The Shanghai Dragon CMS how to make optimization of different wind

website plagiarism phenomenon in the domestic is really common wind, but the real success is the "card", a few can be copied successfully? More people to finally become famous only genuine object. The emergence of CMS is to the owners brought great convenience, but here I really doubt: is not because of the convenience of CMS, leading to more owners do not know how to cherish these resources? It’s plagiarism, to finally give yourself a reason: "in case of fire?" it is because these casual copying invisible ruin site in life, but also affect the normal order of the Internet development, so expect the success of

two: rejected cases of plagiarism


CMS greatly reduce the burden of the owners to promote the development of economy, the Internet industry, but the owners should not be funded to > "convenience" as their own indulgence

in China, over millions of sites, most of which are developed based on a typical CMS system. Such as: dream, Empire, PowerEasy and phpcms, the mainstream of the CMS is to promote the development of the Internet industry chain. With the popularity of the site can be quantified a variety of CMS, the problem has cropped up: more and more sites to the "high imitation". Including: the template of high imitation, data acquisition, and even some independent web site is more like some of the station’s mirror too. As a result, the domestic development of the Internet people worrying, owners of the future worrying. Why the site is down right there every two or three days? Absolutely not small because these factors are caused by "traditional". You want to make a special website, search engines won affection and favor, the author thinks that the traditional CMS should be optimized to do these years to develop new in order to be different, discard the bad habits.

any CMS website: "high imitation XXX website template", or "a certain website template free broadcast" posts. And those without being fried can rarely see alone be in full swing, customization, and develop a new kind of post, where is the reason? Think also know, or money that ah, who do not want to point to the province on the province? But some money is to have some money, can not go to the province, whether or not is the price is the cost of website optimization opportunities for success. Although it is not inevitable, but with the competition, in the future there are more or less affected to compensate for the. Moreover, many owners have to say, because it is the most basic problem of web templates, and always painstakingly but not emancipated. So here I suggest Webmaster: abandon those "free template" in traditional CMS, it is best to do a set of their own templates, probably just a few hundred dollars right now, if it is OK, in order to save money, so the final choice is a high imitation of others with less website template.

: get rid of template from


why? Look at those sites without success, not others in imitation of them, when they see the copying template on the

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