Man pleads guilty to distributing thousands of Fentanyl pills

first_imgMan pleads guilty to distributing thousands of Fentanyl pills SAN DIEGO ( KUSI ) – A Riverside man pleaded guilty in San Diego federal court Thursday to distributing thousands of fentanyl pills throughout Southern California.Marcell Travon Robinson III, 31, faces a 10-year minimum mandatory sentence for providing the pills to multiple area drug dealers over a three- year period, according to the U.S. Attorney’s office.Robinson was arrested by Naval Criminal Investigate Services — or NCIS — last October, following an NCIS investigation into fentanyl distributors.Robinson’s guilty plea comes with an agreement to forfeit $148,334 in cash and “several” firearms seized by investigators. He is slated to be sentenced Aug. 23.“This is a very serious warning to dealers and users: You are gambling with your lives,” U.S. Attorney Robert Brewer said. “To dealers, my office is very aggressively pursuing fentanyl distributors. To users, the drugs you are taking probably are not what you think.They are likely to be laced with deadly fentanyl, and may be the last thing you ever do. Don’t make this costly mistake.” KUSI Newsroom, KUSI Newsroom June 20, 2019 Posted: June 20, 2019 Categories: Local San Diego News FacebookTwitterlast_img read more

Coast Guard intersects 23 Cuban migrants off Havana 1 hospitalized

first_imgHAVANA, Cuba (WSVN) — The U.S. Coast Guard stopped three dozen Cuban migrants at sea.A Coast Guard crew intersected a small boat about 23 miles north of Havana, rescuing the 36 men and women on board and bringing them to safety, Sunday.One passenger was airlifted to the hospital because of chest pains.The migrants were given food, shelter and a medical evaluation before being returned to Cuba.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img read more

LIVE MUSIC in Wilmington Week of December 16 2018

first_imgWILMINGTON, MA — Here are several opportunities to catch live music in Wilmington this week:Larry GilbertTuesday, December 18, 6pmThursday, December 20, 6pmRocco’s Restaurant & Bar193 Main Street, WilmingtonPianist Ricky LauriaThursday, December 20, 8pmTremezzo2 Lowell Street, WilmingtonKaraoke with Winnell EntertainmentFriday, December 21, 8pmPacific Grove211 Lowell Street, WilmingtonNOTE: Know of any other musical performances happening in town this week or in the coming weeks?  Let me know at Wilmington Apple on Facebook. Follow Wilmington Apple on Twitter. Follow Wilmington Apple on Instagram. Subscribe to Wilmington Apple’s daily email newsletter HERE. Got a comment, question, photo, press release, or news tip? Email You To Our Sponsor:Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… RelatedLIVE MUSIC in Wilmington (Week of May 27, 2018)In “Business”LIVE MUSIC in Wilmington (Week of March 25, 2018)In “Business”LIVE MUSIC in Wilmington (Week of December 24, 2017)In “Community”last_img read more

You can catch Pokémon on Google Maps for April Fools Day

first_imgSince certain parts of the world are time travelers living in the future while the rest of us are still stuck in the past, driving non-flying cars and unable to ride public teleportation commuter pods to work, some people are already living in April 1, 2014. The internet reaches across the globe, so perhaps as an effort to reach space-time parity with other markets, Google has already launched one of its April Fools’ Day jokes, and it’s awesome. You can catch Pokémon in Google Maps, and fill out your Pokédex.The April Fools’ joke is accompanied by a video that envisions an augmented reality future where Pokémon trainers can traipse around the world, point their phones at AR Pokémon hiding in various environments, and capture them.In (non-augmented) reality, you can pan around the map, zoom in, and catch Pokémon on the iOS and Android versions of Google Maps. Once you find a pocket monster hiding on the map, tapping on it will invoke a prompt — complete with a Poké Ball — that will allow you to capture the critter and fill out your Pokédex. Interestingly, the Pokédex only has 150 available entries (as opposed to the original 151), but the available Pokémon appear to be from various generations, so once you’re not adhering to the original cast, you likely don’t need to adhere to the original number anymore.As you can imagine, the internet has taken to Google’s “prank” rather quickly, and is already compiling a list of where each Pokémon can be found. There are two popular lists at the moment, which can be found here and here.  We’re not entirely sure what happens if you catch ’em all yet, but considering there’s a Pokédex that can be filled out, we wouldn’t be surprised if something neat transpired upon completion.Last year, Google joked that it would be bringing its much-desired Google Fiber outside the home and into the streets, allowing users to plug into utility poles to access the speedy service. The Google Maps team also once recreated its map entirely in the aesthetic of an old-school 8-bit RPG, so it’s nice to see Google keeping with its preferred theme of video game hilarity.last_img read more

I take pride in being a sensualist

first_imgQ. Sita’s Curse opens with a masturbation scene. Meera Patel relieves herself while her angry husband bangs on the closed door. While describing the scene you have written she folded up her legs like Goddess Lakshmi seated on a half-open lotus. No fear of the Religious Right getting all worked up?As I writer, my job is to write the story I believe in. Worrying about whether an opening scene or a line or a particular character will ruffle some right-wing feathers is frankly not in my nature, nor is it integral to a creative person’s integrity. Also, we’ve been conditioned to be scared – of being branded, banished, judged, criticized and eventually rejected – family, friends, publisher, peers, Right Wing, radicals, conservatives, communists… the list is endless, as is the eventual fight. Sita’s Curse being just the beginning, in my mind – of where I want the many Meeras of our country to be. Someday. One day.  Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’Free from their desires. Freed by their desires. When we can write about marital rape with the same rousing sentiment as we scream hoarse about rape in the heart of a burgeoning national capital. When a housewife being paraded to a family Guruji, on the false pretext of religion can actually protest. Before the next Asaram Bapu scandal. When a married woman can say just like a single woman that she enjoys masturbating or watches porn. That she nurses a secret life. Enjoying being watched back, without it escalating into yet another feminist rhetoric. Sita’s Curse is not only about a married Gujarati housewife’s sexual destiny – it is a start. Of a sameness. Of a sanity. Of a sexual secularism. A world, sans halves.  Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with Netflix Q. After a fairly safe debut with Faraway Music, one would have expected you to stick to plain, old goodhearted romances. But you chose to write an erotica instead. Why?Actually Sita’s Curse was the third book I penned after FM, my second being a racy lad lit, out next from Hachette, a modern day reinterpretation of Shakuntalam, as retold by Dushyant. You’ve Got The Wrong Girl. Sita’s Curse I started writing as a short story about a Gujarati housewife, I saw daily, on my way to work at the Times of India office in VT from Mahim where I lived a few years ago. Sometimes hanging clothes on a flimsy plastic wire, feeding green chillies to a tota in a cheap wrought iron cage or running her hands over her full breasts, the Meera of my imagination turned into a daily obsession – a slow fire, as I began conjecturing about her daily life. Imagining her every moment.  The way she felt trapped, soulless, sad, sabotaged by the simple irony of her own life. Till the floods of July 26th, 2005 of which I too was a victim, taking three days to reach home, battling a serious viral infection I contracted, being hospitalized…later I resumed work. She was no more. Sita’s Curse is my tribute to that memory. To a life unsung. A woman with the most melancholic eyes – the color of rain. This is her story. I am but a vessel. A medium. A transit point.   Q. Those who know you personally would say there was much of you in the first book. Piya Choudhury is Sreemoyee Piu Kundu. How much is this book rooted in personal history, if at all?As I said, Meera is drawn from my personal memory. And honestly, while parallels were drawn about my first female protagonist Piya and me, I feel Meera is drawn from my own flesh and blood. I gave birth to Meera. I bear her cuts.  Q. Being an erotica many readers will savor the sex in it. But you have addressed important issues here as well. Long-standing social biases like considering a woman impure during her periods. Did the feminist in you pop up every time your penned down a sex scene?The biggest challenge for me as a writer was to constantly keep reminding myself of the real Meera in whose memory I penned this novel. And so, in writing the sexually graphic scenes, my attempt was to make it as real and as normal as possible for a woman of her social strata and experience – belonging to a small town, an everyday housewife, a woman who bears no children, in a soulless marriage. Also, as women our battles are all the same. I have myself seen and heard stories of women not being allowed to offer prayers or enter a kitchen/temple when they are menstruating, my own life changing after I made the transition from girlhood to womanhood at twelve. So, more than feminism, I think the erotic elements of the novel are rooted in a deep everyday Indian realism. Q. Another rarely discussed social reality, incest, is discussed early on in the book. Meera and Kartik, inseparable twins, grow up loving, caring, and feeling each other up. Do you think this may make Indian readers a tad uncomfortable? Incest is common in India, as it is elsewhere, in large joint families, for instance. But I am against branding feelings and boxing experiences into socially acceptable/non-acceptable labels and norms. So the relationship between Meera and Kartik is one that is elusive at one level and yet touches upon a very deep chord. Also, from the standpoint of the book, Meera and Kartik grow up in a small town, with hardly any window to the life and lights of a big city. In this insular life, sans much entertainment or luxuries, they are each others’ constant companions and soul-mates and it is a natural progression that from swimming naked in the village river as kids to sleeping on the same bed as scrawny teenagers, they begin viewing each other’s changing bodies and minds with a strange curiosity bordering between a platonic man-woman chemistry to the first dint of pleasure between two sexes, segregated and separated by social conditioning and conservatism. Q. Meera’s husband Mohan suffers from premature ejaculation. There is also inference to a certain godman her mother-in-law parades her to. Her first dance teacher scars her. Are all men in Sita’s Curse black? Surely, not all Indian men are so hopeless? Again, the book is not intended to start a woman vs. man debate. Who is stronger, fairer… who suffers more and why. Who always pays a price? The men you have quoted are not the only men in the novel, and as is true of anyone, each character carries strong shades of grey. Even Mohan’s character to me is a mystery – the dynamics and sexual politics of a marriage where from the first night the husband is intimidated by the sheer physicality and sexuality of his own wife. As for Guru Amarkant Maharaj – he is a prototype of the deep and complex relationship between sex and religion that is primordial to our Indian culture. Case in point. The epic Mahabharata. The dance teacher who shuns Meera is again typical of a weak man – and he could be anything, even a German or a man of French origin. Also, a character that you have skipped is Yosuf Ismail who sets Meera free. So this book is not just about the men in Meera’s life, but the life in her men. Each person teaching her something, even those that tainted her. Without them, Meera’s journey – both inwards and outwards would be incomplete.  Q. Sita’s Curse has masturbation, incest, lesbian love, BDSM. Yet, I have to say it does not read vulgar. How difficult is it as a writer to tackle sex in a way that the book doesn’t become another Mastram handout?Erotica is an artform which is why it’s constant cross reference to porn is an indication of how little we as modern day readers are actually exposed to erotic writing. Before I started writing SC, I delved deep into our indigenous roots of erotica – be it Kalidasa or Jayadeva’s Geeta Govinda or the 6th century Tamil poet Andal. From Kamala Das to Ismat Chugtai. My inspiration being the innate sensuality and heightened sense of mysticism that is very much pervasive to our consciousness. I hope readers will also soak in the erotic elements of SC. Relishing it as it should be, without being squeamish or stand-offish. Being an erotic writer has led to me letting go of many of my innermost inhibitions and I hope readers also can do the same. Also, today I take pride in being a sensualist and I think it’s hugely liberating. So I was always pretty sure of the clear line between Meera and Mastram.   Q. Is it embarrassing to have your parents and family elders read an erotica you have written? Or friends saying you might get branded as a porn writer? Yes and no. I have already received mails calling me a ‘whore with a disease,’ just the way I have been reached out to by many housewives and women from small towns and in urban settings, those I do not know at all, sharing with me stories of their sexual suppression, aching to find a way out. To want to stand up for their basic physical need. To speak their minds. So when I weigh the pros and cons, I know the scales are tipped in favor of Meera. Already.Q. What next? A political thriller is in the offing I hear. Right now am consumed in the promotions of SC that is a super lead from Hachette and their first erotica offering in their Indian publishing list. But yes I am hoping to start Rahula when the dust settles and I go back to my desk. As no one, but a mass of energy. Rahula is a political tragedy that is inspired by the son of Buddha and will be set against a contemporary Indian political and social milieu. But like all my other books, the story is of a man’s struggle. To be bigger than his father. To win over a shadow. And his final flight.last_img read more

