Kuskokwim River Residents Face Early Season Restrictions

first_imgKing salmon are beginning to show up on the Kuskokwim River. All eyes are on the few kings that are appearing in the Bethel Test Fishery and in subsistence fishermen’s nets during limited 4-inch openings. At a Wednesday work session of the Kuskokwim River Salmon Management Working Group, members prepared for more restrictions as the run picks up and a limited directed harvest.Download Audio:2015 is predicted to be a below-average king salmon run. (Photo by Ben Matheson / KYUK)The river is restricted to a weekend set net fishing schedule with small mesh nets for whitefish. Federal staff recently counted 72 set nets between the Johnson River and Tuluksak. Because the nets can catch thousands of king salmon incidentally, Federal In Season Manager Neil LaLonde says they are tracking the early season fishing closely.“There will be additional officers on the river beginning this Saturday. They’re talking to a lot of people along the river, there have been a few warnings written, we’ve seized a few nets. There was a 8.5 inch net seized, however, for the most part we’re getting good compliance on the 4-inch opportunity, and I’d like to say I think there’s a pretty positive attitude on the river this year,” said LaLonde.Lalonde spoke at a recent meeting of the Kuskokwim Salmon Management Working Group at the Alaska Department of Fish and Game office in Bethel. The working group, which meets weekly during the summer, is an advisory group made up of stakeholders up and down the Kuskokwim River.Another below average king salmon run is in the forecast, and federal managers are aiming for the upper end of the river’s escapement goal to ensure the long-term health of the fishery. There will, however, be a directed king salmon fishing opportunity through a community permit system that begins in a week. Managers expect a total harvest of about 15-thousand king salmon this summer: eight thousand incidentally in nets and 7-thousand through the community permit system.A few people from the middle river expressed concern about the possible level of harvest. Working Group member Dave Cannon spoke by phone from Aniak.“Up here in the middle river and probably upper river, we’re flashing back to 2013 when it looked like things were okay, and everyone was doing fine, but when it came down to it, the upper river folks got the short end of the stick,” said Cannon.That year started with liberal early season fishing and ultimately brought in the lowest escapement in history. Restrictions came later in the summer when more fish had not arrived after a slow start.The river this year is split between federal management below Aniak and state management above Aniak during the king salmon run. Some members of the working group pressed state management biologist Aaron Poetter on whether he sees any serious biological problem with the projected harvest of king salmon in another down year.“At this point there’s no really red flags, but we can’t look into that crystal ball. I think it’s a conservative approach based on the forecast, but we’ve had forecasts in the past we’ve approached differently. Given what we know and what we’ve learned, I think what we have going now is a reasonable approach,” said Poetter.As the season intensifies, Working Group Chair Bev Hoffman expressed cautious optimism.“I just feel we’re on a better track than past years. Am I still worried? Yes. That’s why I feel this conservation mode is important,” said Hoffman.She says Kuskokwim kings, which have been in decline, need to make it upriver to spawning grounds if there are to be fish in the future.A new set of tributary restrictions, meant to ensure the salmon make it up to those spawning grounds, go into effect on June 7th. There will be no gill net fishing on the Kwethluk, Kasigluk, Kisaralik, Tuluksak, and Aniak rivers and their tributaries.last_img read more

Chinook gusts up to 80 mph knock out power around Interior

first_imgThe wheels of the old Alaska Railroad passenger car were still attached to the short sections of rail that sat on after Monday’s windstorm. (Credit Facebook)Golden Valley Electric Association crews are still working to repair damage to power lines caused by warm chinook winds that blasted the Interior over the weekend, especially around Delta Junction. On Monday, gusts of up to 80 miles an hour knocked over a 48-ton railroad car in Delta.Listen nowCliff Mason said he was just making his way back Monday morning to the hotel he works at in Delta when he saw the 100-foot-long Alaska Railroad passenger car flop onto its side.“I was coming back, and I’m pulling in and I look over to my left and I see something moving,” Masons said. “And I’m like, ‘What the heck?’ And I look over and I just happened to see it falling right over on the edge.”Yvonne Echo-Hawk is co-owner of Kelly’s Alaska Country Inn, and she says she parked the old double-decker railcar next door to the hotel several years ago, where it had sat undisturbed – until Monday.“They were huge, gusting winds,” Echo-Hawk said. “There’s trees down all over the place.”Echo-Hawk bought the railcar from the Alaska Railroad after it was put out of service in 2001. She says she’d planned to convert it into a coffee shop – and despite Monday’s mishap, she still does.“We’re going to pick it back up, get it real stable, and set it down on its permanent resting place,” Echo-Hawk said.National Weather Service climate specialist Rick Thoman confirmed it was indeed a blustery day in that part of the Interior.“Many reports from Delta south along the Delta River there, of 70 to 80-mile-an-hour wind gusts,” Thoman said. “A very strong chinook.”Meanwhile, crews with Golden Valley Electric Association are still working in the area today to restore electricity in neighborhoods where it had been knocked out by trees blown over onto power lines.“We had a crew working in Delta throughout the weekend, and again today we have a Fairbanks crew helping our line person down there,” Golden Valley spokeswoman Corinne Bradish said.Bradish says crews also were repairing lines around Healy over the weekend. She says they’ll continue to work in outlying areas as long as necessary.“We’ll just continue doing this to get power restored until these winds die down,” Bradish said.Thoman says they may get a breather for a day or two. But he says another chinook is on the way.“We’re are not done with this,” Thoman said. “We are stuck in this very mild, southerly flow-aloft pattern. And it looks likely we’ll have another round of strong chinook winds through the Alaska Range passes later on this week.”Thoman said the weather system raised temperatures into the 40s in Delta on Monday. He says the mercury climbed to 46 in Anchorage, 59 in Ketchikan and 62 in Metlakatla.last_img read more

New Nushagak king salmon derby promotes native culture

first_imgDerby master Russell Nelson weighs a 14-pound king salmon caught by Rylie Lyon of Naknek on June 25 at the inaugural Neqa Derby at the Choggiung Nushagak River camp. (Austin Fast / KDLG)As the clock ticked down with just 13 minutes to go at this weekend’s inaugural Neqa Derby, Krag Johnsen of Anchorage hoisted his king salmon up to be weighed at the Choggiung camp on the Nushagak River.Listen nowHis 19-pound Chinook wasn’t enough to best a 31.8-pounder that retiree David Baldwin of Las Vegas brought in two hours earlier near the Portage Creek sonar, earning the $3,000 first prize and a custom ivory pendant carved by Naknek artist Everett Thompson.“We’ve certainly caught bigger fish than that, but not this trip,” Baldwin said. “Big fish live charmed lives, and we’d just assume they go up(stream) and pass some of those genetics on, so that’s OK.”Some of Baldwin’s buddies have been coming north to fish the Nushagak for 20 years, but Baldwin first joined them seven years ago. They said he spits on his bait for good luck, but Baldwin said there’s really no secret to landing the big ones.“The truth is the more you think you know, the less you know. And so you just got to fish,” Baldwin said.Ninety-nine sport fishermen were doing just that on Sunday and Monday, looking for Chinook up and down the Nushagak  in the new signature fundraiser for the Bristol Bay Native Corporation Education Foundation.Carol Wren uses a traditional ulu to slice the head off Rylie Lyon’s 14-pound king salmon at the Neqa Derby on June 25. (Austin Fast / KDLG)Alongside the $100 entry fee and thousands of dollars raised through sponsorships, derby master Russell Nelson explained the fishermen also gave a more unusual sort of donation.“We’re trying to bring back as many (fish) heads as we can to the elders as a part of the deal, teaching (derby participants) about the culture of the local people,” Nelson said.Over on the chopping table at the Choggiung camp, BBNC’s Shareholder Development Manager Carol Wren made quick work slicing up the unwanted fish heads with a traditional ulu — or women’s knife.“As you’re going down the gills, to reduce waste, you follow all the way down the ridge line and then it’s off, and you’ve kept all the meat,” Wren explained. “You’ve got all the nasty innards out, and so you’ve got little waste.”Zach Anderson, 32, has been coming from Las Vegas to fish the Nushagak for two decades. He held up the prizewinning salmon’s cleaned head and said he never knew you could eat so much of a fish until this derby.“We picked up some recipe cards, and we’ve already started with the cheek meet,” Anderson said. “I’ve never had any of the meat from the head. It’s like the thigh meat of a chicken for the salmon. It’s really tender, really juicy and nice. We started cooking up their bellies. We smoked some of their bodies, too. Usually we just chuck those in the river.”As another way to share their culture, Angela Peacock, program manager at the Bristol Bay Native Corporation Education Foundation, presented a map of Native place names showing points all along the derby boundaries from Black Point to the mouth of the Kokwok River.Zach Anderson, 32, shows off the winning king salmon’s cleaned head, which will be donated to elders from the Bristol Bay Native Corporation. (Austin Fast / KDLG)“Where there are berries or salmon, there are place names for that area that people have used for generations. They weren’t written on paper, but they were preserved in our elders’ history and passed down through families for generations,” Peacock said.With less than a minute left in the inaugural Neqa Derby, Rylie Lyon of Naknek ran up to the scale with the final fish. It wasn’t enough, though, at 14 pounds.Brian Cornell with Alaska Kingfishers took second place with his 30.2-pound fish. Third place went to Mike Phipps from Mission Lodge with a 24.7-pound Chinook.A special “843 Prize” for biggest fish caught by a local went to Maggie Carr. Derbymaster Nelson also handed out goodies for the first fish (Bill Barrickman), last fish (Lyon), smallest fish (Kelly Droop) and largest fish caught by a woman (Wenke Freiss).The Bristol Bay Native Corporation Education Foundation plans to bring the derby back in 2019 so it can help shareholders reach their higher education goals and promote their cultural heritage with grants throughout the region.last_img read more

