The search engine frequently update algorithm the future of Shanghai dragon industry will be compres

to Shanghai dragon company:

Hello, I’m Liang Lei, screen name: stone. From the beginning of June Shanghai love update algorithm, K station continues, stationmaster people crying in the spread of Shanghai Longfeng practitioners generally feel that the Shanghai dragon has become more and more difficult, I believe that many practitioners are confused in Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon and future? A few days ago to Albert court interview, ZAC talked about some views in his interview, Shanghai dragon can more refined, more professional? Now there are a number of people in Shanghai can be called the Shanghai dragon dragon practitioners Er, most of our Shanghai Longfeng practitioners also remain in the chain and content, the Commissioner of the chain occupies no small proportion. As ZAC said the search engine has its own rules, we have to work hard to adapt to complain is It doesn’t help the situation. But with the continuous updating of love Shanghai algorithm and perfect, also to the compression effect on Shanghai dragon industry, can be said that the next few years Shanghai Longfeng industry will be compressed, then as a Shanghai dragon company, or an ordinary Shanghai Longfeng practitioners, how should we do? How to apply this change? How to avoid being eliminated

search engine?


is no exaggeration to say that many small Shanghai Longfeng companies will face difficulties, improving the low end of the Shanghai dragon service is difficult to survive, and the author in a peer to understand now many customers no longer stay in a few keywords ranking, customers demand more and more clearly, what they want is the cost and orders, the essence of these things, and not too care about how many websites flow, which is not in love keyword ranking the first page of Shanghai, Shanghai dragon company to expand their business scope, so that there is a way out. Not easy to raise a company, especially small scale company, can extend the scope of business includes: providing a virtual host, enterprise station, Shanghai dragon tool development, integrated marketing etc.. At present a lot of Shanghai Longfeng company actually also provides two kinds of services and website optimization.

Shanghai dragon service now can be divided into: Keywords optimization service, Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic services, soft services, chain services and so on, the network provides only a lot of network services, such as enterprise products only provide soft service station, the text is only used to update the site, words are generally in the 500-600 word. Of course, the studio has several monthly packages, such a comparison for some small network studio, energy and time are limited, we only need to write the article can also develop Shanghai writers, dragon tools is also a good business, now Shanghai Longfeng practitioners number, there are a lot of Shanghai dragon tools abroad, and are the charges, domestic worth paying for Shanghai dragon tool less.

2, is the integration of network marketing network marketing.

1, Shanghai dragon service expansion, refinement of Shanghai dragon service

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