Dover Nationwide Series pit stall assignments

first_imgREAD MORE: The second-fastest qualifier, Sam Hornish Jr., picked Stall 18 behind the second stall opening on pit road. Third-fastest Kyle Busch picked Stall 10 behind the first pit stall opening on pit road. READ: Harvick’s late charge leads to 600 win READ: Latest news from Dover READ: Pit crew key as Hamlin claws back READ: Kenseth, Johnson hopes wrecked in 600 Coors Light Pole Award Winner Austin Dillon gets his pick of pit stalls ___________________________________________________________________________________________Comments are currently unavailable. We’re working on the development of a NASCAR fan forum – please stay tuned. Just like Denny Hamlin in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, Austin Dillon won his second consecutive Coors Light Pole Award in the NASCAR Nationwide Series, taking the top spot at Dover International Speedway. last_img

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