Seize the core of optimization reasonable construction site

Hello everyone, today I’m going to talk about issues related to the new site. In the establishment of the process, how to do with the limited time to create the largest profit? I just saw the three words look at my website ranking, prompted me to put my thoughts to share with you here, I’m going to tell, how to seize the key, optimize the website keywords.


second, seize the key chain source, not blunderbus. The chain reasonably is very important for the construction site. Want to let others see and acknowledge your website, not some good outside chain is not enough. Of course, the construction process of the chain, are likely to encounter some difficulties, such as soft outside the chain of good quality but can not write, no forwarding you write something, such as some forum show the signature, some rules of the forum, is very strict, not with URL, such as the chain is not high quality of your hair. A lot of the love of Shanghai are not included. These difficulties we everyone will encounter, so you can insist on your own, there is no shortcut to success, especially for Shanghai dragon words. I want to say is, after a period of time, you will find some places outside the chain, then we must seize the chain is the key source of these. Every day outside the chain of several high quality, better than every blunderbus much better. Remember, you want to let people recognize your site, make your site spider love love Shanghai, it will take a good website optimization. When the number of the chain you have a certain foundation, and is also very stable, your return is the site of the flow will gradually increase, because you will find many similar search keywords, will also appear in your

third, seize the good content, pseudo original breakthrough. >

first, grasp the core of the web site keywords. I believe that everyone in the selected keywords for the website, all evil had a painstaking. How to reasonably select keywords, and determine the number of key words. Also need a lot of methods. Early in the site, a lot of people are trying to simultaneously optimize several key words, I think it is very difficult. Unless you are a master, to optimize Shanghai Longfeng very easily, and have the time, that there may be. For the novice, the most important is to be able to quickly see the effect, so they have the confidence to go. So, I suggest you take the key to the optimization of key words. I have three words to optimize our website at the same time, the results get tired, these three words are not a make up, ranking are very moderate, is the average. So I began to reflect on, perhaps alone first do a good. So I specially optimized one I think the core words, so the effect came out. First this keyword now ranked love Shanghai home, and most importantly, the other two keywords ranking, has also been brought up, now the second page, which makes me very happy. Originally a good keyword optimization, the result is not only driven web traffic, driving spiders visiting activity, but also can promote the keywords ranking


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