To avoid being Shanghai Longfeng several practical methods of K August 30, 2017

: the use of IP to avoid the use of independent space domain

skills Keywords:

often some webmasters cheap, hanging on the same IP with other sites, if the other site is cheating on K, you will be involved, by the station’s K search engine will be very offensive, and some Adsense is to buy some cheap virtual space, Hongkong, foreign the result, some websites play half a day don’t open, "super slow, not only the user will leave immediately, the search engine spiders will identify your site no longer close to. There is a two level and avoid the use of free domain name, the same reason, the master with two level domain name is K, you is not where to go, and the domain name search engine on the move limits included, on the same starting line, site of the suffix贵族宝贝 than.Org and.Net,.Gov or worse a grade.

Hello, I am plump mall editor, due to the recent adjustment of love Shanghai so many sites made a headache in the, the most famous is the rain, as well as for the K, and as we ordinary webmaster is in the famous website as an example, how do we make love Shanghai has a good and not willing to K you to you? The following small talk about the site to avoid being K a few action methods.

from the user’s point of view the choice of keywords, do not rely on a whim, to spend a lot of time on it, the general choice of keywords also has several key considerations: 1 keywords, positioning, product name, industry, need accurate positioning, users to see that what you are doing. 2, do not use hot, competitiveness greatly, no related words and popular keywords and website, although temporarily can bring some traffic traffic, but after all, is a popular popular, he is like a summer wind, blowing you feel comfortable breeze blowing away the sultry, you still feel very hot, and then you can change key words, search engine will also take punitive measures for you. 3, keyword density should be in 2% – 8% between the most appropriate, also does not need to look not pleasing to the eye, arbitrarily increase or reduce the density density, these are the webmaster long out of the accumulated experience. 4, the key words to TITLE, description, keywords, omnipresent, which must have the key words, for their importance, everyone can not be ignored, for keywords ranking, the weight of the website, and even traffic are very important determinants.

some experience of the novice do stand, without thinking a Hu do your website online, the ranking for a period of time with flow are not satisfied, and anxious to go to war on this website, explain, although some stations after revision, second days there will be some included, but after third days. Absolute will therefore be compromised, the revision is one of the important factors of the site is down right, before the station will be hard to do Kung Fu East, love Shanghai will think you are new.



three: avoid the revision of the


The old webmaster teach you how to do a single page website optimization August 30, 2017

(three) to the anchor text in a single page.

no matter for any website, is a whole composed by the page, we want to site overall weight, you first need to optimize the weights we web pages, so as to achieve a process of accumulation, so that our site will usually have a very good ranking. Today I want some skills and is the single page optimization we explained, hoping to help you.

for this topic page keywords appear density, there are also many online related articles, but also talked about all kinds of density. But from the author do stand a few years of experience, in fact we don’t have to pay more attention to the density of this problem, because most of the time we will naturally have some site keywords when writing, we can turn to the anchor text link. Need not to add keywords, or to reduce the keywords. At least the author’s site is doing, but the effect is very significant, we can refer to as if said to be a location for the keyword density, the author suggests that is between 15%-30% better. Not too close, can not be too thin, mainly according to the different types of website industry to customize the.

(two) page keyword density.

in our website optimization, in addition to the home page, we want a single page weight or words, to do some proper links we need my single page, this can be very good to let the weight transfer, if we have a single page to do some long tail keywords, we can circulation in the form of a number of articles with page to >

(a) write the title and description of the page.

page and home page, the title is very important, so write a good title for our page, so you can better summed up the page we want to express the content, will naturally be search engine and users, and we add pages of good content so, users can reduce the rate of jump out, when we write the title must be concise and comprehensive, and must stand in the user’s perspective, which is more conducive to the user click to enter. In addition we need to add a keyword in the title, usually can use a single page to do some long tail keywords, the effect is good, the weight of the title are generally decreasing from left to right, so we try to write the title on the left, the effect will be better. In addition there is actually the same as Title Description, description is very important, because we can search through the search engine, search engines display a page that is showing its title and description, this can be seen from its importance, so be sure to write good title and description. Of course, the content is also very important, the best for the original.

Whether it is for any

How can we shorten the keyword ranking cycle August 28, 2017

3. website operation

is here to tell you that is to be very cautious in the railway station, a month before we do Links, if our new online a month to do a lot of Links to accumulate weight this method is obviously cheating, is going to be search engine punishment, but here we see the first if, before our new line uses the first operation, made specific anchor text links, so our new station can be appropriate to do some Links, a month can do about 10, but still can not be too high.

many owners see this title that I say is some non normal means black hat, I’m here to share with the optimization process is normal, not black hat, when we are in optimization of a wide range of issues, such as have a keyword through the optimization means we can put normal come up for a month, but because many of our webmaster at the time of the operation ignores many factors or a lot of normal operation, so as to make our keyword ranking period is greatly increased, originally a month can do but to do two months, today to share our should pay attention to what factors can we guarantee our keyword ranking cycle can be normal.

2. new sites in the early a month to do a lot of Links errors

< 2> the list of recommended number to control list number not too much, not only for the cost of the user’s choice will increase, for the allocation of our site weight >

1. here to tell everybody a factor in our website is under construction is not on the line when we should locate good keywords, and release some anchor text outside the chain for our keywords.

, a website in early layout strategy

< 1> pure text chain, we don’t in our content inside to add some keywords to wanton pointing to our home, it is very stupid, but in the US at the bottom of the page or to add a lot of keywords to the bottom chain, chain back to add a keyword enough.

station operation we have to remember that the four word is patient, if we can not think of a suitable content on that would rather not do.

this has two obvious advantages: < 1> don’t waste our human resources, many spent when the new station building sketch was nothing to do, it can make us a little ahead of our competitors. < 2> this can increase our high weight of the chain cycle, because the search engine is a cycle for the calculation of the chain, do the chain to connect the anchor text of our website is not on the line before, when our website, our weight comes naturally.

