Capture Photos Of Airplane Flights By The Senrigawa River Osaka

first_imgIn airplane enthusiast circles, some people say that they prefer watching airplanes to actually flying on them.This time, we introduce a place that is perfect for airplane enthusiasts –  a picturesque spot for airplane photos that can be accessed without having to go to the airport. This spot is the riverbed by the Senrigawa River near Osaka International Airport (Itami Airport). Famous with airplane lovers, crowds of enthusiasts descend on this place day after day.This article will introduce what makes airplane watching from the Senrigawa riverbed so appealing.The Ideal Spot To Get Takeoff and Landing PhotosThe fastest way to understand the riverbed’s popularity is to look at this photo.That’s right. From the riverbed, you can witness airplanes passing so close to the ground that the blasts of wind left in their wake knock the hats right off watchers’ heads.From directly below, the entire airplane can’t be captured in just one shot. That’s why we recommend taking pictures from many different angles to avoid taking cut-off photos.Feel The Boom In Your BonesAs the riverbed is so close to the airport, a particular thrill is the chance to physically feel the bursts of sound from the airplanes. At the instant that an airplane’s engines hit full power, the roar will shake the very air around you. You will feel the sound not just with your ears, but with your whole body.The sight of an plane lazily rolling down a runway, then suddenly picking up speed and blasting into the sky, is definitely something you have to witness for yourself.A Mecca For Airplane Fans Of All Ages And GendersThere are men, women and children at the riverbed, taking photos of the takeoofs and landings. All sorts of enthusiasts gather here, with people who can perfectly recall takeoff and landing times, people who are experts about specially designed limited-edition airplanes, and still others who essentially know everything there is to know about planes.If you want to connect with other airplane enthusiasts and exchange information that only fans would know about, this is the place to go.How To Get To The RiverbedNext, let’s check how to get to the riverbed by the Senrigawa River.The closest station is Sone Station, on the Hankyu Railway Takarazuka Line.From Osaka International Airport (Itami Airport), get on the airport monorail and get off at Hotarugaike Station, then transfer to the Hankyu Railway. Sone Station is three stops from Hotarugaike Station. Be aware that express trains do not stop at Sone Station.The riverbed is a kilometer and a half away, so the walk takes about 20 minutes on foot.There are many narrow streets leading away from Sone Station, so there is no single route to the riverbed. If you use your phone to confirm your orientation, it will be very difficult to actually get lost. Any map will display Itami Airport, so if you just aim for the river next to it, you will come to the riverbed.Points To RememberFinally we’d like to mention a few things to remember when you visit the riverbed.1. Go To The Restroom And Buy Food And Drinks BeforehandThere are no convenience stores or restrooms in the immediate area, so if you need to, take care of everything at the convenience store in front of Sone Station.2. Have Something To Protect Yourself From Sunlight Or ColdThere is no shade in the area, so be sure to bring anti-UV protection in the summer and something to warm yourself up in the winter. Also, there are no parking lots in the area, so going by train will be much more convenient.3. Try Not To Impede Other People’s Airplane WatchingSome people at the riverbed aren’t airplane enthusiasts, but are just there to look at the planes. Be considerate of others. Avoid throwing away trash or cigarettes in the area, and don’t block the pathways with tripods.Let’s aim to create a space where everyone can enjoy watching the planes. Have a great and fulfilling time at the riverbed!Recommended articlesOsaka PrefectureOsaka From Above: Umeda Sky Building’s Floating Garden ObservatoryRide the Tempozan Ferris Wheel For a Sky-High View of OsakaHow to Reach the Umeda Sky Building from Osaka StationCheck Out These Unique Snacks! 5 Recommended Osaka SouvenirsInformationThe Riverbed At The Senrigawa RiverAddress: Osaka, Toyonaka City, Haradanaka 2-Chome, Senrigawa RiverClosest station: Sone Station (曽根駅) on the Hankyu RailwayAccess: 20 minutes’ walk from Sone Stationlast_img read more

Handson Fun The Skytree Town® Campus Chiba Institute Of Technology

first_imgSkytree Town® Campus is an attraction facility managed by the Chiba Institute of Technology, located on the eighth floor of the shopping complex Tokyo Skytree Town®. Visitors can enjoy here experiencing cutting-edge technology.The floor is separated into AREA I and AREA II, each area displaying unique technology. Today we’ll be introducing some attractions from each area.AREA I: Japanese Robot TechnologyThe first thing you’ll see upon reaching the eighth floor is AREA I. This area introduces Japanese robot technology to visitors. Step one foot inside the dimly-lit room and you will find various displays and attractions.1. ROBOT EYEIn order for a robot to act like a human, it must first be able to recognize the world as we do.A finder using the technology of the robot eye can be found at the entrance of AREA I. With its precise recognition accuracy and processing capability, the robot eye automatically counts the number of visitors. This is made possible with a sensor that retrieves 3D information about its surroundings.2. RESCUE ROBOTThis rescue robot has been investigating and gathering information in places where humans cannot safely enter since the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster in 2011.3. ROBOTIC SHADOW There are many interesting things to see within AREA II, but we were most excited by the SOLAR SYSTEM GRAND TOUR.Here visitors can learn facts about the solar system using a 120-inch touchscreen.You could say it’s a digital encyclopedia with a touch screen. We enjoyed a function that let us see how the planets are lined up on a specific date.It might be fun to check out how the planets were lined up on the day you were born. I myself took a commemorative photo.What do you think about this place? We weren’t able to introduce all of the displays and attractions in this article, so we recommend stopping by yourself. You’ll find it won’t hurt your wallet either, as admission is free.Enjoying some cutting-edge technology after visiting the Skytree sounds good, doesn’t it?InformationSkytree Town® Campus, Chiba Institute Of TechnologyAddress: Tokyo, Sumida, Oshiage 1-1-2 Tokyo Skytree Town® Soramachi 8FHours: 10:30-18:00Closed: IrregularMenus/Pamphlets in Other Languages: English PamphletsNearest Station: Oshiage Station, Tokyo Metro Hanzomon, Keisei Oshiage, Toei Asakusa linesAdmission: FreePhone Number: +81-3-6658-5888Website: Skytree Town® Campus, Chiba Institute Of Technology This display called “ROBOTIC SHADOW” (*1) stands out within AREA I. Images on a giant screen react to the visitors’ movements.You will be able to experience sensor technology used to recognize the movements of people. You’ll enjoy watching various items attaching to you on the screen, or flying towards you and falling apart on impact.When we visited, some children were trying to dodge flying objects by jumping or getting down on their stomachs. Maybe we’ll see attractions like these at arcades in the future?*1 This display is available only on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays. On weekdays, visitors can enjoy operating robots on the screen with an iPad (“GIGANTIC ROBOT SCREEN”).AREA II: Planetary Exploration Research TechnologyAcross from AREA I is AREA II. Here, a mysterious machine jumps into view.This is the transforming robot Valkyrie VF-25F from the Japanese sci-fi robot anime Macross Frontier. This life-size display will make you feel as if you have entered the anime world itself.This is a visual game where you can kick around planets using images projected onto the walls and floor. This attraction uses AR (augmented reality) technology.The planets you kick around will fly toward other planets, and bump into them or even explode.4. MOON WALKERImages of the moon’s surface taken by Japanese lunar probe “Kaguya” are projected on the walls and floor. You’ll feel as if you’re on the moon when standing on the display.5. SOLAR SYSTEM GRAND TOURlast_img read more