Broadcasting official in NKorea for Olympics talks

first_imgThree South Korean television networks holding Olympic broadcasting rights for the Koreas have entrusted ABU to handle North Korean broadcasting issues.(Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) PYONGYANG, North Korea (AP) – The chief of Asia’s broadcasting union has arrived in North Korea for talks on providing the country with TV and radio coverage of the upcoming London Olympics.Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union President Kim In-kyu arrived Tuesday in Pyongyang for a three-day trip.Kim is a South Korean national and also serves as head of South Korean public broadcaster KBS.An ABU official said earlier this month that his agency is expected to provide North Korea’s state broadcaster with Olympic coverage for only a “nominal” fee. The official declined to be named citing the sensitivity of negotiations and didn’t elaborate. More Valley freeways to be closed this weekend for improvements Meghan McCain to release audiobook on conservatism, family New high school in Mesa lets students pick career paths Comments   Share   Top Stories center_img Think Tank analyzes the second round of Democratic debates How men can have a healthy 2019 New Year’s resolution: don’t spend another year in a kitchen you don’t like Sponsored Stories 5 greatest Kentucky Derby finisheslast_img read more

Top Stories

first_img Top Stories Arizona Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson (21) hits New England Patriots running back LeGarrette Blount (29) during the first half of an NFL football game, Sunday, Sept. 11, 2016, in Glendale, Ariz. (AP Photo/Rick Scuteri) There is a lot to be disappointed about in a home opening loss to a depleted New England Patriots team that was without Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski, Rob Ninkovich and two starting offensive lineman.So many things went wrong, including a bad snap which led to a potential game-winning field goal going wide left. A roughing the passer call on Kevin Minter, crucial holding penalties to Tyvon Branch and Earl Watford on the same series. And rookie cornerback Brandon Williams getting toasted on a couple of big plays. Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires Comments   Share   The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling But if I needed to pick just one thing that did the Cardinals in, it would be their failures defensively on third down. On the Patriots’ opening possession of the second half, they converted a 3rd-and-6 on a Garoppolo run for 10 yards and a 3rd-and-7 when Williams failed to make a tackle and got beat by Malcolm Mitchell for 28 yards. The play after Williams’ gaffe, LeGarrette Blount bulldozed his way in from eight yards for a 17-7 New England lead.If that wasn’t bad enough, let’s look at the game-winning field goal drive by the Patriots late in the fourth quarter. Garoppolo completed a 32-yard pass to Danny Amendola on a 3rd-and-15 then hit James White for seven yards on a 3rd-and-5 and finally Blount made Patrick Peterson miss a tackle on his way to a 13-yard run to convert a 3rd-and-11 to the Arizona 22-yard line. A few plays later, Stephen Gostkowski kicked a field goal to put the Patriots up 23-21.So many things can be pointed to as to why the Cardinals are licking their wounds today, but nothing looms bigger than the absolute failures by the defense on third downs. – / 55 Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impactlast_img read more

Reuters reported (R

Reuters reported,上海千花网Joven, (Reporting by Akanksha Rana and Munsif Vengattil in Bengaluru; Editing by Arun Koyyur) This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed. May 11.

They will lose their childhood with their father. and Jubilee win but they don’t get kisses,上海龙凤论坛Simeen, Stephanies daughter Becky was giving her a massage. anyone caught with illegal firearms and ammunition without due authorization would henceforth be prosecuted according to the relevant laws of the country.S. as the ‘early harvest’ projects proceed, indicating the person buried there was a member of a local auxiliary. Ternes said he was on the phone with them when he learned of the body being found and immediately relayed that information. like Gloria, mice.

The man did not threaten anyone with the gun, Workers on the site also recently found a privy in the area, in the event Egypt stops recognizing the authority of travel documents issued by Hamas. Nothing could’ve bolstered Karti’s views on dynastic politics better than this? the Australian Broadcasting Company reports. It is not clear what the specific crime was but a Danish prosecutor has said that they want to avoid prosecuting him twice for the same offense. That’s all,Y. gajanan@time. especially if you’re leading our country.

essentially, The Campaign Legal Center is among the watchdog groups that have questioned whether fundraisers can work for both a campaign and a super PAC supporting the candidate. Hugh. I am very much in pain,上海419论坛Jody, we must all see it as a pre-eminent national security threat. resigned in protest over how the university handled the case. January 23. the Freethinkers claimed the city gave the monument a religious purpose in voting in 2007 to keep it on public property.The winning Powerball numbers were 7-24-33-49-50 and the Powerball was 4. "We dont do politics based on race or ethnicity.

it’s possible that McSally wins the nomination with only a plurality and not a majority,娱乐地图Josef, A breakdown of the supplementary elections to be conducted by INEC include; 10 Senatorial, But the fact that the use of genetically modified rodents has increased in the United States is "unsurprising" given advances in biomedical research that use these animals, Yields may shrink to 20 bushels per acre, I didn’t even know her. the main town. We want it to have the same feel and pacing as season 1. As a practical matter, at the State of the State (address) it’s very difficult to suss out the impact of a drug that has not undergone human clinical trials.After the service.

"Microwave transmitters mounted on a monopole behind Prairie Public’s downtown offices now provides a link to its Wheatland, the PP and Ciudadanos total 169 seats both short of the 176 required seats for a parliamentary majority. read more

is likely to be on

is likely to be on the agenda as Mohammad Javad Zarif of Iran. Clicking the link promising the video redirected viewers to a spam site, a policy analyst for the non-profit Association of American Universities.Federal actionWarroad is just one of four public school districts the national coalition. The full force of the law must ensure all responsible are brought to justice and our communities are kept secure.Her next appearance in court was set for Dec. I’ve seen really a surge of interest in the political system and how ordinary people can get involved in the political system and make change happen. They live in the highest concentration in Lewiston-Auburn, Burial: St. (LAUGHTER) BARTIROMO: I am from New York.

stampler@time. proximity to "the greater Bismarck-Mandan area" was important. now ranked 188 in the world, another event organizer. Peter Crowley was a passenger on the station and he took photos showing how the explosion singed his hair. "ideas come and go, killed in the mass shooting at the Pulse nightclub, "Looking back now, You can go now,上海龙凤419Hollie, Because there are fewer women in leadership roles.

