Hefei Shanghai dragon on how to optimize the user experience

believe that every webmaster in the process of optimization in the pursuit of a good user experience, we also know the user experience for the website ranking is to a certain extent, also love Shanghai more and more emphasis on the importance of user experience, but what is the user experience? The user experience (UE) is a user access to a web site the psychological feeling, the user is the main body, the user experience is the user’s subjective feeling, which is why many webmaster said user experience is not a good reason to do. User experience in e-commerce website function is more obvious, it is related to the conversion rate of traffic to the site, the user experience is not good website, even though there may be traffic, conversion rate is very low, so we should how to do user experience


user experience that is hard, not easy to say, the most important thing is to learn empathy, not to a person’s subjective ideas and to operate the web site, according to many aspects, multi user idea in web design can be as much as possible to consult some friends, and then with the Shanghai dragon optimize. The following is a simple talk about Xiao Wu to the user experience some operation optimization.

The target user

site access speed



of each site should be clear with yourself before the establishment of the goal of the website users, especially those selling a product type website, all our website should focus on our target user, so that the target user satisfaction, should be clear what they need, what kind of habits, so in the website design will be more fully prepared the user experience, strive for more target users on your site’s satisfaction.

website has.

this is the primary site access speed, if users find your site open very slowly, finally he may turn, regardless of your website, your website can be said to be the ultimate failure. So a good and stable space is very important, which I feel very deep, not for the sake of cheap until too late to regret. If there are too many people to click on your site through search engines are readily turned off, it will affect the value of your site in the search engine, which affect your site’s ranking.

site layout design this is particularly important for the user experience, if your site layout of the complex, when the user enters your website a few minutes can not find his demand for content, you think he will come second times? The layout of the site should be simple, let users first can find out what they need. The website color should be used popular, without the use of special dazzling tone so as to cause the user antipathy. Of course, this website layout and more details. Breadcrumb navigation website, the introduction of relevant content, quick sharing function and so on, we should pay more for the user to consider not to Shanghai and Shanghai in the design of dragon dragon.

The layout design of ?In fact,

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