BC judge approves Victorias plastic bag bylaw going into effect in July

first_imgVICTORIA – The mayor of Victoria is hailing a court victory allowing the city to enact a bylaw that will prohibit grocery stores from offering or selling plastic bags to shoppers.Lisa Helps says in a news release that the B.C. Supreme Court decision represents an important step in moving away from unsustainable business practices that create high volumes of waste from single-use plastic bags.The Canadian Plastic Bag Association challenged the bylaw, saying it amounts to an environmental regulation that the city does not have the power to enact without provincial approval.Justice Nathan Smith says the bylaw is characterized as a business regulation and even though some councillors may have been motivated by broad concerns for the environment, they were considering ways in which discarded plastic bags impact municipal facilities and services.The bylaw that goes into effect in July calls on businesses to charge customers 15 cents for a paper bag and $1 for a reusable bag, but small paper bags used for items such as bulk foods, meat, bakery goods and plants would still be free.Fees will increase in July 2019 to 25 cents for a paper bag and $2 for a reusable bag.Note to readers: This is a corrected story. A previous version said the fees increase in January 2019.last_img read more

Citing recent tensions Security Council urges restraint by Israelis Palestinians

6 March 2010Members of the United Nations Security Council have called for restraint by all sides and an early return to the negotiating table, while voicing their concern at the current “tense” situation in the occupied Palestinian territories, including East Jerusalem. “They urged all sides to show restraint and avoid provocative acts,” Ambassador Emmanuel Issoze-Ngondet of Gabon, which holds the rotating Council presidency for March, told reporters after closed-door talks on Friday.“They stressed that peaceful dialogue was the only way forward and looked forward to an early resumption of negotiations,” he added.During their meeting in New York on 24 February, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon voiced his regret to Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak about recent developments on the ground, including new demolition orders in East Jerusalem and the inclusion of holy sites in the occupied West Bank on an Israeli heritage list.According to media reports, Israeli police and Palestinian youths clashed at the Temple Mount site in Jerusalem on Friday, resulting in several injuries on both sides. Clashes have also been reported in the West Bank city of Hebron, following Israel’s announcement that it was adding the tombs of the biblical patriarch Abraham in Hebron and the biblical matriarch Rachel in Bethlehem to its list of national heritage sites.The situation in the Middle East was also among the issues discussed yesterday during a meeting between Mr. Issoze-Ngondet, in his capacity as Council President, and General Assembly President Ali Treki.“The two Presidents underlined the crucial importance of a just, lasting and comprehensive peace in the Middle East for regional and international peace and security,” Mr. Treki’s spokesperson said in a statement. The discussion, part of regular meetings held by the Assembly President with the heads of the other principal organs of the UN, also touched on the Council’s programme of work – including situations ranging from Somalia and Chad to Sudan and Afghanistan – as well as reform of the 15-member Council and the wider UN. read more

Military told to be alert to activities of LTTE supporters

“Modern day threats are also complex. Production of a biological weapon at a small laboratory could be done faster than making a weapon. We got to think big and be prepared for any eventuality through our own tailor-made initiatives. We can have our own preventive and deterrent solutions without going only by theoretical aspects alone. Therefore, education is the most important experience that an officer could get,” he said at a seminar on approaches to countering terrorism in modern environments.The seminar was designed to broaden the horizons of military knowledge in terrorism and its impacts among top level and middle grade officers of the army, navy, air force and the police. (Colombo Gazette) He warned that the army needs to be alert to the sensitivities connected to the possible re-assembling or resurgence of LTTE supporters and overseas activists who would still be promoting the ideological perception of the rebels while working against Sri Lanka’s economic and development aspirations. The military has been told to be on alert to the activities of LTTE supporters, the army media unit said.Major General Milinda Peiris, Chief of Staff of the Sri Lanka army briefed the military on emerging terrorist trends at global level and the need for modernized approaches with novel counter-measures. “We need to be knowledgeable to face any future challenges considering transnational effects of terrorism. We are living in fast changing environments which are highly complex. Unlike those days, an arrest of a suspect too would end up as a violation of fundamental rights and you would have to end up in courts,” the army media unit quoted Major General Milinda Peiris as telling the military and the police. read more

Head of UN Volunteers programme flags crying need for volunteers

“There is a crying need for individuals with experience in local government who are willing to serve the United Nations as short-term volunteers, assisting with such operations,” UNV Executive Coordinator Sharon Capeling-Alakija told a conference of the International Union of Local Authorities (IULA) late last Friday in Rio de Janeiro.Throughout the developing world, UN Volunteers work in shantytowns and inner cities, often taking up activities in post-crisis areas such as Kosovo and East Timor, where the UN is called upon to fill the gap when government authorities break down or are in transition.Pointing to the challenges posed by urbanization, Ms. Capeling-Alakija called on local authorities to promote strong community institutions that are needed to solve complex problems – including HIV/AIDS – associated with poverty in cities. She urged IULA delegates to take the lead in efforts to expand and redefine volunteerism through city-to-city projects where people volunteer in other countries as “diplomats, advisers and learners.” Ms. Capeling-Alakija also suggested that municipal authorities could look into new forms of volunteer effort, such as the UN Information Technology Service (UNITeS) – a brainchild of Secretary-General Kofi Annan launched in his Millennium Report. The worldwide programme helps bridge the digital divide by mobilizing IT-savvy volunteers to work with developing country partners in the application of technology to human development in such areas as health, education, the environment, small enterprises and micro-finance. read more