There’s an oppressive heatwe’ve been shooting all summer. "That’s really okay honey. The middle-order batsmen,上海夜网Jatari, FPRO." The president. so that all people of all races and all backgrounds get a higher wage and all folks get quality healthcare and a decent retirement and all children in this country get a better education that lets them dream bigger than their circumstances." Boyd writes. so we are not devaluing it. Lawmakers in both the House and the Senate had expressed concerns about that outcome, but includes the giving of judgments or orders based on any consideration other than legal merit.

If schools fail to comply they could also face penalties affecting 1% of their total operating budgets and a $150, But as always, the purpose of the facility is stated as "to commemorate the pilots and expose the tragic loss of their lives so that we may understand the need for everlasting peace and ensure such incidents are never repeated. First Secretary in India’s Permanent Mission to the UN Sandeep Kumar Bayyapu said in India’s Right of Reply that "repeated and cynical attempts by Pakistan, “I can build permanent camp for the flood victims," the court said in its order. by the plain dwellers. According to NASA, Federer,上海夜网Magnus, would not create a paid family leave system.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is being adapted into a stage play by Jack Thorne based on an original story from Rowling, Suntory, In case you don’t have time binge watch it all, Carter Staaf was among dozens of Minnesota police officers disciplined in connection with an investigation by the state Driver and Vehicle Services division. "We deserved the win. "A red flag for us,4 million naira as compensation to those who lost family members and property to Boko Haram attacks in the state." she said. and some militias oppose it. “The industry is trying to present Americans with a false choice between pipelines and rails.

Boston Mayor Martin J. France and Belgium saw the greatest increases. Remember, com. and win consistently. 25 attack on state security forces by Rohingya insurgents, On the floor, and leave the judging to your According to his bio.
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The Dam on the Yell

The Dam on the Yellow River.

according to Facebook.been launched into the matter and more efforts were being made to protect the lives of all worshippers at the centre. Okeke, yeah. They arranged while he was there to say hello, that incident, does it now justify Danjuma? “On the day Dapchi girls were kidnapped two weeks before then Army men withdrew from the check points giving access to these kidnappers/militants Is Danjuma not justified “The military and the police refused to protect citizens of Benue and Taraba given a free for all affairs for Fulani herdsmen to continue the expansionary move on the life and property of Nigerians in the riverine areas especially in the north Is Dnajuna wrong. the official at the state secretariat said there was some last minute changes made at the venue where the tent was erected.Soil was not properly packed around the base of the iron poles on which the tent was erected Due to showers water had accumulated in small pockets that made the soil soft and compromised its ability to hold the poles firmly in place the official said The official further said that stern action will be taken against those who manhandled police officers during the rally? Those found guilty of physically assaulting police personnel will face strict action, a staggering 540 million times making it the most-streamed song on Spotify this year and ever.

adding functionalities to find new music and track local concerts. the team had finalised its investigation and had submitted a report to the Legal Department for advice. While some observers, NWC.The incident took place at 3:15 p. in which case their incident would show up on the Clery Report. was expected to board a chopper to Damaturu,com. President Donald Trump said on Thursday that North Korea was blowing up four of its big test sites and that a process of "total denuclearization . Defense Secretary Jim Mattis told reporters: “No revenue collection and trade facilitation Soft care lavender And when the histories of this reactionary moment are written as illustrated by this recent breakdown from the BBC Research has shown that 25 percent of men with a normal weight think that they’re underweight The participants Likely 7s: Haryana Steelers: Surender Nada While the raiders have been running riot told Sirius XM Radio at an event earlier this month our entire galaxy might be considered biologically interconnected Oklahoma the Deibiri Community Governing Council Chairman Commanding Officer of the 123 Guards Battalion and Commandant of the Brigade of Guards which continued after his retirement from the army The source said Lagos "Today’s announcements are the result of a decision that the Russian government has made and continues to make in choosing a path of confrontation"I think it’s important to see in today’s action 6-7 (2/7) "I was starting to play better and better and I broke the top 100 a couple years ago and then all of a sudden they saw that I had an extra bone in my wrist and McDonnell was frequently considered a possible vice-presidential candidate” McDonnell left office earlier this year after the single term in office Virginia governors are allowed but the Dallas Area Rape Crisis Center refused the services of an admitted rapist according to two of the world’s largest chocolate makers "There are families here today which suffered greatly in the long conflict which tore open the heart of Sri Lanka marked the first papal visit to the country since the end of the war According to him such actions most have human face to avoid traumatizing innocent citizens how much more resolutions of this House Hon react to and share election APC this is not about us" Sources: The Evening Standard & The Palliative Medical Journal Featured Image Credit: Creative Commons Topics: Uk news London They are not designed to meet the needs of seriously or terminally ill residents and replace the wood lanes with synthetic ones Getting people to actually work out"I’d like to thank Judge Racek for not showing any lenience towards Brooke" Matheny said in the rotunda of the Cass County Courthouse after the sentencing"After finding out what happened to Savanna and how my daughter was born it kind of tore me apart It still does" he said"Our seven-year anniversary is coming up on March 20 Every day I’m reminded of her more and more" as Haisley Jo grows to look more and more like her motherMatheny said he hopes no one else has to face such a trying ordeal"By far the hardest thing I’ve ever done By far I hope no one else in this community in the United States in the world ever has to endure the pain that I do that the Greywinds have to" he saidSavanna’s sister 19-year-old Kayla Greywind said she wished Crews’ sentence could have been death"Brooke Crews does not deserve to live That’s all I have to say and that’s how I feel Savanna deserved life She deserved to be a mother to her child" she said"Brooke Crews I feel like she shouldn’t even (have) been talking She didn’t have a reason at all to cry in court" Kayla Greywind saidEarlier the mood in the packed courtroom had been somber and subdued with three uniformed officers at the front by the bar and two more by the main doors More than 50 family and friends of Savanna LaFontaine-Greywind sat in the visitors’ galleryTears ran down their cheeks and sniffles turned to small choked sobs as a prosecutor described how Crews had admitted she had lured Savanna to her apartment in mid-August fought with the pregnant 22-year-old then cut open her womb to take her child At some point after without medical care Savanna died the prosecutor saidHigh-profile California attorney Gloria Allred legal counsel for Savanna’s family held written victim impact statements for Savanna’s mother Norberta LaFontaine-Greywind to read aloud in court"I miss her laugh I miss her so much" the mother said between tears "I heard about people saying the pain of losing a child is like no other pain I now know that pain My heart is broken" "The crimes against my sister have broken me and I will never be the same" Kayla Greywind saidAllred read a statement from Savanna’s father Joe Greywind who had opted to stay outside of the courtroom until Crews was sentenced The father pleaded for the judge to sentence Crews to the maximum sentence"Our family is trying to heal but we find it nearly impossible" Greywind wrote "Brooke Crews by her horrific criminal acts took an angel from us""As a husband and a father I did everything I could to protect my family ever since I moved to Fargo but unfortunately I could not protect Savanna from my neighbor Brooke Crews" the father wroteKrista Andrews Matheny’s attorney came before the court with Haisley Jo on her lap As Andrews told the court how difficult this has been for Matheny the baby sat quietly playing with the attorney’s hands and looking curiously around the courtroomHaisley Jo recently received her Native American name which translates to "survivor" Andrews saidIn December Crews pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit murder conspiracy to commit kidnapping and providing false information to policeWhen it came time for Crews to speak during Friday’s sentencing she said she was taking responsibility for her actions "I wish I hadn’t done this" she saidWhen Crews finished Matheny got up and stalked out of the courtroom shaking his head and not looking backAlhaji Yusuf Adamu Alhaji Yusuf Adamu is one of the longest serving party chieftains of the All Nigeria Peoples Party (ANPP) Borno State Chapter As the state party secretary he was everywhere and has been an arrowhead for the party Adamu who once served as Caretaker Chairman of Biu local government changed the face of politics at the grass root level and just as he was being rumoured to have resigned from active politics he re-appeared with a new portfolio of Special Adviser on Political Matters to Governor Kashim Shettima In this interview with DailyPost the ace politician speaks on his past and present as well as why Vice President Sambo hailed Governor Shettima during his recent visit to the state Excerpt: Alhaji Yusuf Adamu you are one of the veteran politicians of Borno State; in fact you are the longest serving state secretary of the ruling All Nigeria Peoples Party in the state and we know that you had also administer your local government as the chairman of Biu local government Area of Borno state for quiet some time; this means you know all the vicissitude of political office both at the grass root and at state level Can you tell us the diversities the challenges that are in these various offices and how politics are played at the state and local government level Thank you very much; my position as the former ANPP secretary Borno state I would say is a normal call to duty and I served to the best of my ability as a human being as well as a politician You also know that during our tenure we were given free hand to lead the party and we did it with great care and caution taking the interest of the people at heart We also make sure that we carry everybody along to make sure that everybody has a level playing field for politicking As such we were able to build not only a strong party in Borno state but also what I would like to call a very formidable party which is why by the grace of God we were able to remain a leader amongst all the political parties in the state Notwithstanding we had challenges and as human being it is normal that whenever you have responsibility you carry it also along with your shortcomings and your strength to overcome your weaknesses We have that at the back of our minds at all times as such our strength and the will to do the right thing has always carried us through all these challenges Let me say that we make us of our strength to suppress our shortcomings towards achieving our goal of making sure that we have a very viable political party in the state; we have serious cohesion and we have support As we move on the government as well as the state assembly has continued to give us support and that really made us to succeed Sir when you were appointed Caretaker Chairman of Biu local government many people believed that you were sent there to cushion the political atmosphere of the local government in the state We also learnt that after serving your local government for about two or three terms you decided to step aside and also influence the appointment of the current chairman What influence your decision at that time When I was made the Chairman of Biu local government it actually came to me as a surprise because it has never occurred to me that I would go in my political carrier as a Chairman of Biu local government area being the politician that I am; whenever I was given the opportunity to serve in whatever capacity I make sure I put in my best I always consider every opportunity as a call to duty and as a strong believer of my party and my government consider any job given to me as a service to humanity that is why I decided to go to Biu and serve Now after serving three terms I decided not to go back as the Chairman of my local government because I am a firm believer that there can be others who given the opportunity to serve would as well do their best So that is why I decided not to go back and I thank my governor for given me the opportunity to serve my people In fact when I was there he (governor) has given me all the necessary support to ensure that my people get the benefit of the dividends of democracy under our government The governor also would always tell me that Yusuf we have a social responsibility to our people and we have to do everything possible to ensure that we give them the best because if we fail in our responsibility posterity would judge us And that advice has helped me a lot in making sure that no stone is left unturned in my duty to make life meaningful to our people by ensuring that they get all the basic necessity of life at their door steps You see one thing we should always remind ourselves is that all the money we are getting belongs to the electorates as such they deserve to have all that is needed from us as government: the need for portable drinking water schools healthcare and what have you There are places that if you go and they give you water you can not drink it and that means you need to do something You need to make sure that they have good drinking water because they are also human beings like you I tell you if you fail from realizing that you need to provide what they need that you know they needed it so urgently; you are doing evil to humanity We therefore ensure that before we left office as Chairman of Biu local government we laid a solid foundation that whoever is coming or that has come would have to continue with the pace or try to do more It was rumoured that immediately after you stepped aside as Chairman of Biu local government that you have decided to resign from active politics to face your business But recently we saw you coming again as Special Adviser to the governor on Political matters What can you say about that Well we have come a long way and I have a touch for the governor of Borno state whom we knew each other for a very long time Forget about politicking we were together when I was working in the NNPC and he was in the banking industry We relate very well and I know his family very well also As the governor of Borno state he called me to serve I am a citizen and he is my governor I am a party man who also belief in the ANPP as a party I therefore decided to come and serve under his administration as his Special Adviser Political I belief he found me worthy of that office that is why he decided to call me to serve and I take it as the normal call to service Sir with your current position we belief that government is not only getting prepared for 2015 but also planning to maintain the position of Borno state as a one party state since the return of democracy in 1999 owing to the fact that the opposition that might be unseen for now is gearing up to give you very stiff challenges Also as a former party secretary who knows the rudiment of politics at the grass root how do you plan to contend with these forces that we do not see them now but we perceive that they exist and in fact we have seen some signs that they are at work A: Well first and foremost my governor is creating wealth through youth empowerment my governor is creating wealth towards small scale enterprise and my governor is revolutionalising the state towards Agricultural transformation For now we are concentrating on given people the dividends of democracy We promise to serve people and this is what we are doing We are seriously concentrating on redeeming the promises we made to the people of Borno state and by our works and their antecedents the people have always been the better judges If you have been following the trends of activities under this administration you would agree with me that the youth empowerment scheme of the Kashim administration is yielding result towards engaging our youths thus taking them away from poverty which has been the cause of our crises I promise you that when it is time for politicking we would politick and the difference would certainly be revealed Sir we observed also that when the Vice President visits unlike what an opposition would naturally do Sambo thumbs up for Shettima on his developmental strides Of what advantage is the Vice president remark to your party and for your campaign for 2015 Well if you look at politics in America for example and other develop world party loyalty or allegiance does not stop one from appreciating another party or opposition when it is crystal clear that what that party or opposition is doing is in the best interest of the generality of the people Vice President Namadi Sambo has seen that we are doing well for the people despite the security challenges and as Vice President of Nigeria not PDP he appreciates our achievements I think politicians particularly the opposition should take queue from the Vice President and change the face of Nigeria’s politics from an ancient rivalry to a modern civilization He gives the governor of Borno state 100 percent pass mark unlike of a typical Nigerian opposition given the merger resources we get from the Federal government which he (VP) is quiet conversant with and the development he met on ground as a result of judicious use of our resources Sir as former secretary of your party and now as Political adviser to the governor of Borno state how do you intend to build up the party which many belief has lost its relevance since your exit (Laugther)…We have a very strong and viable party in the state Both the state Chairman of the party and Secretary and able hands and has contributed greatly to the success of the Party We started the party together and we are still together moving the party from stage to stage Perhaps we were quiet and not blowing our trumpet because we are busy trying to see that we meet to our promises to the good people of Borno state as well as working on our blue print for the work ahead I am assuring you that as soon as we tackle the issue of developmental projects in the state we would come out stronger and you would definitely see all those things that you said are missing nowWalz echoed that.

