Several types of tools highlight the advantages of Shanghai Dragon

(1), love Shanghai recently included, within 24 hours, within a week, included a month can see clearly, help us analyze the love of Shanghai included, once an article is included, we can take a lot of measures, such as re published again in high traffic blog in.

3, love station network, mainly for the love of Shanghai developed a Shanghai Longfeng tool.

(3), the chain powerful analysis tools. Enter a URL, this tool query external links, and display all of the information of these links, PR value, snapshot update, link anchor text etc.. Is used to study Links tools.

(1), the website included in a rectangular frame of the whole show, love Shanghai, Google, YAHOO and other major search engines, Google, Sogou PageRank, domain name, age, number of outbound links like Shanghai snapshot updates Alexa world ranking and so on, very clear.


(2), dead link check, this is the outstanding advantages of the webmaster tools. Is the main link to check the website of the internal links, check out the website which is internal help dead link.

4, love Shanghai advanced search in the search box at the bottom of the page.

2, ?

we used to know, is a comprehensive tool for good.

source: 贵族宝贝 id=285

(1), love Shanghai weight, check each site on the attention of the Shanghai love. This is very useful, the site is mainly depend on the love of Shanghai search engine, so love Shanghai for their useful evaluation.

(2), simulation of search engine crawlers, show that the search engine to see the text, excluding all format code. Unfortunately there is no annotation which is H tags, which is bold.

webmaster tools, play a supporting role in

(2), domain name and website root, the Shanghai dragon is very similar to Moz, even more prominent. We can see from our website in which website do links and display the weight on the site.

1, the webmaster helper nets, this is one of the most commonly used

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