The news source database is gone for ever, what did you see

will gradually replace the weight of

multimedia content to the evolution of

user interaction and complement each other has become the trend of

said the site weight, in addition to the exchange to the high weight of the chain, the news source is vying to become one of Baidu many webmaster dream. Once you become a news source, will mean weight and flow enough, but now it’s all gone for ever, Baidu in this year, the abolition of the news source, so at the same time lament and regret, and you see what the trend of the era of

The content of The

at first we do site, do content, that is to make the weight, the link weight of up to do advertising revenue comes naturally, but through love Shanghai algorithm adjustments, you can also feel the priority of quality content increased gradually, especially in the near future, it is enough to say that.


to do marketing or promotion, but the platform flow, precipitation value or more user data. This part will mainly focus on the sedimentation value comments and interaction. In this regard, watercress is obviously a most appropriate example. Although at present the influence of watercress group slashed, but some book or film influence is great, which indicates that the interpretation of content interaction under precipitation have great impact on user stickiness, so in addition to means has rich content, it is necessary to strengthen interaction.

to cancel the news source is clear enough content creation ideas for the future, that is the text has become the past, will both audio and video, pictures and other situation is the future for a long period of time the highlight. This is not only the user’s choice, will also be an important basis for future content search ranking system, so for some only through the content to spread the influence of site, APP, the public number, appropriate changes under their own creative form, to cater to the development trend of the times, it is necessary to.

now live in addition to hot star effect, promote the development of the content industry and its main factors. Through the recent observation that pure live APP growth slowed down, and live a short video, pictures with more water, one of the realization of the scale of business achievement. But no matter what kind of attention or live live form, will be the main channel after the content and realized, such as talent, business, marriage.

broadcast industry will become the infrastructure of

content service form hierarchical distribution

already mentioned the multimedia will be the main means after the content, and content innovation more will consider from the service form, such as the level of distribution. Like the video, now there is a short video within 3 minutes, more than 20 minutes long video, and more than 40 minutes long video, which will be used in different scenes, so after the elimination of non single news source, based on the content of forms will mainly focus on the length of time (space), which is is the so-called fragmentation.

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