The 9 way outside the chain of high weight blog website

3. in this paper with the anchor text

nine points of the chain

when we use blog platform to do outside the chain to post the best is related to the content of the blog, such as website is mechanical, so the blog can do things like mechanical press, the industry can be adjusted, relevant content can make search engine think they are related, the weight will be more likely to export high.


site optimization chain is mostly Links, BBS signature, blog links, etc. several mainstream way, but today it is recommended to do the chain high weight blog, the blog itself is to meet the search engine mechanism, the high weight of the blog itself has very good rankings and the ultimate value. If the good can import effective weight to your own website.

article suggested not less than 300 words don’t redundant 1500 words, it is best to at least sweep the original false original book, each article can be added to the 3-5 anchor text, anchor text increases the time and don’t just give the home page keywords to add, such as my last article, I can in the blog to increase the anchor for the text of the chain.

6. high weight blog can register multiple accounts

for four points, can be dispersed anchor text, such as a website with 4 keywords, can use different anchor text links to your site in a blog post. I like this website (www.shibasui贵族宝贝) is the key of Wuxi Shanghai dragon, Wuxi site optimization, Wuxi love Shanghai optimization, we can use different keywords link to my site to import the weight of.

for this text

2. each article with 3-5 anchor text

The The first

content is king, the chain for the emperor of this classic Shanghai dragon statement tells us a good site not only to do good, besides amount of experience and information to customers is very good, the chain part in the external optimization is extremely important in the Internet, you say who you are is not important, the key is everyone talking about who you are that important.

in the article, the best is the first time the keyword or you need to do to increase the link anchor text link anchor text.

4. the same keyword only once

below to share a high weight blog website optimization using

5. different anchor text pointing to the same URL

high weight blog mainstream (> love

1. website content and best

blog link anchor text the same only once, it will have the opposite effect, not an article with five anchor text all is a keyword in a link address, so the search engine will think you this is not an article to share content and hair to hair the chain and hair.

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