New station to three months to overthrow the millennium old station rule

3. query about how much is the other side of the chain, the chain is not effective instruction of domain: queries, domain is just a phase of the query, effective method of the chain, the novice can not understand my QQ, I will give you answers one by one, in my QQ blog.

analysis of the external data base. (former)

Many friends in the

in the previous article has said that the website is very bad, but can cause tight love Shanghai home, so here is not to do too much, if you have not read this article who can give me a message;

1. features: for a new station, if you come out of the site and the old site similar, ask, love Shanghai with what you put in the home page? Because of you because of your atmosphere? Functions? No, a new station, in the middle of course is to find a common front 20 name of the site, and recorded, then these features are analyzed, such as: many enterprises sell products in the navigation station, always put on [we] on the second navigation, this is the top 20 websites in common, and analysis of the common good, whether to meet the user’s search if you desire. Think about [we] on the second is not good, then screened these bad places, at the same time, if the top 20 are the product images on the home page, and then you have the user analysis. The demand of big picture, if the user has this.

website, was suffused with such a whisper, why my site is always not to go? Why competitors website so bad, also ranked in the home page, the weight is very high? My website design is very beautiful, high-grade atmosphere, why No one shows any interest in site 3 months? Has been why, even a ranking of the shadow did not see? These problems such as It is quite common for information on the Internet, looking for is nothing more than increased Links, multiple outside chain, then adjust, some would say that the user experience, but for the novice, who knows the user experience is what? Today, Cen Huiyu for everyone to sort this article, new station to three months in the peer beyond the thousand year old station, do not like do not spray.

2. second, collected, check each other site is not included, no ranking, included, ranking is not necessarily; but not his included many, we will do the content more than him, this is not absolute, and it is best not too far, but also pay attention to the comparison object, you are a don’t go to the forum and enterprise station;

. Two common and specific data (Interim)


1. first of all, we want to know who are our competitors, are generally selected fell in love with the top 20 sea site data, query what? Of course is to query the Links, look at these sites have many Links, Links is conducive to promoting the magic ranking, if there are 30 Links counterparts. Then you have to think of a way to find your buddy;

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