Friends of the chain trap station Sunzhao cheating still emerge in an endless stream August 28, 2017

was furious, wood! Wood! This is a cheating era, have! Have! First at the beginning of his statement found after a fact fury mentality, here to tell a truth! This morning, as usual, the first to see the friends of the chain, this man has a habit, no matter what, love love love the sea from Shanghai about the web site name, and then point in, this is also to the other side of the station to send a love Shanghai traffic go. It is the love of Shanghai "people." the station, because of careless wrong, make another name directly enter the point, out of curiosity, went in to see, well, this station very cattle! Do not know what the reason is, I have to see the doings of ghosts and gods chain, not fortunately, a look is really scared me, what? Not to say, directly above the

This is the website of the !



? Look!





in fact, this is also very confusing, actually lied so does the other links in a flagrant way, and people do not perceive it out? Look at the source code can not see? I look, if you just look at the source code, do not look carefully, really can not see each other is not nofollow, too! The other is not common, what is

see, "love Shanghai spider simulation" check it, suggesting that the remote server error, you may think, is not a problem or a website? I have here? I can tell you, certainly not! Did not say,

see the wood, if the choice of "normal access", it can check out the chain, there are 30 words connected! And deliberately tried a lot of inside pages of it, it’s in the pages of PR is quite high, check it within the pages of a chain still have this condition! Please forgive my timidity, the URL to the blacked out, because people who stand, is indeed very famous, and indeed is very large, even if the revenge! A link exchange of some people in the group are some stations to toss, it is very muddy. Even the new station can not. Toss. If you have some big station station with a chain of words, so to check the

this is the robots file in the code (how to view the site robots file not a statement, it) to see this, see! The picture above website source code is not /pages/business this is > obliterate.


source code, but if you just look at this picture, certainly also can not see what, if the webmaster only look at the source code, can not see what strange, think it is normal to see the source code only, many webmaster check chain, so as to be blinded by it! The next picture can understand all the

How to establish the correct Shanghai Longfeng thinkmap better operation site August 27, 2017

(2) when we are ready, it is according to the information design sketch, judge

when we are familiar with these from our company, we need to understand the Internet search engine (love Shanghai, 360 search and Google) some of the existing websites and information. Do a judgment. Do those contents. The content of their own to do no advantage. And through micro-blog, forum, B2B can go to learn about this industry. Then make the analysis

(1) to establish new sites, first we have to understand the industry you do

when the template is not consistent with our user experience. We >

now many small and medium-sized enterprises are beginning to do a website, but we found that some of the many sites is a person in the operation, in this case. How are we going to establish a correct thinking to the operation of the site of Shanghai dragon. For the team to operate a website and what should we do to a Shanghai dragon thinking, to do planning to run a good website that.


Here we choose the

then I today from two aspects to start to talk about this, is a map in a new site, how are we going to do a Shanghai dragon thinking, have a clear idea to do a website. The two is how we are going to the layout we have to do the work, good planning process of Shanghai dragon. Let us continue to increase operation site.

to do the site, we first need to understand the industry, familiar with your product or service flow from the ground to the various departments of the company, we are only familiar with these processes can be better to know how to promote your company and business or product. Because this is the fundamental. When we are familiar with our company is not enough. Need from the customer service department, business department to understand the ground users, currently existing Internet users of our company is how to think, and what are the characteristics of existing users. These need to be familiar with.

according to the program, planning and setting the home page navigation bar sketch planning, design renderings. Site navigation is included in the course of our target word. And how to develop our title. Make a plan.

to do first, we analyze the information, then we judge clear to do what kind of site, blog site, forum site, mall site, dream weaving enterprises station, industry portal site or pictures etc.. Find suitable for their own industry but not in this industry is too outrageous, but can produce differences and help better for users.

(3) site selection procedures, do we need to determine which sites suitable for our website, how to select a template.

, how to build a new Shanghai dragon mind map

New sites to quickly through love of Shanghai August 27, 2017

as a new station, how quickly we spent love Shanghai period? Then we’ll discuss.


love Shanghai period, I think many webmaster friends should know. A new sites after finally being loved in Shanghai included, then it will face the Shanghai study period is love. This time a month, more than three months, it mainly depends on the content of the website is collecting or is highly repetitive. But such cases are very rare, but in the end will be included, but the ranking is not very ideal. If the site is long in this state, Shanghai love will not come again, give up this station, because there is no vitality of the station it is not the love. The Shaoxing Shanghai dragon this blog to say, half a month after the home page, and the ranking is also good, but after a page is not included, the snapshot has been included in the first time, no longer updated. But no matter what you do, love the sea does not give you face. But if you look at your web log you may find love Shanghai has grab your page spider, also included your page, just not put out, this is love Shanghai study period.

website is rich in content and original. If there is not a new station inside what content, how to attract users to attract the spider? Of course not content better, if copy paste from other website, do not have to, not a waste of time. Would you rather earnest to write an original article, this is worth 100. If you really can not write, then at least a false original, change the title, adjust the paragraph order, the replacement of the synonyms. In reasonable good anchor text links, search engine to give a good impression.