UN withdrawal from Iraq after terrorist attack not an option Annan

He said he was “intimately involved” in discussions at the UN and in foreign capitals on whether the United States-led coalition forces in Iraq would be transformed into a UN-mandated multinational force, allowing other countries to participate, internationalizing the effort, and also letting the world body play a greater role. But it would take time for these discussions to come to a conclusion.”The option of withdrawing is not something we can consider,” Mr. Annan told reporters before boarding his plane in Rio de Janeiro for New York. He was in Rio to attend memorial services for Sergio Vieira de Mello, his Special Representative for Iraq and the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights.”The people of Iraq need us; they want us to stay. And the fanatics and the violent people who took Sergio and Nadia (Younes), Rick Hooper and other colleagues from us are not going to dictate what happens in Iraq,” he said, referring to some of the other UN officials killed in Tuesday’s blast.The people of Brazil have lost a great son, he added, “but you do not mourn him alone. We’ve also lost a great colleague and for me personally, a very close friend, who was more like a brother.”The UN said that as of noon Saturday, the death toll in the blast, which destroyed the Canal Hotel in Baghdad where the UN was headquartered, was 23. Killed with Mr. Vieira de Mello was his Chief of Staff, Ms. Younes, a national of Egypt who had worked previously at the UN World Health Organization (WHO) as Executive Director in charge of External Relations and Governing Bodies.Ms. Younes was a former UN Chief of Protocol, a job she assumed in 1998 but left briefly, from July 1999 to January 2001, to serve with the UN Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK), where she was in charge of the information and communication office in the Cabinet of the Special Representative of the Secretary-General, Bernard Kouchner.Prior to that, she headed the Media Division in the UN Department of Public Information (DPI). She began her UN career in 1970 in the Office of General Services, and served with DPI in various capacities since 1974, initially as a press officer. In 1987 she became the Spokeswoman for the President of the General Assembly, and from the following year until 1993 she was Deputy Spokeswoman for the Secretary-General. She left that post to become the Director of the UN Information Centre in Rome.Two others working directly for Mr. Vieira de Mello were also confirmed dead: Jean-Selim Kanaan of Egypt and Fiona Watson of the United Kingdom.Also dead were five people working in the UN Office for the Humanitarian Coordinator in Iraq: Reham Al-Farra of Jordan, Alyawi Bassem of Iraq, Ranillo Buenaventura of the Philippines, Reza Hosseini of Iran and Martha Teas of the United States.Rick Hooper, another US national who was serving with the Department of Political Affairs, also was killed. Others confirmed dead were Chris Klein-Beekman of Canada, who worked for the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF), and Ihsan Taha Husein of Iraq, a staff member of the UN Office for Project Services. read more

Annan condemns murder of nine UN peacekeepers in DR of Congo

Condemning the slayings, Mr. Annan offered his condolences to the families of the nine soldiers, who were part of a larger company that had been trying to protect internally displaced persons (IDPs) from harassment by local militias near Kafé in the Ituri district.The Secretary-General also stressed that the attack will not deter the UN Organization Mission in the DRC (MONUC) – one of the world body’s largest peacekeeping missions, with almost 14,000 troops – from carrying out its mandate to help advance the nation’s peace process.UN spokesman Fred Eckhard told the daily briefing in New York that the troops had been on a patrol to camps believed to belong to a local militia that had refused to take part in disarmament and reintegration programmes when they were ambushed and fired upon.He said it remains unclear who is responsible for the attack, but MONUC has begun a probe and believes the ambush is a direct response to peacekeepers’ attempts in Ituri to prevent militias there from terrorizing civilians, looting their belongings and forcing them to pay illegal taxes.Two platoons of UN troops were sent to the area where the peacekeepers were murdered to secure it and to protect the survivors of the ambush.Questioned by reporters today, Mr. Annan said he was extremely saddened by the troops’ deaths. “They are good peacekeepers, and I am sorry it had to end like this,” he said.His spokesman also issued a statement calling on the DRC’s Transitional Government to “make every effort to find and hold accountable those responsible for this reprehensible and criminal attack.”MONUC has been operating in the DRC since November 1999, but the country continues to be riven by deadly inter-ethnic violence. About 3.8 million people are estimated to have been killed in the past six years: some of them murdered but many more dead from disease or starvation. Malnutrition is widespread, many schools and hospitals have been destroyed, and parts of the country are considered largely lawless. read more