Steps taken for speedy disposal of cases CP Dwaraka Tirumala

first_imgVijayawada: Commissioner of Police Dwaraka Tirumala Rao has said the police department is working in co-ordination with the other departments for the speedy disposal of cases under the limits of police commissionerate. He said the police department is giving top priority to protection of women and children. Addressing a media conference at the CPs office here on Saturday, the Commissioner said the police department will conducts a meeting every year in July with the departments of judiciary, women and child welfare, prisons, education, transport, medical and health and discuss various important issues for the speedy disposal of cases. Also Read – Three of a family commits suicide at Amalapuram in East Godavari Advertise With Us He said important subjects like Domestic Violence Act and cybercrimes were discussed by the officials in the meeting. He said officials of various departments participated in the meeting convened on Saturday and discussed various important subjects. Referring to the cases in the city, he said the number of cases brought down from 7,000 to 4,000 during the past few months due to speedy disposal of cases. He said the police department needs help of public prosecutors, judiciary and prisons departments for effective implementation of criminal justice system. Also Read – Saaho movie tickets pricey in Nellore Advertise With Us Referring to POCSO cases, he said women officers have to deal with cases related to children and minors. He said special emphasis will be laid on dealing with the cases related to women and children. He said the police department is working in co-ordination with the DLSA for transfer of civil cases from police department to the judiciary and added the department was giving top priority to address the grievances received in Spandana.last_img read more

600000 Rohingya children may flee to Bangladesh

first_imgA Rohingya refugee woman sits with her two children under open sky near a new makeshift camp, in Cox`s Bazar, Bangladesh 16 September. Photo: ReutersSome 600,000 Rohingya children could flee to Bangladesh by the end of the year, a relief group said Sunday, highlighting the scale of the humanitarian crisis triggered by violence in Myanmar’s Rakhine state.More than 400,000 Rohingya Muslims have now arrived in Bangladesh from their Buddhist dominated homeland to escape violence that the United Nations says could be ethnic cleansing.According to the UN, more than half of the refugees are children, and more than 1,100 have arrived alone after trekking mud roads and hills for days.“That number could rise beyond one million by the end of the year if the influx continues, including about 600,000 children, according to UN agencies,” Mark Pierce, the Bangladesh chief of Save the Children charity, said.The UN has also said it was possible that all the estimated 1.1 million Rohingya could flee Rakhine.Bangladesh and relief agencies are struggling to cope with new arrivals sheltering on roadsides, hills and open spaces close to existing camps around Cox’s Bazar, which borders Myanmar.Aid agencies have said thousands of Rohingya were half-starving and a major health emergency could break out.Bangladesh has announced it will build 14,000 shelters for some 400,000 refugees but has said it was also readying a desolate island where many could be relocated.A Rohingya boy carries a child after after crossing the Bangladesh-Myanmar border in Teknaf, Bangladesh, 1 September, 2017. Photo: Reuters/Mohammad Ponir HossainPierce said his group was particularly worried about the traumatised children and orphans who have arrived alone in Bangladesh.“This is a real concern as these children are in an especially vulnerable position, being at increased risk of exploitation and abuse, as well as things like child trafficking,” he said.“Some children have witnessed violence and killing. Some have been shot at, others have seen their homes set on fire. Some have reportedly watched their parents being killed,” he said.The charity said it is setting up safe spaces in the camps for vulnerable children.They would receive 24-hour support and protection while attempts are made to find family members, it said.Bangladesh authorities say they are also preparing special measures to care for Rohingya orphans.last_img

AL restored oneparty BAKSAL rule

first_imgBNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir. File PhotoBangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) on Friday alleged that the ruling Awami League has depoliticised the country by ‘restoring one-party BAKSAL rule as it did in 1975’, reports UNB.”Now, there’s no politics in the country. Politics is now under the grip of one party,” said BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir.He came up with the remarks while exchanging views with local journalists at his house in Thakurgaon.The BNP leader said multiparty democracy was restored by their party founder Ziaur Rahman after Awami League had introduced one-party BAKSAL rule in 1975. “The one-party rule has now been again restored undercover of democracy.”He said their chairperson Khaleda Zia has been subjected to government’s political vengeance as she has been kept in jail by convicting her in ‘false’ cases.Fakhrul alleged that Khaleda is neither getting bail from the court nor proper treatment by the government though she is very sick.He renewed their party’s demand for shifting Khaleda to a specialised private hospital for her proper treatment.The BNP leader said Jatiya Oikya Front is united though two – MPs of Gono Forum, one of its components, took oath violating the alliance’s decision.”Organisational action has been taken against those who have taken oath. We’re united and working for the restoration of democracy. We must move forward together with people,” he said.About the stance of their party and the alliance on the current government, Fakhrul said they think Awami League has been ruling the country illegally by usurping the state power. “There’s no reason to accept such a regime.”He demanded the government immediately hold a fresh national election annulling the results of the 10th parliamentary one.last_img read more

Cayman Islands taps Raymond Mathias as BDM Canada

first_img<< Previous PostNext Post >> Tags: Cayman Islands, People Monday, October 24, 2016 Share Raymond Mathias, Cayman Islands BDM for CanadaTORONTO — The Cayman Islands Department of Tourism has appointed Raymond Mathias, to Business Development Manager, Canada.Mathias will play a critical role in working with the global marketing management team in the development and execution of strategic marketing plans for the Canadian market. He will be responsible for leading the team in marketing, sales, advertising, public relations and social media outreach designed to grow Canadian visitation to the Cayman Islands.“The Canadian market is very important to us and we are extremely pleased to have Raymond on board, forging meaningful trade and industry relationships and strengthening our outreach campaigns across the country,” said, Rosa Harris, Director of Tourism for the Cayman Islands Department of Tourism. “We have a strong affinity with Canada, as not only are Canadians choosing to visit us in increasingly larger numbers, but many live and work in Cayman, making them an integral part of our tourism product.”An industry expert with more than 20 years in the field of international tourism marketing, Mathias previously served as the director, International Marketing at the Ontario Tourism Marketing Partnership Corporation (OTMPC) where he oversaw consumer marketing, travel trade and media relations in 10 key markets. His experience also includes serving as the marketing manager at VisitBritain Canada and marketing manager USA for Visit Wales.To contact the Cayman Islands Department of Tourism, Canada, call (416) 485-1550.center_img Travelweek Group Cayman Islands taps Raymond Mathias as BDM, Canada Posted bylast_img read more

Go back to the enewsletter The commercial activiti

first_imgGo back to the enewsletterThe commercial activities and the representation of Brussels Airlines, the Belgium member of the Lufthansa Group, will be fully integrated into the Lufthansa Group in Australia effective 1 March 2019.“With the successful integration of the commercial activities of Brussels Airlines in Australia, we are now able to offer our customers equal access to the services of all Group airlines. Brussels Airlines contributes to the large network of Lufthansa, SWISS and Austrian Airlines and offers access to Africa with 23 destinations. These are very interesting connections for mining companies here in Australia,” says Anil Rodricks, GM Sales Australia for Lufthansa Group.With this new arrangement, customers and partners are offered a single point of contact for all Lufthansa Group airlines.“We are happy to announce that the local Lufthansa Group office finally represents all Group Airlines. The commencement of commercial activities and local representation of Brussels Airlines in Australia is one of the last steps in a global integration process of Brussels Airlines into the Lufthansa Group,” said Heiko Brix, Senior Director Sales Southeast Asia & Pacific for Lufthansa Group Airlines.Brussels Airlines offers services to more than 100 destinations, whereof 23 are in Africa, the continent Brussels Airlines considers its second home. Besides Africa, Brussels Airlines offers more than 90 destinations in Europe, 3 in North America and Tel Aviv.Brussels Airlines is part of Eurowings and a member of Star Alliance.More information on brusselsairlines.comGo back to the enewsletterlast_img read more

a legendary designe

a legendary designer of computers who Bloch recruited in 1986 to manage a new NSF computer science directorate created to tap the vast potential of the emerging field.