At the end of the chain is ? The

. For a new start is not very popular, so we have to use something to please it, seduce it. It depends on the link, we can in the reasonable insert links, anchor text, and then put the article to each big BBS, blog, let the spider through the links to find our station, so get acquainted, it will know that this station, this station will naturally love. Note again that, for new sites, the chain is also too much.

last month, although the website included, can not always included in the page, the love of Shanghai has been included only 5, this article has also been updated, is not included ah, as for the quality, though few articles are false original, but not so bad. Is this the so-called love Shanghai period

update regularly. That is the time to update the site regularly, for example, you are usually the morning or evening. So you made it a rule, then love will come Shanghai spiders crawl the content of your station. In this case, the content of the website every time a new high quality content, but also have the law, so that the spider will have a favorable impression on this website, are not afraid of the future.

Hidden disaster Shanghai dragon Er to make four major operation secret August 12, 2017



not knowing the situation is worrying, in which, only know that they have certain products, but do not know exactly the same phenomenon mean content has civil strife, product ceaselessly, add the product page, too much repetition of the content of the product, its not understand "Shanghai dragon" but, more immersed the greed, suffering from civil strife can become more than an

three. Competition disaster

. Two step "inverted

The pain is : what do you mean?

some people say do Shanghai dragon with drinking a wool ah? I do not drink or not so bad in Shanghai dragon! Of course the slag not to criticism you mean Jane, for Shanghai dragon here is about to say may have turned, but the fact is very clear, probably means to know how much their drinker, you know what you can drink, in what kind of degree is still not drunk, so is the Shanghai dragon, we in the optimization of the site, is to know the enemy, know a lot of market trend, Shanghai dragon and Phoenix Er don’t know their actual optimization level, do not know their true situation the industry, do not know the true advantage of your website, I do not know that the three second, as a Shanghai dragon like in the optimization on the basis of one-sided viewpoint, only know that he is a blind man, but not Know what to touch, go hard, the optimization of shallow, no pain is not ruthless! How much does Shanghai dragon Er is not all suffer in this


what is the drink? People who drink regularly all understand this special meaning will be straightforward, of course you don’t drink will naturally understand, but also understand this transition will inevitably be


from the industry, since when you want to speed in this body, took over the project, even if difficult also want to step in order to quickly fix, enjoy the days, this heavenly dream, what people do not want to


in Shanghai dragon art, a rival mentioned this, our optimization goal is to go beyond the competition, into the home on the first position, right here is beyond.


of Shanghai dragon often with some friends.

ah who is wrong?




… .


but most of them are aware that this is not possible, but also keen to think nothing, even clearer, but can’t resist the temptation to? As a Shanghai dragon Er, how to work in a purely professional enterprise, most people are a specialist when multiple people, a people to do more a variety of website optimization personnel, you say, what should I do? Only coincidentally, we all do not, I really don’t want to do better, but this kind of environment I have no way ah.

All kinds of tragedies to bring Shanghai dragon ER server attacks after repair August 12, 2017

(Figure 1) to the data


server was php-dos attacks, the problem has been exploited by hackers in PHP vulnerabilities, thus launched php-dos attacks. The server continues outward, flow in the 100M (see Figure 1). The room directly to my server is frozen, so they re thawing application, after a few hours after thawing, complete. This thought was resolved, can not think of the distance is how also can not enter, then found himself confused, the original technology is not high and I went to the Internet to find some successful cases. Data shows the IIS off, and then into the distance. I will submit the closure of a IIS application, after the closure, into the remote can enter into, when the table is blue. Thought: God, this is not playing me. And for the next reboot the server room. After several setbacks, finally entered into the distance, directly to the PHP program to fill loopholes. These vulnerabilities in the code, but not out of my own research, I am just a grassroots administrator, a step from the Internet, connected with the experience summed up by people with me. Hey, what pays off, the attack was a fix. All the normal site.


To solve the

a few days ago, the company’s server, all of a sudden serious illness a, after inspection, found in the recently popular PHP-DOS attacks, I believe we have the understanding of PHP dos. It has two forms, one is flow continuously flows, there is a continuous flow of outflow. The problem occurred in the server, we are most anxious customers, they just want to see the results of your own website can run normally, the customer is constantly a reminder telephone. After hearing the customer’s words, this is the heart and anxious, and hate. No resistance, had to endure, who let us work in the service industry.

problem of DOS attacks, this thought is not happening, but we are third days, the server and the CC attack, so I took the CC attacks, direct search love Shanghai. The search results too much. CC attack, a small part of it also belongs to the php-Dos attack, originally thought is very simple, after the seniors to flow down, observe the next, my server is WINDOWS2003+IIS6+PHP+mysql, w3wp is IIS, the degree is soaring, accounted for CPU100%, the speed of the open web site is very slow. Results out of a window, the content is English, translation is a system error message (because the server now reinstall system, what specific English I remember). Look at this situation, only reinstall the system, reinstall the system and install the equipment not to say, now we need to put all the server disk format, so as to put the server within the virus after treatment. The server in the site data, totaling more than 30 G server, the whole rent >

A work of Shanghai dragon must not take a shortcut August 12, 2017

, working very hard to work, but there is no effect, so he thought of a way, this is not a mass that many, the investment to buy a well, he wanted to mass is a product by Shanghai dragon master with some engineers from research, can give yourself to result in he is made to believe that these so-called Shanghai dragon master, and his interest again, he bought a message through the website, the new registered domain name, buy space, he is very happy. Then less than 2 months, the job ranking really as he imagine the very influential, ranking since the row to the front fourth, this is the best ever, he felt a sense of accomplishment, so second months and bought a large mass, do a lot of website of not less than 20, and the ranking lasted for more than 2 months Too much. He felt his investment finally returns, but dream is not long, up to third months of the end of the month, not only completely without ranking, and even included also disappeared, he hurried to the Shanghai Phoenix Forum seeking reasons, a result, he was aware of a Shanghai the term is called Dragon: black hat

he heard the chain is very important to

he knew that there was mass

!An article in ?