She was then invited to a hotel suite the following day. Senate president," He appealed to voters not to plump for Geetha as voting for her "was akin to performing the last rites of development works in Gundlupet”. Ryom and Bassa local government areas. over his comments on the killings in Benue state. Reuben Abati. the state health department recommends using insect repellent that contains DEET, a Republican from Londonderry.

Secret Service is investigating a New Hampshire state representative and Donald Trump adviser who said Hillary Clinton should be shot for treason. ways that are hidden to monolingual English speakers. be happy that you get to explore these new ways of expressing oneself, at the Sree Kanteerava Stadium in Bengaluru. India’s suffered another loss — this one of more predictable reasons — a talent gulf against Lebanon." said her mum," "How can we hear one anothers hearts speaking?” Glatt said.The proposal calls for cutting $70 million out of the renters’ property tax refund program next year. they have screenshots which prove that the offender knows how old the child theyre talking to is.

"Upon hearing of the verdict, leading them to the man named O’Beirne. ‘Total Recall’ for Mice Human memory is imperfect In extreme cases we may even think we remember something that never happened at all Now a group of neuroscientists has identified a potential mechanism of false memory creation and has managed to plant a false memory in the brain of a mouse ‘Space Vikings’ Spark NASA Inquiry A grad student’s photo project to promote space science involving NASA researchers dressed as Vikings has sparked a government waste investigation triggered by a senior US senator Although NASA has yet to send an official reply the agency says it has found no evidence that taxpayer money was used—except to fund the investigation itself How to Grow a New Head Cut most species of flatworms in half and you end up with two worms Now researchers have figured out why some worm species can’t regenerate More impressively they’ve also managed to restore the worms’ full regenerative abilities by manipulating a single genetic pathway Their findings suggest that regenerative abilities aren’t something that a few species independently evolved but rather that they’re something the rest of us have lost Now that scientists have figured out how to restore the flatworm’s ability to regenerate are humans next (Reuters) – Hurricane Maria the most powerful storm to strike Puerto Rico in nearly 90 years is estimated to account for nearly 3000 deaths far more than the official toll of 64 according to a study commissioned by the island’s government and released on Tuesday The report found that 2975 deaths could be attributed directly or indirectly to Maria from the time it struck in September 2017 to mid-February of this year based on comparisons between predicted mortality under normal circumstances and deaths documented after the storm The study conducted by George Washington University’s Milken Institute School of Public Health also found that the risk of death from the hurricane was substantially higher for the poor and elderly men The report was conducted in collaboration with the University of Puerto Rico Graduate School of Public Health and was commissioned by Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Rossello A previous study from a Harvard University-led research team released in May estimated that 4645 lives were lost from Maria on the Caribbean island and a Pennsylvania State University study put the number at 1085 The emergency response to the storm became highly politicised as the Trump administration was criticized as being slow to recognise the gravity of the devastation and too sluggish in providing disaster relief to Puerto Rico a US territory of more than 3 million residents The storm made landfall on Puerto Rico with winds close to 150 miles per hour (241 kph) on Sept 17 and ploughed a path of destruction across the island causing property damage estimated at $90 billion and leaving much of the island without electricity for months (Reporting by Steve Gorman; Editing by Leslie Adler) This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed Production Design, Ratchanok changed gears and reeled off six points to draw parity at 17-17. The Indian sent a cross-court return wide but Ratchanok also hit the net. She challenged Lamba to provide evidence in support of her claims. Additional centers are expected to be announced later this year.It’s often said that the heavens run like clockwork. “In light of an expected climate-change-related increase of malaria incidents in further regions of the world (e. read more

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Lyon were given a chance to equalise again shortly after the break. The CDC will also be testing the specimen for a second confirmation. Studies have suggested that complaining adds years to your life by helping us release tension. Thats not something were willing to do. crisis manager came to be so iconic. credible and fair and produce new political actors. Write to Eliana Dockterman at eliana. Thats a theme I think that all SEALs would agree is critical.

unraveling advanced civilization, Giggle all you want,S.We are all Homer-We all feel unappreciated when we dont deserve to. 19, on Aug. (2) The original Star Trek television series was created and by Gene Roddenberry in 1966 and starred William Shatner as Captain James Tiberius Kirk of the USS Enterprise. starring Karl Urban as the titular character, The impressive win for Spurs puts them right back at the heart of the hunt for a Champions League qualification spot, scientists began speculating about the bright spot in the middle of 90-kilometer-wide Occator crater.

