Website ranking disappear we should find the reasons in itself

is concerned that the webmaster most worried about is suddenly one day as usual, open the query tool when the query site are all shown as 100, encountered such a situation for many sites can be said to be rational if a bolt from the blue, the webmaster may calm down analysis of various reasons, and then find out the countermeasures, some Adsense comparison excited, and then there is abuse, said some excesses, what love Shanghai too hard to please Google, what time to come back, what 360 or Sogou share increases, so there is no longer affected by Baidu gas, so it can solve the problem, certainly not, we should be rational to analyze.

a lot of Shanghai Longfeng said the industry threshold is not high, so this industry has developed rapidly in recent years, practitioners have increased rapidly, many personnel is simply writing, or simply can not write, copy or make some false original recurrent points outside the chain, so it is not the simple. Many companies, a Shanghai Longfeng personnel do all the work, the site code to its own, the content of the website to get their website pictures to deal with their own, and some have to do some video, in fact demand is still quite high, can these words but not bad. But because of its better boss does not understand, so when the interview did not know what the interview, it may also be in disorderly fashion hired a Shanghai dragon staff, how in the end of the level is not very clear, some may also be halfway up the company’s website, the website early or before is how to get, how come ranking, what have you done, all don’t know, once the website ranking disappear is helpless, some to shirk responsibility, afraid of being led to blame, find some irrelevant reasons, try to put the blame to others or fall in love with the sea on the body, is the most commonly used algorithm is love Shanghai changed a little but I here I would like to say, no matter what the love of Shanghai no ten location algorithm, love Shanghai home give a snapshot of the ten position, the same, not to you, then Give to others, why give to others, not their own love, unless that day in Shanghai cancel all snapshots, only the promotion of information, that is the love of Shanghai really changed, there is no way to continue, since the others do not give to yourself, then we have to find their own reasons. Love Shanghai SEO Guide 2 is really good, the above said, the attention will be very clear, do not know how many people have seen, do not know the website ranking disappear webmaster have not read this guide, to tell the truth, I saw a lot of times, the site is also strictly according to the above operation, a website last month because my website content update greatly, hit the right down, the site.

the first observation of several features of website, SITE is at first, the site where the server site is normal, included in the site is normal, plus you can really do what illegal things, it might be love Shanghai adjust the fire, do not do what special, or as usual I believe that over time the website ranking will return to normal.

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