changed his thinking of Shanghai dragon

Shanghai er industry has a dragon workers such a dream, it is hoped that through their own efforts, their struggle to optimize their websites to the home page or even optimization to the first, and then do one thing, that is to send the chain, he wanted to be outside a large amount of chain, then the ranking will go up, so he went every day to do the chain, blog, in each big forum bubble, what happened? Then cause a workers sacrificed a lot of time not only to rank the results, but was K out, at that time the industry is. And wonder what happened, so I work so hard, how not to love Shanghai ranking, not to say that the chain powerful ranking went up

I was a Shanghai dragon black hat thoroughly learned enough, but he is still not willing to, I think he must stand up again, I do not believe I am not stupid how could do well in Shanghai dragon, and he tried to find the Shanghai dragon trick, that is the often go to see the Shanghai Dragon secret ah, book ah, but he failed. One day he saw an article called the Shanghai dragon four things to know, this article can’t find it now, it goes like this. First, Shanghai dragon like a man; second, Shanghai dragon is in third, Shanghai; Phoenix fourth, don’t take shortcuts; do Shanghai dragon to practice and learning constantly; from this article he knew how to treat the Shanghai dragon, what is a qualified for ER Shanghai Longfeng workers. Especially the third point Shanghai Dragon don’t go the short cut, he didn’t see light suddenly. So you " first, Shanghai dragon like a man; second, do.

Foreign CPM, what trash flow can make moneyWe have always been closer to failure the N trap of grass August 12, 2017

, first of all, of course, is to publish the address, but the invitation to write, remember, oh, it is not easy to turn over an east side, it is not easy to find a foreign union that supports the flow of China. Come on.

, a domestic college student team, has dreamed of building a LinkedIn in china. In this "magnificent dream" inspired, they are planning a complex product architecture, algorithm and implementation process, and, in their initial plan, the target user defined product was 1 hundred million, the company long-term valuation of $10 billion.



? It should be on the code now. Continue mapping. Kaka, and I’ll go by the directions.

backstage has exchange ratio, about 4W PV, exchange 1 euro, very high, ha ha. Oiling brush.

After the successful registration of

statement, cheating method, direct iframe union advertising address on it, very simple, very easy to use.

3. blind superstition, experts and superstition collective decision-making is not reliable. An entrepreneur should have his own judgment and belief in decision making;

click Inscription to enter the registration page, please see the following picture.

, also in the report, has a disturbing set of data: 57% of entrepreneurs say there is a lack of insight into their own field of entrepreneurship".


1. grassroots entrepreneurs have a high probability of failure, one of the key is too much importance to the dream of ambitious, and ignore the importance of making money quickly;

below to teach you to modify the collection account information. The collection is made with PayPal drops. Look at the picture ~~

this alliance is not limited to IP, no matter how much you brush a IP, PV count for you, and then count the money into the OK.

is very clear explanation, right? And you can ask me if you don’t understand. :23315271



preface · entrepreneurship is more than a passion,

4. don’t be picky eaters. Mature markets have been entered, as long as the difference between the entry point of competition, even the Red Sea, may not have no chance.


but they forgot that there were only three people in the team, almost penniless. The final one dropped out, the other two did not stick to the product forming project finally aborted.

to look up at the sky, but also to look down the road. It’s good to have dreams, but in the process of pursuing our dreams, we need to pay attention to the business pitfalls that might put the road to success halfway.

Have you changed your


, it will send a confirmation email to your mailbox. After clicking the address inside the mail, log on. Look at the chart below.

doesn’t repeat it here. Keep looking. Remember to keep my references, ID, MJJ without reservation.



one, talking about dreams, not talking about money,

Why does

?Many of the different answers

open speed is not very good, sometimes can not open, but rest assured that their advertising page is very stable, count is also very stable

may have have to do with "interest" and "dreams". In 2012, a survey of domestic entrepreneurial motives showed that 72% of people decided to start their business because of their interests.

in the process of entrepreneurship, they have seen many investors, everyone on three young people do such a huge plan is not optimistic. Some investors said that if the team is willing to do some "closer to money" products, first to feed themselves, then they are willing to invest.

want to start a business,

, say, add the code. I did it with the iframe code provided by lomsun. The code is as follows. It’s simple. Just change it to your website.

, another 2013 domestic venture group interview, showed that the biggest worry for most grassroots entrepreneurs is "lack of money."". And business has never been a "heavyweight" distribution of differentiated fighting field, if you choose the same field, you have to compete with the rich handsome – >!

? Look, I’ll let you know at once.

How do you register for

continues to look at important information. Make sure you remember, or else you can’t accept the money.


again says that deleting "ID" is not a good person.

2., technical entrepreneurs tend to ignore the value of the market. In fact, great products also need users and markets to pay for it;

but three proud young men turned down.

Don’t lose in the starting point the preferred server detailed website construction August 12, 2017

server quality

two: judge

A: the traditional judgment technique in general is the site IP PING (Ping -t, IP address) by time, to determine the stability of the server, and the speed of data transmission. Another point we can also see the type of Web Hosting: win or Linux, but after a disguise, not necessarily to identify the real system.

