Shanghai dragon novice several search engine spider trap alert!

search engine Flash is the most common pitfalls. In a small part of the web using Flash and enhance the visual effect is very normal, for example, made by Flash advertising icon. Crawling and grab this Flash on the search engine is not what effect. However, must not use a big Flash file on the home page, because it forms a spider trap. When the search engine grab HTML code only a connection to the Flash file, no other text. If the Flash effect is a must, it also leads to the HTML version of the page to add a link. The link to the file in the Flash outside of the HTML code, the search engine tracking this link can grab the back of the HTML version of the page.

jump is spider trap, in addition to the 301 turn, jump on other forms of search engines are more sensitive, such as: 302 JavaScript Flash jump, jump, jump, jump Meta Refresh. Some web users visit the home page will automatically be turned into a directory page. But most of the front page can not see any reason and purpose, to like this should be is not Mian Mian, cannot but, try not to use the 301 to jump outside.

dynamic URL is not conducive to the search engine spiders crawling, should try to avoid.

is another common spider trap is Session ID (session ID). Some sites use Session ID to track users asked, each user access to web sites will generate a unique Session ID, and in URL. The search engine spiders each visit will also be treated as a new user, URL will add a different Session ID, with a page that search engine spiders get access to each of the URL will not be the same, back with a different Session ID is also a spider trap.

frame structure can be regarded as a kind of spider trap, if you are still using the design of the frame structure in the 2014 Shanghai dragon I rookie here suggest you stop immediately. Don’t waste time on how to make the search engine included the website structure. Because the search engine can not determine the page content in the framework should belong to the main frame or frame call file.

in the process of our optimization, some web design technology is not for the love of search engine. Because these are not conducive to the search engine spider crawling and crawling. Here we introduce several common spider traps, the hope can help some novice Shanghai dragon Er, writing is not good, but please a lot of support!


JavaScript link can create a lot of good visual effects, but it is also a spider trap. Here, rookie.

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