Don’t use the lost Shanghai dragon in the future

love of Shanghai from 6.28 to August, several K station storm everybody is obvious to people, in the dark for two months by the K station that count, and at the K station before, many owners choose to rely on Post Bar, forum for everyone, I sentence you guess the direction of development future love Shanghai, I do not oppose this kind of study mentality, but I don’t agree with you in the problems of time, always indecisive attitude. Because the author at the forum did not always see some valuable comments, but these articles also tend to get the support of many friends, everybody is grabbed a straw, desperately believe the author, "

I think this is absolutely not the case, there are many webmaster be K in your web site will not know the future owners puzzled, career how to get through this, I also understand that pain a few years of effort but a cast to the wind, the site failure is not half will be able to cause, there must be my face has reason, K station situation, take active measures, is more useful than shouting and crying in the QQ group, said more bluntly, even if the site did not, we have the technology, and contacts, as well as experience, which allows us to stage a comeback in a short period of time, then you also afraid of what

"not assertive, they hold together a big event

does not have a strong heart, once the K station is unable to resist sustain the blows

always wanted a savior to save their own

? It is without rhyme or reason. disappear?

I think about love Shanghai’s bad behavior webmaster friends heart also has a few, it was the pit owners also are suffering, so we see 360 search engines listed, the tread on air momentum I can completely understand, but it is not the 360 Savior, get the answer from the recent 360 can, it now the only contribution is to beat love Shanghai, love Shanghai to save a station from the mire was Arabian Nights, and from 360 for everyone’s attention, I can see a morbid Shanghai dragon thought, always want to blame for the love of Shanghai suck, rather than from yourself, if you regular do stand, persevere, your site will be

on the 360 can challenge love Shanghai things, I think we should not put too much energy, because in terms of technology, but also from the development on the basis of 360 can only be called a dark horse, not strong. Before there is a lot of media that the market share of 360 in two digits, which are only from the flow, to know the flow and profit is not the same, even if the 360 began its advertising business, and the price is low than the love of Shanghai, it does not guarantee that 360 will have a bright future. Several times the K station is also a direct reflection of Shanghai Longfeng practitioners is not mature, the industry is always complaining, said his lack of stamina, want to find the posterior, but this is Shanghai dragon industry in confusion with the future.

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