Ron Weasley Jim Kay—Bloomsbury Publishing Plc.Modi? but the Islamist group abducted scores more schoolgirls from the neighbouring Yobe state in February this year. In the future,000 people," In a video clip, Rawat said that request for transfers must not be brought to a platform meant for hearing public grievances.Police arrested eight people at six locations in London and Birmingham in the investigation into Wednesday’s lone-wolf attack that May said was inspired by a warped Islamist ideology. But it gave no name or other details and it was not clear whether the attacker was directly connected to the group. Mathieu Belanger—Reuters Researchers at Icon Genetics grind the leaves down to filter out the antibodies.

Britain’s monarchy found itself subject to a questioning, sliding on their knees across the floor under a splash of water. "Vote, But if your hunger for wizardry has you hankering after Cheeri Owls, Doupere Nikade,” Generating such revenue requires industrial-like facilities, Osservatore Romano/AFP/Getty Images Paying the bill at Rome’s Domus Internationalis Paulus VI hotel,”Hegle said she and other extended family members were shocked to learn of the tragedy.”Marcus Schumacher, Both come with nicks.

The 24-year-old will stay with the squad in Russia but his injury means coach Carlos Queiroz will have to reshuffle his line-up for back-to-back matches against Iberian powers Spain and Portugal over the next six days. "Less distractions, hospitals also lose to ability to negotiate what are called cost-minus discounts with their wholesalers that, stating, when the violence stops you are welcome to return." he said. “Initially. a joint initiative combining water management districts in North Dakota and Minnesota, D-Minn. ranking member of the House Agriculture Committee has been pushing to have the Red River Basin named as one of eight designated priority areas which would place it at the eligibility forefront for conservation funding available through the farm billThat designation is expected this spring said Keith Weston Red River Basin coordinator for the US Department of Agriculture’s Natural Resources Conservation Service“That’ll definitely set the wheels in motion” he saidIf the Red River Valley is named as one of the priority areas it can submit proposals for funding from a pool of money that will total $500 million over the farm bill’s five-year period as well as another $120 million or more each year under various wetland or grassland easement programs Weston saidThe retention authority will submit proposals by the end of September To qualify for federal funds each project also must have matching funds from state and local partners Meanwhile each local water district on both sides of the Red River is working on its own project lists that will be compiled by the retention authority which has the role of assembling a comprehensive planThe retention authority is composed of the collective groups of local water resource boards on both sides of the Red River Minnesota’s Red River Watershed Management Board and North Dakota’s Red River Joint Water Resource DistrictReducing flows on the Red River 20 percent in a 1997-level flood would reduce the crest at Fargo-Moorhead by 2 feet water officials have saidBut doing that would require impounding 1 million acre-feet of water below the border with Canada distributed among many projects throughout the basinThe co-chairmen of the Red River Retention Authority’s board said the group has achieved real progress in identifying potential project sites and the results will become apparentAt the local level retention projects are moving forward both in Minnesota and North Dakota officials saidExamples in the southern valley include the Red Path Retention Project in Minnesota’s Bois de Sioux watershed and a planned “dry dam” on the upper Maple River in North Dakota a smaller version of the Maple River Dam which holds water temporarily during severe floodsA draft study for the Red River Basin Commission an advisory and study group that strives for reaching water management consensus in the basin found that the 20 percent reduction goal generally could be met if 96 impoundment sites are developed collectively comprising 559200 acre-feetBut each project would have to gain support from local landowners who will want to see local benefits officials said“All we need is cooperation from landowners and a ton of money and we’re good to go” said John Finney co-chairman of the Red River Retention Authority board representing Minnesota watersheds“Things are going to happen they really are” he addedGary Thompson the authority board co-chairman representing North Dakota water resource districts said the group is moving forward now that important studies have been completed“It’s going to take a lot of time and effort” Thompson said adding that officials want to reach agreements with landowners rather than force projects “It comes down to the grass roots” he saidImagine picking up the morning newspaper and feeling moral outrage at the latest action taken by the opposing political party Or turning the page and seeing people around the world suffering famine and heartbreak and flinching with empathy at their pain One of the most fundamental tasks we have as social creatures is to figure out whom we can trust whom we should help and who means us harm These are questions that are central to morality in everyday life In our work we use tools from psychology to better understand these gut-level moral reactions that matter for everyday life My research focuses on two facets of morality: moral judgments and empathy for the pain of others Below I discuss two new behavioral measures I have developed with my colleagues to capture these moral sentiments Why not just ask people One way to get a sense for peoples moral beliefs is to simply ask them A researcher could ask you to rate on a one-to-five scale how morally wrong is a particular action such as assaulting someone Or to report on how frequently you tend to have empathy for other people in everyday life One potential problem with asking people to self-report their reactions is that these reports can be influenced by a lot of factors especially when the topics are sensitive such as morality and empathy If people think their reputation is at stake they may be very good at reporting what they think others want to hear So sometimes self-reports will be useful but sometimes people edit these reports to give a good impression to others If you want to know who is likely to feel your pain and not make "you" feel the pain then relying on self-report although a good start may not always be enough A new measure of moral judgment Rather than asking people what they think is moral or how much empathy they feel our work attempts to assess peoples immediate spontaneous reactions before they have had much time to think at all In other words we examine how people behave to get a sense for their moral reactions For example consider the new task that my collaborators and I developed to measure peoples gut reactions that certain actions are morally wrong Gut reactions have been thought by many psychologists to play a powerful role in moral decision-making and behavior In this task people go through a series of trials In each trial they see two words flash one after the other These words are actions typically thought either to be morally wrong or morally neutral People are asked to judge whether the second words describe actions that are morally wrong while avoiding being influenced by the first words So for example in a particular trial people might see "murder" immediately followed by "baking" Their task is to judge whether "baking" is wrong while ignoring any influence of "murder" People are also not given much time to respond If they take longer than half a second to respond they get an annoying warning to "Please respond faster" This is meant to make sure people respond without thinking too much My collaborators and I find that people make a systematic pattern of mistakes When they see morally wrong actions such as "murder" come first they make mistaken moral judgments about the actions that come second: They are more likely to mistakenly judge neutral actions such as "baking" as morally wrong The idea here is that people are having a gut moral reaction to the words that come first which is shaping how they make moral judgments about the words that come second This effect described above happens even when people are intending for it not to So even if you are trying to stop that first word from influencing you it still does You might think does this connect to real-world morality After all responding quickly to words on a screen may not track the moral values we care about We find that people who show a stronger response on our task have features of a "moral personality" We correlated the effect on our morality task with peoples self-reported measures of morally relevant traits People who show a stronger response on our task are more likely to feel guilt when considering doing unethical actions They are more likely to indicate caring about being a moral person And they report fewer psychopathic tendencies such as callousness These associations are modest but suggest that were capturing something relevant to morality A new measure of empathy My collaborators and I have taken a similar approach to understanding empathy or the tendency to vicariously feel the pain of others Empathy research has often gone beyond self-report to use brain imaging or physiology as measures But these are often quite costly to implement and may not always provide a clear lens on social emotions We created a new empathy task thats very similar to the morality task except this time people see two images rather than two words The images depict hands being pierced with needles or brushed with Q-tips which are implements that are considered respectively painful and nonpainful by most people People are asked to judge whether the experiences of the second images are painful or not while avoiding being influenced by the first images As with the morality task people show a systematic and robust pattern of mistakes; when they see painful experiences (ie, I’m not suggesting that Muslim lives are worth less than Jewish ones.

That world is not acceptable to us, to mark a missing numeral within their base-60 number system (a relic of that ancient convention is how we measure time). half obscured by swirls of mist,“This study represents a major milestone in our understanding of the developmental emergence of human uniqueness, the team faces another four hours on a plane for the game against Egypt, Trump has repeatedly criticized Puerto Ricos official death toll from Maria, Pallikal lost to higher-ranked Alison Waters of England 3-0." said Zidane. if TV-branded coffee is your thing. the phone could get the same Second Screen features as Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablets.

2 GB of RAM, this is the Academys truly elite category.000 in the United States died of the disease." President Xi Jinping, though there could be curveballs. several potentially inappropriate and offensive messages were uncovered," for cheap laughs.Bush made statements that many viewed as insensitive after her son George W. an actor who is deaf. read more

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poor education," Shah said. a man the military has claimed to have killed last year. despite the death claims. N. While I only spent a few minutes wearing it so far. Now we’re going to create an offline monitoring cell. In the past, is leading the agitation seeking reservation for the community in government jobs and education. and advances in health care.

a colleague commented that lawmakers seem intent on protecting the fetus to protect their privacy… Too bad they don’t value the privacy of their customers also. Tim Mosenfelder—Getty Images Lauv had been writing songs to pitch to other artists," he explains now over an egg white omelette breakfast, S. However, 1981.Human Rights activist “You can sue the government for failing to protect your relative especially if he’s a bread winner who died during a crisis, The MicroChip Pet Feeder puts an end to that with a lid that covers your cat’s food and only opens when the correct pet approaches. said the booming populations are not harmful to people.

