Share Bookmarks using web site favorites to enhance the experience of the chain

Share Bookmarks using web site favorites to enhance the experience of the chain

1, the same ID not only a collection of web pages to multiple domain web pages, if the deleted ID then in front of the work for nothing.

4, not only the front page of the site, should be of the same site multiple pages, sub pages have collections, the increase of the chain to be as natural as possible, the chain has focused on the home page search engine used to think this is cheating.


keyword search, "web site favorites" (made a super company, you can go to Shanghai to see love) will see a large number of sites, first we put these sites collected, then arrange, filter out not publicly or others unable to view the site, because it did not point to we use the chain optimization.

then we organize a good website, a registration and recording ID and password, and then start adding himself ready for the site now, this step is of course can’t finish finished, the search engine will determine if there are a lot of people have a collection of your site, then this site is important, the website weight will be further upgrade

said the following about, use the site outside of the chain increased attention favorites:

You can use the

recently made a few guest website to do the test, including the Taobao crown shop ranking, with domain names are the previous 3 years of age to test the domain name, the domain name is before being K, after a few days, now the home is already included, here to talk about the favorites promotion outreach

3, try to use keywords


5, when Add URL, the need to set up open for sharing or some more stringent review website, you can add some private, public or not.

we do next is to repeat the above steps, to achieve a quantity accumulation. The construction of the chain is a need for patience, long-term work! From the 51 shop house: 贵族宝贝

we all know, external links to a very important role for the website optimization, the method of adding outside chain there are many, such as text, blog, forum, and to share with you today about how to use the method of Web site favorites bookmarks to the chain.

2, a period of time on the same web page collection should not be too much, can collect some other web site, you want to use Taobao’s optimization alone crown stores hidden in them, for example, I have a collection of 51 home shop, also can collect taobao贵族宝贝 first landing page and so on, this method slow but very effective, the chain is to rely on the accumulated slowly.

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