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movie "Sherlock trouble" stills

! Some changes have taken place in the stock of



: the first happy twist in 2016 operating income 292 million yuan, net profit of 71 million 875 thousand yuan, compared to 2015 operating income of 383 million yuan, net profit of 130 million yuan, a decrease of up to 23.81% and 45.08%, revenue decline is not big

2015 release of the film at the box office reached 1 billion 440 million at the box office, for the happy twist then contribute billions of dollars of revenue; in contrast, the 2016 happy twist pushing "donkey water", although the reputation and box office are very good, but only 173 million at the box office, with 70 million left and right income, there will be two phase comparison the gap.

shadow, Hao Ning and other indirect "assault shares"

and the reason, are "Sherlock trouble" blame!

Abstract: Shen Teng is not as simple as rumors outside the stock market. Happy twist has and he set up new company Tianjin water culture media Co., Shen Teng in the new company holding 51%, but so far no large-scale business.


in the prospectus, hard candy if someone has three points found:

leaves where the wind will go, leaving only a beautiful sky.

happy twist IPO finally took a substantial step.

please pay attention to this time in December 15, 2016, because at this point in the past 20 days, the happy twist announcement said the board reviewed and approved the initial public offering and the record

third: Happy twist before applying for IPO, has accepted part of the resource-based investors "surprise shares", many of which shadow capital, Hao Ning such industry heavyweights.

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articles for reprint, please note

second: Shen Teng is not as simple as rumors outside the stock. Happy twist has and he set up new company Tianjin water culture media Co., Shen Teng in the new company holding 51%, but so far no large-scale business.


recently, happy twist first public offering of shares was finally accepted by the SFC, happy twist immediately disclose the prospectus on the Commission website, intends to screen 700 million yuan. This means that the company, which is red because of the movie "Sherlock trouble", officially stepped out of IPO’s first step.

is the first time to buy shares. According to statistics, from June 29, 2016 to December 15, 2016, Jiaxing Xinye, canopy moon and other institutional investors have bought from the share transfer system ranging from the number of shares of shares from 2.7% to 0.1%.

a lot of friends ask me Taobao guest program which good, branch procedures now how to collect, etc., and so on, my answer is always "now there is no API program can be sh419 well included."". Unless you are unique, all sales in the program can not have the previous effect. These days, in the use of Wang sent me a API program, it is said that no more than 6 people in use, and now has the initial effect, individual friends have been included in the million. It was a great experience. I also hope to include more and more.

since many of Taobao’s K sites have been dropped by sh419, many Taobao customers have lost confidence and may have left the field. I was one of them, 2 stations have been included in 4 million, 20 thousand IP traffic every day, so that I am confident every day, and now sell, throw throw. People will never miss something valuable. Now only guest club, I am still struggling. Of course, there are also reasons for the work, very busy, no time to take care of the site’s update, so I did, Mou Changqing apprentice also choose to leave. Ali mother forum is that I have been concerned about the place, a few days ago a visit, "use micro-blog to do Taobao passengers" gave me a big feeling, I suddenly felt that Taobao customers will get up again. I want to do it again,

fun twist, and the information is intriguing.

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