10 Best Cast Iron Skillets for Any Cooking Situation

first_imgIf you or anyone you know fancies themselves a cook, then you’ve certainly heard tell of the wonders of cast iron. The density of cast iron is what makes it such a powerful workhorse in the kitchen: in addition to being practically indestructible, the metal heats more evenly and holds heat better than other cookware materials. Plus, there’s that legendary cast iron seasoning, which makes a good cast iron skillet only get better with age.Whether you’re just getting started with cast iron cooking or you’re looking to add to your collection, a cast iron skillet is a worthy investment. To help you find the perfect piece, we compiled this list of our ten favorite cast iron skillets for your kitchen, camping, and everything in between.Smithey Ironware Co. No. 10 Cast Iron SkilletPerfect for Small HouseholdsHow can you tell if you’re getting top-notch cast iron? Well, if your new skillet comes with a lifetime guarantee, you’re off to a great start. That’s the case with Smithey Ironware’s No. 10 Cast Iron Skillet (and all of their cast iron, for that matter). Each skillet is hand- and machine-finished for a satin-smooth interior that will only get even satiny-smoother the more you use it. The skillet’s 9-inch cook surface, ergonomic handle, two pour spouts, and multiple holes for hanging make Smithey’s No. 10 the perfect everyday skillet for one to two people. $280 from Walmart $60 from Amazon 8 Sling Bags That Are More Than Just Man Bags $86 from Walmart Finex 12 Inch Cast Iron Skillet with LidPerfect for The Chef Who Has EverythingIf uniqueness is what you’re after, you’ve got to get your oven mitts on Finex’s 12-inch Cast Iron Skillet. Rather than a traditional circular shape, Finex uses an octagonal design for their skillet that turns every corner into a pour spout and provides flat sides for easily maneuvering a spatula around the pan. Add on the matching lid, and the octagonal shape becomes even more functional: the lid can be rotated while cooking to create eight evenly spaced steam vents. Finex touts their skillet as “the most versatile pan you’ll ever own,” and they just might be right. The skillet is polished smooth for a near-nonstick surface and features a stainless steel handle to stay cool longer and cool off quicker, and the lid is designed with interior basting rings to keep food moist during cooking. $125 from Field $160 from Smithey 9 Essential Kayak Fishing Accessories to Get You Started $280 from Amazon The Best Backpacking Chairs for Your Next Adventure $15 from Amazon VonShef 3 Piece Cast Iron Skillet SetPerfect for BeginnersLooking for a basic starter set to help you get into cast iron cooking? This three-piece skillet set from VonShef is a great low-cost way to start stocking your kitchen. The set includes 6-, 8-, and 10-inch cast iron skillets, each with two pour spouts and a pre-seasoned cook surface so you can get cooking right away. At less than $40, you’d be hard-pressed to beat this beginner’s trio. Field No. 8 Cast Iron SkilletPerfect for Cooking While CampingWhen you are ready to take your cast iron cooking out into the wild, Field has you covered with their No. 8 Cast Iron Skillet. At just 4.5 pounds, this skillet is lightweight and ergonomic enough to tag along on your adventures without weighing you down. Bring your friends along, too, because the Field No. 8 still has enough cook surface to feed a few: the 8.75-inch interior is big enough to fry four eggs at once (or two New York strip steaks if you’re glamping). The design recalls the simple vintage cast iron style, with modern updates for the best cooking experience and it comes with a lifetime warranty to boot. Lodge 17 Inch Cast Iron SkilletPerfect for Big-Batch ChefsIf a skillet for two ain’t gonna cut it in your house, try Lodge’s 17-inch cast iron skillet. This absolute beast is 17 inches in diameter with a 14-inch cook surface that can handle practically anything you throw on it. Handles on either side make the skillet easy to move from the oven to the tabletop or from the kitchen to the grill. There’s not much you won’t be able to accomplish with this behemoth in your arsenal (although, if you’re going to take this skillet camping, be aware that it will add a hefty 15 or so pounds to your pack weight). $30 from Amazoncenter_img Victoria Cookware 8-Inch Cast Iron SkilletPerfect for Budget ShoppersYou may have noticed that cast iron can run a little steep, so what to do if you’re not ready to make a three-figure investment yet? We recommend Victoria Cookware’s 8-Inch Cast Iron Skillet, which will let you start your cast iron cooking journey for less than 20 bucks. This skillet’s smaller size keeps it lightweight while still giving you enough space to comfortably cook for two. Wide spouts on either side will help you drain grease without spilling, and the sloped handle design stays cooler longer than other cast iron skillets. $193 from Amazon $275 from Walmart Butter Pat 12” Polished Cast Iron “Joan” SkilletPerfect for The Old ProIf you’re already living that cast iron life and are looking to upgrade your collection, do yourself a big, beautiful favor and pick up this 12-inch polished cast iron skillet from Butter Pat Industries. Each of Butter Pat’s cast iron skillets is made to order right in the good old U.S. The casting process is a true labor of love, involving over 40 people and over 60 operations. With that level of care, it’s not surprising that Butter Pat products come with a 100-year warranty. $460 from