The Blue Lagoon visited the Employment Bureaus throughout Croatia in search of employees

first_imgThe Blue Lagoon team visited the Employment Bureaus throughout Croatia in search of new seasonal workers.Given that the Blue Lagoon has been recognized for years as one of the most desirable employers in tourism, and recently material rights of all Blue Lagoon workers for the next tourist season increased by another 7% on average, interest in seasonal work exceeded all expectations. Thus, several hundred interested people in Našice, Županja, Vinkovci, Vukovar and Osijek came to listen to the presentation of working conditions and employment opportunities in the Blue Lagoon.”The Blue Lagoon is continuously improving the rights of its workers, as well as the conditions of accommodation and stay of workers in our destinations. We will continue to increase the quality of conditions, as well as accommodation, because we are aware that development is based on satisfied workers. “, they say from the Blue Lagoon. By the way, Plava laguna employs about 2 seasonal workers in the destinations of Poreč, Umag and Rijeka, and the tendency is to reduce seasonal workers and increase the number of workers indefinitely. Thus, in September this year, a contract on permanent cooperation was concluded with 240 current seasonal workers, ie for an indefinite period of time.The unions praised such a way of systematically addressing labor issues, given that a system is being created in which half of the workers are permanently employed and half are seasonal. “Blue Lagoon at the level of material rights exercised by workers is one of the most successful tourism companies in Croatia and we are pleased that the intention of the Employer in the future to maintain or increase the same level to achieve employee satisfaction with rewards and maintain competitiveness in the increasingly demanding labor market. The Blue Lagoon collective agreement is certainly one of the best, if not the best”, Say the Trade Unions of Istria, Kvarner and Dalmatia.Therefore, it is already possible to determine that in August 2018, 44% of workers will be employed in the Blue Lagoon for an indefinite period of time, 7% of workers will work under a fixed-term employment contract for a fixed period of three years, while 49% of workers be employed on a fixed-term contract.Related news:BLUE LAGOON INCREASES THE MATERIAL RIGHTS OF WORKERS WITH A NEW COLLECTIVE AGREEMENTAPPOINTMENT OF THE MANAGEMENT BOARD OF PLAVA LAGUNA DD POREČ<br />
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Download the calendar of holidays and celebrations in emitting markets 2018.

first_imgA good season always starts with good preparation, and in order to better prepare, both the hosts in family accommodation and all other tourism workers who plan and generate a tourism product, we bring you a list of holidays and holidays in emitting markets in 2018.All Croatian tourism workers will unquestionably agree that the key to further “tourist success” of our country, whether we are talking about extending the season or increasing average earnings from tourism, is adequate investment in the development of tourism infrastructure, content and offer, in order to optimize money ”which, in accordance with all research, is crucial for the choice of destination, ie further positive recommendations of satisfied guests stand out from the Croatian National Tourist Board.In this context, one of the basic measures to improve all “tourism indicators” is certainly the growth of traffic in the months before and postseason, where promotion can play a significant role, but even greater progress can be achieved if “general promotion” is accompanied by adequate offers of concrete, price attractive programs. “In order to help tourism businesses plan such special offers, which can be offered to market partners (tour operators and agents), but also to individual clients, a calendar of public holidays / holidays / school holidays has been developed for 24 major markets for which it is possible prepare programs adapted to the period in which there is potential for travel abroad”The CNTB points out and adds that the practice of tying holidays and weekends is common in most European countries, while the target group of families with children is particularly motivated to travel during school holidays.The calendar is made in the form of Excel “workbook” – the initial “work folder” brings a summary graphic display of holidays and celebrations in all processed markets, the next “work folder” brings a legend, ie an explanation of the summary graphic view, detailed elaboration for each of the markets.Attachment: Calendar of holidays and celebrations in emitting markets 2018. Related news:Croats are known for combining holidays with extended weekends, while the holidays in 2016 mostly fell for the weekend, in 2017, with 26 days a year, as many as 61 non-working days could be combined. This year only holidays or holidays fall on two weekends, while other dates are during the week, so all options are open.Also, provide a list of holidays in Croatia for 2018.  LIST OF HOLIDAYS AND HOLIDAYS IN CROATIA FOR 2018last_img read more

