How to solve the product stand ranking is no profit embarrassment

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took over several orders of similar products enterprise station, from analysis of awkward questions why they have no profit ranking, finally draw some simple solutions now, and you want to also face the embarrassment of friends to share, hope that friends can point out the deficiencies.

products easy to overlook the second elements of the optimization station, now many products are just provide a way for the user to provide a single indirect, but can direct orders and functional system, no, this is one of the reasons for website ranking but no profit. Since the products stand sales network, it must provide a can allow users to quickly buy entrance, set the order system is the best way. Under the function of the system to do a complete, can also find some network company, specialized in the development of a single system for their own website in shenliang.

systemIs the single system

website content is also a local station products needs to be optimized, but many products Er station in Shanghai Longfeng blindly in order to improve website ranking, in order to update and update, every day from the industry news websites collected several news on the website, and >

? The The

scheme: good product station landing page optimization

(2) landing page picture text must have a guiding role, we need to "click to buy", "the single" words made distinctive pictures on the landing page in a conspicuous place, so as to effectively play the role of landing page guide.

is convenient for the user to set up a complete function, single

with the Web2.0 era, more and more traditional companies began to pay attention to this piece of the above network marketing, in the hope of this era of network share, so many companies are beginning to implement the Shanghai station and the dragon, can obtain the ideal ranking. However, an awkward problem has plagued these enterprises, their website main keywords have good rankings, but the website profit is scanty, and this is exactly why?

three: use product pictures and descriptions to replace the

products of the landing page is a website to show to the user guide page, a page dedicated to guide users to buy the product. The analysis of a lot of products, these products have not done station landing page, even if the landing page is casually put up, and not to be optimized, can not be allowed to play a role. How do we make the landing page optimization

(1) we should design a personality of their own, the landing page does not need too many gorgeous decoration, the most important is to highlight our product page, a landing page as the following:

this figure although doing is not very beautiful, but very good to highlight the characteristics of the shape and site of products, is a very good landing page, worth learning.

Scheme two:

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