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every day to do the chain website promotion is to let the ranking of words on the floor. As the saying goes, you will harvest more, will pay double energy. The optimization effect of keywords is really good, not simply watch traffic on the line, of course, whether to increase website traffic is a reference factor judgment keyword optimization are effective, but is not the only factor. The author believes that the optimization effect analysis of key words, do not cut down a few reference object, a web traffic is in front of that, two keywords ranking, drawing three long tail keywords. This is also the main reference factors determine several keywords optimization whether the effect of the. Today the author mainly to explain how to optimize the effect of the judgment method of keywords.

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judgment optimization effect, the easiest way is to look at whether to increase site traffic, and here is not ZhengZhan but through analysis from search engine traffic, after all, is to optimize keywords can get more traffic through search engine. So, we can pass within seven days from the search engine traffic compared to see whether the traffic is increasing every day or reduced, if the site traffic through the search engine to get traffic has been increased, so that the ranking of words is gradually rising, this is the main criterion of keyword optimization effect the. And the webmaster every day will query the traffic statistics, you can see every day yesterday from the search flow engine, so you can optimize his method of analysis to suck, if you continue to use this method to optimize keyword ranking to improve is normal, and search engine friendly website for display. So, the optimization effect judgment keywords, one is by viewing the daily traffic from search engine is increased if increasing gradually, it means that the keyword optimization effect, otherwise it is no effect, should change the strategy as soon as possible.

often said, for what? Of course is to let the keywords ranking before the first home page is the reference target, then we determine the keyword optimization effect how, by viewing the keywords ranking is not the most effective way? Generally speaking, if the words in the optimization and optimization. The ranking has improved significantly, that is to say keyword optimization effect. For example, in do before optimization, keyword ranking in the one hundred outside, and the optimization of key words after a week, up to 50, which indicates that the keyword optimization achieved very good results. And thus, we see through the keywords ranking one can see how the keywords optimization effect. Of course, here I remind a little, see keywords ranking whether there is a promotion, to see its stability, only ranking stability is good keyword optimization. If a keyword optimization ranking optimization, stop suddenly fall down, so the rankings.


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