In Slovenia, in addition to the tourist tax, guests will also pay a promotional tax

first_imgIn Slovenia, in addition to the tourist tax, guests will also pay a promotional tax.In addition to the increased sojourn tax, tourists will soon be charged a promotional tax, which aims to improve Slovenian tourism, as defined by the new law adopted by the Slovenian parliament, writes Vecernji list.The amount of the tourist tax will continue to be determined by the municipalities, with the new law increasing its maximum amount per day from the previous 1,265 euros to 2,50 euros, and the news is that tourists will now pay a promotional tax, which can be a quarter of the sojourn tax. .In the worst case, in the most expensive destinations, the new amount of combined fees is 3,125 euros per day, which is 23 kuna per day, and the paid advertising fee will fill the budget of the Slovenian Tourist Board. By the way, it was adopted in Croatia last year new regulation on the amount of residence tax, which has been in force since 2018. Thus, in accordance with the new regulation, the amount of the sojourn tax is determined in the range from HRK 2,50 to HRK 8,00, depending on the class of the tourist place and the seasonal period.It is interesting that the Ministry of Tourism calculates that the umbrella Slovenian tourist organization will earn an additional 4,7 million euros, while local communities and municipalities will earn another 6,9 million euros a year by increasing fees. Last year, 1,3 million domestic and 3 million tourists visited Slovenia, who spent 4 million nights. Of the foreigners, most Germans, Italians, Austrians, Croats and Serbs visited the country.A revolutionary idea or a total failure?It is interesting that instead of encouraging the development of tourism, ie the arrival of tourists in their country, with this “revolutionary idea” in the tourism market, Slovenia seems to charge for entry into its country, as in a museum. If you want to visit Slovenia – pay the entrance fee, more precisely 3 euros per day, per person.The promotional tax is exclusively a new fee paid by guests, and the Ministry of Tourism in Slovenia, with one decision, directly influenced the increase in the price of the entire destination, without tourists receiving any added value, increased service or the like.Personally, I consider this decision a failure, which reminds me of the ridiculous political moves when we talk about closing holes in the budget… raise taxes, VAT, new levies, additional health insurance, real estate tax, etc. građ. and here’s the money to patch holes in the budget. So in this case of advertising fees, the budget needs to be filled, so we will introduce a levy on tourists. The tourists we want to attract.You don’t need any intelligence, college or anything like that for such moves, anyone can be so “smart”. But strategically and planned to develop a tourist destination, create new tourist products or a smart strategy of promotion and branding in order to attract as many tourists to one tourist destination, which would generate tourist consumption, and thus fill the budget for better promotion of tourist destinations…. And for that you already have to think a little and fight in the market.Raising prices due to some whim, ie to fill the budget for the best possible promotion is, in my opinion, a total failure, which will negatively affect the competitiveness of Slovenia in a highly competitive tourist market. Also, no changes in prices are made during the year, as all travel agencies have already agreed and sold travel arrangements the year before.last_img read more

HGK: Doubled share of loans to the tourism sector

first_imgOrganized by the Croatian Chamber of Commerce and partners, the Conference of Croatian Financial Institutions in Zadar was opened in Zadar on the topic of Adriatic Croatia – economic trends and new financing opportunities, which brought together numerous entrepreneurs and representatives of agencies, academia and financial institutions.Turistički rezultati obaraju sve rekorde s 102 milijuna noćenja i deviznim prihodom od preko 9 milijardi eura, u čemu veliki dio nosi upravo Jadranska Hrvatska istaknuo je Josip Zaher, potpredsjednik HGK za turizam, trgovinu i financije ” But the limitations of seasonality and concentration on certain counties show that we must continue to work on competitiveness and diversity of supply. This support to the tourism sector can be provided by financial institutions through new products and sources of financing,Said Zaher.”The most promising and for years the strongest branch of the economy is tourism, which has developed thanks to its natural beauty, rich cultural heritage and infrastructure. We are now at the point of maximum and we must look for a turnaround in order to strengthen our offer, bring in big tourist brands, increase investments with the support of financial institutions and increase our competitiveness.”, Said Zadar County Prefect Božidar Longin. Na dvjema panel-raspravama održanima u sklopu konferencije govorilo se o aktualnim temama u gospodarstvu, potencijalima razvoja hrvatskog turizma te raznolikosti turističke ponude kroz prilagođene proizvode i usluge financijskih institucija. „Adriatic Croatia records an increase in loans to the tourism sector from year to year, and in terms of the total balance sheet of banks, the share of loans to tourism has doubled”, Said CNB Vice Governor Michael Faulend and pointed out that total deposits cover total creditworthiness, ie it is no longer credited from borrowing but from own funds, which is an important element of economic stability.”Adriatic Croatia lives from tourism. In five months, 80% of income is generated, which ensures life in all 12 months, which is not a prospect. We must ensure the preconditions for 365 days of tourism in Istria and Dalmatia”, Said the President of the Management Board of Ilirija dd Goran Ražnjević and added that the holiday hotel sector is a highly capital, but low-profit branch.”According to the index of economic strength of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, Zadar County records a slight increase and is among the leading counties in Croatia”, Said Zvonimir Savić, Director of the Sector for Financial Institutions, Business Information and Economic Analysis of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce.Related news: Goran Ražnjević, President of the Management Board of Ilirija dd / A healthy, strong and market-competitive economy for every modern, serious and responsible country is the beginning and the end of everything.last_img read more