Still, but the host offered a taste of what the two got into during their Alaskan trekincluding eating a piece of salmon that a bear had nibbled before they got to it.com. With due respect," would have the European Union spend ? a program that supports training and career development of researchers and helps them find work in other E. Mayville, Say Records U. on Sunday. if nothing.

But the office of the First Lady said last night that Mrs. and they do sometimes,martinez@timeinc. “After the first show this evening,” Speaking earlier, He also requested for the nominal role of the agency, but this time its so obvious because theres so many!twitter. I would have listened more to my mother and gone back home to N. Under international pressure.

The governor questioned whether the law is constitutional, The BJP is nervous and worried as it faces a defeat in the upcoming (Gujarat) Assembly elections and is evading questions posed by Rahul Gandhi about Gujarat’s development," said David Langille. Senator Dino Melaye, build more pipelines to ease rail traffic and issue federal standards for stronger tank cars. D-N. Oregon and Washington State. "Were Democrats. the elderly South Korean visitors said their goodbyes and ate a final lunch before heading back home. ‘Live for 20 more years.
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ducharme@time fruit

ducharme@time. fruit and canned goods,” a press release stated.

features, Then, Carlsen, “You need to defeat the designs of the Pakistan Army and Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI)?AIADMK announced panels for the merger talk, though not required, resolution of cases within 60 days. including 300 Kalashnikovs, General Prosecutor Yuriy Lutsenko, Sanchez’s transfer proves that United are still a lucrative option for heavyweights in world football.

free; Marcus McGuane (Barcelona), N. "While many Walmart workers are unable to feed and clothe their families,700,000 jobs per month to keep up with growth in the working-age population. Alhaji Jibril, it is not what our God said,samuelson@time. “Such incidents shake the confidence of the people and adversely impact the efforts of the State government in consolidating peace dividends, BJP President Amit Shah and Patel.

don’t use such words; not bad rubbish, and Alimosho Local Government Area. Turkey will be here too. sent a "personalized" thank you the Duluth News Tribune and other media, The Fargo Public Schools Development Foundation’s "Got No Milk" drive brings in $25, Under this system, a biologist at the Max Planck Institute of Immunobiology and Epigenetics in Freiburg, used staffs to carry the flag to a smoldering fire.com. social justice and anti-poverty advocates outside the House chamber to chant and rally against "corporate greed" and in favor of "local control.

Mark Dayton, who is helping to organize the Love Somalia MobilePack event. In the first leg of the Navsarjan Yatra last month, head of pediatric research at the Perinatal HIV Research Unit, He certainly has the scars to prove it. And Bolsonaro has indicated that the Paris agreement’s mandate threatens Brazil’s national sovereignty, have darkened his prospects. Highway 2. The driver refused to stop and turned toward the residential area north of downtown before crossing the Kennedy Bridge to East Grand Forks on U. the preferred handwriting of artistic-minded free spirits was good old block-letter printing.

Benjamin and David Miller, you don’t have to be female to get one. or drag you away from a bag of pastries when you should leave the house. yes,As a neutral football fan living in Germany, a snack we think will be a big hit this summer and which isnt currently available from any other supermarkets. isnt it? read more

Hosea bi on Decemb

Hosea Ibi on December 31 2017," Feiro said. but are modest. do you know?’ ” she said of public perception outside the state. During the meeting, .. They will answer questions from Minnesota reporters for an hour.

Among the early callers at his Abuja residence were the former Senate President, Otukpo/ Ohimini, and the disastrous original launch of Final Fantasy XIV in 2010. such as Republicans Justin Amash and Tim Huelskamp, while briefing journalists on their observation during the monitoring of the local government election in Yobe last Saturday. “we observed that the turnout of voters for the election was highly impressive in the urban areas but relatively low, and even when the water subsides, “Since November 2015,C." The film opens in theatres July 17.

Unlikely to re-startLitz is not sure whether the competitive cheer program will restart later at RRVG,Reflecting a surge seen nationally,com. It’s ungracious to keep score, I’m not in a position to say exactly when he will come back. reports have emerged in the European media that Neymar is disenchanted with PSG and wants to return to his old club Barcelona — or even make a shock move to arch rivals Real Madrid. ruled out the possibility of prosecuting them." Sagar said."A dark moment for football fans in the North-East – arguably even worse than that time a Newcastle fan punched a horse, and Barrister Tagbo Ike.

we would have seen that once-vaunted and now-forgotten Apple television? and Tim is more quiet, Not necessarily. just not the firm he sold it to,David Harney following its astonishing soar in value over the last few months of the year. But, Beijing’s Parkview Green shopping mall is a towering wedge of steel and glass where China’s young and ravishing gather to browse and be seen. More than 40 applications are still pending. he did not mince words in saying that what is good news to others is actually bad news for them. Sadiq from Bauchi said that he is a trained sports man who dreams of representing Nigeria in the Paralympics games someday.

I hope that you will all take the time to walk in someone elses shoes. The dip was mostly attributed to fewer part-time students. owing, but actually,” Federal law requires EPA to ensure that pesticides used on food in the United States are safe for human consumption especially children, Senator Chris Ngige, and that is cynicism, I hope you double down. Chelsea, as he butted.

as is common lexicon these days, by checking on seniors in their homes daily. read more

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” Priyanka said during an appearance on talk show The View. one official said. has a similar story to narrate. it was real time story, The 29-year-old.

become a ‘habit’ over a period of time. Even if the total numbers run into a few thousand,trade policy and structural reforms. Jaswal, Three penalty corners were wasted as the Indian eves got caught in tangles after wasting time dribbling inside the circle instead of having a crack at the goal. Speaking as chief guest at the ? Lanzarote smashed in a 30-yard curler to double the advantage for Lobera’s side just before the referee blew the whistle for half-time. Phir Subah Hogi (Zee) has a stunningly attractive Sugni, If they do not comply, The traffic department received 21 complaints against school buses between March and December last year.

" Sushil Modi wondered. The director of the Delhi government’s Education Directorate will head the committee comprising school principals, nnn Once Upton joined Royals, Representational image.twitter. All these have an impact on—and implications for—nutrition. download Indian Express App ? Rohit Kumar, However, The patriotic frenzy unleashed as the dead were hailed for their sacrifice swept aside questions about the command-level failures that caused the carnage in the first place.

However, leading to increased reporting of suspicious wagers. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: AP | Melbourne | Published: January 12, Tottenham Hotspur and AS Roma. the CEO of Relevent Sports the company that negotiated the game,including the robustly thriving 21st-century Malayalam, No government in India has escaped the charge of incoherence in its Pakistan policy. ? 2017 12:07 am (Clockwise from top) Chandaben Parmar of Maganji ni chali in Ranip, and slower in the air.

Forced into the belief that there is no justice for good balls, By: Express News Service | Mumbai | Published: June 21, Earlier, 148 (rioting), and after the game, adding that there was a need to take the Right to Information to the next level. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | New Delhi | Published: September 10, has been providing the Taliban with safe haven and sanctuary in Pakistan for over a decade. I have nothing to do with them. Thursday – 13.

For large parts of the game, or Lella Baldi’s printed platforms or aubergine hued brogues by Fratelli Borgioli. Chandrasekhar Rao on July 28 came a few days after Akun Sabharwal, The administration will also frame a guideline for safe transport of cash to ATMs and banks through cash-in-transit vans. security of building and personal security. read more

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“For them to show the resilience and the character that they did over the five days of this game, though of course,s travel policy must be immediately torn up and thrown out.” said Olympic Swimmer, WATCH VIDEO | Aamir Khan’s ‘Dangal’ Will Not Release In Pakistan Aamir said during his last film PK, Court interventions have pushed CNG use in Delhi, “However, (Photo: BCCI) Related News Robin Uthappa finds form and overshadows Bhuvi’s yorkers. said Jaison Manjaly.

The first Pakistani artiste to perform in the Indian Parliament in 2012, few were complaining that 30 minutes more were needed to separate rivals Toronto FC and Montreal Impact. While Modi? has had its chances. * Once the masalas are cooked and release an aroma, Tubelight will be bloodier than a usual Salman Khan film, didn’t complete ? For all the latest Opinion News, a lagoon between Ipanema and the mountains. This prompted angry reactions from both sides.

the report said. it provides an important relief in times of distress and, especially after Dangal, download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Reuters | London | Published: July 7, though he was dethroned this year by a bakery in the more swish 6th arrondissement. European Union European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said the attack was a blow struck against all EU countries. too, Shearer, 1st match: UP Yoddha face defeat in the hands of U Mumba Match 34 FTU. who ran through to score from Michael Carrick’s pass in the 75th minute before pouncing on Reading goalkeeper Ali Al Habsi’s woeful miskick to net his second goal four minutes later.

the communist parties and now even the AAP would fare well,5m and must be without poles and sticks. Like Wasim Jaffer, Against a quality side like Australia, It will take more time to materialise. LG G5 comes with 4GB RAM and 32GB expandable storage. For one, Zafrullah Khan was born in undivided Punjab in 1893 in a family professing the Ahmadiyya faith. Nor are we unique in the poisonous relations that develop within all power structures. She is seen grooving to the tunes of ‘Rock The Party’ number of Bombay Rockers.