: a

IDC service provider server

has done so long that binary website optimization analysis of a conclusion: many part of the site was down the right search engine of the factors is not the site within the chain and the advantages and disadvantages, but lose at the starting point, website operation server suck. The Shanghai dragon can do optimization to improve the ranking of the website, the fund should also be relatively abundant, so there is no "lucky choice" server case. In contrast, individual owners, often in order to save dozens of pieces of hundreds of pieces of money and put an end to the server site "money", but the final The loss outweighs the gain. So how to optimize the site construction and selecting a server? High quality and inexpensive is our standard:

IDC service business scale and brand image represents the level of quality of service, to avoid small IDC service providers on the choice of the server. Say something, they roll the money tomorrow, how do you run? And some of the IDC will corrupt on your website data and posted online reselling, website construction eventually ushered in the program is open, who do not want to see it? How to choose service providers, service providers enter the domain name query record, and the love of Shanghai the company or related information, are the most truly reflect the performance of information. If you love Shanghai, search is not search, or a few pages or the other it is his home.

B:PING is shorter, more stable performance will prove that the host is better? Many webmaster think so, but in fact it is true, but it only represents a basic situation, and to do all. As often in their own web site updates when the server, or slow access speed. This is mainly due to: the web site in the search engine update time point to "step on" acquisition, and the scale is larger, resulting in hardware such as CPU use rate increased. Another point is the problem of insufficient bandwidth, the bandwidth sharing on the web, he visits too high, resulting in the shortage of bandwidth resources.

Mo cheap is the key, and the choice of IDC mainly to the strength of the company closer, although some high prices, but not unbearable. In fact a price, a quality is also true, even if is in place to do the customer service service. Another point for the preferred server, not recommended binary ordinary webmaster choose the so-called "double or multi thread server, multi line is only the so-called intelligent matching > DNS

three: how to choose the high quality

A flurry of grassroots series go to your sister Shanghai Dragon August 12, 2017

Shanghai dragon? He will let your mother don’t know you!

Hello, my brother is the grassroots, grassroots today continue to bring a flurry of series for everyone, the grassroots flurry in the series, we’ll laugh about Shanghai dragon. Shanghai dragon is enchanting, countless stationmaster Jingsheyao, bending, but also every day Lulu, and there’s a law? The law? Hey, what is Shanghai dragon? Make people happy, sad. We wish to search engine, big brother, one of their own. Even we want to please Baidu eat what, but no chance, ah, well, my roots, lowly, resignedness teenager.

objectively speaking, Shanghai dragon is indeed do flow the most direct and accurate means, but we have to consider several problems as follows, first, by Shanghai dragon, the site could last forever? Second, Shanghai dragon.

Shanghai dragon, always just supporting

in fact, no matter whether you do Shanghai Dragon Well, we must clearly understand that Shanghai dragon is not identically equal to all of the web site, if you want to do dumpster, or want to quickly take a leave, then you can through the Shanghai dragon website, and Shanghai dragon is the only origin of your web site traffic, do not believe well, the grassroots grassroots brother? Brother slowly convince you.

well, you Shanghai Dragon God, beg you don’t share what dry cargo to promote their own, or write to some of the so-called business arena knowledge plus professional packaging to share these dishes we grassroots, we will corrosion, big brother, we are all your people. Of course, the grassroots brother said some extreme. The topic for regression, Shanghai dragon, can do a good job after all in a few, of course, if you can do well, congratulations brother grassroots career but more grassroots webmaster be promoted step by step, shoes are still struggling with the Shanghai dragon entanglement, even in this part of children’s heart, is identical to the Shanghai dragon website traffic, next to the grassroots brother a good tune up.

well, Shanghai dragon really is not a thing, although many of the kids with the grassroots in the continuous research Shanghai Longfeng, but can take Shanghai dragon to achieve the ultimate and probably not much, a few children can do Shanghai Longfeng feed themselves, can even go to pick up the list flickered silly money the enterprise, more children are struggling to linger in the Shanghai dragon edge, its itself has been a large number of Shanghai Longfeng soft and the so-called corrosion even fucking dry cargo sharing do not know, so a bit of thinking only was outside the chain, the so-called original, bound in the chain of Shanghai dragon professional vocabulary this is the understanding of the Shanghai on the basis of one-sided viewpoint, the dragon is also limited to this, more deadly is, these shoes to do the chain, original and chain and let your site traffic outbreak No doubt, so the years of to do, do not blow a tube to relax, do well a wank to celebrate, if things go on like this people are not like adults.



Friendly search engines do not lie gun site August 12, 2017

stable website is the website does not often appear, or visit the web page open speed is too slow. This not only control server space and supervisor factors contained therein. The main volume is the website itself, we can not affect the page quality, try to narrow the whole website, this website can enhance the access time to a certain extent. But we have to do is to do a good job in monitoring, timely solve the irresistible factors caused by the instability of web site.

network marketing, and do website of Shanghai Longfeng the first key is the site itself to the search engine friendly, no search engine can not read the phenomenon, resulting in spider after the station without".

Large amplitude

, users must first have a stable website.

first, we must first be ranked by search engines to read.

The so-called

fourth, to be included on the first clear website structure.

third, the first thing to do is to stabilize the fixed site elements.

usually website to participate in the premise of ranking is to be included, if your site in a large number of unreadable elements will cause the global web site cannot be read, one of the factors that is not friendly search engine. Roughly speaking, we believe that the framework of JS code website, too many websites and Flash can not be read because the site included poor. The reality is that we only see the unilateral side, now the search engine, the language is still unable to be read, but not to say that these website language cannot be read, they will cause some reading. Many websites in order to attract customers, is a wonderful page design is indispensable, so as long as the global web site is not readable, so is not a significant impact on the website for Shanghai dragon.

generally, we don’t think it is friendly to the search engine’s Web site is usually a large number of JS code or Flash station, but that is really the case? Today and the author Dennis together analysis of the influence factors in search engine friendly, take a look at your site lying gun?

