The blog promotion tipsHow to open an online shop in Taobao, you need to pay


brand promotion with this recipe, visit the blog tens of thousands of July activities minus 500-1000 yuan

Taobao set up shop in kind comparable to the entrance exam, you scared,


as for goods, shelves, shipments and other tedious processes, "shop baby" through the product a key shop

according to statistics, nearly 70% of the diamond sellers have never done real sales, while 78% sellers drilled three months later, the number of real baby shop are not more than 100, and that this is why? The reason why these problems, mainly because the network store in Taobao, most people can not overcome three major problems, namely "sell what? How much is it? How do you sell?". Do not understand, you can add my 381713669 professional guidance, novice shop, package teaching package will be.

looking at others, so many messages and comments, and visit their blog is not only a few hundred, the envy of others? Here to provide some ways for your reference, so that everyone’s blog also has a hot popularity.

five and others usually get into the habit of many messages, to participate in the discussion, not forget the message behind with their own blog address to propagandize, welcome people to visit.

six can submit your blog to the search engine and web site.

Of course, the most fundamental


is the first big problem, do not have a physical concept in mind, don’t know what I should sell, even optimistic about their own a real project, but do not know what the best goods, how to do? Second problems, do real shop limited funds, not hoard goods, not hoard goods, but not buy one sell a thing, how to do? Third problems, a series of problems to see the baby upload, shelves, packaging, courier and so on, on the big head, do not have the patience to do so, how should I do? This is based on several reasons, the majority of sellers was defeated, close in Taobao outside the gate.

if you’re the seller who wants to come in after the shot, you’re really lucky to see that article. The baby shop, a "zero inventory" shop mode, it will completely change everything! No inventory, it means that the goods do not have to worry about expired slow-moving; no inventory, do not have to worry about the goods sold too fast, the warehouse out of stock; no inventory, do not have to worry about the backlog of goods, capital chain rupture; no more inventory. Don’t bother to engage in fire alarm management, energy consumption. No inventory, Taobao shop is reduced more than half of the venture, as long as there is a single profit. Even if the monthly earn little, but at least not loss, next month and then try to make it back,

may be a lot of people to ask, the seller did not have their own inventory, the store baby warehouse where? At present, the baby is in the service of the warehouse has four: Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu and Yiwu. We all know that Shanghai is the largest foreign trade China commodity distribution center; Guangzhou is the largest Chinese electronic products production and manufacturing center; Chengdu has a number of well-known clothing wholesale market; while Yiwu has the most famous small commodity wholesale market. The establishment of the four warehouses, covering more than 90% of our daily necessities, and a variety of products, low prices and other advantages, so that many local physical online sellers have no competitive advantage.

see Taobao on a Business Flourishes shop, if you have the heart moving? Heard people’s occupation shop owner, and he also hung free occupation title, is not to feel inferior? Said Taobao shop to do real comparable to the college entrance examination, you are scared silly

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