Leicester Citys Stunning Rise In Two Charts

But Leicester’s rise is especially remarkable in the modern Premier League era. A deluge of money into the league has led to increasing inequality and stratification among teams with cash to burn and those without, which makes a rise of this sort into a billion-dollar-Powerball, Donald Trump-is-the-GOP-nominee-level outlier. Even still, Leicester’s wage bill this season was relatively low. The club spent only 48.2 million pounds on wages, fourth-least in the Premier League. Manchester United has spent more money on new players in the last two years than Leicester has spent in the 132 years it’s existed.Leicester’s title is being trumpeted as “the most unlikely feat in sport history.” Unlikely? Absolutely. Leicester’s rise has been exceptional, no question, and all the more impressive in a climate where dollars, like heat, tend to rise to the top of the table. But unprecedented? No. English football, with its meritocratic system of promotion and relegation, at least makes Cinderella runs like Leicester’s possible — but there hadn’t been a ball in quite some time. Champions tend to come from the top of the previous year’s table. Until this season, every team that has won the title in the Premier League era (which began with the 1992-93 season) finished no worse than third in the Premier League the year before. Of the 70 top-tier league championships since World War II, only six were won by teams that did not finish in the top half of the division the year before. Three times, teams promoted from the second tier went on to win the top tier the next season (Tottenham in 1951, Ipswich in 1962 and Nottingham Forest in 1978). And three winners had finished in the bottom half the year before — Arsenal were 12th in 1969-70 and 13th in 1946-47, and Manchester City finished 15th in 1966-67.Last year, Leicester finished 14th out of 20. They averaged just 1.08 points per game (a win is three, a draw one, a loss zero) and were in last place as late as April. Coming into this season, there was no indication of a turnaround, and most predicted that Leicester would be relegated — demoted to the second tier of the English system.Team manager Nigel Pearson had just been fired, and the club had lost its best midfielder, Esteban Cambiasso. The likable Claudio Ranieri took charge, but he had never won a league title before, and his most recent job was a disastrous spell in charge of the Greek national team, overseeing the squad’s embarrassing losses to the Faroe Islands. Leicester had no marquee stars. The Leicester team was a blend of aging players who had spent most of their careers in the lower leagues and overseas players from lower-level foreign leagues. Famously, its leading scorer and this year’s Football Writers’ Player of the Year, Jamie Vardy, was playing non-league football just four years ago.Even family members of current Leicester players claimed greater success than the whole team. Peter Schmeichel, the father of Leicester goalie Kasper Schmeichel, had more Premier League hardware (five titles) than the entire squad combined (31-year-old Robert Huth and 43-year-old backup goalie Mark Schwarzer both won with Chelsea in minor playing roles).But something magical happened. Leicester started winning, and kept winning. This season, Leicester has been averaging 2.14 points per game. It’s the single biggest year-over-year increase for a league champ since World War II.3Three teams — Spurs in 1951, Ipswich Town in 1962 and Nottingham Forest in 1978 — won the league after being promoted from the lower tier the year before. Points in this analysis are calculated with a win worth three points and a draw one point, the system introduced in the 1981-82 season.But this amazing change in fortune really began years earlier, in the 2008-09 season, when Leicester were dwelling in the lower, far less glamorous third tier of the English football pyramid, known as League One.Since World War II, only one team — Ipswich Town, the 1962 top-flight champs — has had such a long climb over seven years to win the league title. And no team aside from Ipswich then and Leicester now has climbed two tiers so quickly before winning the title.In the chart below are the seven-year histories leading up to every top-flight English football championship since World War II. Only eight times from 1950 through 1980, and only twice from 1981 through 1995, had a team risen from a lower tier in the seven years before to claim the title. It’s been a good nine months for Leicester City Football Club. So good that on Monday the team overcame 5,000-to-1 preseason odds to clinch the Premier League title — its first. Forbes reports that the title is worth more than $100 million to the club, and it’s been nothing short of magic for the club’s fans in that otherwise “unglamorous city” in the Midlands of England.For a long time, it’s been received wisdom that no team outside of a “Big Four” — Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester City and Manchester United in its current iteration — has any real hope of a league title. The very few exceptions only helped bolster the rule. In the mid-1990s, Blackburn Rovers, bankrolled by local steel magnate Jack Walker, were promoted from the second tier and then took the title in 1995. Since then, only two other teams outside that quartet — Newcastle United and Liverpool — have managed to finish as high as runners-up in the 20-team field.1This year’s runner-up hasn’t been determined.And upsetting the logjam at the top of the league table is only getting harder. In recent years, only five or six teams have tended to find themselves in the Premier League’s top four at season’s end. Here’s the rolling number of unique top-four teams seen in the preceding five years:2The charts, and many of the figures, in this story are based on a historical soccer data set compiled by one of this article’s authors (James), which can be found here. read more

Four US marines killed in incident at military base

first_imgFOUR US MARINES have died during an operation to clear a range of unexploded ordnance at a military camp in California.The deaths occurred yesterday at Camp Pendleton during a periodic sweep of explosive material to make ranges safe for future exercises, a Marine official who spoke on condition of anonymity said.There was no live firing on the range at the time, they said.The identities of the dead were withheld pending notification of relatives. Base officials released no details on the accident.Authorities are currently investigating the cause.“We offer our heartfelt prayers and condolences to the families of the Marines lost today in this tragic accident,” said Brig. Gen. John W. Bullard, commanding general of Marine Corps Installations West at Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton. Our first priority is to provide the families with the support they need during this difficult time.The deaths come about eight months after a mortar explosion killed seven Marines during a live-fire training exercise in Nevada.A military investigation determined human error was to blame for that accident. According to the probe’s findings, a Marine operating a 60 mm mortar tube and ammunition did not follow correct procedures, resulting in the detonation of a high explosive round at the mortar position.The investigation also determined the mortar team involved in the accident had not conducted “appropriate preparatory training.”Read: Armed US plane landed at Shannon ‘in error’ >Ireland: Defence Force personnel want an end to 21-year service limit >last_img read more

Killzone Trilogy confirmed for October 23 includes Killzone HD

first_imgFans of the original Killzone got some bad news back in February when it was confirmed that the game was no longer heading to PSN. In fact, the official word was that it had been delayed indefinitely.Today, we finally find out the most likely reason that happened: a team was hard at work updating the game to be re-released with HD graphics as part of a Killzone Trilogy on PS3. Sony confirmed the existence of the trilogy today as part of the PlayStation Collection, and also gave a firm release date of October 23 in the US (Europe is still awaiting an official date).Included in the pack will be the original Killzone game with the graphics given the 720p HD treatment as well as Trophy support. Alongside Killzone HD will Killzone 2 including the Steel & Titanium, Flash & Thunder, and Napalm & Cordite map packs. Killzone 3 is a similar deal and will include the Steel Rain, Retro, and From The Ashes map packs.For the Killzone fan it is the ultimate collection and probably worth picking up just for that Killzone HD update. It’s also a chance to play through the trilogy if you missed one or more of the games first time around.You’ll also be able to play all three games using the PlayStation Move controller if you so wish, and in 3D if you have a compatible TV. The price isn’t bad either with the MSRP set at $39.99, so you’ll probably be able to pick it up for $30-$35 from the usual suspects.via PlayStation.Bloglast_img read more