Borough Furnace Editors’ Recommendations Le Creuset Signature SkilletPerfect for Colorful KitchensAs incredible as cast iron is for cooking, you might be looking for something with a little more flair aesthetically, too. Le Creuset’s Signature Skillet comes in a stunning array of chip-resistant colors, from matte pink to rich indigo, so you shouldn’t have much trouble finding your look. It’s not all about the beauty, though; Le Creuset’s skillet is well-built, with two pour spouts, a wide loop helper handle, and a matte black interior enamel that eliminates the need for seasoning. $280 from Amazon Staub Cast Iron 15 Inch Double Handle Paella PanPerfect for Single Skillet Family MealsPerhaps the only thing more satisfying than a hot, home-cooked meal is a hot, home-cooked meal you only had to soil one dish for. If the single-skillet meal is just your style, try Staub’s Double Handle Paella Pan. The large cooking surface is perfect for cooking multiple ingredients at the same time and the high, sloped sides make it easy to stir, toss, and flip one-dish dinners without spilling. The pan has large handles on either side for easy movement, which is a good thing, because the gorgeous enamel finish means you’ll definitely want to use the pan for serving, too. Borough Furnace Frying Skillet BundlePerfect for Eco-Conscious CooksIf you’ve got more scratch to spend on a new cast iron skillet set, check out Borough Furnace’s Frying Skillet Bundle. The skillets aren’t just top-notch quality (each one is hand-cast and finished, to say nothing of their elegant design), they’re incredibly environmentally friendly, too. Each skillet is made from 100% recycled iron and is created using a traditional casting process that Borough Furnace has “updated for environmental responsibility.” Just how good can you feel about these skillets? Well, while the Borough Furnace workshop runs on electric energy, they’re already working towards solar to reduce their consumption even further. $295 from Butter Pat The Best Cast Iron Camping Cookware 7 Best Travel Coffee Mugs for Morning Joe To Go $200 from Walmartlast_img read more

Silversea Announces Onboard Team for its World Cruise 2020

first_imgIn addition to announcing the Executive Officers for the Legends of Cruising 2020, Silversea unveils 33 new shore experiences that are exclusive to world-cruising guests. (Miami, FL — October 7, 2019) Silversea announces the Executive Officers who will host the cruise line’s World Cruise 2020, the Legends of Cruising—the first world cruise ever to visit all seven continents. The remarkable 140-day voyage aboard Silver Whisper will take guests deeper into the world’s authentic beauty, unlocking amazing experiences and destinations between Fort Lauderdale and Amsterdam, from January 6 to May 25, 2020. A skilled team of maritime, hospitality and entertainment professionals will host the pioneering 62-port journey, which will feature bespoke events, immersive shore experiences, and an array of other enhancements: Captain (until April 7): Vincent Taillard French-born Captain Taillard started his seagoing service as a deck and engine cadet aboard ferries between France and England in 1996. He attended the French Maritime School in Marseille and has sailed on various ships. He became a captain in 2008 and has sailed to many destinations in his time at the helm. Captain Taillard, an experienced expedition captain, joined Silversea at the end of 2015. Cruise Director: Fernando Barroso de OliveiraFernando Barroso de Oliveira joined Silversea in 1994 – the same year the cruise line launched – and today holds the invaluable role of Chairman’s Ambassador to the Venetian Society, having developed strong relationships with many of the company’s guests over the last 25 years. He regularly hosts Silversea’s world cruises as Cruise Director.Expedition Leader (until February 15): Stefan KredelStefan Kredel grew up in the south of Germany. After training as a paramedic, he embarked upon several lone cycling trips through India, Nepal, New Zealand and South America. He studied Geology and Palaeontology at the Ludwig Maximillians University in Munich, receiving his Masters degree in 1999. He has been a lecturer aboard expedition cruises since 1998; his first voyage was to Antarctica and since then he has visited the region on several occasions each year.Expedition Leader (from February 15): Brad SiviourGrowing up in South Australia, Brad developed a love for the natural world. He studied at Flinders University, where he gained degrees in both Marine Biology and Ecotourism. Brad has been working on expedition ships for the past two years. He also works as a naturalist, guiding people across Northern Australia and through regions of Southeast Asia. Since then he has developed a keen interest in wildlife photography and is always willing to share hints and tips.All staff members who will sail aboard Silver Whisper for the Legends of Cruising World Cruise 2020 have been hand-selected to ensure an extraordinary cruise experience for guests. Though not all will be serving the full voyage, those key team members who will be aboard the ship when guests embark on January 6 include: Financial Officer: Gabriela Zekan Staff Captain: Oleksandr Dynega (until February 15), then Dion Notman Chief Engineer: Konstantin Kolpakov (until February 15), then Giovanni Santafemia Guest Relations Manager: Marcus Wittman  Onboard Cruise Consultant and Venetian Society Representative: Barrie Dodgson Shore Concierge: Leandro Ponte  Executive Chef: