The depth of analysis algorithm that click love Shanghai


if only the chain of words, so who website earlier who will be more advantage! Website weight will be higher! We will not be able to catch up with the new and old station. So this time, love Shanghai has launched the "click algorithm". Click on the algorithm launch is love Shanghai in order to be able to give a new ranking opportunity. Let the user to our site for natural vote! If you website user experience is good, so love Shanghai will bring you up to the top! So, the chain is king of the times already in the past, you still like a robot does not stop the chain






assumed that we Shanghai Long Fengbo, the daily traffic of 500, so this time we ranked in the following website if you keep about 550 hits per day, and the number of clicks to steady. So when the love of Shanghai would put their website to upgrade to the first name. The reason is very simple, because the love of Shanghai would think that hits on the website is the website users love. However, users love love Shanghai website will give it to lift up. This time Shanghai is not love to your website is not new or old station, how many love Shanghai will not go to your site outside the chain.

page access time, which we arrive at our website users, users on your site stay time. If your website user experience is good, after the user comes to your site, stay at your site a long time, so this time Shanghai will love that your content is high quality. You are content to help users solve some practical problems. Love Shanghai will naturally give you good.

we all know, the chain algorithm is in fact there are many flaws! Because the chain is capable of manual control! Why? We imagine, when a two years of industry website, is bound to site outside the chain will accumulate a lot of weight! To the site and you are good! This time to do the same site, even if it is to send the chain you every day, if the other party does not stop outside the chain, then your ranking can never go to catch up with them! What is it?

?Two: page access timeThe

: love Shanghai click on the principle of

why do we need to study the click algorithm love Shanghai? I believe this is a lot of Shanghai Longfeng novice concern! When our website in mid ranking keywords, web site outside of the chain is not very important! This time we want to further enhance the key words, we need to know the love of Shanghai Click on the algorithm! Only in this way, we can make better use of this principle click help us to quickly promote the keywords ranking. Can be understood as the click algorithm is the core of our love Shanghai keyword ranking! Let’s talk about love Shanghai click on those things:

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