Theyre giving the public what they want Sunday Game pundit backs hurlingheavy

first_img 25,488 Views By Sinead Farrell Friday 3 May 2019, 8:00 AM May 3rd 2019, 7:31 AM Share26 Tweet Email1 Munster hurling is set to dominate RTÉ’s 2019 GAA schedule. Subscribe One game is better than the next. They’re giving the public what they want to a certain extent. I’d balance that by saying the league final between Mayo and Kerry in the football (was a great game).“I would be hopeful that the football championship would be good this year, just a gut feeling. Sometimes what can happen is when people are waiting for something to happen, like the hurling championship might disappoint. Everything is by way of comparison. Derek McGrath will be on Sunday Game duty this summer. Source: David Fitzgerald/SPORTSFILE“If everything is to go back to comparing to last year, we might struggle by comparison. You sometimes hear people saying ‘it’s not as good as last year’, before they even watch the match. I think it’ll probably even itself out over the championship.”McGrath stepped down as Waterford hurling manager last year, after their early exit from the championship.After five years in charge of the Déise, he admits that he finds himself missing the work “at this time of the year” as the high-point of the hurling season approaches. He ventured into television punditry with the Sunday Game shortly after, and says he is enjoying the challenge of analysing the game and breaking down passages of play for the viewers.One of his ambitions in this new role is to avoid becoming “one of those smug analysts” while he also concedes that preparing to critically analyse his old team is a concern for him.But he vows that he won’t be influenced by his connection to the Waterford dressing room. McGrath stepped down as Waterford hurling boss last year. Source: James Crombie/INPHO“You would [be concerned], and even going forward, if you’re involved in a match and one of the lads was sent off or was involved in a controversy.You’re sort of thinking to yourself, ‘I hope it doesn’t happen on my watch.’ That’s natural to talk about the players. I think in the modern climate, you can constructively critical without imparting in a manner that’s hurtful or personal.“I’m on [the Sunday Game] for the Waterford v Tipperary game on 19 May, and if I’m asked to analyse Waterford, I’ll do it to the best of my ability but not in a cold-hearted or self-centred way.“If something happens in front of me I’ll have to say it without deliberately courting attention, or sensationalist.“I don’t want to fall into that category.”Former Waterford Hurling Manager, Derek McGrath teamed up with Electric Ireland and Pieta House to encourage people to experience The Power of Hope by registering for this year’s Darkness into Light event on 11th May at #ThePowerOfHope #DIL2019. Darkness into Light, organised by Pieta House is proudly supported by Electric Ireland since 2013. Subscribe to our new podcast, The42 Rugby Weekly, here:center_img SUNDAY GAME PUNDIT Derek McGrath has defended RTÉ’s decision to put an emphasis on hurling in its 2019 GAA schedule.Munster hurling is set to dominate the broadcaster’s coverage, with nine games from the competition being televised live this summer.There are considerably fewer football championship games on RTÉ’s schedule for 2019.The four provincial finals along with an Ulster SFC semi-final are the main games that will be shown live, while a number of knockout fixtures during the All-Ireland series will also feature.McGrath believes that the emphasis on hurling in the Sunday Game’s coverage is a reflection of the sport’s popularity among GAA fans.“It’s probably a direct reaction to the championship last year, in terms of how good it was,” says McGrath“I think hurling just reached new levels last year, not just for ourselves but new levels in general, in terms of its exposure, how it was played. Image: Oisin Keniry/INPHO Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Short URL Munster hurling is set to dominate RTÉ’s 2019 GAA schedule. Image: Oisin Keniry/INPHO ‘They’re giving the public what they want’ – Sunday Game pundit backs hurling-heavy schedule Derek McGrath believes RTÉ made the right decision to televise nine Munster SHC games this summer. 55 Comments last_img read more

This Shirtless Abraham Lincoln Statue Is Going Viral on Twitter

first_imgMore like Babe-raham Lincoln.— Robert Little (@inlanddefense) February 20, 2019 PewDiePie Pulls $50,000 Pledge to Anti-Hate Group After Fan BacklashPolice Arrest Dutch YouTubers for Trespassing Area 51 Site Honest Abs— Ned Pyle (@NerdPyle) February 20, 2019There’s some history to the shirtless Lincoln statue: The sculpture, which is located at the Los Angeles Federal Courthouse, was constructed by artist James Hansen in 1939, The Today Show reported. Apparently, Hansen didn’t have access to topless photos of Lincoln, so he used himself as a model to create the statue.It’s interesting how years later, this artwork still offers some “eye-catching” views to passerby.More on 9 Drunkest Presidents on ‘Drunk HistoryThe Most Evil Sci-Fi Presidents5 Times Presidents Turned Up in Comments Someone recently discovered a shirtless Abraham Lincoln statue in California, and the Twitter community can’t handle it.On Tuesday, Zack Stentz posted a picture of the steamy statue on his Twitter account. “Reminder that the Los Angeles Federal Courthouse has a statue of Abraham Lincoln where he’s a shirtless young stud suggestively tugging at his waistband like a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model,” Stentz commented under the photo.Reminder that the Los Angeles federal courthouse has a statue of Abraham Lincoln where he’s a shirtless young stud suggestively tugging at his waistband like a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model:— Zack Stentz (@MuseZack) February 20, 2019Stentz’s observation didn’t go unnoticed on Twitter: Other Twitter users quickly responded with cheeky statements and photos of “sexy” Lincoln statues in their hometowns.We have a hot Lincoln statue in Chicago too!— Jamie Bernstein (@UAJamie) February 20, 2019 Stay on targetlast_img read more

Sharpshooter Mariano is impressing Lopetegui

first_imgDuring the training sessions that Julen Lopetegui is conducting at Real Madrid on the international break, it appears that Mariano is banging them all in.Mariano Diaz, the player who became a laughing stock at Real Madrid for getting signed by Los Blancos and getting Ronaldo’s number ‘7’ is impressing Julen Lopetegui. The international break is well underway this week and the next one, the Spanish coach is having more personalized training sessions with many of the players who didn’t go with their national teams for the next few days. The boss has both of his top strikers under his command alongside young Brazilian talent Vinicius, but the one who is taking all the spotlight is Dominican forward Mariano Diaz. The club has published videos of the player getting into mini competitions with French striker Karim Benzema, who is a changed man after Cristiano Ronaldo’s exit and is finally showing everyone that he truly is one of the greats on Spanish football. But turns out that Benzema has some very stiff competition with Mariano, as Julen Lopetegui is quite pleasantly surprised with the player’s goal-scoring abilities during the practice sessions from the last few days.¡Acción brillante!? @MarceloM12➡ @Benzema? @Lucasvazquez91? @marianodiaz7#RMCity | #HalaMadrid— Real Madrid C.F. (@realmadrid) September 6, 2018Lopetegui has been watching all his new arrivals closely, but Mariano is arguably the one who he pays more attention to because there is a general feeling inside the club of this striker having the talent to wear the number ‘7’ jersey at the club. Lopetegui has been talking to the staff inside the club about Mariano as if he was the club’s most impressive signing during the summer, he is even telling everyone that he can become a more prominent player for the club as soon as the international break is over a week from now. The player’s teammates are also very surprised with his development at Olympique Lyonnais, because they feel like his Ligue 1 experience has helped him mature and brought him to transform into a top-quality striker who is set to bring a lot of great nights to the Santiago Bernabeu during the present season. In fact, just this week there was a series of matches with the academy players, in which Mariano took all the spotlight by scoring many impressive goals that Lopetegui thoroughly enjoyed during the session.⚽ GOLES ‘made in’ @lafabricacrm durante el entrenamiento de hoy… ? @marcosllorente? @Lucasvazquez91? @sergio_regui ? @marianodiaz7 #RMCity | #HalaMadrid— Real Madrid C.F. (@realmadrid) September 5, 2018Sergio Ramos, Real MadridZidane reveals Sergio Ramos injury concern for Real Madrid Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Zinedine Zidane has put Sergio Ramos’ availability for Real Madrid’s trip to Sevilla next weekend in doubt after withdrawing him against Levante.The plan for Mariano’s debut.As the upcoming five matches for Real Madrid after the break will be the most difficult of this start of the season, Julen Lopetegui already has a plan for Mariano to make his debut as soon as possible and he has already chosen San Mames Stadium against Athletic Club to give the player the chance he’s been waiting for. The Spanish giants have to visit the Bilbao club on the weekend after the international break, but then they have four more matches that can be considered as highly competitive and that will need all the available players for Lopetegui at the top of their game. Giving Mariano this chance to start having activity with the club, is the best way for the manager to have a top striker ready for the next four matches after that. Also, Lopetegui is planning on giving some rest to many of his international players on the next match in order to avoid possible injuries. This is how Mariano might come in to replace other usual starting eleven players such as Gareth Bale or Marco Asensio.? #RMCity? @Benzema ⚽ @marianodiaz7 ? @vini11Oficial ? @marcosllorente— Real Madrid C.F. (@realmadrid) September 6, 2018The calendar for Real Madrid in the next month will be truly challenging, because they have to travel to Bilbao on the weekend after the break and then come back for the Champions League debut against AS Roma just a few days after. Then Los Blancos will face Espanyol at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium to complete a total of three matches within seven days during the second half of September, but the next two games are what can become a real problem for Real Madrid. Just a few days after playing Espanyol at home, Real Madrid will have to travel against to face Sevilla FC at the Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan Stadium and then they will have to play another Madrid Derby against Atletico before the end of the month. That’s five highly competitive matches in the span of only two weeks. So yeah, Lopetegui needs Mariano at the top of his game as soon as possible and giving him the trust he needs will benefit the club quite a bit during the next month.Qué ganas de volver a pisar este cesped para vosotros #DiaDePartido #HalaMadrid— Mariano Diaz Mejia (@marianodiaz7) September 1, 2018How do you think Mariano Diaz will respond to Julen Lopetegui’s confidence? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.last_img read more