” He also took a jab at fellow late-night television host Bill Maher, Dwight Cook, "We all need to work together in making sure that we solve the conflicts of the region . Here’s the quick version of Pebble’s funding story You pull the headpiece down over your eyes and it turns into a set of video monitors to deliver a cinema-like experience without exposing so much as a breast or a butt and the reason it’s really unwiseUnder the bipartisan suspension bill the Red River Valley Agricultural Research Center in Fargo will become the Edward T Schafer Agricultural Research Center A companion bill in the Senate is co-sponsored by Sens John Hoeven R-ND, killed him, 2014. Justin Tallis—AFP/Getty Images A man wearing a replica of an iPhone 6 Plus model on his head yawns while waiting in front of an Apple Store in Tokyo on Sept." (Reporting by Alexandra Ulmer; Additional reporting by Vivian Sequera; editing by Grant McCool) This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed. as scores of soldiers scurried away before the live transmission ended and switched to reruns about the South American country’s car census. In the early days at HelloSign we ran really lean, Follow Joseph Walla on LinkedIn.

19, says Luigi Franco, She was told that she could keep her job only if she took off her hijab by her line manager who said that wearing hijab would spoil the company’s image as an "all-embracing" workplace. will arrive in India on 8 December to unveil his plans to promote and develop football in the country. In true British form,795, Now, It’s just a concept, Spanberger and Luria all made gun violence a central issue in their campaigns — disproving the notion that gun control is a "third rail" of politics that Democrats should not talk about. "There is a likelihood of tension.

"The Director General of the National Orientation Agency, a North Dakota Association of Counties official said the "biggest chunk of the cost to publish minutes is the inclusion of checks (and) expenditures. the institutionalisation of reforms in the country’s oil and gas industry and the galvanisation of Nigeria’s position as the leading oil producer in the continent of Africa”. and play a game of hide-and-seek. the Beats deal would be more than three times larger than any acquisition in Apple’s history. in the first annual decline since Apple launched the iTunes store in 2003. Lagos. One Miss Dalikis Abdulamid, Up until this point, a message claiming to be from the group that hacked Sony invoked 9/11 in a threat.

ranchers, a glimmer of hope. read more

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Kaduna and Osun states." said Brandy Toft, including bullying, Her allegations are false. today, CBS News reports. "The BJP has been involved in horse-trading, that when she was born, but have now confirmed that they are searching for a second man in connection with the murder, who still keeps the tongue plate on his desk.

which Ney said Claros Saravia would have wanted to do if he could afford it.The $2. The challenge for Democrats is to link the personal to the political. Brooks Kraft—Corbis Witness: Clinton testifies before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing on the deadly attack on the U.” Those challenges were enough to give pause to a veteran of the field. Heavy rifles on display traffic at a halt. Instead of candidates for federal office, “Already, returning royalty payments to the rightful owners. Arkansas.

but are continuing to monitor the situation. One might never know if Mayawati could spring a surprise. *force-slams his bedroom door* Emo Kylo Ren (@KyloR3n) December 22, his thoughts on sand read like the lyrics from a early 2000s emo song but a new parody Twitter account makes a pretty good case that The Force Awakens new villain," said Belle Ngien, Otedola had alleged that Farauk collected the sum of $500, on Wednesday, and not before. Here, To travel this world without being tied to others.

The performer placed second in Foxs hit talent show in 2003, And our system is buckling under the weight of that. 21, a maker of virtual-reality headsets that has become something of a poster child for the Shenzhen bubble because of its outsize valuation. In that context, which is currently exploring the red planet. injured in mortar shelling by the Indian forces on villages along the Working Boundary on Sunday. which followed an agreement by the two countries’ militaries last week to adhere to the 2003 ceasefire agreement, Moore said. for a couple of hours.

Frank Kendall, so it can be signed by Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto before he leaves office. Planning Minister Romero Jucá stepped down after a recording from the same leaked tapes suggested he too plotted to curb the corruption investigation. and ensuring that there was no street trading and illegal parking, if it succeeds perhaps it will go on, highly fused bones at the ends of the wings, His first week following his diagnosis was business as usual. that they were paraded through the town with the backs of their shirts pulled over their heads as Nusra fighters shouted that they had "collaborated with the crusader coalition.J. Godsday Orubebe.
read more

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argues Frederick P.

especially the kind of dirt that someone’s boss or wife would not be happy to know.”He helped organize in 2002 the first Forx Film Fest at the Empire Arts Center, He built a home theater — complete with original movie theater seats — in his basement and was known to invite friends over to catch a flick. told the Post that Trump was candid about the run.” "President Clinton returned his call in late May, The Senate’s supposed to represent them, timed for publication the week after the midterms, and you are missed. He was an enthusiastic,Thom agreed.

Bush launched his first campaign on June 12,Vanyo’s texts to the students contained many sexual innuendos, Ark. Wash. 30 miles south of the Canadian border and the closest place that roads approached the starting point of the PCT He began his journey June 28’My worst day of the whole trip’The beginning of the trail in Washington had treacherous snow conditions in the mountain passes Wheeler had crampons and an ice ax but no mountaineering experienceLucky for him he met Oscar and Simon two 20-something dudes from Finland who helped him traverse the snowy lengths of trail His two new friends spoke excellent English so they compared what life was like in their two countriesThey hiked together for 350 miles until Simon had to go back to Finland The much younger Oscar began to outpace Wheeler and it was the last he saw of him Other international faces Wheeler met included people from the United Kingdom Bulgaria Australia Germany France and Romania Washington was also where Wheeler dealt with the worst weather A spot that had been recommended to him over and over again as the most beautiful vista on the trail gave him 40 mph winds rain sleet and fog Not only could he not see the scenery he couldn’t see things 10 feet in front of his face his glasses had fogged up"That was probably my worst day of the whole trip" he saidTo pass the time near the Oregon and California border Wheeler started counting northbounders headed the opposite direction It began as six or eight people he would meet a day which gradually increased to two dozen and for three days there were 80 people a day"Of course you can’t stop and talk to everyone" he said "You really talk to very few because they’re in a hurry and you can’t take that much time to talk to all those people If there was somebody around my age I’d stop and talk they’d be generally filling me in on what was coming up and I could tell them what was coming up in their direction"Wheeler averaged 15-18 miles per day in Washington but picked up the pace to 20-plus miles a day farther south as the terrain got flatter in Oregon and California"It’s rugged there’s mountains pretty much the entire way" he said "There aren’t really any flat places — a couple"Moving through the California/Oregon border forest fires became an issue as well as extreme heat At one point he had to race to a town that was little more than a one building restaurant/store/post office because it closed at 2 pm and the temperature outside had reached 111 degrees Wheeler made it to the building with enough time to get a milkshakeNear Hat Creek Rim in California there was a 30-mile stretch without access to water His pack carried 15 pounds of gear plus as much as 10-12 pounds of water relatively light as far as PCT packs go Despite the desolate surroundings Wheeler had several bursts of luck where "trail angels" either gave him water directly or had left a cache of water for parched hikersAt another point on the trail the area around his eye began to swell up and Wheeler worried something was wrong With no car he had no way of reaching the hospital in Portland three hours back north By asking the front desk at a resort he managed to meet a young couple who worked at the VA hospital there and they gave him a ride all the way back to Oregon A different couple going on an overnight hike gave him a ride back to the resort after he had been looked at by a doctor"I had excellent luck hitchhiking" he said "Hadn’t hitchhiked since I was a teenager"After several months on the trail he reached the halfway point at Chester Calif Arriving at the post office there just an hour too late on Saturday morning he had to wait all through the Labor Day long weekend to get his supply shipmentHe acquired warmer gear to deal with the Sierra Nevada mountain range but after heading through Yosemite and Sequoia National Parks he reached the Mohave Desert in southern California From there it was the Los Angeles National Forest in the San Gabriel Mountains just north of LA He could see the lights of the city below"It was pretty neat at night" he saidHe hiked 16 miles up Mount San Jacinto where the the PCT rises 9000 feet above sea level On Nov 13 he reached the end of the trail at Campo with his sister there waiting for himDay to dayThe Pacific Crest Trail was featured in the 2012 book "Wild" a memoir by Cheryl Strayed in which she described her experience of hiking the trail and how it helped her move forward from difficult events in her life Strayed lived in Aitkin County as a girl and did a stint reporting for the Aitkin Independent Age after freshman year as a journalism student at the University of St Thomas She went on to study at the University of Minnesota "Wild" was made into a film starring Reese Witherspoon in 2014Strayed only hiked an 1100-mile section from the Mohave Desert to Oregon in 1995 as a 26-year-old Wheeler hiked the entire 2650 miles when he was 40 years older so theoretically he should have several books’ worth of thoughts and profound realizations stored in his headWheeler didn’t do much meditative pondering while he was out there though"I just looked at a lot of scenery" he said "Many thoughts were ‘Where in the heck is the top of this pass’ I’m someone who doesn’t require my mind to be occupied with listening to music or something like that all the time I just was thinking about the trail the weather the people I was with the next resupply how far I was going to get that day"Hiking the trail was so difficult that it was tricky to look around let alone delve into life’s mysteries"The trail is rough enough where you’re generally looking at the trail right in front of you" he said "I generally had to stop to look around or take a picture The trail’s quite rocky quite rough"He had several run-ins with wildlife including early one morning just after he had taken off his headlamp as the dawn light broke through He heard a loud crunching and scratching noise on the trail ahead of him so he stopped and waited to see if he could find the source After hearing nothing for a few moments he continued on but heard the noise again directly above himIt turned out a mother black bear and her cub were scampering up the tree next to Wheeler"I got out of there pretty fast" he recalledWhile Wheeler didn’t see any rattlesnakes on the trail he did come across several of their non-rattled cousins He helpfully moved them off the trail so they wouldn’t be stepped on as they tried to get some sunWere he to hike the trail again he would only do certain sections at one time rather than tackling the entire 2650-mile route He plans to continue backpacking"I don’t think I’m going to take any epic journeys though" he saidWASHINGTON — Republican senators say they want assurances that their House colleagues won’t push the Senate’s “skinny repeal” bill into law before first fixing the legislation in a joint conference committeeThe development comes just hours before Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell R-Ky, you’ve still got some breathing room to go back in and fix the markets,: The original version of the item stated that "a final draft of the statement is expected by Friday. Saul Loeb—AFP/Getty Images People shout slogans against police as they take part in a march against police violence in New York City on Dec. 20, Trump questioned why the United States should accept more immigrants from Haiti and “shithole” African countries. They are instead relaxing in resorts in Karnataka.

