Keywords on the same P two website ranking change inspiration

personal website keyword has been ranked the first, the company’s Web site keyword ranking and articles also included the rapid rise and decline; personal domain name occasionally, ranking the company name keywords also fell, even the name of the company and the independent personal domain keyword ranking will decline, but no increase in the amount of income.

later after careful maintenance and management for more than a year, the website keyword has been ranked in the first place in Shanghai during the period of love, although there have been some small twists and turns (sometimes ranking for some reason to temporarily decline due to the decline in time as I also summarize the hair on the A5, named "pseudo static web site open the Gzip compressed love Shanghai"), but the overall decline in the rankings is relatively stable, such as the ranking has brought some income. Because in the financial industry, commercial website promotion needs qualification certificate, but my site is a personal registration and filing, not through the qualification examination, which is further extended to inconvenience.

initially thought it was a coincidence, not too much. Until one night I update on the company’s website in 3 minutes after being love Shanghai included and displayed in search results, and found a personal website very competitive keywords was also ranked in the Shanghai love home, greatly enhance the ranking. It made me think about whether because of rising at the same time ranking in the same IP address.


learned this, let me again in the name of the company registration and filing of a domain name, and then use the domain name to do business promotion. Taking into account the Ali cloud server on a web site, so the company not to purchase the domain name record down the server, but personal website and on a single server, sharing a IP address, then feel do not affect each other.

Two website

line on the site, the basic are original, and personal filing articles on the site is not repeated, but key duplication. In this two months, almost every day I pay attention to rankings of two websites, a long time to find a phenomenon:

content in Shanghai Longfeng lesson: buy space, in order to avoid being the same IP on other sites down the right, as far as possible to buy a separate IP server. At that time also learn this lesson, I will buy a Ali cloud servers, and the virtual host site migration to the cloud ali.

There are so

this article said, with a record of his name, another name for the record company. Two website domain name registration and filing information are not the same, but they love Shanghai but keyword ranking in November 5th after the same day dropped to 100, and at the same time to recover in November 21st. This paper is to analyze the experience of more than two names with a IP address changes in the ranking, can let the webmaster avoid multiple web site keywords ranking also fell.

November 5, 2014, there may be a lot of stationmaster on this day very impressed, because many.

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