The block on the management of the web site optimization

1, the search engine spiders crawl every directory block optimization we know, between the site and search engine interface is the site of the log file exists in the server side, the log file for us to understand the search engine spiders crawling activities on our website is very important, especially in some large and medium-sized this file is the website, website optimization personnel must see, but also to carry out in-depth analysis, through the log, you can learn more things, for example, what is the directory of the web site search engine spiders grab the proportion of your most important directory search engines is not the biggest proportion, need you to analysis, you can use some log analysis tools, can be a simple analysis of the website of each directory by search engine spiders Grasping the situation, make a reasonable guide to the optimization work on the site, for example, if an important directory was crawling very little, this may be the problem of your site structure.

doing a website optimization work, feeling more and more, can actually put optimization a site to block, especially for some large and medium-sized site, not only to better grasp the overall, but also to block processing in detail, then the optimization work how to block processing? Below to talk about some of the views of my. In fact, the search engine in your web page, but also use some methods to block processing, for example when extracting the text, it is some of the border, some public section rejected, because the public basic module in many web pages you have. Below to talk about my understanding of block optimization.

3, ranking the directory block management we can put your site in accordance with the directory block, each directory is a small, in the overall optimization at the same time, but also to block management on it, for example we can record each directory under the file ranking situation, and make some optimization measures for example, your most important keywords ranking directory to require a scientific analysis, so as to.

2, contains a directory block included in the site management is the foundation of the rankings, if not included, it is impossible to make a good ranking, and subsequent traffic, so collected is very important link, we can use the site command with the inur command to the website included every directory continuous monitoring you know, not only included your site overall, and you should also know that included each directory, such as web site directory www.ylmr贵族宝贝/faq/ me is a directory of the more important, I have collected the continuous monitoring of a directory, when the site overall included increase, you need to know what is included which directory increased, when the site overall included drop, you need to know is included which directory website has declined. In these situations, the more you Understand the depth, the optimization of website more favorable, you can think of more ways.

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