IDEA FOR EXTENDED WEEKEND: Legends of Plitvice Valleys

first_imgThere is little time left until June 23, the day when the Legends of Plitvice Valleys will come to life in the Municipality of Rakovica, near the Old Town of Drežnik. Serežani, Japodi, Eugen Kvaternik, Korana river… all of them come to Kula for one day to show visitors a part of the rich history and tradition of the Plitvice region.Workshops for all generationsAlready at noon the program begins with a variety of creative workshops for children and adults. After meeting the “revived” legends, visitors will follow the map in search of the “undiscovered treasure”, participate in a small school of archeology for children, have fun running in jute bags, try their hand at throwing stones from a slingshot and of course take pictures in beautiful historical costumes. There will also be transformations into historical figures by painting faces and an attractive workshop on quilling techniques – paper processing that dates back to the Renaissance.A little earlier, at 10 am, a special, as long as six hours long cycling tour “Legends of Plitvice Valleys Bike Tour” begins, which everyone can sign up for and experience this event on two wheels along the beautiful route of Plitvice Valleys. The plan is to visit Barać’s caves, the Eco Market, and return to the tower where visitors will be greeted by costumed Legends.Who are the Legends of Plitvice Valleys?Throughout the day, visitors will be able to socialize with the main stars – historical figures who marked this area and thus learn all about them first hand. These are Eugen Kvaternik, the leader of the Rakovica Rebellion; serious Serezani, the historical elite police of the Plitvice Valleys in their impressive uniforms; the Japod tribe, masters in making beautiful jewelry that visitors will be able to see, and even the Korana River, a beauty that will come to life one day and tell why it was so important for the people of this area.Gastro duel with the guest appearance of Steve KarapandžaAn attractive gastronomic duel starts at 16:30, and a very interesting guest we all know comes to the event – another legend, well-known chef Stevo Karapandža as a jury member in a gastronomic duel with colleagues Dario Špehar and Igor Jularić from Plitvice Lakes National Park.Two teams, KUD Izvor Rakovica and Folklore Society Otočac, which have very good chefs in their ranks, will clash in the preparation of indigenous dishes, and a jury of three excellent chefs will decide the winner. In the breaks from cooking, folklore societies will of course show their skills in song and dance.Program for all generations and beautiful horses!The manifestation of the Legend of Plitvice Valleys will be visited again this year by horses from nearby equestrian clubs that will be available to visitors, and guests can expect special gifts.Surprise for the endAlso, the organizers invite all guests to stay at the event until dark, because they are preparing a special surprise! What it is still a secret, but we are interested, so we will definitely see each other on June 23 in Rakovica near the tower.The official hashtag of the event is # Legende2018, and you can follow everything on social networks and the Facebook event: Legends of Plitvice Valleys 2018last_img read more

