Don’t lose in the starting point the preferred server detailed website construction

server quality

two: judge

A: the traditional judgment technique in general is the site IP PING (Ping -t, IP address) by time, to determine the stability of the server, and the speed of data transmission. Another point we can also see the type of Web Hosting: win or Linux, but after a disguise, not necessarily to identify the real system.

: a

IDC service provider server

has done so long that binary website optimization analysis of a conclusion: many part of the site was down the right search engine of the factors is not the site within the chain and the advantages and disadvantages, but lose at the starting point, website operation server suck. The Shanghai dragon can do optimization to improve the ranking of the website, the fund should also be relatively abundant, so there is no "lucky choice" server case. In contrast, individual owners, often in order to save dozens of pieces of hundreds of pieces of money and put an end to the server site "money", but the final The loss outweighs the gain. So how to optimize the site construction and selecting a server? High quality and inexpensive is our standard:

IDC service business scale and brand image represents the level of quality of service, to avoid small IDC service providers on the choice of the server. Say something, they roll the money tomorrow, how do you run? And some of the IDC will corrupt on your website data and posted online reselling, website construction eventually ushered in the program is open, who do not want to see it? How to choose service providers, service providers enter the domain name query record, and the love of Shanghai the company or related information, are the most truly reflect the performance of information. If you love Shanghai, search is not search, or a few pages or the other it is his home.

B:PING is shorter, more stable performance will prove that the host is better? Many webmaster think so, but in fact it is true, but it only represents a basic situation, and to do all. As often in their own web site updates when the server, or slow access speed. This is mainly due to: the web site in the search engine update time point to "step on" acquisition, and the scale is larger, resulting in hardware such as CPU use rate increased. Another point is the problem of insufficient bandwidth, the bandwidth sharing on the web, he visits too high, resulting in the shortage of bandwidth resources.

Mo cheap is the key, and the choice of IDC mainly to the strength of the company closer, although some high prices, but not unbearable. In fact a price, a quality is also true, even if is in place to do the customer service service. Another point for the preferred server, not recommended binary ordinary webmaster choose the so-called "double or multi thread server, multi line is only the so-called intelligent matching > DNS

three: how to choose the high quality

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