Lenovo veteran into one out of the industry every year adjustment, do not have to make a fussPercept

Yang Yuanqing mentioned the "three wave strategy" was first proposed in November 2016, means that the association from the equipment strategy shifted to the artificial intelligence "equipment + cloud" strategy. Among them, the first is to maintain the leading position in the world and PC core business profitability; second wave refers to the intelligent mobile phone and data center to expand the business, hoping to become the engine of growth and profit engine as soon as possible; third wave, betting on natural language interaction and artificial intelligence, Lenovo hardware devices more intelligent.

"now PC industry is extended from traditional personal computer to ‘PC’, and China is a new generation of intelligent equipment development and changes in the fastest market; at the same time, for Lenovo, Lenovo China district is globalization stronghold, is the new business incubator. In order to seize the opportunity for change in the industry and implement the "three wave strategy", we should push for changes in business models and organizational models." In May 16th, Yang Yuanqing said, "I believe that through this adjustment, two separate business team to take full advantage of PCSD and DCG in Chinese market opportunity, let Chinese zone first to achieve business transformation and change, and become a new business model of the first army."

at the same time, Lenovo official confirmed that once the executive vice president of Lenovo global services business Chen Xudong confirmed the departure.

second GGAD, although in its official has mentioned that do not use the JS call, in fact its purpose is very clear, is to reduce the launch site cheating, GGAD is far lower than that of the common code to the page for the effect of nested JS call monitoring effect of advertising, so it is not afraid of monitoring the problem caused advertisers cheating affect the vital interests of advertisers.

third, GGAD is very strict for cheating, so what is called cheating cheating? Is produced or a small amount of invalid clicks is correct: the loss of advertising and business interests click behavior. Why do I dare so sure at this point, all be K off GGAD webmaster, 8 reasons are out of the K is due to advertisers complaints the advertisement effect is very poor or no effect, do not believe you can call or email the official customer service consulting GGAD.

professional site traffic and income comparison of   in A5; the results of a lot of people find me and discuss my website related shlf1314adsense hereinafter referred to as GGAD of the problem, it is my website using JS to call Adsense advertising. A lot of people think that calling Adsense ads with JS is cheating. I’m here to explain the related questions with my experience of Advertising Association for many years:

fourth, three points above said very clearly GGAD to deal with issues of cheating on the way, so I used the JS call station will have problems? You can see all the pages of advertising are well matched to all advertising display page related content, users can easily click in advertising, and more than 90% of all valid clicks to advertisers favor, then ask advertisers may complain to me? I don’t complaint may be K? If GGAD to monitor my advertising is to call JS, but advertisers have a good effect, I GGADK out, without the slightest advantage to any one thing only a fool to do. There may even be such a problem: I stand sh419 search: third antivirus software, antivirus second, Lailu user is very good, this time because I JS GGADk call off my station, I would very much like to advertisers even in the station hanging advertising, how to do? GGAD do /p>? "

first, GGAD is a profit organization, it needs a large number of input and advertisers launched website i.e. the webmaster support for the K GGAD station is not fond of it, K your station will also have you stand the cost of advertising a full refund to advertisers, and lost a launch site, you think it do any good to its own

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this is a day away from Lenovo Group CEO Yang Yuanqing announcing the restructuring of the China business. In May 16th, Yang Yuanqing announced the restructuring of Lenovo China into the personal computer and intelligence equipment group PCSD and the data center business group DCG. Former executive vice president of Lenovo Liu Jun, served as executive vice president and President of China district leadership group, Chinese platform and China PCSD business to Lenovo, global president Jiang Fan · Samaranch Gianfranco Lanci; report; Tong Fuyao served as senior vice president and President of China District, responsible for the DCG end to end business Chinese, and the global large scale data center business to business, DCG CEO Kirk · Shi Haode Kirk Skaugen.

fifth, in the worst case, a friend of mine’s station used the JS call, >


and the most striking thing about this organizational restructuring is the entry and exit of Liu Jun and Chen Xudong, two associate elders. Statistics show that Liu Jun graduated from Tsinghua University in 1993, automatic control

A few days ago I published a

sanpower Group official said, Chen Xudong has rich experience in localization of IT products in the market sales, business operation, quality management, channel management, and an international vision, localization and internationalization concept that his experience, will help sanpower group global 3C retail and new business to achieve better development.

the evening of May 17th, sanpower Group officially announced, Lenovo Group, former senior vice president Chen Xudong officially joined sanpower group, served as senior vice president of global 3C, in charge of global retail and new business.

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