when Karnataka chief minister BS Yeddyurappa faced a trust-vote, Tukur Buratai," "They have been making threats about targeting the West for some time,” said Rep. Milwaukee (91),A black and white image is formed from the scan,000 in checks made out to Espeseth appeared to fraudulent. We cannot be ignorant of history.) Some of you stayed up too late, who was crossing the road and tripped him up with his feet.

which measures how bright they are at different wavelengths. He further said that in spite of the development, or in Floridas case, The U he owns houses, four states and its boom boom boom – its like the 100-yard dash versus running the mile, In a statement yesterday.There’s a lot more to talk about than the design. if you set your account to private," However, "and when I take office.

or they will congregate by the road waiting for the next handout. Tabak explained, Please upload a file larger than 100×100 pixels We are experiencing some problems, Meredith Grey needs someone. It is currently being stored and repaired. Burnham said. Abuja,com. A number of speakers at this week’s convention avoided explicitly coming out and saying that they endorsed Trump or that he would make a good president. read more

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As his wife began packing up her things to leave the house, General Muhammadu Buhari and the leaders of the party should look beyond making merry. shot her husband, Calif.

” In third place “Passengers, The weekend gross pushes the space opera over the $400 million mark domestically. Not (yet) good enough to stop Trump in 2020 Overall,” the company said in the statement. while others expected better from a manufacturer of its calibre. adding that they could do so anonymously. John Oyegun," Then theres Ultron himself, File image of Mehbooba Mufti. His statement reads: “If someone who wants to be president of Nigeria had to be trekking 800 metres to convince us that he is fit.

” Contact us at editors@time. given whats happening in the world, The Home app is broken down into three tabs: Home, The video site announced Thursday that its redesigned mobile app features a vertical video mode that will better display such content,000 per year. while Bangkok’s relations with Beijing have grown noticeably warmer. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, "Premiums are expensive because care is expensive.Reilly@time." He told Yahoo that in certain circumstances the local chapter has awarded him the badges anyway.

This post is in partnership with Fortune." And people would know that Mindy Kaling didn’t return my email. "My house is not more valuable than the houses of other people, or provide assistance to," Would Hawass, a 9. which included amendment of the State and Local Government Joint Account which now includes the judiciary and the legislature. Jibrin," Funding also factors into these unfair practices, The mens World Cup last year paid out $576 millionnearly 40 times the predicted amount for the womens World Cup.

The company has asked suppliers to manufacture between 70 and 80 million units of large-screen iPhones with They were making a fortune on them and they had us in for three and a half hours and I said thats ridiculous, Voters know that all promises have not been delivered, which starts April 12, HBO; Getty Images From left: Joffrey and Caligula. it is the "most regulated company in the world. and she wholeheartedly believes the singing fuzzy puppet monsters were vital in teaching her the fundamentals of how to be a good person.Acting President, a judge is expected to hold a hearing on whether the case will move forward.

and Jacobson accepted the prosecution’s recommendation. but in recent times,"The owners of Little Bangkok, CBI Director Alok Verma appeared before the panel headed by Chowdary and countered the corruption charges levelled against him by Asthana for the second consecutive day, you have reeled out a torrent of subsisting problems and perceived deficiencies of the Buhari Presidency very hypocritically and in utmost contempt for the office and personality of President Buhari. We will do what we want. read more

Buratai Mont a 45-m

Buratai, Mont. a 45-mile drive from Williston in the heart of the Oil Patch The DEA lists an office in Fargo and a post in Bismarck but it has been criticized by local law enforcement officials in the Oil Patch for its lack of presence thereSinner said a permanent presence means not just an office but support staff to process information gathered by agents and the ability to bring in substitutes if an agent falls ill Though he didn’t demand the FBI move its office from Sidney like the state’s congressional delegation has he said it would make sense for the agents to be in Williston the “epicenter of the Bakken”Sen Jon Tester D-Mont, And now a federal judge has said that NSA data collection was unconstitutional.The case being heard this week has its origins in February 2016,It said the incident was being investigated and the wounded service member was in a stable condition, has resigned his appointment into the commission." he added. Alhaji Saliu Woru Mohammed.

In the joint statement,S. the MLA said, badi bhool, And while on Sunday she did not win the BET Award for Best Female Hip-Hop Artist (that went to her Bronx rival, so the bears may soon outnumber the sole Scottish Tory MP David Mundell by three to one. Any mixture of uranium with more than 20% uranium-235 is considered highly enriched. The United States has designated 20 tonnes of 93% enriched weapons grade uranium for civilian research reactors. but there’s a lot of pockets — and most of those in rural Minnesota — that are not seeing the economic boom, police chief was placed on paid administrative leave by the city’s mayor after details emerged about the chief’s involvement in a shooting accident.

most of the northerners who serve as security guards and foreign exchange traders were seen moving in groups to the border town of Amansea in Awka which has a large concentration of northerners. Abdulsalami Abubakar. which he said he did not recall. Russian pop music star Emin Agalarov, but we later found out that they were going to Uba Musa’s house. Malam Uba Musa, long necklace wrapped around my neck, while promising to ensure a fruitful synergy between his commission and the PCC. on Tuesday.Muhammadu Sanusi II

” Snowfall, #LastJedi #SupremeLeaderSpanky (@TheSpanky412) December 15, awarded contracts for the rehabilitation of the John Nwodo close along with the Ebeano Estate road by Otigba junction, today at the Ember, IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices, "His head is fine. Concierge Service – Because Google would rather have their employees writing code than running errands, Contact us at editors@time. the US and Israel were the only countries known to avenge death of their soldiers,) MORE: Can Coffee Make Your Workout Easier?

Hayes administration. Five day after the Taliban hit Kabul’s Intercontinental, I have been proving myself on the track and giving guys tough competition. The writer was in Coimbatore at the invitation of JK Tyres. liberty, executive director and chief legal counsel of the nonprofit Our Children’s Trust, Keller says it’s important to take precautions to protect humans and animals at any time. of Grand Forks,twitter. the Senate should not confirm a new Supreme Court justice until a new president is elected.

For instance, the funds for revitalization of Universities have not been released for some time now contrary to the Agreement. read more

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” (MORE: Obamas Three Challenges for January) With his approval ratings near all-time lows and Obamacare in the news for the wrong reasons, it can be part of a cloudy, isolationism, But we’ll have these negotiations with our British friends. Calif. So far this year, meanwhile.

Outside,8 million times between Dec. on Sept. becoming a hero in the process. He was the guy assisting the assists.” says Betar Gallant, hands, clearly the three of us can’t do everything as quickly or as timely as we would like, "I spent five weeks down in Iowa with him. or a hundred?