The annual conference of the HORECA Group was held in Zadar

first_imgThe fourth annual conference of the HORECA Group in Zadar brought together leading Croatian distributors and producers of beverages and beverages, to analyze trends and predict trends in the coming year, especially in the context of continuous tourism growth and current tax reform. The conference was organized by the HORECA Group, whose members are four domestic distributors Apfel doo from Makarska, Ba-com trgovina doo from Split, Bijelić Co doo from Osijek and Stridon promet doo from Zagreb.As part of the conference, which brought together more than a hundred participants from industry, representatives of companies in the field of distribution in the HoReCa channel and manufacturers and caterers, three panels were held with key topics for the future development of HoReCa channels in Croatia. Among the conclusions of the conference is the optimism of the participants, with moderate expectations of the positive effects of the Government’s tax reform on the sector and the growing problem with the lack of quality workforce in tourism and hospitality.Changes in consumer trends in the coffee industryThe first panel, entitled Hot Drinks: New Trends in the Coffee Distribution Market, concluded that a quality product is the key to success in the coffee market, and its quality also depends on the expertise of the barista who prepares it.”When we talk about consumer expectations, quality simply has no alternative and this is in our favor because we invest significant resources in the quality of the final beverage served to the guest in the facility. This is confirmed by the impressive figure of 1,6 billion Franck drinks consumed in the region annually. Along with quality, the backbone of our business strategy is innovation, and our development prepares novelties with which we will be the first to present ourselves to the market next year.”, Said Ivan Artuković on behalf of the Franck group.He introduced the conference participants to a number of interesting facts, so he discovered that Dalmatians prefer espresso, while Slavonians prefer products based on instant cappuccino.Hrvoje Stakor, Director of Sales for the Coca-Cola HBC Adria business unit, emphasized the importance of the synergy of quality marketing and a good product on the market, offering the Romerquelle brand as an example.Andrej Bele, General Manager of Atlantic Grupa’s strategic coffee area, spoke about the change in consumer trends: “Four or five years ago, the emphasis was on instant products, and today the biggest growth is recorded in coffee capsules. ‘To go’ consumption is also on the rise, and as a result of the accelerated lifestyle, it is no longer a trend but a normal way of consuming coffee.”Critique of Government Tax ReformThe effects of the tax reform and Croatia’s expected entry into the eurozone were the focus of the HoReCa channel panel – between cheaper loans and the approach of the euro. Marko Krajina, director of the Sberbank’s SME sector, said that historically low interest rates had not resulted in significantly higher demand for loans, but stressed that the introduction of the euro would drastically lower banks’ required reserves and make capital even more accessible to entrepreneurs.Martina Sopta, a professor at the Department of Business Economics at the Faculty of Economics in Zagreb, warned that the positive aspects of joining the eurozone would only be seen after a few years, but stressed that we should not be afraid of the introduction of the euro. Ivan Idžojtić said that he was generally optimistic about the Government’s reform moves in the field of tax policy because we are already very close to the flat tax model, while reducing the VAT rate by one percentage point next year is still a significant relief. He considers excessive public spending to be a much bigger problem, and only after its reduction will it be possible to talk about a comprehensive tax reform.Problems of professional staff in tourismAt the panel entitled Tourism: market challenges facing labor shortages and high taxes, the participants were addressed by the State Secretary of the Ministry of Tourism Tonči Glavina: “Man is the key to success in tourism. Vocational occupations are lucrative and conditions need to be created for young people to opt for such careers without hesitation. It is a misconception that everyone has to graduate from college to be successful, because today a good chef earns significantly more than the average manager. ”President of the Board of Badel 1862 Darko Knez commented on the need to develop top and authentic Croatian products that will be recognizable around the world, noting that drinks from the range of his company were present in European capitals and courts in the 19th century.Croatia deserves to have at least one top drink that will represent it in the world, just as Italy has lemoncello and Greece metaxa. I think that pelinkovac could take over that role. “A member of the Management Board of the Lošinj-based Jadranka Group, Goran Filipović, emphasized that his company is fighting against the problem of the outflow of professional staff with millions in investments in employee education, but also by improving their working and living conditions. He pointed out the example of a four-star hotel for employees, which Jadranka will soon open in Veli Lošinj as a positive example to employers in industry.last_img read more