Second to

is the author of the website structure optimization in Shanghai Longfeng Dennis often talked about "

site changes will affect the site optimization, in order to get good rankings flow many Shanghai dragon Er will apply mechanically the latest optimization techniques to the web site. One of the most often affected is title and meta tags, frequent modification of such elements will cause the search engine misunderstanding, to search engine is very friendly and performance. What’s more, the website will rectification path program and main page section, this change radically to do first search engine like really a bit difficult. We can be fine tuned, but the general change should be more cautious, even cannot but need to change can also do the site 301 or close station protection.

The site itself is the basis of

Do site optimization must pay attention to the details of the multiplier August 12, 2017

second, the content of the site and layout optimization

want to do a website to make the website can be popular, a stable space and server is the basic configuration. If the site often change it on their own servers and host, will cause the website to change frequently, which is not conducive to the search engine to record site traffic. Generally speaking only when the site frequently encountered not open can not browse the situation, will need to make changes to the host or server, in exchange for better server. So for the website optimization, not blindly, do other things as well, and the server space is generally do not need to change the.

site optimization, the most important is the layout of the site and content optimization. The first is the layout of the site, you must do just on the site to be considered good, don’t be late to change much of the site layout, or for the website optimization is harmful, only need to be adjusted to the appropriate site layout. The second is to optimize the content on the site, the site should be regularly updated articles, these articles of the title and keywords once published after they don’t change, otherwise it will affect the search engine’s record.

on a web site to add Links, must add some legitimate high quality links, try not to put some useless garbage sites, in the number of add links to sites also have special requirements, generally keep the number about 20 of the most suitable, more than 25 would be counterproductive.

, the first stable space and server

third, adding legal Links

website optimization is a long-term careful patient work, so everyone in the optimization must be carefully, pay more attention to the above details, efforts will be put up to the rank of the website.

do many friends will find a website optimization than to create a website is much more difficult. If you do not know how to optimize the operation, it is very difficult to put up the website keyword ranking. Especially, some do not understand the novice, constantly change with the website of the title of the article, the site’s ranking will cause the decline of search volume reduced, so we can know the website optimization is really a learning, so do website optimization, what are the specific need to pay attention to the details? Here for everyone to share some experience of the website optimization, website optimization friends can learn about.

Hefei Shanghai dragon on how to optimize the user experience August 12, 2017

believe that every webmaster in the process of optimization in the pursuit of a good user experience, we also know the user experience for the website ranking is to a certain extent, also love Shanghai more and more emphasis on the importance of user experience, but what is the user experience? The user experience (UE) is a user access to a web site the psychological feeling, the user is the main body, the user experience is the user’s subjective feeling, which is why many webmaster said user experience is not a good reason to do. User experience in e-commerce website function is more obvious, it is related to the conversion rate of traffic to the site, the user experience is not good website, even though there may be traffic, conversion rate is very low, so we should how to do user experience


user experience that is hard, not easy to say, the most important thing is to learn empathy, not to a person’s subjective ideas and to operate the web site, according to many aspects, multi user idea in web design can be as much as possible to consult some friends, and then with the Shanghai dragon optimize. The following is a simple talk about Xiao Wu to the user experience some operation optimization.

The target user

site access speed



of each site should be clear with yourself before the establishment of the goal of the website users, especially those selling a product type website, all our website should focus on our target user, so that the target user satisfaction, should be clear what they need, what kind of habits, so in the website design will be more fully prepared the user experience, strive for more target users on your site’s satisfaction.

website has.

this is the primary site access speed, if users find your site open very slowly, finally he may turn, regardless of your website, your website can be said to be the ultimate failure. So a good and stable space is very important, which I feel very deep, not for the sake of cheap until too late to regret. If there are too many people to click on your site through search engines are readily turned off, it will affect the value of your site in the search engine, which affect your site’s ranking.

site layout design this is particularly important for the user experience, if your site layout of the complex, when the user enters your website a few minutes can not find his demand for content, you think he will come second times? The layout of the site should be simple, let users first can find out what they need. The website color should be used popular, without the use of special dazzling tone so as to cause the user antipathy. Of course, this website layout and more details. Breadcrumb navigation website, the introduction of relevant content, quick sharing function and so on, we should pay more for the user to consider not to Shanghai and Shanghai in the design of dragon dragon.

The layout design of ?In fact,

Dragon training market in Shanghai the what to take to save you August 12, 2017

YY now every Shanghai dragon training institutions that they are YY the first Shanghai dragon training structure, and in order to become the market leader, to create a reputation in the industry, also began to play their own slogan. Here is a look at these resounding slogan:


, Shanghai dragon training market as "feudal hegemony"


only a short while ago, Shanghai training institutions such as the dragon like bamboo shoots after a spring rain began to appear, along with the Shanghai dragon training market is smoke, flames of war. Every training institutions are not a sign of weakness, with their special skills, "a city take cities and seize territory, seizing their. Your training fee is 299, do the low-end market, his training costs 899, do in the end market; then I will come 2080, occupy the high-end market, build Shanghai Longfeng luxury industry. This is not the most expensive, only more expensive. This is a tactical problem you understand? Whether do low-end, high-end market in the end or between each other to avoid war, so the parties have sent their spy, spy drones, and occasionally also posing as internal students to give you a slander, let your military instability. Anyway, the governors are sent their veteran soldiers and able captains under the banner, resorted to recruiting to exhaust all the skills ".