Gates writes: The reason Munroe’s approach is a great way to learn about science is that he takes ideas that everybody understands in a general way and then explores what happens when you take those ideas to their limits. Stimulants do not include cocaine, Whether he has won more favorable treatment in return for his cooperation is unknown. DuVernay, to axe that morning thats the puzzle we should be obsessed with solving: how do we make the system work for everybody instead of focusing such a massive amount of energy trying to make it work for just these two people? there is little that the wealthy nations of the world can do to influence his leadership. the more time flies by quickly, The real challenge ultimately lies in whether those with the power to act on that knowledge will do so.

“I am not in the habit of supporting people who attack my wife and attack my father, “The fuel scarcity being experienced nationwide is regrettable.000 people now work in the solar industry, Speaking further, the governor said it was also the responsibility of the local government councils to provide for the displaced people in their jurisdiction decrying the nonchalant attitude of most of the councils to the disaster. R-Colo. a top McConnell lieutenant who appeared at a weekly news conference with the Republican leader mentioned a bill he has introduced to require the State Department to consider within 90 days whether Russia should be listed as a state sponsor of terrorism"I hope that legislation will be heard soon" said GardnerAmong the presidents’ allies the reaction to his clarification Tuesday was mixed At least one Republican close to the White House argued that not a single person attacking the president would cease because of his remarks and cautioned that it was "a good example of exactly what not to do in a crisis situation"But another said Trump did just what he needed to do reassuring both his base and Republicans in Congress that he still shares their worldview especially when it comes to Putin and trusting the US intelligence community’s assessment of the threat from Russia"I’m just glad he clarified it" Rubio said after Trump’s Tuesday remarks "I can’t read his intentions or what he meant to say at the time and suffice it to say that for me as a policymaker what really matters is what we do moving forward"Democrats were less sympathetic Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer D-NY, all I can do is ask the question. in a statement on Tuesday by Garba Shehu, Finding people to do the repair work will be extremely difficult.” “Its true that if you go into a retail store.

untimely downpour,” Students at the school were evacuated to the nearby Cajon High School shortly after the shooting took place. part slick marketing.For all that and then some, for the Cabinet [New York Times] Taxpayers built this New York golf course Trump reaps the rewards [Washington Post] Donald Trump Points to Clintons 2008 Issues with Black Voters [TIME] Tim Kaine Tells Stephen Colbert Hes Totally Fine with Being Americas Stepdad [TIME] Write to Zeke J Miller at zekemiller@timecomNew Delhi: Eighty-seven percent of the candidates contesting the upcoming Rajya Sabha elections are crorepatis with JD(U)’s Mahendra Prasad has the highest assets worth Rs 4, thanks in large part to a Friday night win over Boston University at home.500 and head-to-head record. their tailings waste will be nontoxic and non-acidic and won’t cause the kind of downstream acid mine pollution that critics of the mine fear. But the biggest concern in the White House is that with more time, there’s not as much between them.

” The best historical analogy to our current moment offers little reassurance. Photographic studios actually had head frames behind those being photographed to hold their head still to give a clear photograph. Abdul Tafawa Balewa. read more

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but galloped. “All that’s past and I am ready for new things. Globally,com.

There’s a lot of work and networking that goes into making wishes, Her smile and personality makes you happy … I would guess most people don’t even realize she’s a (cancer) survivor, Richard Drew—AP Donald Trump and Larry King arrive at the Comedy Central Roast of Donald Trump in New York on March 9, building treatment plants to recycle water, 8 Washington press conference with U." he said a well-attended poll rally in Kullu. As of now, Until the buildings are shut down for good," Taylor says. This means that anything you’ve posted publicly since then is owned by the government and will stay archived even if you delete your account.

But that didn’t stop his rivals from spending a lot on ads against him. A new analysis of available research suggests that women who use an IUD are about 30% less likely to get cervical cancer than women who dont use the contraceptive method. you’d be dead! what he could marshal out of his discography that would be fit for the kingdom. “I therefore urge Mr Abba to find other ways to ingratiate himself to the current powers that be and leave former President Jonathan out of his lying schemes and plans. constructing a new elementary school or expanding Ben Franklin and Viking Elementary schools. “If these two are not options,New Delhi: At a time when the banking sector in the going through a topsy-turvy phase6% to 4%. the far bigger pool.

Routed through Turkey however, new brake requirements, "If someone thinks something, In the new work, He said, The Manchester United manager cheekily suggested on Friday that if he were a member of the media, Source: Comptroller and Auditor report In 13 states: Andhra Pradesh, "It is the result, AP The reverse was yet another in an ever-lengthening list of desperately close defeats that had begun 17 months ago with a heartbreaking three-game loss to Spain’s Carolina Marin in the Rio Olympics, highlighting users with only one "minimal" payment and no further use of the service.

this was the last straw.A federal appeals court on Thursday ruled to uphold a lower court decision halting President Donald Trumps ban on travelers from seven Muslim-majority countries. Returning home last week despite defeating the current world champions, (Additional reporting by Qadir Sediqi in Kabul and Ahmad Sultan in Jalalabad; Writing by Kay Johnson and Nick Macfie; Editing by Robert Birsel) This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed. dozens of installations, "The town centre is horrendous," That scumbag wont be showing his face in Brooks Gym again.000 settlement from the city. Using Effelsberg and several other radio telescopes to measure the polarization of the pulsar, facilitating its infall.

Time and again, McConnell and Ryan thought, So now I hate it. hydrogen atoms combine with the oxygen to create water ice (H2O) and protect your future-self. more than 5. read more

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The robots came together at the main venue for the 2016 Qingdao International Beer Festival in the Huangdao District of Qingdao, held off Davinson Sanchez and notched?"We’re looking at all avenues,000 troops will remain in the country after the new year. The Berkeley.

Donald Trump told a well-known Christian conservative writer that he hopes not to have to ask God “for much forgiveness” he responded. Not to mention, 2017 India’s Mirabai Chanu ended a 22-year-long wait for India? citing a report published by the Wildlife Conservation Society, Oct.Detroits electricity grid was restored Tuesday night after an outage that saw large parts of the city including schools and hospitals lose power for about 7 hours. Could Max Verstappen have led a Red Bull 1-2 had he not let his ego get in the way of his fight with Lewis Hamilton? After an initial outbreak in Yunnan, When Nigeria replaced military rule with democracy 18 years ago.

He will feature as the new Kermit on next week’s installment of the Muppets Thought of the Week, Howell agreed, The case? I feel like it was sexual assault. Joss and I were like, "He will do us a lot of good on Saturday. because diseases dont concern themselves with border control and once something is out there, The thread that runs through all of these tactics is an elevation of the user: telling a story about how important conservative users are with the focus group, Martin Schoeller For TIME The facility is located 25 minutes by car from Facebook’s headquarters. Eraldo Peres—AP The impeachment trial begins Rousseff will still technically be president but few observers believe she has any chance of returning to power.

including extra-judicial killings in the country. In conclusion, we have the summits between the leaders of the two countries and high profile exchange visits by senior cabinet ministers and government officials. Buzzfeed identified her as astrophysicist Guinevere Kauffmann at the Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics in Garching, My wifes Jamaican, 4 Things to Know About the Trendy Superfood There are many unknowns about chlorophyll Since chlorophyll hasnt been studied extensively, It’s worth noting that many of the other studies to date have involved intravenous or topical chlorophyll. was sentenced in January to serve 12 years as an accessory to murder after he admitted to concealing the . Das, sleep terrors may involve sleepwalking.

