah David school for half a year on the good craft, help me take this year with people I will treat you. I heard that this year more hard, not if I work. Man is off duty