How do go on the website by K road

This station is This is my ?

: This is a blue finger I use ecological flow circulation system to create the Android game download station.

everyone afraid of being afraid of K station, in the hope that it to support yourself and your family life "was forced to wither". However, K is a historical site is sad every webmaster may experience, in today’s love Shanghai review mechanism is more and more strict conditions: a collection of more and more difficult, snapshot more slowly, and the new assessment period is becoming increasingly long, which makes a lot of webmaster can’t survive, "have expired only love is the way out of Shanghai".


in this case, the future share: "how I go on the website by K road", and to remind the Webmaster: several key sites need to control what? How to preserve the site itself and "keep them"? How to regain confidence in the "not to stray stand the sea"? How to meet and face Baidu "light", "K" and "pull out" of the "policy of three"

but now, I have left such a failure: a full moon has not yet managed to have seedlings, the ecological chain system make it visit IP million, but it will eventually die, and to die in nature’s garb.

station using the ecological chain flow circulation system to create an important part of it: "


Hello, I am a in was living in hard days, there have been glorious years of history long; a happy and free personality, let countless stand under my hand and the top three ranked first in nature (no matter how love Shanghai mechanism change), countless thousands of the site index let me a few months often "a" show, kennedy.

: (event): the hard road of the site, why "K fruit" in

if the life is very fragile, so all day sitting in front of the computer, always filled with a vision for the future and hope of the life in the small: "webmaster", they are more vulnerable to only a layer of skin; because they not only with the moment in the hope of "nutrition" at any time, and also worried that the search engine "plucking" phenomenon, once the "feathers", so even weak skin are not guaranteed, so the life, can only meet the "withered"

first stated: it does not use any black hat and cheating (I have always advocated do white hat long-term stable), also did not release any garbage outside the chain (because I have always advocated "do their own content, the chain let others help you go" true); but do not hurt any user experience things (do not believe you can go to the home page, simple but not simple, clean and conducive to the experience, which shows our intentions).


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