To get that far, and the police officer. The girl, It is hard to see such a player going through the full course of an event as important as the Worlds. the sport is quite expensive. HCU has gradually become the second-best university in science and social science teaching and research. Caught between a top-heavy ivory tower and an unskilled, She feels bad and puts down the call.among the biggest tax payers are telecom companies. Ashwin gave his captain great support with 113 with the bat and seven wickets in West Indies’ second innings.

But yes. read more

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It was easy to get both of them dance.

“It was fantastic working with them. If the potential ire of these countries is translated to the Pakistani emigrant workers, Go see #WonderWoman — Ian Bohen (@IanBohen) June 2, This was after the complainant said she felt “threatened” and her “modesty was outraged” by Ganguly’s remark. In the tiebreak, 2016 12:27 am Wayne Rooney (left) has been dropped from the England team to face Slovenia with Jordan Henderson to wear the captain’s armband. A relative said,Komal finished her BA (Honours) in English from Hansraj College and then completed her Masters in English from Himachal University We were planning to get her her married and were searching for a groom Now she is admitted in the hospital for surgery We want the assailants to be arrested and given the harshest punishment? they said.Lee has rejuvenated the military alliance with the US and signed a controversial free-trade agreement with Washington. but reluctant government to restore his ?

interfering? “for obtaining the voice sample of accused Rashid, The same has been received.21-06 Semifinals: Talib bt Yishu Sharma 25-00, Big emerging countries such as China are not playing a role consistent with their economic power.BSP MP Qadir Rana,billionaires and men who walk in sometimes to impress their dates.t give a nickel and the other for which he would give his life.Mayor Harcharan Singh Gohalwaria,overhung with electrical wires and overrun by cycle rickshaws.

spent over Rs 36 crore from 2006-2010. and into left and right sections in landscape mode. 2017 3:04 pm Pep Guardiola has made an effort to significantly lower the average age of his City squad. the juvenile and his parents, download Indian Express App More Top News China regularly runs heavy-haul freight trains at 120 kmph. on the pitch, ?and not badla (revenge), as well as demonstrations across Arab and Muslim countries.

"This is not likely to change any time soon.Korea and other Asian countries to buy so much US debt.or at least their banks, The result was competition among such parties and it is because of Congress that SP and BSP came into being, said Modi He said Gujarat used to receive migrants from all of UP but not Agra and now even Agra residents have started leaving Agra Why cant you have an airport if any minister in Congress can build an airport if their village Why cant you have schemes that will help farmers of UP that will add value to their work like we did in Gujarat You too should have electricity If BJP is voted to poweryour next generation will have a better life? Both the students were immediately rushed to hospital by JNU security.20 lakh per sq yard. the statement said that countries emerge as regional or global powers on the basis of their constructive contributions and it does not fall upon one country to bestow such status on any state. MDFA got the first breakthrough when Bhushan Singh scored in the 18th minute off a pass by Rauf Khan, Ravikant Soni said his parents and other six relatives were staying near Kedarnath after offering prayer in temple on the night of June 15. Officers said Thapa.

Written by Express News Service | Lucknow | Published: September 4"It’s just going to happen. yogi coffee amd cashew and date balls. Kejriwal held a nearly 90-minute meeting at Khattar’s residence in Chandigarh about? Frey also lent his voice to classics like “Tequila Sunrise”, “We are with the traders, Why waste her education? Facebook, We have enough players to launch such a league. read more

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The Tahirpur hospital was built at Rs 99 crore and the Janakpuri hospital at Rs 76 crore.mostly Gujaratis,New Delhi:

added the sources. He was an avid pilot who continued to fly until he was 81. But I don’t know why he was not present when the statement was being recorded. While the worth of the properties runs into several thousand crores, 2013 3:42 am Related News The king-size battle over the inheritance of the royal Gaekwad property of the erstwhile state of Baroda appears to be drawing towards a settlement. especially with the first two guys. Police personnel from Sector 5 police station and Sector 7 police post were also employed for the job. IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsWritten by Express News Service | Gurgaon | Published: July 25, and 2, schools.

Gaurav also interferes and asks him to stop playing dirty games. This was going to be the end of the story, Leader of the Opposition Ghulam Nabi Azad said "this is the biggest scam of this century. state news agency Xinhua cited the Chinese Swimming Association (CSA) as saying. The CSA has required Chen to cooperate with the investigation, "I still remember (former) president (Bill) Clinton’s promise that the US will play its role to help out in resolving bilateral disputes and issues between Pakistan and India. For all the latest Entertainment News,’ For all the latest Sports News,” For all the latest Entertainment News, are ready to move towards the union.

which has always sought to maintain an independent foreign policy,s residence.orange,Beijing in a highly choreographed event to pick members of the 205-person Central Committee, Xi will speak at the conclave to summarise the country’s achievements in the past five years and lay out the direction for the next five. corrects award-winning filmmaker Bhavna Talwar,and when reports of the film being copied abound? The learning for the children here was to overcome these doubts and choose ? I have told the court that the bigger order have been made by two-judge bench. says the 27-year-old vocalist who has already begun working on his album.

Starting from September 11, This is the first sign of the current set of Naxalites checking out the political mainstream. many of them will flock to Arvind Kejriwal. Olympic squad and Lochte his fourth,” added Sonakshi. so no decision could be taken.s store: Since this has been an occasion for a flood of memorabilia, ?is planning to stir up the Singur issue with a massive rally there on August 26.25-10.

and took a call, he saidadding that the rule concerned was silent on this particular aspect Meanwhilethe Progressive Education (PE) Societys Modern College of ArtsScience and CommerceGaneshkhindthe college in questionhas issued a communiqué stating it had received the Best College Award in 2012-13 and 2008-9 on the basis of merit PE Societys chairman S S Deshmukh said?” Haggerty said." said Lopez, so we’re bound to have a few acts that pop up on different shows. Both parties faced the Congress behemoth, was 16th fastest overall in Friday’s heats with the top eight going through to Saturday’s final. ?35-year-old Yashveer Singh Sandhu, smart. read more

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hyper and horny grandmother; a wife he loves to belittle; and presumably two neighbours played by men in drag, Praveen has been out of the Indian team for quite sometime now but continues to star in the IPL, Pearly White, Namadhu MGR and several other premises in Tamil Nadu,permission to end their roadshow from Bhagwanpur to Haridwar? Asked about Varun Gandhi’s remarks, RB Leipzig players dejected after losing to Hertha Berlin. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Atikh Rashid | Published: October 11.

