Website optimization four analysis the necessary preparatory work

keyword selection for Shanghai dragon is the first step, one of the most important steps. We all know, the basic web site optimization is around defined these keywords to optimize. If the key is not good, may bring a lot of inconvenience to the later work, may result in less effective. So to determine the keywords especially hard, but also some serious effort.

5, each page of the title, keywords, description of whether can easily customize the

analysis: four return web content

1, HTML code is used in Shanghai Longfeng label, code refining.

links include internal links including external links. External links is to guide the spider to provide it the entrance into the site, to facilitate the search engine to crawl through the website, but also conducive to increase website weight, improve site keywords ranking. But in recent years with the love of Shanghai search engine update algorithm, the chain is not the more the better, more requirements for the quality of the chain, the chain of high quality correlation is truly useful on the site. The chain link is conducive to search engine spiders crawling cycle in the website, with the chain will be the site of all the pages together, let the spider fully grab a web page. But the chain is not the more the better, but the number of quality is not high, but there are a lot of dead links, then The loss outweighs the gain..

analysis to determine the site keywords

analysis: a structural analysis of


3, is a static URL


when a Shanghai Longfeng staff received a single business, and not immediately began to optimize the website, and should be on the site for the overall analysis, but also on the website about the industry, so as to carry out website optimization work. Here to talk about Shanghai Longfeng personnel website optimization before the necessary analysis.

4, the site of the internal links set is reasonable and convenient


analysis: three link

content is the root of a web page, grab is web content search engines, web site from the website content, so do the content of the website is particularly important. Here the search engine is so favored regular updates, and content for the original site. So to make reasonable arrangements for the publication of the article, the content as the original, at least to ensure that the pseudo original. Do not modify the copy and paste > no

2, the site code is too much is not conducive to the search engine of flash, JS,


website may be selected by Shanghai index, noble love baby keywords tools, love Shanghai for the background and related keywords tool, search, drop-down box, and key competitors, in this also through friends or their brainstorming.

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