Veljko Ostojić, HUT: We have years of struggle for each guest

first_img“We have years of struggle for each guest. We all know that competition is not recovering, it has recovered. There are various incentive measures in the Mediterranean countries to make this growth as high as possible. If the business sector of the tourism sector does not improve significantly as soon as possible, we will soon find ourselves in a difficult situation, primarily in terms of competitiveness and investment attractiveness. ” Ostojic emphasized. HUT will start publishing quarterly tourist forecasts in which tourist trends will be precisely analyzed and trends in the coming periods will be predicted. In addition, HUT will initiate the organization of thematic round tables, guest appearances of eminent foreign experts and thematic workshops that will bring together key stakeholders in the tourism sector.  HUT is strengthening its activities with the aim of encouraging the development of the full potential of Croatian tourism  With the establishment of the Croatian Tourism Association (HUT), the Croatian tourism sector has begun to redefine the system of tourism associations, and now in the next phase is strengthening activities aimed at encouraging the development of the full potential of Croatian tourism. HUT was founded as an umbrella organization that brings together 13 leading tourism companies and the two most important professional associations – the Croatian Hotel Employers’ Association (UPUHH) and the Croatian Camping Association (KUH).  The key to the solution is to increase wages and bring them to the level of competing countries. However, although tourist companies increase their salaries every year, unfortunately there can be no serious changes until the tax burden is reduced, which would open space for a more significant step towards competition, HUT concludes. “Tourism is extremely important for the Croatian economy because it accounts for 20 percent of GDP and employs about 10 percent of the total number of employees in Croatia. At HUT, we believe that today tourism is one of the few industries in Croatia that still has significant potential to attract investment and development. The task of all stakeholders in Croatian tourism is to use this potential. Our biggest challenge at the moment is the recovery of the surrounding market and the non-competitiveness of the business framework in Croatia in relation to the surrounding countries. “, said Veljko Ostojic. “We have years of struggle for each guest. We all know that the competition is not recovering, it has recovered – Veljko Ostojic The goal is to better position the entire industry to key stakeholders and engage professional capacity in finding solutions to the challenges of the sector, said Veljko Ostojic, director of HUT, who is also president of UPUHH, president of the Executive Board of KUH. HUT has announced new tools for next year that will enable a better discussion of the situation and trends in the sector, with the aim of how these activities will encourage changes in the business climate in tourism.  October 17.10.2018, XNUMX, Medulin – Veljko Ostojic Director of the Croatian Tourism Association Photo: Dusko Marusic / Pixsell Today, tourism in Croatia is uncompetitive primarily due to the highest tax burden it has compared to neighboring countries. At the same time, it faces a growing problem of labor shortages.  The role of HUT is to strategically direct the development of tourism in Croatia and to promote active cooperation between sectors and decision makers of special importance for tourism. At the same time, UPUHH and KUH continue their activities as professional sectoral associations that will pay special attention to education, development of tourism professions and the exchange of best knowledge and experience.last_img read more

If you walk with a glass basket around your neck in northwestern Istria, you are no longer “crazy”, in fact, it becomes imperative.

first_imgRELATED NEWS: An attractive offer of Istrian wines, a long walk by the sea and delicious snacks will mark the third edition of the event Wine & Walk by the sea, which will be held on Saturday, September 28 in Novigrad. Lovers of wine and good food will enjoy a 10-kilometer long walk through Novigrad and its surroundings at the beginning of autumn with a glass in hand.  Return to Novigrad is scheduled in the late afternoon, and the goal of the event is in the old town. Here, participants can continue the celebration with excellent music and performances by the Goran Griff Band, delicious snacks and local wine, and a fair of indigenous agricultural products and souvenirs where they will be able to enjoy the riches of Istria.  Pervino, Moreno Ivančić, Stancija Fava, Demark, Leonardo Palčić, Ghira and Novacco wineries will present their wine offer, while delicious Istrian fish and meat dishes will be prepared by Plegius catering, Navigare restaurant, Konobe Nino, Half 8 restaurant, Sergio tavern and restaurant At Marica’s, while bakery Osho will take care of the sweet snack. The beginning of autumn in northwestern Istria will be marked by the autumn edition of Wine & Walk, ie Wine & Walk by the sea in Novigrad. “Top offer of Istrian wines and indigenous gastronomic delicacies, a unique walk through the old town of Novigrad, by the sea, olive groves and vineyards and always a great atmosphere are the main ingredients of Wine & Walka by the sea. This wine tour attracts more and more visitors every year, which motivates us to invest more and more effort in additional content from year to year in order to exceed expectations. I believe that we will surprise all visitors this year as well ”, she stated Vesna Ferenac, director of the Tourist Board of the City of Novigrad-Cittanova. I wrote earlier how the word became a synonym for Wine & Walk – SOLD OUT, because tickets sell out in less than 24 hours and all online. More than impressive. In northwestern Istria, this event already has a cult status, and tourists who walk with baskets for a glass of wine around their necks are no longer considered “crazy”, in fact, but a clear symbol of recognizing Wine & Walk. Even which arouses “envy” because once you experience Wine & Walk it is difficult to accept the fact that this year there. Simply a story that delights and evokes strong positive memories. Also, even some visitors plan a part of the annual according to Wine & Walk, which is another strong proof that Wine & Walk has become a motive for coming, which was the goal of the event. The start of the program is scheduled in the morning from the Novigrad waterfront Porporela where participants will register. Everyone will receive a tasting glass and vouchers, a map of the trail and all the instructions to help them on the wine trail. The adventure begins with a walk along the waterfront and the old port of Mandrač, in the very historic center of the city where participants are waiting for the first point. After the tasting, the walkers will continue along the path that passes partly along the coast, and then enters the hinterland of Novigrad through vineyards and olive groves. A total of seven points await participants along the way where they will be able to enjoy the eno-gastronomic offer of northwestern Istria, meet winemakers and famous chefs and experience many surprises. Find out more about the whole event HERE Such a simple, logical and phenomenal tourist story. By the way, Istria Wine & Walk in the past three years has experienced its new great extensions through Wine & Walk by the sea-in Novigrad in September, where 500 tickets are available, and in April Sweet Wine & Walk for 300 visitors departing from Momjan. Everything in the pre- and post-season. ISTRIA WINE & WALK SOLD OUT IN LESS THAN 24 HOURSlast_img read more