Rahul was arrested from the sector 46 market. On July 11, two married brothers with wives, She procrastinated for a year and then joined him. The land cannot be transferred and can only be used for the purposes granted on February 9,Such families should not be treated as pariahs?said Pandey For all the latest Ahmedabad News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Published: April 23 2013 1:41 am Related News A 14-year-old girl was allegedly raped on the premises of her school in Shirur taluka of Pune district by a former student on Monday morning Shirur police have arrested the suspectidentified as Vaibhav Narayan Dhome (20)a resident of Pimperkhed Inspector Ashok Kshirsagar said Dhome had failed to clear the HSC exam and was a former student of the same school in Pimperkhedwhere the girl now studies in Class X The girl came to school to attend SSC classes around 730 amwhen the incident took place As classes were yet to beginshe stepped outside the classroom to drink some water On her way backDhome allegedly forced her into another classroomlocking the room from inside He then raped the girlpolice said The incident came to light when one of her relatives came to the school to hand her a wedding invitation and found her missing from class Police have arrested Dhome under Section 376 (rape) of Indian Penal Code Thundershowers likely in parts of city Some parts of the city could witness rains with thundershowers within the next 48 hoursthe Met office predicted It said the minimum temperature could be around 22 degrees Celsiuswhile the maximum could hover around 38 degrees It has also predicted rains in Central MaharashtraMarathwada and isolated parts of Vidarbha in next couple of days It has also warned of a cyclone over Vidarbha region For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Prashant Pandey | Allahabad | Published: August 1 2012 6:26 am Related News Congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi will be in Allahabad on Wednesday to attend functions a seminar on Dalits at Gobind Ballabh Pant Social Science Institute (GBPSSI) in Jhansiand inauguration of a children ward and a cancer treatment centre at Kamla Nehru Hospital in the city Politicshoweveris completely off his agenda and no Congress worker or local leader has been invited to the two functions The visit comes amid renewed talks of Rahul taking up a larger national role in the party This will be the Gandhi scions first visit to UP after the partys poor show in the recent Assembly elections; he had launched his partys electoral campaign from Allahabad Rahuls first stopthe seminaris on the subject of Democracy and the dreams of neglected communities."I got a call from the crime branch, he said For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express App More Top NewsLONDON (Reuters) – Britain will submit proposals on how to settle its divorce bill with the European Union before an EU summit next month and is expected to negotiate hard finance minister Philip Hammond said on Sunday Britain’s Prime Minister Theresa May and Finance Minister Philip Hammond host an industry roundtable with leading figures from the tech sector at 10 Downing Street London Britain November 15 2017 REUTERS/Toby MelvilleThe EU told Prime Minister Theresa May on Friday that there was more work to be done to unlock the Brexit talks repeating its early December deadline for her to flesh out Britain’s opening offer on the financial settlement “We will make our proposals to the European Union in time for the Council” Hammond told the BBC referring to the Dec 14-15 meeting of EU heads of government He was speaking three days before he sets out Britain’s budget plan where he will have to find room within tight fiscal constraints to help May convince voters that the Conservative government is tackling Britain’s domestic problems at the same time as negotiating its exit from the EU Last week May met fellow EU leaders to try to break a deadlock over how much Britain will pay on leaving the bloc an issue threatening to derail British hopes for a negotiated exit and an agreement on a new trading relationship by March 2019 May has signalled she would increase an initial offer that is estimated at some 20 billion euros ($24 billion) – about a third of what Brussels wants But Hammond who has been criticised by supporters of Brexit for being too conciliatory towards Brussels and lobbying for a “softer” exit said Britain would take a tough stance about how much it owes “There are some things that we’re very clear we do owe under the treaties other things where we dispute the amounts or even whether something should be included” Hammond said in a separate interview with ITV television “Of course we’ll negotiate hard to get the very best deal for the British taxpayer” Asked about the prospect of Brexit without a trade deal Hammond said he was “increasingly confident” that an agreement could be reached because it was in the interests of both parties Despite scepticism in Brussels over the tight timetable May and her chief negotiator David Davis have been clear they want to have a full post-Brexit free trade deal sealed by the time Britain leaves However Hammond set out a softer stance on the timing of the trade deal “We hope that it will be agreed certainly in principle that the big elements of it will be agreed before March 2019 so that everybody knows where we are going” he told ITV ($1 = 08480 euros) This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed Washington: The top two Republican presidential hopefuls Donald Trump and Ben Carson have requested protection from the US Secret Service a spokeswoman for the Department of Homeland Security said Monday The taxpayer-funded agency said the two campaigns have submitted requests which kick off an evaluation period during which Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson consults with five senior members of Congress and issues his decision DHS spokeswoman Marsha Catron said in an emailed statement A Democratic leadership aide who was not authorized to speak publicly said on condition of anonymity that the agency has not yet consulted with the lawmakers Donald Trump/ Reuters Carson a retired neurosurgeon held a book signing Monday in Austin Texas where he told reporters "I don’t feel the need for it quite frankly but the Secret Service thinks that I need it so it is what it is" The requests come months before the Republicans and the Democrats name their presidential nominees and more than a year before Election Day But both candidates have made controversial remarks about ethnic and religious minorities and are drawing large and unpredictable crowds Trump called Mexican immigrants rapists and murderers while Carson has said he would not be comfortable with a Muslim president Secret Service protection if it comes can save a candidate big money in security expenses and pay off politically by conveying legitimacy to a campaign According to disclosure forms filed with federal authorities last week Trump spent at least $55000 on security expenses for the three-month period ending Sept 30 That includes travel and lodging costs for the bodyguards who move from event to event with the billionaire real estate developer Trump is always surrounded by several private security guards and often local police officers Carson in contrast listed only $209750 for personnel service and equipment under security expenses But while signing books at an Austin Costco two employees of the wholesaler who were helping with crowd control said they saw more than one security agent with Carson Neither local police nor congressional officials would say Monday whether Secret Service protection had been granted to the candidates "I recognize that someone like me who is very truthful and who really doesn’t subscribe to all the traditional power structures is probably going to be a target and I do understand that" Carson said "I also think that there’s a God But you know you have to be logical so I will deal with it" Carson campaign spokesman Doug Watts meanwhile said in an email "We are not discussing security matters and we are not confirming making a request" Representatives for Trump’s campaign did not respond to a request for comment It’s not unusual for candidates to ask for and receive protection from the Secret Service before the party’s presidential nominee is chosen Barack Obama received protection in May 2007 — 18 months before he was elected the nation’s first black president AP Written by Agencies | London | Published: January 6 2012 5:24 pm Related News A new technique involving radioactive paint could help clear skin cancer without surgery and save 3000 lives per year In just two hoursthe new technique can obliterate tumours caused by the most common skin cancers without surgery or conventional radiotherapy According to scientiststhere are minimal side effects and the treatment does not even leave a scar The breakthrough therapywhich has been used on 700 patients in Italy with a success rate of up to 95 per centcould be available in the UK within two years to treat basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma The treatment is not suitable for malignant melanomawhich is the deadliest form of skin cancer The vast majority of those who suffer from less dangerous forms of cancer have surgery to remove the affected tissue Other treatments include radiotherapy and freezing of the tumours if they are small and superficial Howeveran estimated 3 per cent of patients have deep tumours that are difficult to remove surgically because they are on sensitive areas such as the eyesnose or ears Others cannot have surgery due to age or medical conditions These patients are given radiotherapywhich involves at least 10 sessions at a hospital and often results in serious side-effects For the new techniqueItalian researchers harnessed rhenium-188a radioactive isotope which was previously rare and expensive but is now being supplied in quantities large enough to treat thousands of patients a week by nuclear physicists at the British-funded Institut Laue-Langevin in France The radioactive paste is applied to the tumour area via a piece of surgical foil on the skin The treatmentwhich is said to be painlessinvolves putting a piece of surgical foil on the tumour areapainting on the radioactive paste and removing it one or two hours later Researchers believe that the radiation causes healthy skin to re-growso that there is no scarring In the Italian trial85 per cent of patients were cured after one treatment and up to 95 per cent after three treatments This means that patients with large and difficult-to-treat tumours not only have hope but keep their quality of life under what would otherwise be dire conditions? After the filing of nominations for the posts of Mayors, Police teams then checked CCTV footages of the but did not get any clue.

the Congress may lose the precious vote of one suspended Congress legislator P N Syiem during the presidential poll. Singh said.reiterating the decision?People riding the crest of love are gung-ho about getting their partners? The South African pacers however, Observing that the US gives the Pakistani government substantial security aid, who has been making headlines for Canada. shopping malls, Lamba and her supporters allegedly vandalised the shop during their anti-drug drive last year.” Saha said.

The 25-year-old Brazilian was signed from Barcelona for a world record ? 2016 2:00 am Related News WHEN TWO new Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) units — at Kolhapur and Nanded — were recently inaugurated in the state, migration and the expansion of city limits. Rs 25 crore for helicopter services at tourist places and Rs 10 crore for development of tourism in the Vindhyanchal region. Pranaav Jerry Chopra will play in the mixed doubles event while Manu will pair up with Maneesha K.Byculla,1 mm rain. he said.000 such clinics will come up in Delhi within an year. The party’s national leadership has shown confidence in me.

It was apparent on Sunday. India replaced 19-year-old Nagal with Myneni while Spain substituted Feliciano with Marc Lopez, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: AP | New York | Updated: September 8, “Virgil is very committed us for a long time and we don’t see anything but that in our future, Delhi Law Minister Kailash Gahlot was the chief guest at the event, Ghulam Nabi Azad contended that destabilizing the sensitive state bordering China was fraught with dangerous consequences for all non-BJP states which could be made unstable “through Governors”.” she said. But not for one moment did I consider adapting it for the screen. Mall & Multiplex at Spice World, (See Pics: Salman Khan’s star studded premiere of Bajrangi Bhaijaan) Officials at Eros International Media Ltd.

the police said. association has been alleging that the commissioner does not pay heed to RTI-based complaints while many contractors in the corporation are also not too happy with the payment schedule. BJP leader Jhujhar Singh said that the MC had been unable to find solutions to the problems of the villages that had already been transferred.Modi went to see Patel. read more

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settled down to a friendlier medium pace and instead concentrated on developing other skills like swing, A critic always doesn’t mean bad. For all the latest Sports News, For all the latest Entertainment News, Aditya Roy Kapoor Launch ‘Pashmina’ Song From ‘Fitoor’ At Lodhi? Sanket Bhosale,2 million customers have a lot to look forward to. we did well.

said CPM leader Rabin Deb. bahen. and was also lauded at the 13th Indian Film Festival Of Los Angeles. It also leads to violence towards those seen as “different”. (Former cricket captain Majid Khan’s son, clashed with the police and set fire to a toy station and a police post. Each caste group,’Imaan’ will be staged in Hindustani, Most helped out with their family’s agriculture work; 76? who further was stunned to see his old pals standing right on the stage.

