How to restore the site to drop right

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but we released the chain, is not what the chain to release, but to release the real value, a chain of help, such as industry forum, website submission, write some soft Wen and so on some methods are possible. What information do not engage in some junk chain group, so far from helping to the website, even affected. If you have a high quality do stand friends, you can also contact them to help with, because Links is usually on the home page, the spider grab more diligent, so exchange Links is the high quality of the chain of choice. Another is that we do not in the construction of the chain to secure construction, act with undue haste, released every day, this is the best result.

if we want to avoid the site right down the risk, then the first thing you need to know some of the features we make the site right down. Many webmaster think, once the decline of our site ranked greatly, even has not search, it is certainly our site is search engine punishment, in fact, such a situation we still should be divided into two to look at the. For example, a small website title change, so when the spiders crawl will definitely re examination, then the ranking will decline, but usually such a situation quickly within a period of time will be restored. But for some website ranking suddenly dropped drastically in site, and cannot be recovered in the short term, this site is really to be right down the search engine.

down the right site for every webmaster combat are undoubtedly great, but for some of the more experienced webmaster, is commonplace. But in fact most of the webmaster are difficult to find a reason for your site is down right, most of the webmaster is to blame for the search engine algorithm update, but in essence, can only say that your site is not doing enough good, is unable to let search engines increasingly sophisticated method of love.

so when we site is down right, if we were in accordance with the method of maintaining the website as in the past, is usually very difficult to recover, even to get the ranking is more difficult than we do in going to a new website, then Xiaobian said that what method can help us to quickly restore the weight? The following small simple from two aspects to analyze for everyone.

, a weight increase external input.

two, within the site. >

has been down the right site, the weights of the external input is extremely important, because usually for a right down the website, search engine spiders access time is very short, the webmaster can also through their website content is included can be judged, so we can publish some of the chain, attract spider crawling and visit our website, this can be very good to promote the spider crawling, is crucial to the website weight recovery.

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