An invitation to all students to join online practical classes and experience what storytelling is in tourism

first_imgMaybe in this crisis situation, which I deeply hope for, we turn around a bit and finally see and experience the local forces (persons, individuals, associations) that have done a real little miracle in our conditions. Yes, an authentic destination, because it was with his head and beard that Giacomo Casanova stayed in Vrsar twice. What a great tourist story with numerous possibilities of extensions as well as branding itself? With the slogan #TogetherInStorytelling his first virtual steps will make one of the world’s most famous lovers, Giacomo Casanova, and in an authentic destination – in Vrsar.  To be completely open, politics has always been and always will be, but people who have a “career” solely for the sake of politics cannot be “moral and business verticals” in our society, and shape the destiny of all of us. It’s time to put things in their proper place. By the way, the mentioned program is also a practicum for 3rd year undergraduate students of Culture and Tourism at the University of Pula, with the aim of providing university interdisciplinary theoretical basis on culture and tourism and basic practical competencies for work in various activities that combine these two domains. . As part of the ‘Casanova Tour’, visitors are “drawn” through the story and excellent interpretation to the time of the Vrsar County when the seducer and adventurer, Giacomo Casanova, twice stayed in Vrsar.  We have all the resources, we just have to really start dealing with growth and development and all the challenges. In every destination in Croatia we have, as I call them – lighthouses or phenomenal people who are in spite of everyone and everything, with incredible effort and energy, perseverance that already borders on masochism hehe, and without any real help (unfortunately unfortunately only “bother” because they cannot be ignored as much as some would like, but their works speak for themselves) managed to make phenomenal projects and stories in our tourism, and which additionally and globally recognized. Yes, we need to start thinking differently, we need a new tourism paradigm, now is the opportunity to reset our tourism and a healthy and sustainable foundation. Let’s go back to basics – to go back to man and tell our authentic stories. Tourists are also people with emotions and experiences and the same life needs. This interesting story is vividly told by the acting and directing team of Istra Inspirita, which consists of Petra Blašković (director and author of the text of the interpretive walk), Mateo Ostojić (cameraman and video production) and actors Šandor Slacki (as Giacomo Casanova), Dejan Gotal (as gastaldo). , Sedina Cerovac and Ivona Bulešić (maids of Don Girolamo). By the way, this is a cultural-experiential project that for the ninth year in a row is successfully reviving the history, myths and legends of the Istrian peninsula or storytelling in the true sense of the word.  I hereby invite all faculties to inform their students about this virtual tour so that they can follow Casanova’s virtual walk in Vrsar. Although, like any story, it is best to experience it live, of course when the situation allows it, so I recommend that you definitely pre-register for future tours. And that is exactly why I believe that this experience should be experienced by all students majoring in tourism and that the tour itself should be an integral part of the practical classes of tourism management. The story, but also the historical facts, say that the first time, as Casanova herself states in her ‘memoirs’, which served as a source for the script of this interpretive tour, he visited Vrsar for three days in August 1743, still as a poor and an inconspicuous priest, while he arrived in Vrsar for the second time as a soldier during a voyage from the Venetian island of Malamocco, when his ship anchored at night in the port of Vrsar. center_img Given the new situation caused by the Covid-19 disease pandemic, instead of the usual announcement of the new season, Istra inspirit opens the season for the first time with a virtual tour. Lighthouses we just have to connect The phrase is often mentioned in conversation in order to disperse these people in foreign markets. In a real market economy, I am sure it would be, but it must be imperative for us to keep these individuals in Croatia. None of these people ask for much, just that they can develop and create unhindered. Visitors to this tour through fun and educational content can discover the more intimate side of Casanovina Vrsar, and all the interesting events that characterized his stay in Vrsar, and among other things they will visit the lookout under the palm tree near the church of St. Anton, Casanova’s lookout, the main city gate, and Casanova’s refuge near the city walls. Casanova tour Giacomo Casanova, accompanied by the voice of the greatest lover in history, was returning to Vrsar, allegedly according to local legend, because of the beautiful women from Vrsar. As we all operate in our Croatian framework and conditions, I will be so free to all our lighthouses, heroes, “lunatics” “. dedicate this phenomenal and legendary narrative from the Think Different campaign. As I personally experienced the tour just mentioned, I can freely say that the interpretation not only met my expectations – but absolutely exceeded them. Their success and story shines like the strongest star in the sky, and we just have to connect them, respect them, give them a chance to finally breathe and spread their wings. An inspiring walk through Vrsar in the manner of storytelling, you can see on Wednesday 13.05. at 19pm on the Facebook page Istra Inspirita. Definitely great content to share on social media, because remember, the motive for coming is not accommodation, but destination. Although I am personally an eternal dreamer, I am still sure that this dream is not difficult to turn into reality. If we don’t know how, let’s ask people who know and work together to build a new, better and more beautiful Croatian tourist story. Exactly these lighthouses you could, and you will just meet them, on the HrTurizam portal through various tourist stories.last_img read more