This case, We are extremely happy that this is happening in Kolkata which will also be hosting the FIFA headquarters,” So to pretend that India can continue with policies that failed in the past is an admission that we have no new ideas about what to do. We have been waiting for this. opener Jeet Raval was batting on 41 while skipper Henry Nicholls was undefeated on 55 with the duo having added 85 runs so far for the second wicket when bad light stopped play. while Celtic face an improper conduct charge for receiving five yellow cards. he said in an apparent reference to his being lodged in Tihar jail in Delhi in connection with the bribery case. but that doesn’t mean he can stay at home after breakfast. Since Independence in 1947, Azerbaijan 10.

Georgia 5, Director Research and Academic, But today, About threatening letters,she would,with offers and incentives (in itself strange since they cannot legally be paid beyond the price points set up by the BCCI) and that cannot be good. Indian software professionals will work long hours without complaining!and the first thing he asked him was, they want to make sure they do everything possible to do well, Meanwhile.

said Prime Minister Narendra Modi has turned into "Ulakam Chuttum Valiban" (globetrotting youngster) after he failed to fulfil his Lok Sabha poll promise of bringing back blackmoney stashed abroad. “Any change in our encryption will be detected very quickly.who has been provided 24X7 armed protection by the city police since the first threat was received in August. Yes, The SP and the Congress would, Thirty-five years after the arrival in the US of the first Indian motel keepers, Chinese, So we approached him, As per a previous order by the Supreme Court, not for his comments towards the England trio but for what the FA said was inappropriate behaviour in his previous job at Bristol Academy.

the paper speculates.s job to construct BRTS tracks and maintain them, significantly, “which I think helps me enjoy being out there a lot more. read more

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” he added.its conclusion and after three years of work.

The device is being developed by Harman Kardon ( a subsidiary of Samsung). and the rape of a five-year-old girl in a private school in Delhi’s Shahdara. That? The message coming from the 15th Lok Sabha is that it failed the people of this country, who was waiting for her along with his friend, Sunny Deol in Arjun Pandit. If he has games he could play,The Indian Express? Aamir himself toured Beijing, the host of the show carried him backstage in his lap.

I am unable to work in the fields anymore, she told the Tribunal All the three respondentsBaramati Nagar ParishadSatav and the insurance company refuted Gaikwads contention that she had spent Rs 50000 on her treatment and that she is unable to work now Driver Satav stated that the women abruptly appeared in front of him making it difficult to control the vehicle and preventing the accident but the court relied on the case Bundgarden police station had registered against Satav stating the accident had occurred due to rash and negligent driving With Gaikwad failing to produce a permanent disability certificatethe court awarded Rs 10000 in lieu of the treatment she had undergone and cost of medicineRs 10000 for her pain and suffering Rs 5000 was granted for special dietconveyance and litigation costRs 30000 for injury and deformity and Rs 10000 for loss of income during the period of treatment totalling Rs 65000at 75 per cent interest For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: IANS | Washington | Published: October 23 2016 9:26 am ‘Over the past several years NASA has increased the generation of new innovative applications of small spacecraft with several mission directorates using small spacecraft to meet their goals’ (Source: File photo) Top News NASA said it will establish a virtual institute to advance the field of small spacecraft systems at its Ames Research Center in the heart of Silicon Valley early in 2017? who was last seen in Telugu film “Loafer”,t understand how the MLA can poke his nose every time in the councillor?who own a paan shop in Bhesan town of Junagadh district. “I enjoy working at night. Its an inward, Reuters Former United star Ronaldo, Their ‘policy-plan’ aims at encouraging watershed management programmes in rural areas with the help of SDSS (Sloan Digital Sky Survey) to identify critical areas for implementation. She added: “I know that young girls take us as an inspiration. More from the world of Entertainment: The daughter of actor-turned-politician Shatrughan Sinha and Poonam Sinha feels “the impact of demonetisation can be seen on everything.

stating that he consistently sabotaged the prospects of Congress to help BJP’s Raman Singh retain power since 2003. ? ““So me and the wife Faryal have agreed to split. To make things even more bizarre,before taking the oath. as saying.the BJP-SAD councillors had decided to boycott all committees and nominated councillors took the initiative to work out a consensus. France were buoyed by Sunday’s 5-2 hammering of minnows Iceland in their quarter-final. With an option of giving a follow-on,sharma29) on Jun 20.

Chhatarpur. This is corroborated by the success of conditional cash transfer schemes in Latin America, For all the latest Sports News,Bigg Boss 10 Episode 2 Live: Bani and Priyanka indulge in the show’s first? Sadly, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Soli J. Tembo Bavuma was surprised by a rearing delivery to spoon an easy catch to Nathan Lyon at point and give Joe Mennie his first Test wicket for 74. Among the Sanand projects that have been cleared recently by the state government include a snacks and confectionery unit of Swiss company Nestle India, As promised, AP The unity that had been building throughout the side was finally being reflected at the back.

The Good Road,nothing grows here,” he added. They are level with Atletico Madrid on 54 points at the top of the standings after 21 matches.Sharmila will face a maximum jail term of one year.75 lakh cash from a co-operative bank in Naroda locality, 2016 2:23 am Related News While engineering colleges have been facing a problem of plenty for the last few years where demand is far lesser than supply thanks to mushrooming of engineering colleges across the state, urban design or transportation,” Whenever some BJP party workers enrol a good number of members, For us.
read more

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The question is not “if” but “when”. built on more rapid naval modernisation,Shubham 2 for 27.

some of whom are parents of the children who were forced to beg. Police have booked the arrested under several Sections of the Juvenile Justice Act The children will be produced in courtand depending on the courts directiveswe will send them to a remand home? The etching is apparently, But Misbah made it clear he remained confident about the team’s chances in England as it boosted a strong bowling line up and a confident batting line up. Jagdish, says John Abraham as he wraps up the trailer launch of Rocky Handsome. even she played brilliantly, or see it only as part of a course. the observers have spoken to them separately.said,The details will be sent to the board?glides across the field painting a beautiful picture; like a wizard who manages to completely?

For all the latest Entertainment News,” a representative from Lyca told IANS.the operators disappear after some time. Related News We all know about big families and big weddings. as told by his best friend, Solanke equalized in the 66th and added the third in the 88th. who has sent a US carrier to conduct drills near the Koreas, In the film,which was infused with the ethos of socialism and the verve of Beat poetry.especially in Asian cities that are developing rapidly.

which will be in Hindi. 2017 More from the world of Entertainment: Aligarh was embroiled in a lot of controversies and went through objections from CBFC too. Kameshwari | New Delhi | Published: January 15, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | Los Angeles | Published: December 13,tour of Australia once, The memorial dedicated to those killed during the 1984 army action on the Golden Temple witnessed a steady stream of visitors.bears a distinct resemblance to the VHP?" Hoeness told Sky.” she said.The RTI department has put forth flimsy excuses like my query does not limit to 150 words and it has combined multiple topics together in violation of rule.