Sterling Intentional Community Answers The Toughest Question For Family Of Disabled

first_imgHope Community Resources Executive Director Roy Scheller: “The people who live there will share in decision making and share in responsibilities.” The neighborhood will provide not only housing, but a way of life that incorporates the desires of families seeking to create a supportive neighborhood around their children. Construction of homes will be completed by spring of 2018. The new development is designed to create an “intentional community,” a place where its dozen residents share a common vision of living, learning and recreating together. Story as aired: Facebook0TwitterEmailPrintFriendly分享Monday, Hope Community Resources was awarded $330,000 grant from the Rasmuson Foundation to make a new housing development at the end of Sterling’s Black Spruce Road blossom with possibilities.center_img Roy SchellerHope Community Resources  Executive Director Roy Scheller: “Parents who have children with disabilities have the same question: what happens when I am gone? Who will take care of my child?”  Five single-family homes and one tri-plex are currently under construction on 20 acres of property just outside of Sterling. Hope will own the properties, rent for the units has been subsidized to make them affordable under social security income. For many of its residents, this style of living is expected to offer unprecedented levels of support while encouraging greater independence.last_img read more

Glamorizing Brands

first_imgIn June 2007, Glam Media, a network of women’s fashion and lifestyle sites, passed NBC Universal’s as the highest trafficked online media company targeting women, per ComScore metrics.The comparison drew the ire of iVillage’s president Deborah Fine who stated at the time it’s like comparing “apples to cauliflower.” Nevertheless, founder and CEO Samir Arora pointed out that ComScore measures them in the same space, an important distinction from the marketer perspective. To get there, Arora has crafted Glam Media as a publisher network that has grown to over 400 independently operated Web sites clustered around 20 “owned and operated” sites, which now attract about 25 million unique visitors monthly and 43.5 million globally, per ComScore, placing it among the top 25 Internet media companies.It’s a strategy that Arora claims traditional publishers have missed out on: Eliminating the “destination site” concept by harnessing the power of a carefully assembled network of independent publishers while simultaneously working the marketing side by creating the ad serving technology that injects large-format and interactive ad units directly into the content that best contextualizes them. A Package DealGlam Media, with offices in San Francisco for technology development and New York for media, officially launched during Fashion Week in New York in fall 2005. Since then the company has attracted over 200 advertisers that have purchased a variety of display and rich media ads that are designed to be as attractive and engaging as the content they’re positioned within.Arora compares the contextual package arrangement to a typical September issue of Vogue. “If you package content and advertising well the ads are not only desirable, they become as important as the content itself. If you’re reading a September issue of Vogue, is it for the ads, the content, or both?”According to Arora, it’s both. The fusion of compelling advertising and content is at the center of his company’s mission and something where he says traditional media have largely fumbled the ball. “Most of the traditional media companies were having a hard enough time trying to create content for the Internet and when they tried to bring the advertising experience into it they did not know how to translate the full-page glossy ads or full video immersion to the Internet.”Glam’s technology division has engineered two technology platforms—one that serves the ads across the network, called Glam Evolution, and one that allows site owners to format and syndicate their content across Glam’s various channels. The combination, says Arora, allows Glam to place ads with a high degree of contextual control.The ad-edit package is something Arora thinks traditional publishers are inherently unable to do, as long as they keep trying to shoehorn content that comes from a strictly print or broadcast heritage. “Content that resembles traditional media—print or broadcast—actually does not perform very well on the Internet,” he says. “It’s two different things. To engage users on the Internet you have to create highly visual and interactive content.Glam also produces custom “advertorial” content for its clients, which Arora says accounts for about 20 percent of overall revenues. These products are typically custom packages that include display and rich media ads, as well as interactive elements such as quizzes and microsites. Reebok signed such a deal with Glam in March 2007 for a six-week stretch to promote the launch of Scarlett Johansson’s shoe and apparel line.Revenues from advertisers are shared with the participating network sites, some making in the high six figures. The Network Effect, or Life in the ‘Mid-Tail’At the core of Glam’s business model is the network of publishing partners that cluster around the Glam-owned and operated anchor sites that represent each content channel. It’s a model that, says Arora, further separates the company from its big media competitors. “It’s the recognition that media on the Internet is not following the clustered hits business of traditional media—print or broadcast,” he says. “The top 10 magazines have a commanding share of market versus the next 50 or 100. And the same is true in television. On the Internet, this is not the case. For example, Yahoo as a media company has the largest reach of all the Internet, but accounts for 7 to 8 percent of the actual usage of the Web. There are tens of millions of Web properties in the mid-tail.”This “mid tail” is where Glam makes its home—methodically collecting blogs and other independently operated sites and merging them with the Glam publisher network, now numbering over 400 and arranged under a growing number of channels currently including fashion, beauty, shopping, celebrity style, glam living, entertainment and wellness.The point of an owned and operated site, says Arora, is to act as a gateway, or anchor, for its channel. These sites combine original content with content pulled in from the surrounding partner sites. “It’s part of a hub and