How can we shorten the keyword ranking cycle

3. website operation

is here to tell you that is to be very cautious in the railway station, a month before we do Links, if our new online a month to do a lot of Links to accumulate weight this method is obviously cheating, is going to be search engine punishment, but here we see the first if, before our new line uses the first operation, made specific anchor text links, so our new station can be appropriate to do some Links, a month can do about 10, but still can not be too high.

many owners see this title that I say is some non normal means black hat, I’m here to share with the optimization process is normal, not black hat, when we are in optimization of a wide range of issues, such as have a keyword through the optimization means we can put normal come up for a month, but because many of our webmaster at the time of the operation ignores many factors or a lot of normal operation, so as to make our keyword ranking period is greatly increased, originally a month can do but to do two months, today to share our should pay attention to what factors can we guarantee our keyword ranking cycle can be normal.

2. new sites in the early a month to do a lot of Links errors

< 2> the list of recommended number to control list number not too much, not only for the cost of the user’s choice will increase, for the allocation of our site weight >

1. here to tell everybody a factor in our website is under construction is not on the line when we should locate good keywords, and release some anchor text outside the chain for our keywords.

, a website in early layout strategy

< 1> pure text chain, we don’t in our content inside to add some keywords to wanton pointing to our home, it is very stupid, but in the US at the bottom of the page or to add a lot of keywords to the bottom chain, chain back to add a keyword enough.

station operation we have to remember that the four word is patient, if we can not think of a suitable content on that would rather not do.

this has two obvious advantages: < 1> don’t waste our human resources, many spent when the new station building sketch was nothing to do, it can make us a little ahead of our competitors. < 2> this can increase our high weight of the chain cycle, because the search engine is a cycle for the calculation of the chain, do the chain to connect the anchor text of our website is not on the line before, when our website, our weight comes naturally.

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