Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal Worldwide Broadcast on July

first_imgTV animation series “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon(美少女戦士セーラームーン)” has always attracted tons of people since its broadcast in 1990s to present. Its name had spread overseas to Asia, Europe and America, where we often can see cosplayers dressed as the heroines.And this time, it was officially announced that new Anime series  “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal” will be on world-wide simultaneous stream this July on Niconico Douga(ニコニコ動画)!”Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal” is now at work as a part of “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary Project”. Like the former original Anime, it is produced by Toei Animation Co., Ltd., and will be streamed on Niconico Douga to the whole world at the same time. All the fans must be excited for this, absolutely!The only image disclosed now is this one above; Usagi Tsukino(月野うさぎ) holding  “the Legendary Silver Crystal” in her hand, with a full-moon on background. The taste of this illustration is a bit classical; it is more close to the original manga by Naoko Takeuchi(武内直子) than the former animated series. The new animation might be drawn through this taste, perhaps?The theme song will be from popular idol group Momoiro Clover Z, but no other information is open yet. Who takes part in voice actress? How would the story be? Can’t wait for the follow-up report!”Sailor Moon” was the very first Anime to propose new genre of heroine; fighting beauties. This new series would definitely become a trigger to another rage!”Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon”The original manga series by Naoko Takeuchi first appeared on 1992 in a monthly manga magazine “Nakayoshi(Chum/なかよし).” It was animated, recreated as TV drama/musical stage, which lead to a world-wide boom. From 2012 the “20th Anniversary Project” is on its process. On last September, anniversary musical was held for the first time in eight years, and the original comics “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Complete Version” is also published monthly from November 2013.Information”Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal” World-wide Simultaneous Broadcast powered by Niconico DougaFirst Episode: July 2014Official HP(English): Works: Naoko Takeuchi(武内直子)Director: Munehisa Sakai(境宗久)Composer: Yuji Kobayashi(小林雄次)Character Design:  Yukie Sakou(佐光幸恵)Art Director: Takashi Kurahashi(倉橋隆) / Yumi Hosaka(保坂有美)Music: Yasuharu Takanashi(高梨康治)Music Production: King Record Co., Ltd.(キングレコード)Animation Production: Toei Animation Co., Ltd.(東映アニメーション)Theme Song: Momoiro Clover Z(ももいろクローバーZ) © Naoko Takeuchi ©武内直子・PNP・講談社・東映アニメーションlast_img

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