spoke model for each of the clusters of channels,” he says. “That allows us to expose and support each of the publishers at the hub.”It is a model that has some very knowledgeable industry observers excited. “I have been arguing for as long as anyone would listen that the future of media is less about products and more about networks,” says media consultant Jeff Jarvis on his blog. “It’s nice to be proven right. Glam is also an advertising network that supports the creation of content. That’s how you encourage others to produce more. So in the end, Glam is really a platform. That’s the key. Glam is a rare example of that and I say other media companies would be wise to follow suit.”Arora says Glam is in a position now where it can select partner sites for the women’s fashion and lifestyle channels from a waiting list, a process he likens to curating. “Our editors are both editors and curators. We start by making sure a site is targeted to women, then we look at editorial quality, then how we can package brand advertising with this publisher in a way that will make the ads desirable. What I don’t want to do is create a media company where users want to Tivo the ads.”Rapid GrowthArora declined to specify Glam’s revenues, which are based solely on its advertising model. However, a July 2007 story in Forbes reported revenues near $25 million for 2007. A Glam spokesperson declined to comment on that figure. Sequential quarter-to-quarter growth rates, says Arora, have ranged from a low of 40 percent to a high of 150 percent, and he expected the company to be profitable at the end of 2007. Costs, he says, are generally tied to the sales team, engineering and technology, and the revenue that is shared with the partner sites.Unique visitors have ballooned from 100,000 per month when the network launched, to 26 million currently. “And we have spent zero dollars on search or keywords to drive customers,” says Arora. If You Can’t Beat Glam, Join GlamThe company’s rapid growth as attracted its fair share of talent, and from the very sectors with which it is competing. Joe Lagani, former publisher of Conde Nast’s House & Garden, joined Glam last October. The magazine promptly closed after he left. John Trimble, who also joined in October, formerly oversaw brand advertising for Fox Interactive’s MySpace, IGN, Fox Sports, American Idol, and Scout.Additionally, Hearst and Lifetime have noticed the value of Glam’s network and signed partnership deals to syndicate content. Under the Hearst deal, Marie Claire contributes editorial content in exchange for inbound links to other Hearst magazine brands and subscription promotions. Cosmopolitan arranged to have its advertisers’ brands inserted into contextually relevant sites across Glam’s publisher network. And Lifetime, the women’s basic cable television network, partnered with Glam to create its own channel, essentially a vertical network of Web sites and blogs inside Glam’s network.MORE STARTUP STORIES:ArchitectCraftInternet EvolutionScientific AmericanWTWH Media More on this topic Rodale Partners with Glam Media Glam Gets $10M in Private Financing Glam Launches Video and Distribution Platform Are E-Media Companies—With Revenue—More Valuable? Women’s Network Eyes Men Glam Media Acquires Advertising Targeting FirmJust In Four More Execs Depart SourceMedia in Latest Restructuring The Atlantic Taps Creative Leadership | People on the Move The Atlantic Names New Global Marketing Head | People on the Move This Just In: Magazines Are Not TV Networks Shanker Out, Litterick In as CEO of EnsembleIQ Meredith Corp. Makes Digital-Side Promotions | People on the MovePowered bylast_img read more

Record applications received for AP Grama secretariat posts

first_imgAmaravati: The AP governments decision of recruiting the Grama/Ward secretariat posts have gained massive response from all over. A large number of applications have received for this vacancies. As of Sunday (August 4), 10,75,532 candidates have applied for the posts. The officials are estimating that the number of applications receiving on a working day is exceeding one lakh and if this continues, the applications may exceed 20 lakh by the end of the due date. Also Read – Saaho movie tickets pricey in Nellore Advertise With Us A record of 1,26,728 posts filled through a written test. The online applications for these posts are accepted from 27 July and will continue till 10 August. More than one lakh applications received for Kurnool, Anantapur and East Godavari districts and least from Nellore and Vijayanagaram districts. Officials said. The Panchayati raj and Urban Development Departments have given special focus to ensure that all eligible candidates apply for these jobs. The departments have arranged a special cell with five mobile numbers to clear the queries of candidates on application and writing test. Also Read – TDP flays government for sand problems Advertise With Us It’s known that about 80 percent of all district-wise posts are reserved for locals. The remaining 20 percent are likely to compete in the open category with locals, other districts and state candidates. In a Twitter message, Gopalakrishna Dwivedi tweets that nearly 2,332 other states candidates have applied for these posts as of Sunday. Dwivedi said that an announcement would be made on 6 August over the changes of written exam dates of Grama/Ward secretariat posts by considering all aspects and the interests of the Candidates. Advertise With Us DISTRICT & POST CATEGORY WISE AP GRAMA/WARD SACHIVALAYAM APPLICATIONS STATUS REPORT ON 5/08/2019 9:00 AM— Gopal krishna Dwivedi (@gkd600) August 5, 2019Taking in to account all aspects and the interests of the Candidates, the VS/WS exam schedule will be declared on the 6th August 2019.— Gopal krishna Dwivedi (@gkd600) August 3, 2019A total of 19 types of jobs are classified into four categories, and a written test will be conducted between September 1 and 8 in two sessions. For almost all posts in Grama/Ward secretariat Degree, Engineering and Polytechnic Diploma is the eligible qualification. Ward Administration Secretary (Degree), Infrastructure Secretary (Polytechnic/ Civil Engineering), Sanitary Environment Secretary (Degree with Science / Engineering), Education Secretary (Degree), Planning Secretary (Diploma in Urban Planning / Civil Engineering), Welfare Secretary (Degree with Social Service / Sociology / Anthropology), Energy Secretary (Diploma in Electricals), Health Secretary (Nursing / Pharma-D), Revenue Secretary (Degree), Women Secretary (Degree).last_img read more

