Vermont Yankee back up to 100 percent

first_imgAs of 3 pm, today, the Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant in Vernon is at 100-percent power (~ 615 megawatts MWe). The plant has operated continuously since returning to service from the October 2008 refueling outage – a total of 297 days.On Monday, Vermont Yankee notified the Nuclear Regulatory Commission that a supervisor tested positive during a random fitness for duty test Monday morning. The employee was a supervisor in the plant’s maintenance department. The employee’s site access has been revoked, and a review of previous work is being performed. The fitness for duty program is regulated by the NRC and applies to all persons who work in the nuclear industry. VY has a fitness for duty program that helps ensure a drug and alcohol free workplace. There was no threat to public health or safety as a result of Monday’s incident.VY’s annual Safety Day celebration was held on Thurs., Aug. 27. Highlighting this year’s Safety Day was a special program, recognizing that the Vermont Occupational Safety and Health Administration (VOSHA) has formally upgraded VY’s status in the Green Mountain Voluntary Protection Program to Star Level. Approval into GMVPP Star status is VOSHA’s official recognition of the outstanding effort made by the VY team on achieving commendable occupational safety and health work standards. The event included a GMVPP STAR flag raising ceremony.Source: Entergy Vermont Yankee. 9/2/2009last_img read more seeks to educate esports bettors via Rivalry Academy

first_imgBrace yourself for the new esports bookmaker on the block,, is setting itself up as a one-stop-shop for consumer esports betting that has some new engaging developments coming out from the pipeline.The young betting platform, having just launched in February, recently rolled out its ‘Rivalry Academy’ – a tool for all walks of bettors to learn and tone their understanding of gambling.For the uninitiated, betting can be intimidating; lengthy spreads of odds may be overwhelming and even compounded by a sub-par bookmaker experience. The team over at Rivalry realised this, setting out to address it by creating their own betting guidelines from the ground up.To break down the logistics from an organic standpoint we spoke to Kevin Wimer, Chief Marketing Officer at, about the motivation behind Rivalry Academy and how it can sharpen a bettor’s skillset.Kevin Wimer,“It’s terrifying depositing money into something you barely understand. It takes a fair amount of research for non-bettors to be comfortable enough to bet. We created the Rivalry Academy to help with that process. We want to provide clear and concise guidance so that customers are comfortable with betting and how it all works.”What initially strikes you as you surf over is the site’s polished interface, user-friendly qualities that are present in the Rivalry Academy just as well. The purpose of the guide is clear: understand the parameters of betting and help improve your chance of winning. The guides are broken down neatly into segments in both written and video formats with real examples to accompany each lesson. You can head on over and see what you make of the Rivalry Academy by clicking here. Hitting the target of being “clear and concise”, the guides deliver on brevity and effectiveness; language in the Rivalry Academy radiates a friendly stroke almost giving the impression you are learning from a seasoned bettor who doubles up as a close friend which we addressed with Wimer:“We’re esports fans that have created a betting site. We had to learn all of this ourselves not too long ago. This has resulted in the Rivalry Academy being very authentic and conversational.”Lessons in the academy are separated into categories: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced – offering insights for each class of bettor to absorb. Newcomers can graduate (so to speak) through Rivalry Academy confident in placing wagers while more seasoned bettors can touch back on the guide to bone up on some existing skills.“For people brand new to betting, the Rivalry Academy helps to give a basic foundation and understanding of how betting works. We also have a few videos aimed towards people that know their way around but are looking to learn some more advanced techniques to help give them the edge.”Rivalry AcademyAs of right now, Rivalry Academy serves as a complete bedrock for betting and a supplement for veterans looking to refine their prowess. As for the future? Rivalry is looking to expand its academy over time, addressing complications bettors encounter and aiming to facilitate a smooth risking process. Wimer additionally mentioned the possibility of a live video feature preliminary to matches, a handy sounding ingredient.“This is only the beginning. We’ll be talking with customers to figure out their pain points. We want to eliminate all confusion throughout the betting process. If we can create additional resources within the Rivalry Academy to help customers, we’ll do it. This won’t just be limited to brand new bettors. We’ll be creating awesome content for experienced bettors as well.“We’re considering having some live video sessions with our expert bettors / oddsmakers to help customers understand even more about betting. This may start as a simple Q&A format. But we hope to have folks live on video before major matches to talk about the match, the odds, and answer any questions.”With the concern for betting education surmounting as the markets expands, Rivalry is at the forefront – materializing as proactive with an eye an out for its customers.The youthful bookmaker is displaying a rapid maturation with innovative utensils such as the Rivalry Academy that serve to educate consumers. Rivalry’s composure and dynamite team of homegrown esports enthusiasts – a platform for fans, by fans – are qualities likely to propel them to a premiere status in the pro-gaming betting market.Disclaimer: This is a part of a sponsored content series with Rivalry.gglast_img read more