Jeremic Ratko  Food and Beverage Manager: Oliver D’Souza Restaurant Manager: Gilbert Lanza Rooms Division Manager: Royden Pereira “Silversea’s Legends of Cruising 2020 will be the first ever world cruise to take guests to all seven continents,” says Barbara Muckermann, Silversea’s Chief Marketing Officer. “Such an incredible journey necessitates the presence of an extraordinary team of experienced professionals. Fostering a family-like atmosphere among guests while on board, our industry-leading team will work to ensure an enriching travel experience for our guests, as they travel closer to the authentic beauty of the world.” “I’m honored to be among this fantastic leadership team for this groundbreaking world cruise,” says Norman Rafelson, the Hotel Director for the World Cruise 2020. “I’m especially looking forward to reconnecting with my friends in our Venetian Society, and meeting and interacting with new guests to foster a genuine sense of camaraderie on board. This is sure to be a special voyage, indeed!”   </div THE WORLD CRUISE COLLECTION: EXCLUSIVE NEW SHORE EXPERIENCESTo enrich the experience exclusively for world-cruising guests, Silversea Cruises proudly unveils a collection of 33 brand new, bespoke shore experiences, which can now be reserved only by full world-cruising guests ahead of the Legends of Cruising 2020, with a supplementary fee. Whether showcasing far-off cultures or revealing mysterious monuments and landscapes, each experience is carefully designed to take guests deeper into the world’s authentic beauty.Travellers can embark on a musical and culinary journey in San Juan hosted by an acclaimed artist; attend a private performance of a world-renowned folkloric ballet troupe in Salvador da Bahia; delve into the Polynesian culture with a celebrated anthropologist in Moorea; savour a four-course lunch, prepared by a celebrity chef, in Singapore; indulge in a candlelight dinner under the stars in the Red Sea desert; marvel at Caravaggio’s masterpieces in Rome’s churches and museums; and tour the Royal Yacht Britannia in Edinburgh with the last-serving admiral, among other special experiences.“Each bespoke shore experience in our new World Cruise Collection is designed to take world cruising guests deeper into the destination,” says Adria Bono, Silversea’s Senior Director of Destination. Experiences. “From an exclusive Evening at the Famous Bloody Mary’s in Bora Bora to a candle-lit dinner in the Red Sea Desert, each experience will offer personal enrichment in the form of cultural discovery and will showcase the unique beauty of the world’s most remarkable destinations.” WORLD CRUISES 2021Two world cruises will set the stage for unforgettable global discoveries in 2021: The Finest World Tour 2021 – a 150-day voyage that is designed to unlock rare and immersive experiences for guests – will visit 34 countries in six continents. Departing Fort Lauderdale on January 7, 2021, Silver Whisper will host a gala bon voyage reception and dinner on board before circumnavigating the world to reach New York City by way of Central and South America, South Pacific, Australia, the Far East, India, Arabian Peninsula, and the Mediterranean. Among numerous immersive travel experiences are two days on Easter Island to marvel at mysterious Moai, two days to explore sacred temples and colonial treasures in Myanmar, and two days to discover the palazzos and piazzas of Venice.Silversea’s Uncharted World Tour 2021 will be the first ever expedition world cruise. This remarkable voyage promises to unlock an incredible selection of deep travel experiences in 107 of the world’s most amazing destinations. On January 30, 2021, Silver Cloud will depart Ushuaia, Argentina, to spend 167 days discovering 30 countries across six continents, finishing in Tromsø, Norway. An unprecedented range of expedition experiences includes exploring Antarctica’s natural wonders by Zodiac; meeting the descendants of the famous Bounty mutineers in Pitcairn; going behind the scenes to delve deeper into the temples of Luxor, Egypt; and reflecting on WWII history at Normandy’s D-Day landing beaches. Aboard all voyages, Silversea’s guests enjoy spacious ocean-view suites, sumptuous cuisine, the personalized service of a butler, and a generous selection of all-inclusive shipboard amenities, including a complimentary selection of wines, premium spirits, specialty coffees, bottled water, juices and soft drinks; an in-suite bar stocked with guests’ preferences; an in-suite 24-hour dining service; and inclusive onboard gratuities (exclusive of spa treatments).  About SilverseaSilversea Cruises, in which Manfredi Lefebvre d’Ovidio serves as Executive Chairman, is recognized as an innovator in the ultra-luxury cruise line industry, offering guests large-ship amenities aboard its intimate, all-suite vessels: Silver Wind, Silver Shadow, Silver Whisper, Silver Spirit and Silver Muse – all designed to offer an atmosphere of conviviality and casual elegance. With the inclusion of the expedition ships Silver Explorer, Silver Galapagos, and Silver Cloud, Silversea’s itineraries encompass all seven continents and feature worldwide luxury cruises to the Mediterranean, Caribbean, both Polar Regions and hundreds of fascinating destinations in between. Silversea is also looking forward to the launch of five new ultra-luxury ships: Silver Moon, Silver Dawn, Silver Origin, and two Evolution-class ships. Browse Silversea’s new blog Discover and subscribe to receive the latest content directly into your inbox.last_img