Letters to the Editor for Thursday, April 11

first_imgChurch, not state, should save pensionI agree with Frank J. Ciervo’s April 7 letter that the Catholic diocese must step up on St. Clare’s pension. However, I have a question. Why should state taxpayers offer anything? When my husband’s union was in similar trouble, mainly due to the sub-prime crisis, there was no one to help. The union was on its own and was able to recover without a burden on the already hard-hit taxpayers. Just sayin’.Mary Jo VendittiGlenville More action needed to reduce pollutionThe recently enacted state plastic bag ban is a step in the right direction.However, this proposal won’t be a total ban, but rather a partial one, because many plastic bags will not be affected.Environmentalists already are complaining, and although I’m tempted to complain too, I won’t. I realize that this proposal won’t solve the worldwide plastic bag pollution crisis. However, it will make a significant dent in reducing plastic bag waste in New York state. As a matter of fact, according to a Gazette March 29 front page article, not all bags will be banned.This ban will not include food takeout bags used by many restaurants, those that are used to wrap deli or meat-counter products, bags for bulk items, newspaper bags, garment bags and bags sold in bulk, such as trash and recycling bags. Moreover, counties can opt out (don’t have to charge) the 5-cent fee for paper bags.Earth Day is April 22, and this ban came right on time. But I hope that soon, New York will also consider banning other harmful waste, like Styrofoam packaging, cups and containers, in addition to other single-use plastic items like bottles, silverware, cups, lids/caps, straws, dishes, food containers, cigarette lighters, markers, disposable razors, etc. These are poisoning our soil and water.All leaders at all levels of governments — from towns, to counties, the state and federal level — must take steps to curb pollution soon. Scientists have already warned us that we may have 10 years, at the most, to fix this environmental mess before we’ll have an environmental Armageddon.  Act now or perish later.Ottavio Lo PiccoloSchenectadyMore from The Daily Gazette:Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s press conference for Sunday, Oct. 18Cuomo calls for clarity on administering vaccineFoss: Should main downtown branch of the Schenectady County Public Library reopen?EDITORIAL: Beware of voter intimidationEDITORIAL: Find a way to get family members into nursing homes Popular vote would have changed historyI’ve never been a fan of the Electoral College for U.S. elections. The argument that it gives smaller states equal recognition with the larger states is misguided. It is such bogus logic based in part on where candidates devote their time and resources. No candidate spends time campaigning in Wyoming to get three electoral votes.However, they might care to convince the 577,000 people that live there to vote for them, since we’ve had some close national elections where states like Wyoming could make the difference. Thus, elections based on the popular vote are more logical and fair. Just think how history would have changed if we had used the popular vote to select a president. For example, we wouldn’t have George W. Bush to waste trillions of dollars and lose the lives of thousands of Americans and our allies trying to overthrow Iraq and bolstering al-Qaida, the Taliban and eventually inspiring ISIS, as well as avoiding the Great Recession that he created.Instead, Al Gore would have led us to combat climate change among other great initiatives that benefit Americans, not the military-industrial-complex that Eisenhower warned us about. Next, we wouldn’t have the most incompetent president in United States history with Donald “Show Me the Money” Trump. There is not enough space to detail how bad he is. Hillary Clinton wouldn’t have kissed Putin and Kim’s rings, nor let the Saudis get away with murder, literally.  