Do site optimization must pay attention to the details of the multiplier

second, the content of the site and layout optimization

want to do a website to make the website can be popular, a stable space and server is the basic configuration. If the site often change it on their own servers and host, will cause the website to change frequently, which is not conducive to the search engine to record site traffic. Generally speaking only when the site frequently encountered not open can not browse the situation, will need to make changes to the host or server, in exchange for better server. So for the website optimization, not blindly, do other things as well, and the server space is generally do not need to change the.

site optimization, the most important is the layout of the site and content optimization. The first is the layout of the site, you must do just on the site to be considered good, don’t be late to change much of the site layout, or for the website optimization is harmful, only need to be adjusted to the appropriate site layout. The second is to optimize the content on the site, the site should be regularly updated articles, these articles of the title and keywords once published after they don’t change, otherwise it will affect the search engine’s record.

on a web site to add Links, must add some legitimate high quality links, try not to put some useless garbage sites, in the number of add links to sites also have special requirements, generally keep the number about 20 of the most suitable, more than 25 would be counterproductive.

, the first stable space and server

third, adding legal Links

website optimization is a long-term careful patient work, so everyone in the optimization must be carefully, pay more attention to the above details, efforts will be put up to the rank of the website.

do many friends will find a website optimization than to create a website is much more difficult. If you do not know how to optimize the operation, it is very difficult to put up the website keyword ranking. Especially, some do not understand the novice, constantly change with the website of the title of the article, the site’s ranking will cause the decline of search volume reduced, so we can know the website optimization is really a learning, so do website optimization, what are the specific need to pay attention to the details? Here for everyone to share some experience of the website optimization, website optimization friends can learn about.

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