To avoid being Shanghai Longfeng several practical methods of K

: the use of IP to avoid the use of independent space domain

skills Keywords:

often some webmasters cheap, hanging on the same IP with other sites, if the other site is cheating on K, you will be involved, by the station’s K search engine will be very offensive, and some Adsense is to buy some cheap virtual space, Hongkong, foreign the result, some websites play half a day don’t open, "super slow, not only the user will leave immediately, the search engine spiders will identify your site no longer close to. There is a two level and avoid the use of free domain name, the same reason, the master with two level domain name is K, you is not where to go, and the domain name search engine on the move limits included, on the same starting line, site of the suffix贵族宝贝 than.Org and.Net,.Gov or worse a grade.

Hello, I am plump mall editor, due to the recent adjustment of love Shanghai so many sites made a headache in the, the most famous is the rain, as well as for the K, and as we ordinary webmaster is in the famous website as an example, how do we make love Shanghai has a good and not willing to K you to you? The following small talk about the site to avoid being K a few action methods.

from the user’s point of view the choice of keywords, do not rely on a whim, to spend a lot of time on it, the general choice of keywords also has several key considerations: 1 keywords, positioning, product name, industry, need accurate positioning, users to see that what you are doing. 2, do not use hot, competitiveness greatly, no related words and popular keywords and website, although temporarily can bring some traffic traffic, but after all, is a popular popular, he is like a summer wind, blowing you feel comfortable breeze blowing away the sultry, you still feel very hot, and then you can change key words, search engine will also take punitive measures for you. 3, keyword density should be in 2% – 8% between the most appropriate, also does not need to look not pleasing to the eye, arbitrarily increase or reduce the density density, these are the webmaster long out of the accumulated experience. 4, the key words to TITLE, description, keywords, omnipresent, which must have the key words, for their importance, everyone can not be ignored, for keywords ranking, the weight of the website, and even traffic are very important determinants.

some experience of the novice do stand, without thinking a Hu do your website online, the ranking for a period of time with flow are not satisfied, and anxious to go to war on this website, explain, although some stations after revision, second days there will be some included, but after third days. Absolute will therefore be compromised, the revision is one of the important factors of the site is down right, before the station will be hard to do Kung Fu East, love Shanghai will think you are new.



three: avoid the revision of the


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