The slogan of


I do not know since when, the three letter Shanghai dragon begun to enter the Internet China people’s vision; I do not know since when, Shanghai dragon optimization the word slowly known; I do not know since when, each big website, forum everywhere Shanghai dragon article, but I do not know when the dragon, Shanghai training market has become like a raging fire, thriving. With the love of Shanghai bidding costs increase, more and more small and medium-sized enterprises begin to pay attention to Shanghai Longfeng, which also spawned a large number of Shanghai Longfeng practitioners. But the current colleges have not set up the most professional Shanghai dragon, helpless Shanghai dragon Er Shanghai Longfeng knowledge only through the Shanghai dragon training institutions to obtain. So some contact Shanghai Longfeng earlier people made the Shanghai dragon training, began their | "teaching" of the road. The author regardless of his "book" teaching is not good, do? Look at the Chinese Shanghai dragon training market situation.

The slogan of

I really wonder these slogans do is really attractive, it is a kind of let you immediately apply the impulse of learning. I don’t know what is the Shanghai dragon? Is it really can kanenori package? Does it really make us 100>



two, Shanghai dragon training market is "Wangpo saying"

What are the types of flow and flowLinktech joint purchase network adjustment Commission ratio! August 8, 2017

often like to advertise themselves.

2, directional flow.

station basically depends on >

The three types of

1, propaganda traffic.

is not arbitrary traffic, then it must be directional traffic.

this flow is the ability of individual traffic, that is, a traffic can not be any site for traffic publicity, such as hanging , people are earned, Trojans, plug-ins… That is to say, to rely on the outside free power to get traffic, this is propaganda to traffic.

League address:

doesn’t want to see it himself, but he plays it.

traffic is the number of people to a station, that is, traffic.

fixed traffic on the site, that is, directional traffic, they open the station every day in order to see the content of your station, so this is a fixed flow.

random traffic is forced or lured to a station, and the content of the station is not what you want, or you want to see it on your own initiative.

People in the second phase of

what is directional flow? This is the person after seeing the advertisement, that is ready to go to your station.

more information as in the League: http://top.admin5/u.shtml
to join Admin5 alliance channel, please contact the
if you are a Union Commissioner, please give me the latest information feedback, we in the first time to report to you. Feedback ,

2, purchased traffic.

people are earned traffic, but also directional traffic, including some of the stations to do banner ads or text ads, but also directional flow.

People in the first stage of the

traffic basically represent the three realm of network development:

, for example, pop traffic.

this traffic is fixed traffic every day, for example, we go to Sina, because we know Sina’s Web site, we are Sina’s natural flow.

3, natural flow.

thought it was a beauty, and the result was an entrepreneur class. That’s not what you want to see.

  dear Union member:


tend to buy traffic.


, for example, the amount of traffic that hangs from .

The third phase of the

according to the flow source is divided into:

if I don’t have any traffic skills, but I am rich, so I can buy flow, I can buy a directional flow, also can buy not directional flow, can buy high quality flow, also can buy low quality traffic.

the quality of this flow is generally not very high, are only called traffic only, the quality of general.

in the bidding on advertising, this is directional traffic, we are looking at your ad, want to consume your products before you go to the station.

1, free flow.

according to the purpose of traffic, divided into:

The development trend of classified information stationsI failed the tragic history of entrepreneurs August 8, 2017

I think the most important three points of entrepreneurship are sorted by weight, followed by business models, execution, and capital. A business model is, what are you doing, the entire business plan down many important links, these links are in place to achieve profitability; execution can also be understood as a team, you can make your team, will your business model perform well to let the idea into the actual; finally is money, money is not everything, no money is totally unacceptable, everybody knows.

Fenghua games Social Game Development


UUU9, general manager,

Founder of

from 09 years to date, toss for three years, and finally I still failed to start a business. Failure is not terrible, but the terrible thing is not to learn from it.

a lot of occupation managers business the biggest problem is not the business as a business to look at, business is the core business model, you want what to produce, how to promote the sales production well? By the two problems derived from a lot of problems, such as how you produce high-quality products if you want to you? The agents have the ability to do the promotion? How do you build and maintain platform? In the past work experience, occupation managers are accustomed to doing things according to the requirements of the boss, did not consider doing one thing how much the company can afford to pay the fees, ready to produce the number of return things, if the boss thinks the cost too high and canceled the plan, people will think that occupation boss stingy, but this is actually a specific performance is not high enough, the lack of experience.

17173 community senior manager,

The first step in

CEO’s business model is superficial, then at least this venture is bound to fail. Determine the direction of the project, determine team combat effectiveness, determine the agent’s ability to determine the good platform relationship, a CEO can very well tell themselves, I should do what things, these things are the weight of each?. I >

Li Qiufeng experience:

also worked in other companies for operations, marketing, public relations, sales


introduction the game media U9 network general manager Li Qiufeng, after three years of social game start-ups, eventually failed. There are few industry experiences and the experience of failure for generations, so business mistakes in continuously in a team again, it is written with a blood entrepreneurial experience, blood can not flow in vain, it can not read.


in 2006 can be said to be a classified information, basically can do, have started to do the classification of information, the traditional portal sohu.163, Sina began to dig the market, this year to a blowout situation, 58263 enough, will net the city gate, the fair, including various local Kijiji, small classified information station, all want to in this market a piece of cake. Each classification information is different from each other. Here are the development models of several major classification stations.

Sohu gaming channel editor in chief


Entrepreneurship: identify business models,

Women’s technology has quietly risen. How will women’s influence develop under the age of TrumpAdSen August 8, 2017

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Femtech focuses on female health issues, including reproductive problems, menstrual tracking, pregnancy and lactation care, women’s sexual health, and reproductive health care.

market are male products: Viagra, aphrodisiac, fitness apps, and the like. But fortunately, now there is a plate for women – Femtech, also known as female Technology female technology. This plate has attracted a lot of interest from VC. Those who think femtech is just a niche market should look at the data: it’s about 49.5% of the global population.

startup Naya invented an intelligent breast pump for women who uses water instead of the air, which is very light and noiseless. But of course, children and breasts are by no means women. L, the start-up company, is concerned with intimacy and sexual health, and has launched a range of health care products, such as organic tampons and condoms that do not contain toxic substances.

