Content is king, asked him what so clear, as has the springhead

in the front, we talked about the content and content, we know that the network containing numerous thousands on thousands of meat. For a website, we should choose what kind of content. This issue is at the beginning of the site has been decided. Location usually determines the choice of the content of the website, to our website alean network as an example, due to the positioning of our website is the main business exhibition and promotion, and our industry is belong to the security industry, so our website basically locked in products, technology, information industry and some around the gossip on. Of course, some of the other is not absolutely not, but it will hurt the user experience.

Ok to clarify the content selection, the next question is, where the content generated? No matter what your website, which is the choice of the content, your content sources cannot do without these four aspects, it is the original, pseudo original, reproduced and share. Popular point that is to write their own, others to change, take.

many people know the importance of the content, but he did not know how many important content. In a sense, this is because he didn’t understand the network and website fundamentally significance. Of course, for the significance of the network, different people from different angles have different understanding, but the relation between network and website is similar. In fact, we can see the network as a media platform.

"content is king, the chain for emperor" this is Shanghai dragon ER often mentioned and regarded as a classic sentence. Today we say it’s half a sentence, that content is king

so, for the network, what is the content of that? It can be in the form of a variety of software, text images video, audio, or even the virus code, these things can be called content, but for us ordinary sites, we are referring to most of the content is what we see in the page the text audio video and pictures. Apart from a few sites, these four aspects constitute the core of a web site. The foundation is a website visitor. Good content can not only bring a lot of traffic, but also bring a lot of links. A link to this point, we are the subject of the next lesson, we’ll leave him. In the four aspect, video and audio creation is difficult, difficult to optimize this picture, the three are not our today’s hero, we stressed the importance of today’s text is

before the Internet, our common media platform with print media platform, the media platform, the network appeared, he became the fourth media platform, and our website can be understood as a media company, so as to understand the importance of content. We can also look at this problem in other ways, for example, we can put the network into a huge commercial center, the site as a storefront business center. Then the corresponding content that we store goods. A website without content or a store is not new enough to attract people’s goods, the shop will not what traffic, except apple.

What is the importance of

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