Win a Free Vacation But Only If You Promise to Bartend Jamaicas

first_img 9 Best Spirits For Spiked Apple Cider World’s First Luxury Space Hotel Promises Climbing Wall, Low-Gravity Basketball Courts Editors’ Recommendations Live Out Your Westworld Dreams at Casteel Creek Retreat Get Acquainted With the Military-Approved Skincare Brand Bravo Sierra Everlane Wants You to Have a Daily Uniform to Make Dressing Easier Virgin HolidaysIf “tending an island bar in paradise” is still unchecked on your bucket list, one of the Caribbean’s strangest and most iconic bars might be able to help out. Virgin Holidays wants to send one lucky candidate on a seven-day, all-expenses-paid trip to Negril, Jamaica. The catch? They’ll need to run the bar for the entire week.The sole grand prize winner of the Pull Pints in Paradise contest will score roundtrip economy flights to Jamaica aboard Virgin Atlantic, plus seven nights in a 4-star hotel and £1000 (approximately USD $1,300) in spending money. They’ll spend their days working one of Negril’s most notorious dive bars, Floyd’s Pelican Bar. Floyd’s is a “floating” ramshackle structure situated on stilts a mile offshore from the famed Jamaican tourist destination. It looks a bit like an overwater bungalow hobbled together out of little more than driftwood, duct tape, and bubblegum.Like all good dive bars, the “decor” inside consists of random license plates, curious flags, and past patron’s names carved into the wooden stilts. There is no bathroom, and patrons must find their own way to the bar. Thanks to a wide sandbar surrounding the bar in every direction, it’s possible — though strongly discouraged — for brave bar-goers to walk or swim from shore. Local fishermen are also happy to usher visitors out for a few dollars, although there’s no guarantee of a ride back.Floyd’s Pelican BarFloyd Forbes built Floyd’s Pelican Bar from scratch, one plank at a time back in 2001. He’s been tending bar and single-handedly keeping all the gears turning for nearly 20 years straight. It’s clear he deserves a break. The successful applicant will need to fill Floyd’s shoes for a week while he enjoys that much-needed vacation.While the bar is situated in an impossibly beautiful slice of paradise, running the iconic watering hole is no easy feat. Job requirements include commuting to work by paddleboard or boat each day. Once there, the bartender needs to keep the good vibes humming, including chatting up tourists and local patrons, keeping the rum flowing, ensuring the resident pelicans are well-fed, socializing with local fishermen, and managing the bar’s playlist to, in their words, “ensure chilled beats are playing at all times.” Above all else, it requires multitasking with the efficiency of an air traffic controller without getting too distracted by the postcard views in every direction.Wanna-be Floyds can apply online from now through May 28, 2019, on the official Virgin Holidays website.last_img read more