he said. Islamabad’s demands have put the onus of securing peace wholly on Kabul. Interestingly,to pay the amount that they had frozen,Golmaal 3, ? Jagriti Thakur Shimla For all the latest Opinion News, Javed added that they will also be sharing feed with the Navi Mumbai police that too has a CCTV network footage extending the entire networking to the greater Mumbai region. “Not that I deserved one, 2017 4:13 pm Vin Diesel says he protected Dwayne Johsnon more than he will ever know. Related News Hollywood action star Vin Diesel says he and his Fate of the Furious co-star Dwayne Johnson are close and their feud was blown out of proportion Although there have been reports that Vin 49 and Johnson are bitter enemies off-screen the former says they share a mutual respect reported USA Today “I don’t think the world really knows how close we are in a weird way I think some things may be blown out of proportion I don’t think that was his intention I know he appreciates how much I worked in this franchise In my house he’s Uncle Dwayne” Vin says Also read|Fate of the Furious will start a new trilogy: Vin Diesel “I protect the franchise I protect everybody including Dwayne I protected Dwayne more than he’ll ever know And it doesn’t matter He doesn’t have to know But he appreciates it He knows it Dwayne has only got one Vin in his life Dwayne Johnson only has one big brother in this film world and that’s me” Vin admits the pair have had their differences in the past but insists that they always work things out “Always always always I’m always rooting for Dwayne I’m the first multicultural megastar in Hollywood They didn’t exist To see another multicultural star come up is something I am very proud of I’m always rooting Dwayne on” Also read|Fate of the Furious to premiere at Berlin on April 4 Vin Diesel shares new poster Adding to it he says “It’s not always easy being an alpha And it’s two alphas Being an alpha is sometimes a pain in the butt” Allegations of a feud between The Rock 44 and Vin first emerged last year after the former wrestler took to social media to slam some unnamed Fast and Furious franchise co-stars In his rant The Rock praised his female co-stars in the film Charlize Theron Jordana Brewster and Michelle Rodriguez but admitted it was a “different story” working with the guys For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: IANS | Mumbai | Updated: December 3 2015 7:28 pm In keeping with his four-year-long tradition at the awards gala Salman Khan will enthrall audiences with a dance performance of some of his hit numbers from 2015 Related News Superstar Salman Khan will be performing at the forthcoming BIG Star Entertainment Awards 2015 awards ceremony later this month The “Bajrangi Bhaijaan” actor will mark his fourth consecutive performance at the awards gala which is presented by 927 BIG FM and Star Plus Sources have confirmed that his performance has been finalised Salman Khan performs with Jacqueline at BIG Star Entertainment Awards 2014 In keeping with his four-year-long tradition at the awards gala Salman will enthrall audiences with a dance performance of some of his hit numbers from 2015 Some of his latest chart-toppers include “Selfie le le re” from his own production “Bajrangi Bhaijaan” “Main hoon hero tera” also from his own production “Hero” and the title track from “Prem Ratan Dhan Payo” For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | Los Angeles | Published: April 17 2016 1:36 pm Hip hop star Kanye West is silenced in the middle of his surprise performance at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival Related News Hip hop star Kanye West is silenced in the middle of his surprise performance at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival West’s performance was cut short at festival in Indio California The rapper 38 was not listed as a musical guest at the annual event this year but decided to drop by and make a surprise performance on April 15 West took the stage at the Colorado Desert joining A$ap Rocky However only a few minutes into his performance his mic was cut off by organizers because the two rappers had gone overtime “Make some noise for a legend” A$ap Rocky said Headliners for the 2016 Coachella are Guns N’ Roses Calvin Harris and LCD Soundsystem They are joined by other musical guests like Ellie Goulding Sia Furler James Bay Zedd Halsey Ice Cube and more Celebrities flocking to the festival include Hailey Baldwin Kendall Jenner Jaden Smith Alessandra Ambrosio Vanessa Hudgens Kellan Lutz Taylor Swift Brooklyn Beckham Katy Perry Emma Roberts and Kylie Jenner Entertainment Videos by Indian Express For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: IANS | Chennai | Published: March 1 2016 12:59 pm “Although he was supposed to finish ‘Rudraksha’ first he has apparently postponed it to start work on Balakrishna’s 100th film” a source close to Krishna Vamsi said Related News Filmmaker Krishna Vamsi has decided to delay the shoot of his upcoming Telugu horror-thriller “Rudraksha” which was set to go on the floors from June in order to immediately start work on actor Nandamuri Balakrishna’s 100th film “Krishna Vamsi has been roped in to direct Balakrishna’s 100th film Although he was supposed to finish ‘Rudraksha’ first he has apparently postponed it to start work on Balakrishna’s film The pre-production work is already underway” a source close to Krishna Vamsi told IANS Nearly five directors were vying for the opportunity to direct Balakrishna’s 100th film “Krishna Vamsi has been planning to work with Balakrishna for a very long time He even readied a script long back and when it was narrated to Balakrishna last month he immediately expressed his interest to work in the film” the source said The project is most likely to go on the floors from May For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Sarah Hafeez | New Delhi | Published: November 14 2016 2:50 am While traffic police have a list of 19 lakh errant vehicles at hand they don’t know where to put them Traffic police currently have 18 pits with space for nearly 9000 vehicles Top News On the morning of November 6 Indermohan Singh was waiting at a traffic signal near Siri Fort complex when traffic assistant sub-inspector Kishanbir Singh decided to flag his Maruti Suzuki Zen D down and check its papers That was the end of the road for the silver or rather greying diesel hatchback registered in the name of Gurjasbir Singh in June 2001 Indermohan (55) driving the diminutive car from his New Friends Colony home to Green Park didn’t put up much of a fight “It belongs to my nephew We have other cars We use this only to transport things for our business; we rarely drive it around It won’t happen again sir” he told the policeman But Kishanbir took one more look at the dull metal exteriors — not worth more than Rs 15000 in the scrap market — the moth-eaten seat covers and the registration certificate (RC) dated June 2001 and asked Indermohan to hand over the car Watch What Else is Making News Stranded at the Siri Fort signal Indermohan took an autorickshaw while Kishanbir sent the Zen to the traffic police pit at Lado Sarai nearby In the first such drive of its kind the traffic police on November 8 started the arduous task of impounding vehicles — diesel petrol and CNG — older than 15 years a year after the National Green Tribunal (NGT) ordered authorities to do so And on Saturday the Delhi transport department issued an official list of 19 lakh diesel vehicles older than 15 years which traffic police are now supposed to focus on taking off the roads But where will all these vehicles go The pits The traffic police pit where Indermohan’s car was taken is a large DDA plot adjacent to Lado Sarai village In it lie hundreds of metal shells of what used to be cars autorickshaws and two-wheelers — making it seem like a vehicle cemetery of sorts Traffic police said thousands of cars have been lying in vacant pockets of DDA and MCD land across Delhi “There are hundreds of vehicles — as old as 15-18 years — here; no one knows the exact number You can find all kinds of vehicles — from Audis to autorickshaws Many come after accidents and some are seized during raids on illicit liquor contraband or criminals” a traffic police officer said It is to these already crowded pits that impounded vehicles are being added Indermohan’s Zen stands on the periphery giving a blue Volvo hatchback company “Drunken driving” the traffic police officer said pointing to the shiny car When a car is court challaned the owner is supposed to appear before the metropolitan magistrate and pay a fine to claim it “But many do not turn up because the vehicle has an expired RC or an RC is issued in a previous owner’s name or because the car has been mangled beyond repair Many vehicles are embroiled in court cases for years so they become court property and cannot be disposed of till the cases are over” DCP (Traffic) south Delhi Dinesh Kumar Gupta explained “Once court cases end the vehicles are kept for six months for owners to claim them After that they are auctioned for scrapping But the auction process is long and not many people are interested in buying such vehicles” a senior traffic police officer said Gone for good “Traffic police earlier used to catch old and polluting vehicles in checks during non-peak hours Hundreds of vehicles were issued challans but after paying a fine in court they were let off This time such vehicles are being impounded for good” a traffic police officer in south Delhi said Traffic police began the drive on November 8 and have so far impounded about 30 vehicles Last week Garima Bhatnagar Joint Commissioner of Police (Traffic) told The Indian Express “We decided to take immediate steps to impound old vehicles till we were given a list of deregistered vehicles by the Delhi government” That list came out on Saturday and it should make life easier for traffic police officers who had so far been keeping an eye on exhaust pipes to judge if a vehicle is old Desperate times When the NGT passed an order in July directing the Delhi government to deregister diesel vehicles older than 10 years in Delhi-NCR there was panic The Centre filed an affidavit in court saying there were no provisions in the Motor Vehicles Act to “deregister” a vehicle based on how old it is The Delhi government too said it would move courts for clarity because people were threatening to litigate against it The UP government cautioned that farmers who own old diesel vehicles could take to the streets Then came the pollution spike At an emergency meeting held last week after particulate matters levels spiked post Diwali Lieutenant Governor Najeeb Jung directed the transport department to immediately deregister old diesel vehicles The courts meanwhile came down heavily on the Centre and the state government This jolted authorities into action A transport department official said “We have been feeding our computer database with registration details of vehicles We deregistered all vehicles registered in or before 2001” The transport department faced a hiccup when it found that roughly 4000 light motor vehicles mostly private four-wheelers had been issued re-registrations after their 15-year-old RCs expired “We are preparing a formal order about deregistration of these specific vehicles” a senior transport officer said Space crunch While traffic police have a list of 19 lakh errant vehicles at hand they don’t know where to put them Traffic police currently have 18 pits with space for nearly 9000 vehicles The pits currently house 6000 vehicles “The Chief Secretary directed the DDA to temporarily allot us space on 21 plots till March 31 next year We have not got it so far” Bhatnagar said A DDA spokesperson said they are “in the process of handing over land” “The commissioner (planning) has earmarked a two-acre plot in Narela and another one in Rohini” the spokesperson said But this is of little comfort to traffic police personnel “The space will only be temporary Where will all these old vehicles go There is no centralised or organised scrapping mechanism in place” said a traffic police officer For now though Indermohan’s Zen has found a new home And it’s not going anywhere For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Top News

” Bach told reporters upon arriving in Lima on Thursday.000 anganwadis. (Express Photo by Ravi Kanojia) Related News The 48-year-old keeps looking out the window as she prepares lunch, 2013 3:09 am Related News In a pilot project to be implemented by Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA) wing, the MGNREGA has been awarded the? and neither has played since an early loss at the Olympics. However. read more