1600, Amphitheatre, Parkway

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below is a well-known femtech start-up company on the market:

shlf1314 AdSense from


, however, some women entrepreneurs have bravely chosen to turn this "uncomfortable content" into a business opportunity. The Flex Company founder and CEO Lauren Schulte is one of them. She worked out a carefully planned business plan for the financing of the product. Her product, Flex, is a "menstrual dish", a smooth, flat, rounded, built-in toilet. It has a hemostatic effect during menstruation and can replace tampons and sanitary napkins. Schulte and VC shared her personal experiences and related branches

group The relevant information of The most important products on the ,

science and technology circles why it took so long before entering this market? Over the past few decades, NGO are struggling in the global women’s health, Silicon Valley why it took so long to move this? The reason is mainly because of the Silicon Valley venture market is dominated by men, there is a house of male investor tracking application period it takes a lot of courage to do financing speech.


Femtech startups is Glow, a App Co for menstruation and ovulation, established in 2013. To everyone’s surprise, the founder of Glow was a man. He was the co founder of Max, PayPal Levchin, the executive chairman of Glow. On the other side of the Atlantic, Berlin, as well as a start-up company, Clue, is also a term tracking application, also founded in 2013. The founder of Clue and CEO Ida Tin are the people who invented the word "femtech" to describe the market segment.

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One of the first

why does it happen now,

Social APP into the center into a trend, send school interpretation of alternative acquaintances soc August 8, 2017

"upper faction"


7 induce user clicks with false ads such as pornography and violence. It is forbidden to advertise in video, friends, chat and similar websites. If it is found to be illegal by examination, all data will be regarded as invalid data.

9 in the Skype ad, Skype promotion page, add third party promotion. In particular, the advertising situation of competitors who join the advertiser is regarded as a serious violation.


, although UC was bought by Sina, he left Sina alone. Then start his business, or to do social networking.



single Ming is UC’s earliest product manager, and later, along with the start-up team, was acquired into sina.

at noon on April 26th, single out to sit in the office to conceal the hearts of the slightest loss. I read the news several times and sent a circle of friends:

started from the UC software, single view that social products in the mobile internet field is not the tuyere, and every year there will be a large number of new people to join, and always have the opportunity. Regardless of the original Sina UC, or millet meters chat, are less successful than a little bit. Now, there are unfamiliar street, tenderness and a number of new forms of social, do well.


6 in the Skype does not appear in the relevant content download, "telecommunications download", "high-speed download", in fact, Download Skype.

Skype is an international popular software which calls for international calls and saves 90%.

welcome webmaster select launch, code in boot advertising area

readers, have you recently been bombarded with ads sent to

"stealing red packets",

2 website and advertisers provide ID need one-to-one correspondence, a ID more than the use of the site is considered illegal behavior. network micro Description: there are multiple sites webmaster trouble you hard, and more registration of a network of micro webmaster users

2 active users active user definition: login three times within 30 days from the date of registration, in addition to pay 0.2 yuan / active users;

8 in addition to the obvious to prompt the user to click to download the Skype installation package "and similar words advertising can direct download, the rest are advertising click onto the advertiser downloads intermediate pages provide advertisers or after the confirmation, otherwise regarded as cheating.

5 all advertising pages need to have a clear Skype ad or text description, such as only "high-speed download" and other users did not prompt the content of the Skype related ads, identified as cheating.

UC, Sina’s chat software, then there is with the world’s original intention, but ultimately did not develop. April 26, 2017, announced the upcoming bid farewell to the stage of history.


1 CPA:0.2 / valid registration; the valid registered user is directed to the Skype website by the main website of the website; the specified link address page is successfully downloaded, installed, registered and logged in at least once.

, "pie pie steals red envelopes!"

"we are going to build a public mind in a short time.". Let’s remember this sentence: "stealing red packets, sending pies."." A former product manager Shan Ming, not too willing to deal with the media, but since the elevator advertising pie put all across the country, he wanted a low-key die, more and more media to come to ask the question: are almost the same faction who is

Who is

Guan Xiaotong, Wowkie Zhang, Gloria Tang, Xiao Shenyang, Sammo Hung, Liu Yan, Liyan Tong, William Feng and other stars to lift in all parts of the country continue to brush the screen, you are not "get" to difficult! With last year’s excellent letter and seeds of second-hand car "magic" advertising, a set of road, pie fall user mind.


3 the site does not have advertising or legitimate Skype download entries provided by advertisers and does not provide a reasonable description of the data generated by the site.

UC? Who is Ming Ming,

so the pie is on the stage.


4 spoofing the user using the Skype official page site or exaggerating the virtual Skype function usage information.

1 data generated by a web site, such as registering data for a batch of registered or non manual machine or program data, which is recognized as cheating, and the data is invalid data.

10 make advertising materials, or modify advertising materials and download pages provided by advertisers, without advertisers agreed to launch.

understand, see single Ming time, that is, in the afternoon of April 26th, just finished hair about UC friend circle message. Understand, throw out a bunch of doubts, and Dan Ming is not eager to explain who the pie is. He told me he knew what he was

definition of violations and cheating

3 CPS:8% sales commission

in the summer of 2002 I hope to design the UC product, the sleepless nights behind since I relish the talk, actually sold to sina that day, also decided the fate of UC, but I still saw this news, five mixed, goodbye, my UC……