Fresh sashimi for lunch at Sakanatei in Shimbashi

first_img■About TeriyakiPrice: free / 480 yen a month for paying members Available through:iTunes Store , Google Play※Input「TERIYAKI」in the search field。[iTunes Store][Android][Official Facebook][Official Twitter] Japanese cuisine is an intangible part of Japan’s cultural heritage. What do you picture in your mind’s eye when you hear “Japanese cuisine”?Japan is an island country, and Japan’s seafood dishes, typified by sushi, are in a class of their own on the world stage.This article will introduce you to Sakanatei, a restaurant that serves seafood dishes meticulously selected for freshness, located in the business district of Shimbashi.A Seafood Restaurant Loved by Japanese BusinessmenShimbashi is just five minutes from the Tsukiji Fish Market by car. At Sakanatei, every day the proprietor personally inspects the catch on sale before purchasing fish for the restaurant. The fish is then prepared the very same day.At lunchtime, the restaurant is packed with businessmen on their break. To accommodate its busy patrons, Sakanatei aims to serve food as quickly as possible.For that reason, even though there is always a long line at this popular place, the wait is generally 10 to 15 minutes.There are ten seats at the counter inside the restaurant. Most regular customers try not to linger after they finish eating, to be considerate to the people waiting. If you decide to visit, take care to be polite and avoid inconveniencing others.An Unparalleled Texture! Get the Fresh Sashimi Set Sakanatei has many seafood dishes on its menu, but one of its most popular offerings is the “Extra Large Sashimi Set” (1,000 yen) available at lunchtime.Sashimi is the centerpiece of the set, which comes with Oshinko (Japanese pickles), miso soup, rice and green tea. The best seafood from the market is used in the miso soup and sashimi, so ingredients will vary by season and market availability.The sashimi on this day was prepared from a selection of amberjack, tuna, salmon and sea bream. The seaweed behind the amberjack is also edible.First, pour soy sauce into the saucer. There are soy sauce bottles on the counter.Take the chopsticks and enjoy your sashimi, starting with the amberjack. Dip it in your soy sauce and take a bite. If you can handle wasabi, try putting a small amount on your sashimi before you eat it.It is advisable to keep the wasabi from coming in contact with the soy sauce, so that both tastes remain distinct.Since the fish is purchased on the same day it is served, it is exceptionally fresh. When you bite into a thick slice of this high-quality sashimi, you can really feel its crisp, firm texture.The umami of the fish and its fatty richness will spread across your tongue. Since the fish is typically only seasoned with soy sauce, the delicious taste of the fish really comes through.Even if you live in Japan, the chance to eat sushi of this caliber does not come around very often.From Ordering to Leaving the RestaurantA popular restaurant like Sakanatei gets particularly crowded at lunchtime, so there are some things you should remember when you visit. First, there is no English menu, so you must order in Japanese.Ask for “sashimi oomori teishoku” to order the sashimi set, for “yakizakana teishoku” to order the grilled fish set, and for “nizakana teishoku” to order the boiled fish set.The sashimi set is 1,000 yen, while the grilled fish and boiled fish sets are 800 yen. Payment is cash only. Make sure you have cash on hand before you go to Sakanatei.Your food will be ready soon after you order. Please eat your fill of the delicious seafood.It is polite at Sakanatei to help clean your space at the counter after you finish eating. Kindly gather up your plates and get the attention of the chef with a “sumimasen (excuse me),” then pass them over the counter. Since the place is small, it is difficult to go outside of the counter and gather up plates. So your cooperation is appreciated.Pass any bowls over the counter as well. There will be other customers waiting outside, so once you have tidied up, please leave the restaurant in a timely manner.Let’s Go to Sakanatei!Sakanatei is very close to the JR Shimbashi station. It is a little difficult to find, so we will explain how to get to the restaurant from the Shiodomeguchi exit.First, go right along the passageway after you exit the ticket gate.Continue until the end, where there is another passageway to the left that goes diagonally. Turn left here.A short walk later, you will see the place in this picture. Turn left here.You will see this entrance. Go inside.If you continue straight down this passage, you will soon see Sakanatei on your right side. Look for the dark blue “noren” (cloth sign).This is the entrance. If there are people waiting, line up behind them. If you are lucky and there is an open seat at the counter, duck under the cloth sign and enter the restaurant.Eat to your heart’s content!InformationSakanateiAddress: Tokyo-to, Minato-ku, Shimbashi 2-20-15 (Shimbashi Ekimae Building 1 B1F)Hours: 11:30am to 2:00pm (lunch)Wi-Fi Access: -Credit cards: Not acceptedClosed: Sundays, national holidays, the Obon period, and during New YearLanguage : -Menus available in: Only in JapaneseStation: Shimbashi Station on JR or the Toei Asakusa LineAccess:Two minutes’ walk from JR Shimbashi station (via the Shiodome exit)Two minutes’ walk from Shimbashi Station on the Toei Asakusa LineTwo minutes’ walk from Shimbashi Station on the New Transit YurikamomeFive minutes’ walk from Shimbashi Station on the Tokyo Metro Ginza LineFive minutes’ walk from Shimbashi Station on the Toei Oedo LinePrice range: Up to 1000 yen for lunch, 4000-5000 yen for dinnerReligion: -Phone number:+81-3-3574-0215Official website:-Published in cooperation with TERIYAKI, a restaurant search application「TERIYAKI」last_img read more

Military told to be alert to activities of LTTE supporters

“Modern day threats are also complex. Production of a biological weapon at a small laboratory could be done faster than making a weapon. We got to think big and be prepared for any eventuality through our own tailor-made initiatives. We can have our own preventive and deterrent solutions without going only by theoretical aspects alone. Therefore, education is the most important experience that an officer could get,” he said at a seminar on approaches to countering terrorism in modern environments.The seminar was designed to broaden the horizons of military knowledge in terrorism and its impacts among top level and middle grade officers of the army, navy, air force and the police. (Colombo Gazette) He warned that the army needs to be alert to the sensitivities connected to the possible re-assembling or resurgence of LTTE supporters and overseas activists who would still be promoting the ideological perception of the rebels while working against Sri Lanka’s economic and development aspirations. The military has been told to be on alert to the activities of LTTE supporters, the army media unit said.Major General Milinda Peiris, Chief of Staff of the Sri Lanka army briefed the military on emerging terrorist trends at global level and the need for modernized approaches with novel counter-measures. “We need to be knowledgeable to face any future challenges considering transnational effects of terrorism. We are living in fast changing environments which are highly complex. Unlike those days, an arrest of a suspect too would end up as a violation of fundamental rights and you would have to end up in courts,” the army media unit quoted Major General Milinda Peiris as telling the military and the police. read more