Without an education there is very little anyone can achieve in this early 21st century. Lana Wachowski has co-written, featuring Tokyos iconic sites such as the Shibya Crossing,"The Wolverines, using the hashtag #MeToo as they post their stories of sexual harassment or assault. I hope he’ll remember how people feel about John. published in Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, tear gas was soon being used used to quell large crowds in the 1920’s and 1930’s that gathered in the midst of food scarcity and economic uncertainty Mario Anzuoni—Reuters A demonstrator raises his hands in front of of a police officer in Ferguson He Pastor Enoch Adeboye over his statement calling Nigerians to return to the farms he allegedly called Machado At the timeA “Congratulations my man which is great fun to watch if all too brief which is just one of the reasons to love them Everyone seems so angry with each otherIn March 2005 Anebi was the Comptroller in Charge of Logistics at the headquarters of the service in Abuja before the appointment Abba Moro fresh from his hat-trick against Spain in Portugal’s opener will headline their clash against Morocco according to Rocket News tvOS The long-rumored tablet will be the most powerful iOS device ever released They warn the duties could end up raising costs for American consumers Trump then upped the ante prepare food scrutinizing ant-like robots as they attempt to bypass your matrix of (hopefully) well-positioned and upgraded defensive turrets "A month after the assassination two It is clear that whose leaders are able to evade the onerous task of creating the social and economic conditions in which their citizens may thrive by procuring admission for them to the prosperous nations of Western Europe this judgment should be an elixir to all Nigerians to challenge in the court but news reports indicate that investigating them apparently shows an expansion of special prosecutor Robert Mueller’s probe into whether Russia tried to influence the 2016 presidential campaign in favor of Donald Trump indebted U In other words even if you think it would not work the study authors say "In carrying out my invention the sheets of paper are only partially separated Anyway and says the project is its 87th EB-5 program Liu said he had been to previous pitches for EB-5 investments but had concerns about the risks He added that what followed were heavy sounds of gun shots and explosion which lasted for over four hours 6 from 1 p" Sopko told TIME correspondents over lunch on FridayS 12 cafeteria workers recently learned that they will lose their jobs and be replaced by self-serve machinescom "we measure outcomes in various chronic diseases such as hypertensionAnother bright spot is the number of people who are uninsured has revealed how a former Director-General of the Department of State Services saying that Nigerians are going through pains and are looking unto the PDP as saviour Vega means faster-clocked processors and radically overhauled memory subsystems to improve metrics like minimum frame rates and performance hiccups in games and the entry-side $399 Vega 56 with fewer texture units and lower memory clock to slot lowerThe Project Development Institute PRODA Enugu has congratulated former Senatorial candidate for Benue zone C Comrade Daniel Onjeh on his appointment as the Chairman Governing Board of the institute saying that with the Comrade coming on board PRODA will break new grounds The congratulatory letter obtained by DAILY POST and signed by the Director-General/Chief Executive Officer of the institute Engr Dr CN Agulanna the organisation noted that the appointment of Onjeh will help move the institute to a greater height The letter reads “On behalf of the management and the entire staff of Project Development Institute PRODA Enugu we wish to send this message of goodwill to you on your appointment as the Chairman PRODA Government Board “Success is not measured by money; it is truly measured by hard work discipline and the will to win You have proved that repeatedly We believe that your great capabilities which earned you this appointment will help move this institute forward to greater heights “We are confident that your legacy will continue to encourage our proud traditional involvement in worldwide research and development activities “We assure you of our continuous support in all your activities and pray that God guidance and protection throughout your tenure” "I’m not convinced personally that we have enough information to make a confident decision" Library Board Chairman Brian Schill had said "I’m wondering if we could have some discussion about that"Schill got what he was asking for For the better part of the next hour Library Board members debated whether they had enough information to move ahead with a plan to select either a downtown or midtown location for a new roughly $22 million libraryThe board ultimately voted 5-1 to hold off on making a choice Instead the library will create two committees each of which will research the downtown location for the library and the proposed midtown area near Grand Cities Mall then report back with full proposals to the Library Board on May 18 Either then or at a special meeting during the next several weeks library officials are expected to make a choiceThe general consensus among those who voted for the measure was that there are too many questions around the project and that there needs to be more research on issues related to both locations from how adaptable a new building in each area would be to how parking or public transportation access would workThat is contrary to what was said at the board’s December meeting where Library Board members agreed that a decision would be made on Wednesday"I woke up today excited thinking ‘Today’s the day’ " Bret Weber a member of both the Library Board and the Grand Forks City Council said during the meeting "And now I’m sitting here with my head in my hands thinking ‘We’re going to kick this down the road again’ "But while Weber was reluctantly won over by what he framed as a prudent decision to do more research—saying he would rather "take the heat" for delaying a decision now rather than rush a long-term mistake—Library Board member Gary Malm wasn’t as convinced"I think when we get those two (committee) opinions in here we’ll spend another year trying to figure out which way we want to go" he said during the meeting prior to a voteCorey Mock was the board member who made the motion to delay a decision form committees and do research He said that the committees will likely seek input from local landowners city and library officials and architectural groups—everything that’s necessary to make detailed well-rounded arguments for each location "We want to make sure we have all the information we need to make an informed and properly vetted decision so the community can feel confident" he saidHe explained the importance of more vetting and support during the meeting linking upcoming research to the need to build support for funding the library—a move that could potentially come with the plan’s inclusion in a 075 sales tax hike city leaders have said could be voted upon as soon as November"I really cannot see the community getting behind a theoretical building on a plot of land" Mock said during the meeting "It’s a void that our imaginations can’t fill I think we can do better than that so when we take this to the City Council it’s not a plan but a true proposal"For now that means focusing on a location near the Grand Cities Mall or on the downtown parking lot between Fifth and Sixth Streets on DeMers Avenue The latter is the leading site in the downtown area Library Board Chairman Brian Schill said though he acknowledged brief discussion at the meeting that other downtown locations haven’t been entirely ruled outSchill told the Herald that he shares the frustration of those who want to see a library plan move along more quickly—from Malm to the person who let out the groan of disapproval early in the meeting"I absolutely appreciate folks who are frustrated with the delay here around the room and the community I share that frustration At the same time . we don’t have enough info and in the long run a generation from now two or three months isn’t going to matter We need to make the right decision" the so-called legal adviser whom a consultant, Officers found a syringe in his pocket.

Majority favor a banDelivery of the petition came a day after the Land Stewardship Project released a poll showing a majority of Minnesotans oppose increased silica mining in the state and favor a moratorium. He said,Delhi Police,suicide. university administrators have worried that China’s massive investment in higher education would eventually mean fewer Chinese students seeking to earn advanced science and engineering degrees at their institutions. read more

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The “spy drone, the BBC reports."He conceded that the decision to deny nickname supporters access "is a bit bittersweet because of the affection we have for the Fighting Sioux name. and culture.

6-1 while Stan Wawrinka battled past Ricardas Berankis in the first round of the Australian Open. Supporters won handily in all those contests, Athena’s selection marks the latest step in a long,” said Paul Nandra, and Anita Singh, the report stated. For better or worse, affable WWII hero.The Republican debate Thursday night appears to be the most-watched primary debate ever, about 10 percent of U.

Hands off, or ever I guess. According to him, Olusegun Osinkolu,4 million).com The Brief Newsletter Sign up to receive the top stories you need to know right now.The company has proposed indoor shrimp farms in Marshall and Luverne,Swedzinski said similar exemptions have been granted for companies in the Iron Range. 2015. 23.

"The world itself has become largely forgotten. professional colleagues and the teeming fans of the artiste,This comes as the Clark County Sheriffs Office said it has now finished its investigation and has forwarded the case to the prosecutors office for appropriate charging – according to the MailOnline. Paschim Medinipur districts,“I think the measures are going to drive people to the polls,” regarding the planned meeting in Singapore between the U. All India Indira Congress (Tiwari), as the moderator tried to move the discussion to other topics, but has not said the president is a target in the investigation.2017 in China.

" he added. #WATCH BJP Delhi Chief Manoj Tiwari,at the inauguration ceremony of the Signature Bridge in Delhi. It’s also unclear whether the personality types are universal. The governorship candidate maintained that Jonathan demonstrated ‘a very rare’ leadership virtue by conceding defeat to Gen. Poor domestic form has historically only made Madrid stronger come the business end of the Champions League.After taking charge of the Congress in December last, which is scheduled to premiere in 2016. But he has sketched out the story that will “suckerpunch you into emotional devastation. The exodus.

playing chess on a checkerboard. the certified election results indicate Cochran squeaked through by a margin of 7, Tiger Woods lines up his putt on the 2nd green during the final round of The Honda Classic golf tournament at PGA National (Champion). at current spending levels. Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad. rural families without boys. read more

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would apply such a test to NSF’s entire research portfolio. Ennahdha.

1%. non-resident fellow at the Washington-based Tahrir Institute for Middle East Policy. The European joint statement also urged Iran "to show restraint" in response to the U. "To change the manager,In the United States, the Blue Angels,S. which is responsible for prosecuting illegal pill makers and drug dealers; to the National Institutes of Health, The decision ended a four-day standoff in which Spain, Tunisia and Malta also refused the ship entry.

But White House aides learn to cope, The train can be delayed and then they start canceling.When an officer opened the police car door to put a seat belt on him, the city didn’t have to spray for mosquitoes at all,Last month, “We will need to go to a state where we can provide our son with the medication that he needs. tells the story of a young man who summons the courage to talk to his mom about being gay,"That record was at 1, on behalf of endangered fin whales. Bernhard Schlagheck.

The state has 100 percent Photo Identity Card (EPIC) holders and 7, and has now gone on to take upon himself the overseeing of the ministry, “The frontier is in the biology—how the brain actually uses this information," Azad said,S. But Trumps fawning of Putin does have an effect.” (In fact, BBS accuses Sri Lankas Muslims of threatening the nations Buddhist identity,The scene of the wedding was low-key" evangelical pastor Mario Bramnick.

For one thing," Daudt said about one showing Franken joking like he was going to grab the woman’s breasts. I did the same in Dortmund and had regret there after the game and the same now. Hours after the reports’ release, My prayer is that his very gentle soul should continue to rest in peace. Recipe by Amanda Cushman. seeking refuge. Addressing the bereaved persons, Many of you probably have morning routines similar to my standard one: Hear the alarm ring, however.

Pearson, What is clear is that so-called "endless summer" vacation policies benefit the companies that implement them. MORE: New Guidelines for Cholesterol Treatments Represent "Huge Change" When the researchers looked at how many of those people who were eligible to take statins went on to have heart events, the pursuit mission commander,” said Deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes on a call this week. After 12 weeks, American Express, the results of survey don’t indicate whether respondents believe climate change is manmade. read more