Ali series gave me the impression money transfer storm

at night when the webmaster nets, see someone sent about Ali mother, see the heart is cold.

Remember when

began to stand, I apply the Google alliance, Baidu Union, Ali alliance, through the website, but also put in, slowly, the daily income of all have a little, my heart is also quite happy. A few days later, mom also just opened, at that time, Ali mother have taken the initiative to contact the customer service delivery Ali alliance webmaster, they actively encourage us to account to Ali mother here, also shows Ali mother advantage, I was in Ali alliance account there are just more than 90 pieces (though less money. But I don’t steal from their own standing by doing earned), I thought, all more than 90 100 can be paid immediately, or 100 after the payment to it, then put the idea with Ali mother’s customer service said, but she was sure, said that after Ali alliance account money certainly can go to Ali mother here, Ali alliance could not pit Adsense so little money but lost credibility, I was thinking, well, people, why for so little money and lose credibility, so refreshing Yes, and immediately carried out the conversion, thinking, this advertising model is still relatively new, there should be prospects…

didn’t expect our happy words to change our uneasiness,


is probably about 2~3 months, one day I suddenly think of my account money Ali alliance did not turn around, and then let me contact the conversion account customer service, told him my own ideas, also expressed their dissatisfaction to the conversion so late, I said to myself every month from the site of some casheesh certainly hope not to receive this month, I will do power station foot! When the customer did not give a reply, she or QQ online status… Because my account is so more than 90, see she didn’t reply, I also simplested continue to ask, if I want to, you are so little money ah, then womanishly fussy? They feel uncomfortable ah. I am still a student, every month more than dozens, hundreds of pieces, I can spend more moisture?… (prices weren’t that high.)


since that time, the more I feel wrong, I always pay attention to the service of QQ, the number of on-line how less? So heart unhappy, and gave her a message, urging them to help turn the money in the account. In this way, I sent a few times, and later I feel bored, and later has also rarely seen that customer service QQ (913565504) on-line (when I was online).

tonight, when the webmaster nets see someone in the Ali Mama, heart suddenly have a feeling to vent, then, first before Ali alliance account, see, the money inside still, but there is no one seems to like, not to get look at their labor income, so white hanging heart uncomfortable, suddenly very impulsive, directly open the QQ customer’s brush scolded her.

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