New sites to quickly through love of Shanghai

as a new station, how quickly we spent love Shanghai period? Then we’ll discuss.


love Shanghai period, I think many webmaster friends should know. A new sites after finally being loved in Shanghai included, then it will face the Shanghai study period is love. This time a month, more than three months, it mainly depends on the content of the website is collecting or is highly repetitive. But such cases are very rare, but in the end will be included, but the ranking is not very ideal. If the site is long in this state, Shanghai love will not come again, give up this station, because there is no vitality of the station it is not the love. The Shaoxing Shanghai dragon this blog to say, half a month after the home page, and the ranking is also good, but after a page is not included, the snapshot has been included in the first time, no longer updated. But no matter what you do, love the sea does not give you face. But if you look at your web log you may find love Shanghai has grab your page spider, also included your page, just not put out, this is love Shanghai study period.

website is rich in content and original. If there is not a new station inside what content, how to attract users to attract the spider? Of course not content better, if copy paste from other website, do not have to, not a waste of time. Would you rather earnest to write an original article, this is worth 100. If you really can not write, then at least a false original, change the title, adjust the paragraph order, the replacement of the synonyms. In reasonable good anchor text links, search engine to give a good impression.

At the end of the chain is ? The

. For a new start is not very popular, so we have to use something to please it, seduce it. It depends on the link, we can in the reasonable insert links, anchor text, and then put the article to each big BBS, blog, let the spider through the links to find our station, so get acquainted, it will know that this station, this station will naturally love. Note again that, for new sites, the chain is also too much.

last month, although the website included, can not always included in the page, the love of Shanghai has been included only 5, this article has also been updated, is not included ah, as for the quality, though few articles are false original, but not so bad. Is this the so-called love Shanghai period

update regularly. That is the time to update the site regularly, for example, you are usually the morning or evening. So you made it a rule, then love will come Shanghai spiders crawl the content of your station. In this case, the content of the website every time a new high quality content, but also have the law, so that the spider will have a favorable impression on this website, are not afraid of the future.

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