Runners Say Goodbye to Chafing with Path Projects Running Shorts

first_imgThe Sykes PX Short is the go anywhere, do anything running short. A large center back pocket holds a phone while two smaller pockets on the back balance out the weight. A small internal pocket on the front can hold keys or a fob. It’s made from Toray PrimeFlex, a soft, light, strong, and stretchy material from Japan that doesn’t absorb water like spandex. The Sykes PX Short is available in a 5-inch inseam in black and green, and a 7-inch inseam in gray, black, and green. $32 from Path Projects $27 from Path Projects $28 from Path Projects $30 from Path Projects Brim FT ShortThe Brim FT short is the dressiest of the group. The Toray Flex Twill fabric looks great and lets you go to brunch, then a run, and then visit the pub without missing a step. Four zip pockets — two on the side, two on the back — keep your gear organized in town and the mountains. Finished belt loops give the option of your favorite leather to really dress things up. The Brim FT short is available in a 9-inch inseam in light gray and dark gray. $49 from Path Projects Editors’ Recommendations 14 Scandinavian Clothing Brands You Need to Know The 12 Best Laptop Bags for Men $47 from Path Projects Graves DA ShortThe Graves DA Short is the coolest short of the group, literally. Thousands of micro holes in the Toray Dot Air fabric mean tons of airflow; pair it with the Torch liners for the best flow. Even with its tiny pores, the durable water-repellent (DWR) coating still repels water. The Graves DA short comes in a 7-inch inseam in gray. Path Projects ShortsSykes PX Short $48 from Path Projects $45 from Path Projects The Best Men’s Heritage Outdoor Apparel for Cool Weather Shasta HX Base LinerSwitching gears to cooler climates, the Shasta HX base liner uses the warmer polyester-spandex blend, Pathex. A custom Path Projects material, the fabric stretches open at the edges of each tiny hexagon increasing the breathability during movement. It’s available in an 8-inch inseam. Path Project/FacebookChafing isn’t fun. Every step can be agony. So imagine running 10,000 of those steps, which equates to about 5 miles. A half marathon is over 26,000 steps. If something is rubbing in the wrong place, that’s hideous torture, not a mood-boosting run.The founder of Utah-based Path Projects, Scott Bailey, was challenged to run a half marathon in 2002 and got addicted. Hundreds of miles later, there was still a problem: He didn’t have a good pair of shorts that breathed well, moved well, worked with other clothes, and didn’t chafe.Path Projects was created to find the perfect system of running apparel so you finish feeling alive and rejuvenated, not limping in pain. The brand aims to make running gear without cutting any corners, picking the perfect materials and obsessing over details so you can focus on running. Bailey and his running partners spent thousands of miles testing the perfect short and liner combo; they would love a certain liner in the summer only to see that winter completely changed that view. The team eventually realized there wasn’t one perfect combination of fabric, length, and features. A system was needed.Here is a breakdown of our favorite shorts and liners in the Path Projects lineup, all with different properties.Path Projects LinersWith separate layers and shorts, you can combine what you need. The waistbands are built to sit on top of one another, sliding against each other but not against your skin. Seams are reduced to the absolute essentials to eliminate any friction in the wrong places. Even the drawstrings are intentionally placed on the outside of the shorts.Each of the liners is a unique blend of materials for specific conditions. They all include the anti-microbial, durable, and quick-to-dry Tripure waistband. Most importantly, the absence of a fly up front removes bulk and the front pouch keeps things in place.Tahoe CL Base LinerWith a light compression and birds-eye performance mesh fabric, the Tahoe CL base liners are ready for running in any conditions. Tiny holes in the birds-eye mesh and jacquard style knit promotes breathability. It’s available in a 3-, 5- and 8-inch inseam. The Best Men’s Work Pants for Getting Down to Business Torch FX Base LinerOptimized for scorching hot conditions, the Torch FX base liner uses highly breathable Flowthru FX fabric. The punch hole knit literally has holes you can see through for easy airflow. Combined with the Tripure waistband, you get a cool, stretchy, wicking liner for the heat of the summer. It’s available in 3-and 5-inch inseams. Graves PX ShortThe Graves PX Short is very similar to the Sykes PX but with a different pocket configuration. One large zip pocket on the back can hold a phone. Two large hand pockets on the sides keep essentials zipped in so you can still buy a pint at the end of your run. It also uses the stretchy Toray PrimeFlex, which is partially corn-based and uses less water to make. The Graves PX Short is available in a 7-inch inseam in black and green. Prospect PX2 ShortUsing slightly heavier and more durable PrimeFlex 2 fabric, the Prospect PX2 Short is the beefier brother to the Graves and Sykes shorts. Medium in this short fits like a large in the others so you’ll want to size down. Two side zip pockets, a wallet pocket on the back, and an iPhone XR-sized phone pocket on the left hold all the things. The Prospect PX2 is available in an 8-inch inseam in black and blue. The Best Black Jeans to Have You Stepping Out in Stylelast_img read more

Citizenship for Lankan Tamils

Claiming that Tamils in Sri Lanka are being treated like “second class citizens”, DMK chief M Karunanidhi has written to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh demanding that New Delhi should move a resolution in the UN General Assembly and the UNHRC for “bestowing rights” to Lankan Tamils to “decide a political solution by themselves”.He has also asked the government to employ “all possible diplomatic strategies” to drum up support for the resolution. He has said the UN protocol on refugees should be followed in India. He has also asked the Centre to send a team to Sri Lanka to monitor use of Rs 500-crore rehabilitation aid, avoid training Sri Lankan defence personnel and ensure steps to “protect” Indian fisherman from attacks by Sri Lankan Navy.Karunanidhi has said India should “play its primary role” in implementing the solutions, including release of imprisoned Tamils, free and safe homecoming for the overseas Sri Lankan Tamils, and restoring Tamil tradition and culture. In his letter, Karunanidhi has demanded that all Sri Lankan Tamil refugees living in India should be granted Indian citizenship or permanent resident status. The DMK chief’s letter, handed over to the Prime Minister by a delegation of DMK MPs led by its parliamentary party leader T R Baalu today, contained demands which were part of the resolutions adopted at the controversial conference his party organised in Chennai earlier this month to highlight the plight of Tamils in Lanka. “The camps and even the localities where Tamils live today are more like military controlled areas with the presence of Army personnel all over the Tamil traditional homeland. Lacking in civic facilities, Sri Lankan Tamils have no democratic space to air their grievances, speak out and protest peacefully. The situation is such that they live in constant fear of apprehension and anguish,” he wrote. (Indian Express) read more