How to reduce the repetition rate of the content on the website

3: repeat between pages, remember not the entire page copy, repeat reading will greatly improve.

the author not only, and none of the answers get along very effective knowledge, summed up how to reduce the repetition of several points, here also hope that we can discuss more.

3: dynamic pages included duplicate.


4: 404 to repeat included not set. So if you want to delete a page, a point to set up 404 pages to tell the spider.

enhanced 4: unique for each page. You can modify the meta tag properly, can be put on a unique logo.

2: some web content, not a lot of pictures to a lot! This does not directly affect the contents of the repeat, but we know the picture often comes from close to URL, so we can not guarantee that these will not be repeated included.

"sickness medicine" in the light of the above the problems we found, to consider how to prevent these operations bring repeat included:

recently when the Title Optimization, always thinking about a problem. Because I have the title is to extend to obtain a Shanghai Longfeng title, leyuanbaby贵族宝贝 mother industry based, there are too many titles not repeat, but the meaning is too close, this editor when writing articles, often repeating degree is very high, and the repeatability and the content on the website that the spider on site bored, so how to deal with this problem.

1: increase the intensity of the original own. This paper improve the quality, enhance the readability of these are from the user experience of the user experience, and it is our ultimate goal of Shanghai dragon.

1: collection content, low degree of pseudo original. I believe we all used this point to someone else’s article move over a little change, the spider tired of this article.

I dare not say that the user experience than the chain, I put the user experience as the punchline, web content repetition leads to an attitude search engine on our website, so be sure to pay attention to it. To make web content more readable, make the website more valuable.

2: the structure from the definition of website based on CSS.

5: reduce the duplication of the URL link, and dynamic pages and timely clean up invalid content link between, for some content has been removed to clean, but also will be invalid and remove all links.

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so we first see what kind of action will cause the content repetition increases:

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