What are the types of flow and flowLinktech joint purchase network adjustment Commission ratio!

often like to advertise themselves.

2, directional flow.

station basically depends on >

The three types of

1, propaganda traffic.

is not arbitrary traffic, then it must be directional traffic.

this flow is the ability of individual traffic, that is, a traffic can not be any site for traffic publicity, such as hanging , people are earned, Trojans, plug-ins… That is to say, to rely on the outside free power to get traffic, this is propaganda to traffic.

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doesn’t want to see it himself, but he plays it.

traffic is the number of people to a station, that is, traffic.

fixed traffic on the site, that is, directional traffic, they open the station every day in order to see the content of your station, so this is a fixed flow.

random traffic is forced or lured to a station, and the content of the station is not what you want, or you want to see it on your own initiative.

People in the second phase of

what is directional flow? This is the person after seeing the advertisement, that is ready to go to your station.

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2, purchased traffic.

people are earned traffic, but also directional traffic, including some of the stations to do banner ads or text ads, but also directional flow.

People in the first stage of the

traffic basically represent the three realm of network development:

, for example, pop traffic.

this traffic is fixed traffic every day, for example, we go to Sina, because we know Sina’s Web site, we are Sina’s natural flow.

3, natural flow.

thought it was a beauty, and the result was an entrepreneur class. That’s not what you want to see.

  dear Union member:


tend to buy traffic.


, for example, the amount of traffic that hangs from .

The third phase of the

according to the flow source is divided into:

if I don’t have any traffic skills, but I am rich, so I can buy flow, I can buy a directional flow, also can buy not directional flow, can buy high quality flow, also can buy low quality traffic.

the quality of this flow is generally not very high, are only called traffic only, the quality of general.

in the bidding on advertising, this is directional traffic, we are looking at your ad, want to consume your products before you go to the station.

1, free flow.

according to the purpose of traffic, divided into:

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