Letters to the Editor for Thursday, April 11

first_imgChurch, not state, should save pensionI agree with Frank J. Ciervo’s April 7 letter that the Catholic diocese must step up on St. Clare’s pension. However, I have a question. Why should state taxpayers offer anything? When my husband’s union was in similar trouble, mainly due to the sub-prime crisis, there was no one to help. The union was on its own and was able to recover without a burden on the already hard-hit taxpayers. Just sayin’.Mary Jo VendittiGlenville More action needed to reduce pollutionThe recently enacted state plastic bag ban is a step in the right direction.However, this proposal won’t be a total ban, but rather a partial one, because many plastic bags will not be affected.Environmentalists already are complaining, and although I’m tempted to complain too, I won’t. I realize that this proposal won’t solve the worldwide plastic bag pollution crisis. However, it will make a significant dent in reducing plastic bag waste in New York state. As a matter of fact, according to a Gazette March 29 front page article, not all bags will be banned.This ban will not include food takeout bags used by many restaurants, those that are used to wrap deli or meat-counter products, bags for bulk items, newspaper bags, garment bags and bags sold in bulk, such as trash and recycling bags. Moreover, counties can opt out (don’t have to charge) the 5-cent fee for paper bags.Earth Day is April 22, and this ban came right on time. But I hope that soon, New York will also consider banning other harmful waste, like Styrofoam packaging, cups and containers, in addition to other single-use plastic items like bottles, silverware, cups, lids/caps, straws, dishes, food containers, cigarette lighters, markers, disposable razors, etc. These are poisoning our soil and water.All leaders at all levels of governments — from towns, to counties, the state and federal level — must take steps to curb pollution soon. Scientists have already warned us that we may have 10 years, at the most, to fix this environmental mess before we’ll have an environmental Armageddon.  Act now or perish later.Ottavio Lo PiccoloSchenectadyMore from The Daily Gazette:Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s press conference for Sunday, Oct. 18Cuomo calls for clarity on administering vaccineFoss: Should main downtown branch of the Schenectady County Public Library reopen?EDITORIAL: Beware of voter intimidationEDITORIAL: Find a way to get family members into nursing homes Popular vote would have changed historyI’ve never been a fan of the Electoral College for U.S. elections. The argument that it gives smaller states equal recognition with the larger states is misguided. It is such bogus logic based in part on where candidates devote their time and resources. No candidate spends time campaigning in Wyoming to get three electoral votes.However, they might care to convince the 577,000 people that live there to vote for them, since we’ve had some close national elections where states like Wyoming could make the difference. Thus, elections based on the popular vote are more logical and fair. Just think how history would have changed if we had used the popular vote to select a president. For example, we wouldn’t have George W. Bush to waste trillions of dollars and lose the lives of thousands of Americans and our allies trying to overthrow Iraq and bolstering al-Qaida, the Taliban and eventually inspiring ISIS, as well as avoiding the Great Recession that he created.Instead, Al Gore would have led us to combat climate change among other great initiatives that benefit Americans, not the military-industrial-complex that Eisenhower warned us about. Next, we wouldn’t have the most incompetent president in United States history with Donald “Show Me the Money” Trump. There is not enough space to detail how bad he is. Hillary Clinton wouldn’t have kissed Putin and Kim’s rings, nor let the Saudis get away with murder, literally.  Shouldn’t every vote count? Make the candidates work to earn our vote.Raymond HarrisGlenville Categories: Letters to the Editor, OpinionDems have plenty of questions to answerAll those people that support the killing of babies through abortion should go see the movie “Unplanned.” Gov. Andrew Cuomo and his friends who were cheering for it and lighting up the buildings would probably enjoy it. I wonder if the governor’s mother, Matilda Cuomo, would support abortions.All socialists should go live in Venezuela for a few months. They would not be allowed to take anything with them.Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez thinks losing your jobs to automation would be great because then you would have time to hike, play games or sit around. Fantastic idea, as long as a few of the freshman congresswomen were the first to go. Hopefully, she will never have children.All your climate change fanatics should become vegans and never use private planes or limos or have more than one home. They also should be using only solar or wind. No wind or sun for a few days? Too bad.What happened to the anti-hate resolution? All they do is talk hate at and about Trump, 24/7. Hypocrites.Why do House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Sen. Chuck Schumer refuse to meet with Angel Parents who have had their family members killed?How many politicians who support immigrants coming here illegally pay their help at least $15 per hour with full benefits? Let’s investigate their W-2 forms.Thank God for all those Democrats that told us every day that they had solid evidence that Trump colluded (MSNBC and CNN). When will they resign?Bonnie DeckerSchenectadycenter_img Women deserve to be paid equal to menOnce again, on April 2, women took time from their busy work days to acknowledge Equal Pay Day. According to laws already on the books, Equal Pay Day for all women should be Dec. 31.But it’s not. The average woman must work far into the next year to earn what the average man earned the previous year.It takes until April 2 for women who work full-time to catch up with their male counterparts; mom’s equal pay compared to dad’s happens on June 10; black women reach parity on Aug. 22; and equal pay day for Latinas is observed on Nov. 20. There are wide wage gaps among Asian women, so some catch up by March 5, but others not until mid-July.The gender gap in base pay varies by industry. In education, which has a large number of area employees, it is 2.4 percent, according to Glassdoor and Bizwomen, while in media, it is 6.4 percent.Change needs to happen. But there is good news. Our Legislature and governor have the opportunity to pass game-changing laws this session. And Congress may finally move forward on common sense reform.That will only happen if we all speak out, contact our elected representatives, and call for equal pay for all New York women, now. Linda GushSaratoga SpringsThe writer is co-president of the League of Women Voters Saratoga County. Suprunowicz owed coverage upon deathOn March 24, we offered our final respects to a local and state hall of famer Dick Suprunowicz.Mr. Suprunowicz passed without one mention in The Gazette Sports of the loss of this great basketball player.Please allow me to provide to you that Mr. Suprunowicz and other family members all played basketball and are each Hall of Famers. After high school at Mont Pleasant and great records, he proceeded to Syracuse, where he continued his basketball and academic career. His accomplishments during his basketball days were written in many of The Gazette sports pages.After basketball, Dick then choose a career of teaching and became vice principal at Linton High School. His records as a basketball coach at Mont Pleasant were highly recognized. If you lived in the Schenectady area and followed this family of players, Dick Suprunowicz, Michael, Bill and Walt, then you were treated to some great basketball.I’m saddened by the loss of this man who helped kids in many ways throughout out his educational career.I’m further saddened that no acknowledgment was presented in The Gazette Sports section. If not for the obituary offered and paid for by the family, no one would have known of Dick’s passing other than family and close friends. To you, Mr. Suprunowicz, we bid you a thank you for all you have offered to many fans and students. May you rest in peace. And our condolences to the Suprunowicz family.Charlie BrownBallston Lakelast_img

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