Shouldn’t every vote count? Make the candidates work to earn our vote.Raymond HarrisGlenville Categories: Letters to the Editor, OpinionDems have plenty of questions to answerAll those people that support the killing of babies through abortion should go see the movie “Unplanned.” Gov. Andrew Cuomo and his friends who were cheering for it and lighting up the buildings would probably enjoy it. I wonder if the governor’s mother, Matilda Cuomo, would support abortions.All socialists should go live in Venezuela for a few months. They would not be allowed to take anything with them.Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez thinks losing your jobs to automation would be great because then you would have time to hike, play games or sit around. Fantastic idea, as long as a few of the freshman congresswomen were the first to go. Hopefully, she will never have children.All your climate change fanatics should become vegans and never use private planes or limos or have more than one home. They also should be using only solar or wind. No wind or sun for a few days? Too bad.What happened to the anti-hate resolution? All they do is talk hate at and about Trump, 24/7. Hypocrites.Why do House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Sen. Chuck Schumer refuse to meet with Angel Parents who have had their family members killed?How many politicians who support immigrants coming here illegally pay their help at least $15 per hour with full benefits? Let’s investigate their W-2 forms.Thank God for all those Democrats that told us every day that they had solid evidence that Trump colluded (MSNBC and CNN). When will they resign?Bonnie DeckerSchenectadycenter_img Women deserve to be paid equal to menOnce again, on April 2, women took time from their busy work days to acknowledge Equal Pay Day. According to laws already on the books, Equal Pay Day for all women should be Dec. 31.But it’s not. The average woman must work far into the next year to earn what the average man earned the previous year.It takes until April 2 for women who work full-time to catch up with their male counterparts; mom’s equal pay compared to dad’s happens on June 10; black women reach parity on Aug. 22; and equal pay day for Latinas is observed on Nov. 20. There are wide wage gaps among Asian women, so some catch up by March 5, but others not until mid-July.The gender gap in base pay varies by industry. In education, which has a large number of area employees, it is 2.4 percent, according to Glassdoor and Bizwomen, while in media, it is 6.4 percent.Change needs to happen. But there is good news. Our Legislature and governor have the opportunity to pass game-changing laws this session. And Congress may finally move forward on common sense reform.That will only happen if we all speak out, contact our elected representatives, and call for equal pay for all New York women, now. Linda GushSaratoga SpringsThe writer is co-president of the League of Women Voters Saratoga County. Suprunowicz owed coverage upon deathOn March 24, we offered our final respects to a local and state hall of famer Dick Suprunowicz.Mr. Suprunowicz passed without one mention in The Gazette Sports of the loss of this great basketball player.Please allow me to provide to you that Mr. Suprunowicz and other family members all played basketball and are each Hall of Famers. After high school at Mont Pleasant and great records, he proceeded to Syracuse, where he continued his basketball and academic career. His accomplishments during his basketball days were written in many of The Gazette sports pages.After basketball, Dick then choose a career of teaching and became vice principal at Linton High School. His records as a basketball coach at Mont Pleasant were highly recognized. If you lived in the Schenectady area and followed this family of players, Dick Suprunowicz, Michael, Bill and Walt, then you were treated to some great basketball.I’m saddened by the loss of this man who helped kids in many ways throughout out his educational career.I’m further saddened that no acknowledgment was presented in The Gazette Sports section. If not for the obituary offered and paid for by the family, no one would have known of Dick’s passing other than family and close friends. To you, Mr. Suprunowicz, we bid you a thank you for all you have offered to many fans and students. May you rest in peace. And our condolences to the Suprunowicz family.Charlie BrownBallston Lakelast_img read more