Google Launches 2 Million Hunt for TechnicallySound NGOs

first_imgOn the eve of India’s Independence Day, Google is launching a $2 million worth challenge in India for non-profit organisations to share ideas on how they would use technology innovatively to improve the lives of people.”We’re celebrating the spirit of creativity and entrepreneurship of the world’s largest democracy by spotlighting the best local nonprofits that are using technology to make the world better,” Senior VP and Chief Business Officer at Google, Nikesh Arora, said in a blog post.At the end of the challenge, four nonprofits will each receive a ₹3 crore (around $500,000) Global Impact Award and technical assistance from Google to bring their projects to life.The ‘Google Impact Challenge in India’ has invited registered Indian social entrepreneurs to share how they would use technology to enhance people’s lives. They can apply online until 5 September.Google users from all over the world will review and vote for the top 10 projects by 21 October. They can cast a vote for a ‘Fan Favourite’ tech project by a social entrepreneur.”On October 31, I’ll join Ram Shriram, Jacquelline Fuller, Anu Aga and Jayant Sinha in Delhi to hear the 10 finalists pitch live. As judges, we’ll select three awardees based on their potential impact, scalability and ingenuity. We’ll also announce the winner of the Fan Favorite, according to your vote,” Arora said.This is not the first time Google is extending a philanthropic hand towards NGOs. The charitable arm of the Cali-based company,, has pledged to share one percent of their annual profits with NGOs.In 2010, Google gave more than $145 million to non-profit and academic institutions.At times, Google expects their projects may fail. “That’s normal. We should expect that some of them will fail or will only have smaller impact. If you’re not failing some of the time, you’re not taking risks. As we progress, some of our failures will hopefully teach us as much as some of our successes,” Senior Vice President (Operations) Urs Hölzle had said in a blog post in 2011.Google has faced criticism for technology initiatives like the ‘Google Impact Challenge’. Recently Microsoft founder Bill Gates lashed at the company for its Project Loon, which promises internet connectivity in developing countries.”When you’re dying of malaria, I suppose you’ll look up and see that balloon, and I’m not sure how it’ll help you. When a kid gets diarrhea, no, there’s no website that relieves that,” Gates told Business Week in an interview.last_img read more

Popular fashion blogger Pooja Raina gets candid about living her best life

first_imgPooja RainaPR HandoutLife is all about not giving up on your dreams. One of India’s top bloggers Pooja Raina left her job after she gave birth to her second child after a gap of 7 years. After her child’s birth, Pooja did not work for few years as she wanted to see the growing up days of her toddler.Later, when she was ready to get back to work, she was not sure of what she exactly wanted to do. That is when her friends suggested that she can start blogging as she has a vast knowledge of beauty, fashion and lifestyle. That is exactly what Pooja Raina did and because of her blog called ‘Makeup and Body Blog’ she made it to the list of ‘Top 50 lifestyle bloggers’ in a span of just 2 years.About the same, Pooja Raina said that children and career are equally important tasks and one is responsible how the future shapes up for each. Pooja said that she keeps her posts authentic and makes sure to do something different so that people get to see unique content on her blog.Pooja Raina also said, “For me being into fashion and beauty is all about sharing my personal style with the world. Always remember that your style should reflect your individuality! Own your style, be proud of it, and embrace fashion as a way to express who you are and who you want to be.”At this stage, Pooja Raina feels like a strong and independent woman. She is happy that her profession gives her the liberty to create her own schedule and also time to be with her kids.last_img read more

Study shows subway systems develop in remarkably similar ways

first_imgA sample of large subway networks in large urban areas, all displaying a core and branches structure. Fromleft to right and top to bottom: Shanghai, Madrid, Moscow, Tokyo, Seoul, Barcelona (Figures from Wikimedia Commons) Journal information: Journal of the Royal Society Interface Subway dust may trigger lung damage This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. The team focused on the fourteen largest cities and their subway systems and found that mathematical equations could describe some of their attributes regardless of how long the subway systems have been in existence. They found for example, that about half of all the stations in any large subway system can be found on the outer branches rather than clustered around the core. They also found that the distance from the center of the city to its farthest station is just about double the diameter of the system’s core; again, regardless of system. And that’s not all. They also found that the number of branches in a subway system is roughly equal to the square root of the number of stations and that twenty percent of stations situated in the core link two or more lines together allowing people to transfer from one to the other.The researchers point out that none of this is planned, at least not in systematic way. City planners, they say, start out with a design that seems optimal for existing conditions then expand when needed. Thus, the systems grow organically in ways that reflect rider needs, which the researchers suggest means that there is likely some underlying fundamental rules that govern ridership and decision-making that is common to all subway systems, regardless of country, geography, climate or density, which results, they say, in a common optimal design.If the underlying rules can be described, the thinking goes, then future planners would be able to skip the intermediate steps that lead to the optimal design, likely saving hundreds of millions of dollars in the process, or perhaps better yet, small adjustments might be made to further optimize the general model which could benefit all such systems throughout the world. Citation: Study shows subway systems develop in remarkably similar ways (2012, May 22) retrieved 18 August 2019 from Explore further © 2012 Phys.Org More information: A long-time limit for world subway networks, J. R. Soc. Interface, Published online before print May 16, 2012, doi: 10.1098/​rsif.2012.0259 (arXiv pre-print )AbstractWe study the temporal evolution of the structure of the world’s largest subway networks in an exploratory manner. We show that, remarkably, all these networks converge to a shape that shares similar generic features despite their geographical and economic differences. This limiting shape is made of a core with branches radiating from it. For most of these networks, the average degree of a node (station) within the core has a value of order 2.5 and the proportion of k = 2 nodes in the core is larger than 60 per cent. The number of branches scales roughly as the square root of the number of stations, the current proportion of branches represents about half of the total number of stations, and the average diameter of branches is about twice the average radial extension of the core. Spatial measures such as the number of stations at a given distance to the barycentre display a first regime which grows as r2 followed by another regime with different exponents, and eventually saturates. These results—difficult to interpret in the framework of fractal geometry—confirm and yield a natural explanation in the geometric picture of this core and their branches: the first regime corresponds to a uniform core, while the second regime is controlled by the interstation spacing on branches. The apparent convergence towards a unique network shape in the temporal limit suggests the existence of dominant, universal mechanisms governing the evolution of these structures. ( — Visitors to major cities in the world might disagree, but a small group of French and British researchers has found that regardless of city density, structure and other factors, subway systems running in the biggest cites in the world are more alike than not in truly fundamental ways. In their paper published in the Journal of the Royal Society Interface, the team says that all of the large city subway systems in the world grow in a way that share common features – such as the fact that they all have central cores with a branch topology.last_img read more